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Page created February 27, 1999.
Last updated February 27, 1999.
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name: BobbieG
message: Beck's "Mutations", Laura Love's "Shum Ticky"

name: Steve M
message: I'm listening to 'Archeology' by the Rutles, and 'Simple Straight & Sexy' by Uschi Wiese & Paul Lavall. Be-Bop Deluxe also goes down very well!

name: Soren Hilligsoe
message: Van Morrison: Back On Top - old grumpy is back!! A Danish band called Big Fat Snake - can be recommended - new album www.bigfatsnake.com + lots of Winwood tapes that I have acquired through friends in the UK.

name: Keavin
message: As always my fav group Enuff Z'nuff they take the beatlesq sound of the 60's and mix it with the 90's hard rock, very creative band with great music. Also listening to Julian Lennon's Photograph Smile, and the Szuters American Pop.

name: Dawn
message: Soundgarden's last two albums are really great, much darker than Steve's stuff and a hard edge, but Chris Cornell is SOME singer - what range! Can't wait for his solo album. Also, there's a Soundgarden/Pearl Jam hybrid album called "Temple of the Dog" that worth a listen.

name: John C
message: "The Prayer Cycle" by Jonathan Elias, "13" by Blur, "The Master Plan" by Oasis, "Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too" by New Radicals

name: Miia
message: Janis Joplin Peter Green Otis Redding Wilson Pickett Steely Dan Aretha Franklin...

name: Doug
message: I've been checking out some of the current pop. Like Matchbox 20, 3rd Eye Blind, Fun Lovin' Criminals. Another self-proclaimed music aficianado friend of mine (big ska/reggae fan) has me checking out mid 70s George Clinton/Parliament (is he messin' with me?) Little Feat is a part of most of my days, as is Jimi, and the Grateful Dead and Sreely Dan. I'm checking out Phish, I love the New Riders of the Purple Sage. Still listen to Poco (rarely). Billy Cobham is about as close as I get to what most call jazz. I have a very spiritual appreciation for piano solos played well (Miller, Padirewski ([sp?]). Like old (plain) Dylan (Freewheelin' (who's the girl on the cover]). Claim I don't like "new country" but LOVE "L.A. County" by Cindy Crawford's ex. Oh, old Johnny Cash ("Cocaine Blues"-GREAT SONG!!!) -not for any particular personal affliction, although I'm not without spiritual struggle . . .<---what?

name: BobbieG
message: Just testing, got a report this may not be working ...

name: Dawn
message: Dave Matthews Band - "Under the Table and Dreaming". Such a great band. BTW, this album was mixed by Tom Lord-Alge, whose name any self-respecting Winwood fan will recognize.

name: Jon Rushall
message: I wonder if many of you guys find as i do that you listen to less of one artist(with one exception)and more of a selection made from different fields;which sees me listening to a lot of mainstream jazz(Jerry Mulligan/John Coltrane/Paul Desmond)Frank Dunnery (from the late lamented 'It Bites',surely the best rock band never to make it really big)Dwight Yoakham and Deana Carter coming out of Country,and even some tasty bits from Blur and Stereophonics(that geezer Kelly Jones is a real shitkicker)But most of all------ ---PRINCE,or whatever you want to call him;not everyone goes on the various images,but the man is a monster musician/writer/singer.But I saw Stevie W. playing in a boozer in Birmingham,when he was 16,and since then I've seen them all;and he is just as good as it gets.

name: Jon Rushall
message: P.S.Should have remembered to add the brilliant Roachford to last entry's list,and also saw Howard Jones who's definitely in good voice and still full of drive,with Nick Beggs playing beautiful bass in the band.

name: Jeff
message: Ben Folds Five's Whatever and Ever Amen, Beck's Mutations, Genesis (both pre 1975 and post), and Peter Gabriel

name: BobbieG
message: Right now I'm listening to a lot of Christmas carols. My favorite album at this time of year is The Roche's "We Three Kings" and the "GRP Christmas Collection" from 1988 - very romantic!

name: Rochelle
message: I have been enjoying Santana and Shania Twain.

I think I enjoy their music so much because they put their heart and soul into their music!

name: Valerie
message: Sting and Music from various years of the Tour De France.

name: Jagthor Sawkor
message: Gary Numan, Alien Sex fiend

name: Sarah Kathleen Matzke
message: In addition to loving Steve Winwood, I love Clapton, Hendrix, Van Morrison, Paul Simon (Simon and Garfunkel), Sting/The Police, REM (pre 1995 REM), Santana, Peter Gabriel, and I love Phish a whole lot too.

name: melissa
message: Grateful Dead, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, Allman Brothers, Pink Floyd

name: StenG
message: Lou Reed David Bowie

name: Miia
message: Now I listen Joan Osborne Wigwam Lauryn Hill Rahsaan Patterson Macy Gray and Peter Green. Blues soul jazz and ambient.

name: Anne
message: Steely Dan, Miles Davis, Boz Scaggs, Van Morrison.

name: Chicken Lady
message: Currently in my CD player: XTC "Skylarking" (this album is pure genius) Ben Harper "Fight For Your Mind" Jimi Hendrix "Are You Experienced" Herbie Hancock "Cantaloupe Island" Camper Van Beethoven "Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart"

name: Mike@DayJams.com
message: 1) Spooky Tooth: Mike Harrison is one of the few singers I've heard who's as memorable as Steve Winwood. He has a husky, Joe-Cockerish sound. Check out the L.p.s "The Last Puff" and "Spooky Two."

2) The Keef Hartley Band. Their singer, Miller Anderson is a brilliant songwriter and lead guitarist as well. Give a listen to "The Time is Near" and Anderson's first solo album "Bright City."

3) Free. Paul Rodgers before he went too commercial, with stinging guitar by Paul Kossoff. Check out "Fire and Water (with All right Now)" and "Heartbreaker."

4) The Band. Great storytelling and soulful, pained vocals by Richard Manuel. Nearly all their albums are great, but Manuel shines most brightly on "Stagefright" and "Northern Lights, Southern Cross."

5) Jim Capaldi. Hey, if he hadn't changed labels with nearly every release he might have been as big as his partner, SW. Capaldi has a great songwriting touch, he knows his hooks - he always recruits top-notch talent (SW, Eric Clapton, Kossoff, Reebop) and he's got a relaxed soulful singing style. Give a listen to "Oh How We Danced," and "Fierce Heart."

name: Enrico Benini

name: Enrico Benini

name: JohnTf
message: Im very picky when it comes to my music. Hendrix, duran duran, some Beatles, wings, listen to classic rock stations. But I mainly listen to Traffic. I shall never tire of When the Eagle Flies LP.

name: iko iko tulsa
message: bill laswell; weather report; leon russell ,son of el roacho; van morrison;herbie hancock;gap band;

name: iko iko tulsa
message: tackhead; randy weston; c.d. tanjah ; world party; c.d. bang; check out the song ;'hollywood' pure traffic; paul weller ....any.....wayne shorter;..any wish he and winwood; bill laswell ....h. handcock;... steve gadd; chaucey joe stromie...who;s really chris wood in anyother body. ....plus myself on synth .....and percus........anyway it would be a smashing group;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

message: leon russell; steely dan (any) ; holger cuzkay; the band; material; mick karn; buckethead; last exit; any dr. dre.; new miles davis(laswell mix)...lucky peterson( a black winwood) ;also reading alot of henry miller; robert anton wilson; a great web site I think you might like bill laswell;.fusion;;most Hip!

name: Blake
message: David Bowie, Pat Benatar, Simon and Garfunkel, James Taylor, Jon Gailmor, Seth Yacavone Band, Loreena McKennitt, Chicago.

name: Ildiko
message: Michael Brecker, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Joe Henderson, Joe Pass, .... John Wetton

name: judith wright
message: stereophonics robbie williams!!!!

name: danny walters
message: lots of 80's music, especially bruce hornsby

name: Miia
message: Snowy White Fleetwood Mac Janis Joplin

name: Deron Dantzler

name: fionn
message: incredible string band,the pentangle,tyrannosaurus rex donovan,strawberry alarm clock,13th floor elevators nick drake, joni mitchell,jackson c frank,tomorrow george harrison 'wonderwall o.s.t',anne briggs

name: Rahul
message: Deep Purple (I seem to spend most of my days on their forum!) Ten Years After Jeff Beck Group Wishbone Ash Rory Gallagher Tommy Bolin Neil Young & Crazy Horse Pink Floyd King Crimson Barclay James Harvest Uriah Heep Vanilla Fudge Steely Dan

God, there's so many bands I love.

name: stan cauwels(Holland)
message: The Kinks, Lynyrd Skynyrd,

name: Andy Cooper
message: David Crosby - It's all coming back to me now; great live album, Pat Metheny; especially 'Still life Talking', SW live at Newcastle City Hall in 1983, Dylan's 'latest' 1975 Rolling Thunder, Jerry Garcia & David Grisman - 'So What', The second Quintessence album on Island, Spirit - The Mercury Years compilation, Miles Davis - The 'In a silent way' box set, Coltrane's expanded 'A Love Supreme' set, 'A World out of time' - fabulous compilation of music from Madagascar, Jeff Buckley, Terry Reid, Bill Frisell, Kenny Wheeler, Virginia Rodrigues, Milton Nascimento, Grant Green - 'Idle Moments'

name: David Vella
message: King Crimson After Crying