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The following list is all the videos that we know about, other than the four official ones and the music-videos.

Year Title
Dec 4, 1965 "Shindig goes to London" - finale encore w/ Denny Laine(Moody Blues, Eric Burdon and others, with SW.
1965 SDG - My Babe from "pop Gear"
1965 SDG Keep On Running
196? SDG - Keep On Running (Dutch TV lip sync)
1966 ? French TV - 10-15 minute live and promo clip
1966 Nobody Loves you when you're down and out
1966 SDG Finnish TV live Special (entire concert)
1966 Beat Beat Beat - SDG video Special
(live Keep On Running- Somebody Help me- Sitting and Thinking)
1966 SDG - When I come home - From The Ghost Goes Gear
1966 SDG - Marquee Club "Dust My Blues"
1967 I'm a Man - The "Mini" video promo
1967 Gimme Some Lovin' - 2 video promos
1967 I'm A Man- from Beat Aus London - German TV
1967 Paper Sun /Hole in my shoe promo videos- BRT
1967 Hole in My shoe -promo video
1967 Christmas On Earth Concert (1 clip)
1968 40,000 Headmen- TV USA.
1968 Here we go round the mulberry bush - Beat Club - German TV
1968 Paper Sun
1969 40,000 Headmen - Beat Club _ German TV
1969 Blind Faith - Do What You like/Sea of Joy/Had to Cry
from Hyde Park concert; there are 2 sources for this, the color film Rock City and Beat Club News in b/w; different camera angles, different footage.
1970 Midsummer Rock (Live)
1970? Toronto Pop Festival - Chris playing long flute solo on Feelin' Good
1971 Gimme Some Lovin from Welcome to the Canteen
Glastonbury Fayre Movie
1973 Evening Blue - Shoot Out At the Fantasy Factory
Musikladen, Germany
1975 Profile - Midnight Special
1982 Valerie - live playback Top of the Pops
early 80's Interview w/ SW for "Night Flight" on USA cable, w/6 promo's
1982 Valerie - Live playback BBC show
1982 Special French TV interview
1986 Higher Love - Terry Wogan Show
1986 Jones Beach, there is 20 minutes or so, beautiful beta cam, single camera shoot, done for MTV news (raw footage)
1986 1 1/2 hours, nice single camera shoot in the studio, just Steve
1986 The Tube - Winwood Special with Jools Holland
(Live Glad- Low Spark- There's A River- Gimme Some Lovin)
1987 Island 25th anniversary
February, 1987 Grammy Awards ceremony
1987 Italian Festivalbar - Higher Love
1988 Royal Albert Hall
See TIC: the 80's for more info
1988 Montreux Jazz Festival
Roll with it (live. suspect playback)
July 2, 1988 SW on "Today" show
July 27, 1988 News footage from Universal Ampitheater shown on NBC
November 27, 1990 SW on "Today" show
1990? California Cooler commercial
1991 Videomusic Special - Interview
1991 Yokohama Arena - "Refugees" tour
1991 Miami Arena - "Refugees" tour
1991 Arsenio Hall show - I'm a Man and Another Deal Goes Down
and an interview
1994 Tonight Show
1994 Live House of Blues "News Footage"
1994 VH-1 Interview with Steve and Jim Capaldi, acoustic Traffic set
August, 1994 Woodstock II from Pay-per-View
March, 1996 Yokohama - with Bernard Edwards the night he died
October, 1996 City of Hope AllStar Garage Band
April, 1997 VH1 Honors Concert
May, 1997 The Dave Letterman Show
May 13, 1997 Later with Jools Holland
Spy in the House of Love / Interview / Angel of Mercy / Keep on Running
June, 1997 TV station KTLA - interviewed and
giving the weather report!!
1997 CNN interview (about 2 minutes long)
June, 1997 The Rosie O'Donnell show
June 22, 1997 Rockpalast, Lorelei, Germany
See the TIC entry for setlist
July 4, 1997 Spy in the House of Love, Gotta get back to my baby,
Gimme Some Lovin' (Live in Naples)
August, 1997 Songs and Visions
Summer, 1997 Carlsbad
The video starts midway through the Seal/Winwood combination on the U2 track, Steve sits on the organ on some tracks, he plays a great guitar solo on "Hound Dog". Tthe video also, has Winwood and Chjaka Khan doing "Dancing in the Street", "Gimme Some Lovin'" of course
September, 1997 GQ Men of the Year Awards
Back in the High Life and Roll With It
October, 1997 Conan O'Brien Show
Angel of Mercy
December 29, 1998 American General Music City Bowl halftime
Roll With It

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