SW logo Vanity Fair: March, 1998

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SW in sunglasses The upper-right text reads: "Nia Peeple wears Ray-Ban Rituals Rectangle in black. Steve Winwood wears Ray-Ban SideStreet '98 Square in black."

The lower-middle text, under "Shades of Blue", reads: "Style hits a high note this season with the February release of Universal Studios' Blues Brothers 2000, starring Hollywood's favorite fashion accessory, Ray-Ban sunglasses. As in the 1980 original film, darkened shades and soulful riffs make beautiful music together. Here, Brothers' actress Nia Peeples and legendary R&B man Steve Winwood form a dynamic duo - but, looking this sharp, they're singing anything but the blues."

The side-bar text reads: "If anyone can stop Traffic with his soulful sound, it's Steve Winwood. Renowned among musicians and beloved by fans, Steve will soon celebrate 20 years of solo orchestrations. His latest release, Juntion Seven, blends contemporary grooves and classic rock rhythms in perfect harmony. Is Steve more Chicago blues than UK pop? Smoky cool in Ray-Bans, Steve strikes us as a blues man, through and through." SW in sunglasses
SW in sunglasses The lower-right text reads: "The eyes have it: Nia gazes behind Ray-Ban Rituals Soft Rectangle Metal in black; Steve looks sharp wearing Ray-Ban Outsiders Rectangle in black."

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