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Finally, here is a way to spread the music without having to subscribe to the Mailing List.

The tape-trading page works like this:

First, read the Wish-List that others have entered, to see if you can make a trade.

If not, make your own entry in the Wish-List -- in the boxes at the bottom of this page, fill in:

  1. your name and email address
  2. the date
  3. a description of what tape you would like to receive
  4. and a short list of what you have to trade for it.

Your entry will show up in the Wish-List and hopefully someone will email you shortly.

Unfortunately, like everything else these days, I have to set some Rules and Guidelines. Read numbers 4 & 5 especially carefully. Memorize them. ;-)

  1. All transactions will be conducted privately via email, not on this page, so you must provide a valid email address. Entries with no email address will be deleted.

  2. Please enter only 5 lines in the list of what you own - enter only what you think people who are reading a Winwood-and-Traffic page will actually want. Entries with huge lists will be deleted.

  3. I would really prefer that trades be made only for recorded-tapes for recorded-tapes (or CDRs for CDRs), but if you wish to trade one blank tape + postage for one recorded tape, that's up to you.

  4. Trades are to be made only for tapes or CDRs. If you wish to own an official release, please check out your local record stores, used-record stores, or order from the Net. (Some places to try are CD Now, CD-Europe, CD Universe, or Southland CD. I've used all of these and have had good luck.) Any attempts to sell or distribute official releases, or bootleg copies of official Traffic or SW releases, will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities, and then deleted from this page. This page is intended for the nonprofit exchanging of *live* cassette tapes of SW and Traffic only.

  5. Trades are to be made only one-to-one. If you hear from someone who seems to be attempting to trade for personal profit, please let me know, and I will delete the entry off the page. This page is being provided only as a way to spread the music.

  6. Subscribers to the mailing list are encouraged to post their requests there.

  7. I myself won't take part in trading via this page, so please don't ask. :)

Okay, enough with the rules! On to the fun part:

Enter the name of the tape you're looking for:

Enter a short list of the tapes you own and are willing to trade:

When you click on Submit, you're going to get a message from StarNet that your information was sent. When you click on that Back message, it will return you here.

Check out the Wish-List.

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My thanks to Charlie D, who shared his legal insights with me for the wording of this page.
Page created February 22, 1998.
Last updated August 12, 2000.