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Album No. 1

A songbook of the entire Blind Faith album was released in the UK. It included good arrangements, all lyrics, and photos, and was priced at 24pp, bought in 1975.
(See SP 28-03)
Arc of a Diver 1981 Warner Bros VF0866 While You See a Chance, Arc of a Diver, Second-Hand Woman, Slowdown Sundown, Spanish Dancer, Night Train, Dust
The Best of Steve Winwood for Guitar
Warner Bros GF0365 Back in the High Life Again, The Finer Things, Freedom Overspill, Higher Love, Roll With It, Spanish Dancer, Take It As It Comes, Talking Back to the Night, Valerie, Wake Me Up on Judgment Day
(See SP 106-09)
Blind Faith 1969 Island Music Ltd Had To Cry Today, Can't Find My Way Home, Well Alright, Presence of the Lord, Sea of Joy, Do What You Like
Blind Faith 1969 Charles Hansen Publications (Miami Beach, FL) Priced $2.95. Includes two arrangements (piano/vocal, guitar combo) for each of the 6 songs, guitar improvisations for "Do What You Like" and "Had To Cry Today", all lyrics, and many photos. The cover is the band photo from the re-issued LP.
Chronicles 1988 Warner Bros VF1443 Arc of a Diver, Help Me Angel, Higher Love, My Love's Leavin', Spanish Dancer, Talking Back to the Night, Vacant Chair, Valerie, Wake Me Up on Judgment Day, While You See a Chance
Classic Steve Winwood - Guitar 2001 Warner Bros Arc Of A Diver, Back In The High Life Again, Can't Find My Way Home, Dear Mr. Fantasy, Empty Pages, The Finer Things, Forty Thousand Headman, Freedom Rider, Gimme Some Lovin', Glad, Higher Love, I'm A Man, John Barleycorn, Pearly Queen, Sea Of Joy, While You See A Chance
Refugees of the Heart 1991 Warner Bros VF1700 You'll Keep on Searching, Every Day (Oh Lord), One and Only Man, I Will Be Here, Another Deal Goes Down, Running On, Come Out and Dance, In the Light of Day
Roll With It 1988 Warner Bros VF1491 Roll With It, Holding On, The Morning Side, Put On Your Dancing Shoes, Don't You Know What the Night Can Do?, Hearts on Fire, One More Morning, Shining Song
Smiling Phases - The Best of Traffic
673227 Dear Mr. Fantasy, Forty Thousand Headmen, Freedom Rider, Glad, Heaven Is In Your Mind, Hole In My Shoe, Low Spark, Medicated Goo, Paper Sun, Pearly Queen, Smiling Phases, Withering Tree
Stevie Winwood & Friends 1970 Collier Books, NY Great photos and songs from Spencer Davis, Air Force, Blind Faith (Sea of Joy - completely different key and arrangement) and Traffic.
(See SP 28-03)
Traffic Complete

House for Everyone, Berkshire Poppies, Coloured Rain, Cryin' to be Heard, Dealer, Dear Mr Fantasy, Don't Be Sad, Empty Pages, Every Mother's Son, Feelin Alright, Forty Thousand Headmen, Freedom Rider, Giving To You, Glad, Heaven Is In Your Mind, John Barleycorn, Just For You, Means To An End, Medicated Goo, No Face No Name No Number, No Time To Live, Pearly Queen, Shanghai Noodle Factory, Something's Got a Hold of My Toe, Stranger To Himself, Vagabond Virgin, Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring?, Withering Tree, You Can All Join In
Traffic Songbook

A songbook was published for Shootout At The Fantasy Factory and The Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys that includes all of the songs from those two albums except "Rock And Roll Stew", plus 3 songs from Reebop's Reebop and all songs from Capaldi's Oh How We Danced except the title track. The songs are: Big Thirst, Don't Be A Hero, Eve, How Much Can a Man Really Take, Last Day of Dawn, Love Is All You Can Try, Open Your Heart (all from OHWD); Hidden Treasure, Light Up or Leave Me Alone, Many a Mile to Freedom, Rainmaker (all from TLSOHHB); Evening Blue, Rollright Stones, Shootout At the Fantasy Factory, Tragic Magic, (Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired (all from SATFF); and Meda Mena, Silly Boy, Softly Weeping (all from Reebop)
(See SP 36-02.)

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