Review of Chronicles
November 25, 1987

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If you are looking for a sure thing, the new album Chronicles by Steve Winwood, is for you. It is a collection of his hit songs from 1977 to 1986. Included on the album are 2 of his more recent hits, "Higher Love" and "Valerie". "Valerie" hit the charts in 1982 and a new version of it is climbing the charts now.

The second side of this album had more of the recent hits and the music was a little more fast-paced and upbeat. The song "While You See a Chance" from the Arc of a Diver album is just sensational, you never really tire of hearing that song over and over again.

I strongly recommend this album to anyone who appreciates good music, both old and new.

-- Helen Kim, Kidsday Staff Critic

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