VOLUME 96, sent August 18, 1997

Topics in this issue:
  1. Steve on Radio
  2. Ghost Goes Gear - Linda Eastman
  3. Dave Mason to be on Chicago radio
  4. Steve en "Vogue"
  5. Questions
  6. J7 on CD-ROM?
  7. Will Powers album
  8. Re: Winwood is everywhere!
  9. Carlsberg 97--Wembley Concert
 10. The Radio event
 11. Wembley concert
 12. SW appearance
 13. Re: session work

From: "Gary Ames" 
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 20:34:11 +0000
Subject: Steve on Radio

It really ain't fair you damn Yankees getting all those lovely shows on the radio
and mentioning it too! Is there any way that we could set up a trade for the
Traffic and the Winwood shows you mentioned?

Incidentally , on Digital Graffiti -Zep mailing list I am on there is much
speculation about the BBC releasing some of the rock shows they broadcast in
the 70s. I do hope so , besides the Zep , some great Traffic shows in there too
(like the one you'll be listening to , as mentioned in your posting?!")(


From: "Elena Iglio" 
Subject: Ghost Goes Gear - Linda Eastman
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 23:05:34 +0200

I have a video of SDG playing "When I come home" on a raft in the middle of
River Thames. It's in colour and they told me it is from "The Ghost Goes
Gear". I also have a video of SDG performing "My Babe" from the film "Pop
Gear". Both performances are shamelessly playback!!

Second - Have you got the 1970 SW songbook Steve Winwood and Friends?
There's  wonderful photo work by Linda there.


Date: 13 Aug 1997 19:24:40 -0500
From: "Fulk, Barry" 
subject: Dave Mason to be on Chicago radio

Dave Mason (of Traffic fame, natch) will be on the Steve Dahl show on August
19th (Tuesday) sometime between 2pm-6pm. Dahl's show is on WCKG
105.9FM. Mason heard Dahl talk about him a few days ago and called in to say
"hi". At this point they discussed Mason coming into the studio to talk about
his past and present. There's a good chance Mason will play a song or two.



From: "Elena Iglio" 
Subject:  Steve en "Vogue"
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 16:47:57 +0200

I found an article on Steve on the June number of the Italian "Vogue" titles
"WInwood is back" where, apart from several interesting shots of Our Beloved
(some taken from the sessions from the cover of "Traffic" and one in Tarpan
Studios), the author, Allegra Donn, writes about many musicians and experts
considering J7 the best Winwood solo record since "Arc of a diver" and
hypothesizes a "Grammy" nomination for "J7" for 1998.... Have you read it?
Anyone in England or America having the original English version of this
article??  Maybe J7 appeals more to musicians and the refined public of
"Vogue" readers than Steve's diehard fans, I wonder???


From: sohi@aabc.dk
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 16:53:10 +0100
Subject: Questions

Thanks very much for keeping me updated on the newsletter. Fantastic. I only
wish I'd located your site sooner.

I have a couple of questions I hope you will be able to answer.

1.   When Steve was in Copenhagen in July, I spoke to one of the crew and he
told me that they were scheduled to return to Central Europe (Germany and the
Netherlands) later in the year. Can you confirm this  and perhaps refer me to
some likely dates and venues?

2.   Is it possible to ask fellow Winwood fans in the newsletter to help locate an
album that has been impossible to get ever since its release? I'm thinking of the
GO LIVE IN PARIS album. It is the only one missing in my collection so
obviously I'm very keen on getting a copy.

3.   Are there any other Danes among the subscribers to SP? If so, could I
please have their e-mail addresses?

4.   How about trying to come up with a really original gift for Steve on his
50th birthday next year?


Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 08:33:04 +1200
From: Murray Dreyer 
Subject: J7 on CD-ROM?

There was some talk a while ago in SP that J7 may be released on CDROM.
Has anybody heard anything further about this?

Murray D.

Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 09:07:47 +1200
From: Murray Dreyer 
Subject: Will Powers album

I'm not sure how Berkin managed to miss the Will Powers album. I certainly
didn't. I've had it since it's release and also have a couple of pages in my SW
scrapbooks covering it including a review, album promo and a short article.
From memory they are from the UK music paper New Musical Express. Apart
from making a SW collection more complete there's no other value to the

Murray D

From: Spudsmknz@aol.com
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 11:52:13 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Winwood is everywhere!

I was flying on American Airlines last week and was listening to the headsets
when I found SW new album being played. He was one of the featured artists
for the month. But not much was printed. But enjoyed listening to it. It made
me think of the concert and meeting you. Thought you would enjoy this little
bit of info. Hopefully we will meet again.....Spuds

Date: Sat, 16 Aug 1997 13:03:41 -0700
From: Berkin Altinok 
Subject: Carlsberg 97--Wembley Concert

Hey guys , i just finished recording the concert, it was a good concert, but there
was not much role for Steve unlike the previous VH1 appearances, i could not
catch the opener, "Papa was a rolling stone", but got to the end of it, and Steve
had a major role in the song (I think), he definitely sang on it,, the night was
more of a Jon Bonjovi and Seal night as well as Rod Stewart was singing a lot
(he was also the spokesman), anyways Steve did a duet with Seal on a U2 song
(can not remember the name now, but very very familiar), then a Duet with
Chaka Khan on "superstitious" the great Stevie Wonder song,, then essentially
"Gimme some Lovin", then a special tribute to ELVIS ,, and Steve  sang an
incredible " Hound DOG"  oh yes, he also sang "Dancing on the Street",, cool,
then he had some parts on "Hey Jude"  he sounded OK, Great on the Elvis
track,, but it was not really an event at its zenith,,, just before the show, guess
what they played on the radio,, ="Lord", the Turkish DJ said the tune was from
the Album J7 , by SW a "real musician" were the words he used,,    see you

Date: Sat, 16 Aug 1997 13:35:59 -0700
From: Berkin Altinok 
Subject: The Radio event

Hey Guys , guess what, i did that Radio thing yesterday, and it was great,, (i
think), it was a '3' hour on the air, completely Winwood. I tried to represent us
in an utmost manner. They were some very brisk hours, well we kicked off with
"You'll Keep on searching", i thought it was a good opener, then the DJ began
talking about the purpose of the show,, and introduced me, as an expert on the
subject matter,  what i wanted to was to play the unexpected the more musical
and real side of Winwood, we wanted to start with the solo's, played "Dust",
Take it as it comes", "Spy" we played these 2 simply because i kept talking on
his Guitar playing after the 80's.. then questions came, basically the Q's were
on J7 and " Gimme some Lovin" then we began playing SDG,, of course before
that i played "Hold on", "The morning side", Big girls walk away", then a
request "I will be here".

i was really getting into it, and enjoying it,, we began talking on the early days ,
i played "i am a man" to open this part of the show, which was actually the
second part,,  then i played "Pretty woman" to show people Steve's guitar
playing at age 17, then "Georgia", and then one of my favourites" Goodbye
Stevie,, , then some body wanted us to play "Roll with It", but i ignored him,
(do not know why)

Final part consisted of Traffic and BF, the DJ told people about my tattoo,
which i rejected adamantly, but could not stop him, we began with "Dealer",
then played "Mr fantasy" . i told a lot about Traffic and what it was all about,
then "Don't be sad", and "No time to live" came,, then played the opener from
the BF alongside "Sea of Joy",, then "Glad", and someone on the phone, wanted
"Many a mile to Freedom", that pleased me, then Low Spark, "Sad and Deep as
you", "Shoot out", Empty pages, Graveyard people  the final track was
"Memories of a rock & roller (that eventually sums up Steve), then i sort of
made a summary, (timeline). I intentionally did not play Gerrard (did not feel
like it,, i guess ,, dahhhh,,, my favourite), could not feature anything from
"GO" because they were only playing CD's and cassettes and i only have the
'record' of it, but did refer to it.

We ended the show with a minute of "Gimme some lovin", it was cool , there
was a lot of talking, between the songs and Q's coming from the DJ that made
me sweat,, anyways,, it was really a nice afternoon, take care

From: "Gary Ames" 
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 18:31:32 +0000
Subject: Wembley concert

The show was OK ( probably more than that , but I had hoped for more
Steve...) He was in the opening "Papa was a Rolling stone". The idea was then
to  play a song from each year , back for the last 40 , with the stars rotating.
Steve did a good duet to a U2 number with Seal , the mandatory Gimme Some
Lovin' , a rather good Elvis "hound dog" with snappy guitar , joined the end
chorus of heartbreak hotel and did a dancing in the streets duet with Chaka
Khan.Not bad - but the show may be a bit of a curate's egg ( I got a  bit irritated
when Seal massacred Stairway to Heaven  which didn't even get the end guitar
section I so  love.


Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 13:53:00 -0500
From: Steven Robert Seim 
Subject:  SW appearance

While flipping through channels last night, I stumbled upon Our Hero singing
"I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" with Seal on my local Fox
station in Madison.  Unfortunately I only caught the last 30 seconds or so of it.
Turns out it was a concert called "Songs and Visions" with SW, Seal, Rod
Stewart, kd lang, Toni Braxton, Robert Palmer, Jon Bon Jovi, and one or two
others I've forgotten.  The SW/Seal song was about 10 minutes into the hour
program--and what I saw was great.  Steve didn't reappear until the last song,
singing the third verse of "Heartbreak Hotel."  I'll be calling the station
tomorrow to see if it will be re-aired.  Did anyone else catch this?

Steve Seim

Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 14:12:45 -0500
From: Steven Robert Seim 
Subject: Re: session work

I've been lucky enough over the last couple of months to get my hands on a few
of the albums where SW does session work (BTW a big thanks to those who
compiled the list).

Regarding Jim Capaldi, my opinion is mixed.  I was surprised at what a great
voice he has, and a lot of his music is great to listen to.  However, now that I
have heard some of his stuff, I realize all the more how unique and exceptional
SW is.  For those who have not experienced his music, JC is definitely not
another SW without the Ray Charles voice (of course it was probably naive of
me to think he might be).  "Whale Meat Again" and "Short Cut Draw Blood"
are good albums--mellow, somewhat funky, somewhat country-, rock (not
unlike Eric Clapton's work of the same period).  "Some Come Running" is an
excellent 80's pop-rock album.  "Electric Nights", however, is not worth
spending money on--a little bit too close to "JC does disco." A big surprise to
me was hearing his version of "Low Spark..."  He actually makes it sound like a
cowboy song (acoustic guitars, folk-sound), which probably fits better with the
original meaning of the title.  I now think the original album would have been
better with JC doing Low Spark and SW doing Rock & Roll Stew.

What I really wanted to write about, however, is the self-titled Christine McVie
album and Etta James' "The Right Time".  PLEASE BUY THESE ALBUMS.
The two songs SW is most involved with on the McVie album, One in a
Million and Ask Anybody, are really very good, and Got a Hold On Me is a
classic.  And anyone who loves hearing Steve sing traditional R&B MUST hear
him sing Give It Up on the James album.  It's incredible (and you can get it
from CD Now).

Steve Seim