VOLUME 94, sent August 9, 1997

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  1. Re: SW in movies, J7 reactions
  2. Junction 7
  3. Rolling Stones . Dancing shoe's
  4. Random comments
  5. & then there were 3
  6. Roll with it in movies
  7. TASTY LAD!!!
  8. Unreleased Songs
  9. Community News

From: Mark 
Subject: Re: SW in movies, J7 reactions
Date: Sat, 02 Aug 97 22:32:18 PDT

this is my first time to post so here it goes:

SW in the movies. Dear Mr Fantasy was played in the back ground in some
movie, the name of which I haven't a clue.

Unplugged sound fine to me esp the list put forth by Berkin. I might add
something like No Face or 40,000 headmen.

Junction 7 - really don't like, maybe with time it might grow on me but never
will like as much as Arc or Roll  With It. Do like the Gotta Get Back cut. I
guess  I like the Traffic venue better Far From Home et al.

 Too bad SW/Traffic doesn't have like the Grateful Dead CD's- Dick Picks. (for
their live recording  7 different releases so far, many of them triple CD's ) Then we could get various good, legal  live


From: "Swanny" 
Subject: Junction 7
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 23:40:21 +1000

I finally recieved my copy of J7. I think I understand what all the cerfuffle was
about. It sure is "different". I LOVE IT!! ( Perhaps it's the religious content that
upsets people ? )

Date: Mon, 04 Aug 1997 22:31:06 +0100
From: "." 
Subject: Rolling Stones . Dancing shoe's

some years ago i remember seeing an interview with Mick Jagger by Bob Harris
on the BBC OGWT. i can't remember word for word but i am sure Mick's
answer to Bob's question went something like "yer everybody thinks that's ?????
on that track but it's Stevie--Stevie Winwood" .If you see the interviews at the
end of the Arms concert video, i am sure Steve says something about working
with the Stones.  I hope this helps.

Re Old Gray whistle Test. This was a BBC rock programme that was shown
during the 70's.  Jim Capaldi and his band did a gig on the programme and had
a key board player dressed in a monks habit, you only once saw a brief shot of
his face and yes it was Mr Winwood.

Bobbie, what's wrong with Steve's dancing? I agree he does not strut about the
stage like Mick but he dose have class movement, i can remember when the
Higher love video was being shown on TV in the UK, Simon le-bon, John
Taylor of Duran-Duran and the lads of Go West were raving about it, best video
they had seen. My favourite SW video is One and only man. Have just seen a
dealer advertising Gotta get back to my baby CD single, EMI VSCDT1651?


[It certainly was a good video, but the director kept cutting away from SW,
because he can't dance. I have an interview on tape with the choreographer, Ed
Love, who said how difficult it was to get him to move.  It's so funny that a
musician would be so lacking in rhythm when it comes to his body.  Look at the
Valerie video too, they kept cutting away.  He has some 'class moves' but the
poor sweetie sure can't dance! LOL!  --BG]

Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 12:04:14 -0500
From: srseim@students.wisc.edu (Steven Robert Seim)
Subject: Random comments

Just a few random comments:

Re:  Bobbie's comments in recent issues
1.  Refugees is my favorite too (BITHL and Roll With It being close seconds)
2.  I think the problem with J7 is not so much that it's like chicken cacciatore,
but that it's like Chicken McNuggets
3.  I like Vince Guaraldi, but what the opening of Gotta Get Back... really
reminds me of is that Duracel battery commercial where the mechanical family
pops in on mechanical grandma, who's dancing to Carribean music (the piano
part sounds almost identical)  (I still love the song, though)

Re:  J7 again
I like the piano part in Lord..., but I'm dissatisfied with the song because the
music doesn't have the same attitude as the lyrics.  The lyrics are bold, in-your-
face, egotistical, in the classic blues style (along the lines of I'm a Man, One
and Only Man, or George Thoroughgood's Who Do You Love).  But Steve
sings it like it's a love song.

Re:  my wedding
As Bobbie has alluded to, I just got married on July 26.  My wife Julie was a
SW fan before we met, but I introduced her to Traffic and SDG.  I Will Be Here
was our first dance at the reception, and the DJ also got around to playing I
Can't Get Enough of It.  Real Love, Gotta Get Back..., and a couple of other
SDG numbers were on our request list, but the DJ had too many other requests
from our guests (including the Macarena, unfortunately). Also, I stumbled
across Plenty Lovin' playing on a "smooth jazz" station in northern Indiana on
the way back to Wisconsin from our honeymoon in New England.

Thanks for letting me ramble,
Steve Seim

From: Winwoodie@aol.com
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 1997 03:53:31 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: & then there were 3

Ticketmaster added a third concert. The lineup thus far is:  Sept. 19 Ft.
Lauderdale, FL,   Sept. 23 Jacksonville, FL,   Sept. 26 Atlanta, GA.

Ticketmaster also added second night, the 24th, to the Jacksonville, FL venue.


From: "Elena Iglio" 
Subject: Roll with it in movies
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 1997 18:44:57 +0200

Wasn't ROLL WITH IT in the soundtrack of a film with Eric Idle dressed as a
nun while trying to escape from delinquents by hiding in a catholic convent?
The song was played during a basketball nuns game- I don't know the English
title, but the Italian was "Suore in Fuga". A track from "High Life" (I don't
remember if Judgment day or Take it as it Comes) is also featured in the Italian
movie "Maledetto il giorno che ti ho incontrato" a film on Jimi Hendrix with
Italian comedy star Carlo Verdone.

Thx for the attention
Ellie - just back from the States.

[The movie was called "Nuns on the Run" here in the States, and yes, Roll
With It was in it.  Roll With It was also in Steve Martin's re-make of "Sgt
Bilko" last year - anyone catch that?  My sons thought it was a hoot!  --BG]

From: "Elena Iglio" 
Subject: TASTY LAD!!!
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 1997 18:46:29 +0200

Congratulations on your ()fine Traffic Top List!!
You're a connoisseur indeed and understand their music for sure. The jazz
component was indeed very much a part of what made Traffic unique and I'm
sure When the Eagle Flies is one of the less loved and listened Traffic records
(not by me!!!!) because it was going strongly in that direction and jazz isn't
exactly popular music even now - always tagged as intellectual or boring or
complicated ! I love jazz very much and think that Miles Davis, in particular
"In a Silent Way" - a live version I heard was stunningly similar, could have
had a lot of influence on Winwood when he wrote "Low Spark".  Anyway I've
got an interview ( 1978, Trouser Press) where Capaldi says "Graveyard People"
showed clearly the direction they were going towards, i.e. Chick Corea and
Return to Forever, for instance. I wonder how many would have stuck with
Traffic had they gone on???

( I only hope that your address doesn't refer to Genesis' song!! There used to be
a bit of, ehem, debate among Steve and Phil Collins fans!!)


From: Stevsmith1@aol.com
Date: Sat, 9 Aug 1997 00:28:48 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Unreleased Songs

Bobbie pointed me to the BMI site, which you can get to via the "Can't Find
My Way Home" links page on her site, for songs written or co-written by
Winwood.  After sifting through the released material, I found 20 unfamiliar
songs!  Shannon mentioned some of these in SP a long time ago, but we know
very little about most of them.  Unfortunately, BMI doesn't provide publishing
or copyright dates, which would be really helpful.  Dan Ropek
(rropek@aol.com) and I looked 'em over and came up with the following.
 Anyone have a clue about these?

SW:  New Orleans Egg Dance, Right Now - Probably instrumentals.

SW, Jimmy Miller, Jacques Andre Chaumelle:  S'il Faut Un Homme - Can
someone translate?  "I'm A Man", maybe, with the French writer credited for
the translation?

SW, Jim Capaldi, Chris Wood, Dave Mason:  Zing - Obviously early Traffic.

SW, Jim Capaldi, Chris Wood:  Pepsi Cola Jingle - You're kidding...  Again,
Traffic.  Could this have been released on one of those compilations of such

SW, Jim Capaldi:  Sitting Here Thinking Of My Lo... - Title cut off.

SW, George Fleming:  Afro Supper, Billboard Romance, Black Beauty,
Coming Home, Fantasy - Fleming helped out with songs on _Steve Winwood_
and _Back In The High Life_.  "Afro Supper" and "Black Beauty" could be
from _Aiye-Keta, but Remi Kabaka is credited with all writing on the album,
and the former track is "Afro Super" (one "p").  As Dan pointed out, though,
Remi as sole writer here is surprising and probably wasn't the reality.

SW, George Fleming, James Hooker:  Pick Up The Pieces - Same team as
"Freedom Overspill", so this may be from the _Back In The High Life_
sessions.  Please tell me this is somehow related to the Average White Band

SW, Will Jennings:  Close Your Eyes, Waiting For Orders

SW, Vivian Stanshall:  Dear John, Dumb Supper, Footsteps, If That Gun's For
Real, Lace Curtain - "If That Gun's For Real" was actually recorded but left
off _Back In The High Life_.

SW, Remi Kabaka:  Meteorite - Could be from the time of _Aiye-Keta_.  Dan
has come across a couple references where Winwood talked about an album he
and Remi did in 1975 but wasn't released, so it could be from there as well.



[As mentioned, to foster the sense of community among SP'ers, I will from time
to time include personal announcements you may wish to make.  Steve
mentioned his marriage in post #4, and here are some posts that I've been
saving up.  Congratulations to all!!  --BG]

Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 09:19:16 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Jan Inge Sommerseth 

Odin was born on the 18'th of April, 3,8 kg and 52 cm and healty as well. He
has a little trouble sleeping at times, so my leisure time is all gone.

Best wishes
Jan Inge

From: "Gabb, Anthony A" 
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 16:34:56 +1000

Tammy finally had the baby on the 10th of July.  We now have a daughter!
Her name is Caitlyn Taylor and she was 6 lb 15oz at birth (a little heavier
now).  She is very cute which makes up for the fact that I now have to get by
on a lot less sleep!  I'll get a photo scanned soon and e-mail it to you.

Other than that we are relocating from Melbourne to Brisbane next week so
things are very busy at the moment.


From: jsantoro@sasipos.com (Jack Santoro)
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 11:17:25 -0400

My wife gave birth to our second child Summer Kimberly Tuesday morning. So
I have been a little busy the last couple of days.  She and my wife are doing
fine. Summer weighed 7 lbs. 10 oz and is 20 inches long.