VOLUME 92, sent July 28, 1997

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  1. Excellent idea there!
  2. Its time to put in my 2 cents worth about J7
  3. Re: Junction 7 reaction, pt 3
  4. A couple things
  5. Re: Junction 7 reaction, pt 3
  6. Winwood live
  7. Session Mystery
  8. Re: Junction 7 reaction, pt 3
  9. Re: Junction 7 reaction, pt 3
10. JC review Part #1

From: "Will Wood" 
Subject: Excellent idea there!
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 1997 16:57:44 PDT

Just wanted to let you know that I think the Winwood Unplugged album is an
excellent idea, even a Traffic Unplugged, along the tradition of Plant/Page,
with the different types of percussive musicians added  (India?). Yeah, the

Love and understanding,

From: "Gabb, Anthony A" 
Subject: Its time to put in my 2 cents worth about J7
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 09:18:57 +1000

Junction 7 - I don't know what I expected from this album.  In my mind, I
would have been quite happy for the theme from Refugees... to continue into
this album - its probably Steve's "heaviest" album with the acoustic sounds,
slide guitars, and big drum sounds and I loved it.

J7 is absolutely nothing like Refugees and while this is a little disappointing it
is also the biggest plus of the album.  It illustrates how effortlessly Steve can
come from material which is not commercially oriented to material which so
obviously is.  I have said before that this album treads a very thin line and it is
only Steve's involvement instrumentally and vocally which saves it - I still stick
to this statement.  Steve's instrumental involvement on this album is quite
limited - I look forward to him raising his level of involvement again.

On the plus side, there are some good songs (Spy, Angel of Mercy and Lord of
the Street are probably my favourites), some good solos and some good sounds.
For example I am thankful that real brass section were used on this album
(compared to the synth brass on Every Night Every Day) and the piano solo on
the last track (Lord of the Street) is something I have personally been waiting
for, for some time.

On the minus side, the rhythm section provided by NMW is very disappointing
- for someone who is supposedly an excellent drummer, I don't hear a lot of real
drumming. The album is overproduced but Steve has a tendency for that
anyway.  Gotta Get Back while good goes on for way too long and Family
Affair just needed a little something extra.

Many people have said that this will not be their favourite Winwood solo album
- I certainly fit in that category.  However as an experiment it hasn't turned out
too badly - be that as it may, I will totally support another new direction on the
next album - totally opposite should just about do it!

From: RRopek@aol.com
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 1997 20:44:19 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Junction 7 reaction, pt 3

Bobbie, I've been reading and enjoying the packages of well thought out
comments on J 7 - like it or no, people are putting their hearts into the critiques
- what more can you ask.

Your commentary caught me off guard, sitting there quietly and patiently at the
end.  It took guts for you to be that honest - how easy it would have been to
'gush praise', now that we all know that the Winwood's probably read at least
some of this stuff.  You just about hit it on the head, as far as how I feel about
J7, except that I have thus far been unmoved to 'love it'.  The voice is there, as
well as genuine energy, but as a 'pop' album - it sounds like a lot of things I
have heard (and not always wanted to hear) before.

I do look forward to a 'live' show - all the reviews have been very good - and
Ellie assures me that the concerts transform all the material into something
special .

As someone who is big into symbolism, I see all of this as part of a larger cycle,
akin to the 'yin yang' symbol from the Buddhist tradition.  Steve is fully into the
flowering of his pop 'side' now - but, as in the symbol, there is the seed of
Traffic in the live shows ("Low Spark.. and "Glad") patiently waiting to grow.
Again, I agree with you in looking forward to the possibility of another Traffic
incarnation - although if it never happens - that's cool too.  Steve doesn't owe us
anything - the gifts of music have been too numerous and beautiful to ever
complain that we need more.

Enjoy the rest of the summer - Dan

p.s. I was wearing my SP teeshirt in town last week, and a person came up and
told me of seeing Steve in a blues bar in Arizona some years back.  Didn't you
post about this guest appearance long ago ?  Small world !

[Yes, he does play in Tucson occasionally, in a bar down on Speedway Blvd
called The Chicago Club.  Or at least he used to, when Sam Taylor played there
before he had his heart attack. --BG]

From: "BobbieG." 
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 1997 22:18:27 -0700
Subject: A couple things

A couple additions to my J7 review (I know, once she starts, you can't shut her
up ...)

I would very much like to see SW do an "Unplugged" show on MTV, but
another show I would like to see him on, besides Leno and Rosie O'Donnell and
so forth, is "Sesame Street", the children's show.  I don't want to start up the
Phil-Collins-Billy-Joel wars that we all endured a year and a half ago, but Billy
Joel singing "Just the Way You Are" to Oscar the Grouch has GOT to be one of
the all-time classic renditions of that song.  Wouldn't it be fun to see Steve let
his hair down and sing "I'm a Man" to Big Bird?

Also, does anyone else think "Gotta Get Back to My Baby" sounds like David
Johanssen meets Vince Guaraldi?  (Oh, yes, you know Vince, he did all the
"Peanuts" TV specials. And David did "Hot, Hot, Hot".)  I mean, really!! Listen
to it! Especially the bridge!  LOL!


From: "Mary Katsikas" 
Date:          Fri, 25 Jul 1997 11:06:22 EST
Subject:       Re: Junction 7 reaction, pt 3

It's taken me a while to respond to your call for a reaction to J7.  This edition
was, apparently, your last for this purpose, but I'm going to give my thoughts,
anyway.  Neil Swann expressed it very well about his feelings for the music of
Steve Winwood.

I have heard J7, and I think it is WONDERFUL.  Now all  you "sophisticated
music connoisseurs" talk about the technical part of this, that and the other.
Frankly, you're not listening to the soul of it all.  Your reviews are lost on me.
His music has been a source of inspiration for me ever since I, fortunately,
found it about 7 years, ago.  When I hear it I get a  uplifting and positive
feeling.  Also, his music reflects that he is a caring human being, a loving
husband and father, a good friend to his fellow musicians and one who gives to
those who appreciate his music, his best without regard to bottom line.

Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 16:21:53 +0000
From: Humphrey Keenlyside 
Subject: Winwood live

Assessing the opinions expressed on J7, the general consensus seems to be that
the songs are good (although I remain to be convinced) but the production is
over the top.  The general view, too, seems to be that SW's live shows have
been very good.  So here is a suggestion: SW should release an (official) live
album with plenty of songs from J7 plus some oldies recorded with clean,
uncluttered production.

A good live album would also help to fill a gap in his recorded output.  I don't
know about anyone else but I don't think the live side of Last Exit, Welcome to
the Canteen and On the Road do him justice.


P.S.  BTW, SW was interviewed in a programme about Hendrix's Electric
Ladyland on British BBC TV this past Monday.

From: Stevsmith1@aol.com
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 1997 14:35:42 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Session Mystery

I've come across several references to "rumors" that both Steve Winwood and
Eric Clapton may have played on the Rolling Stones album _Beggars Banquet_
(1968).  After much searching, I haven't been able to find anything more
useful.  Does anyone know more about this potential session?

Here's everything I've found.

- Berkin Altinok said that a rock and roll yearbook referred to SW and EC as
guests on the album.  He also pointed out that the only credit on the album
is "We are deeply indebted to Nicky Hopkins and to many friends".  Both SW
and EC were friends of the Stones at that time.

- Jimmy Miller produced the album.

- James Hector's _The Complete Guide To The Music Of The Rolling Stones_
(1995), a CD-sized book, says that Clapton and Dave Mason occasionally
dropped by during the recording sessions, and that Rick Grech played violin
("fiddle") on "Factory Girl".

- A few issues of Rolling Stone magazine had potentially useful quotes.  Mick
Jagger said they were halfway through the album, and Mason was the only
other performer at that point (6/22/68).  Mick also said they had a Hammond
organ at the sessions (7/20/68) and that one track was backed by a mellotron

- The music store databases refer to the rumors but don't provide any

If you have any information leading to the apprehension of the truth in this
case, please email me directly or post in SP!!!


From: Shaft51@aol.com
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 1997 19:55:01 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Junction 7 reaction, pt 3

I agree with you all the way. "Arc" and "High Life" will always be the
keystones of my CD collection, but I think J7 is an incredibly fun album. I
would have liked to hear things a bit more raw, too, (a la Refugees), but it's still
Steve hammering the Hammond and playing some nice guitar. Above all, it's
the voice. The man can sing like no one else and can even make crap like his
buddy NMW produced for Whitney Houston sound good. (By the way, when
I take over the world, Whitney is the first to die!!! LOL).

In any case, I think everyone should just lighten the hell up. Steve has a new
album, it's his voice and so what if it's different! It beats another Skynyrd


Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 17:14:23 +0300 (EET DST)
From: Berkin Altinok 
Subject: Re: Junction 7 reaction, pt 3

Dear friends, i was on vacation for a long time, so was away, had an address
change too, but here i am ,,back,,was in Marmaris and bought the CD
downtown Marmaris, when they were actually playing "spy", it is really
amazing to see the distribution that Virgin has , since i found the CD in a little
town somewhere close to the Med coast,, well, now what does the Turk think?
after listening to it on my Discman a couple of times I THINK I LIKE IT,,It
sure is different, i like them all, since there is the magic vocal, i like "Spy",
they keep playing it on the Radio over here, i even requested it in  a Bar in
Marmaris, and people came and asked me what it was,,,and i felt cool.

"Angel of mercy" reminded of Marvin Gaye a lot, i think it is the most R&B
and Motown flavoured song,,I really liked LYLCD it is funky, just like the
whole album "FUNK",,, i always SW to be more funkier, so here i get it,
"Real Love " is nice as well. very Popish, i thought "Fill me up" was weak and i
still think like that now, it lacks the depth that Steve had in all of his songs, but
i have to say this there is one track that blew my head off,,,oh yesss  "LORD" is
superb, the best track i have ever heard in many years, i bet the lyrics are
completely Capaldi,

Yes the album 'is' overproduced, but i mean that is not so bad, and why are
most of us disappointed , i do not get it, it seems to me like everybody wants
something more or bigger than "Low Spark", well maybe they are, time
sometimes deteriorates our appreciation to music, it is like that all the time, so
after reading what Ellie had written i fainted I could not believe it, so am goin
to be in Boston, this year, and want to meet with all of you guys over there,,

yes , Juntion 7 is in Anatolia,,,,

Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 17:33:30 +0300 (EET DST)
From: Berkin Altinok 
Subject: JC review Part#1

Well, i have told you that a friend of mine, got me a lot of Capaldi stuff, (by the
way , am eager for another Traffic album), so after listening to the albums
millions of times, here are my comments

OH HOW WE DANCED!=== great album, with some great playing by
Kossoff, he really kicks it, all the tracks are beautiful, but only 2 appearances by
Chris, that is kinda sad, i wished it was more, "last day of Down " I think is the
best, very groovy, Mason is also featured on this album, as a player and as a

WHALE MEAT AGAIN!=== maybe the best Capaldi album, every song blows
your brains off, cool stuff, especially "Low Rider", whenever i play it i think of
Dennis Hopper, excellent lyrics too, also summer is fading is great , lots of
Peter Carr on the Guitar, even Vivian Stanshall has a contribution to the
album, steve has a minor role.

SHORT CUT DRAW BLOOD!=== a good album, there is a great song on
here, "Boy with a Problem" some incredible string arrangements on this one,
no one should miss it, it is a must song for all of us, incl' Koss, Winwood, and

same albums, "Sealed with a kiss" is a funky one , also "Game of Love" is a
beauty, but the great cut is "I am gonna do it" it is the song of the Italian macho
man Capaldi, (boys do check it out, not very appropriate for the ladies,, sorry
"Angie and Ellie", ) Steve plays the guitar on this one as well.

well part two coming soon,,,you can not see the snowball as it hurtles through
the shelter memories of your mind!!!   Can you??