VOLUME 90, sent July 17, 1997

Topics in this issue:
  1. Eternal Classics...
  2. Rome Concert...
  3. Not Fade Away
  4. Warming up SW
  5. "Feelin' Good"
  6. seating charts
  7. Concert in Pistoia
  8. our man arrived
  9. Cover versions, Chat room, and Need a volunteer

From: "Elena Iglio" 
Subject: Eternal Classics...
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 18:14:11 +0200

Arnie, dear...

Never wanted to say GSL and Pearly Queen (two/three chords, OK? Then so
was a great Bowie classic "Rebel Rebel"...) are NOT valid or great evergreen
classics... I only meant they are ABSOLUTELY on every live tape/record I
heard from Traffic and Steve (not to mention the covers....)!! It's a question of
personal tastes of course, and I know a concert without Gimme isn't probably a
true Winwood one, but I can tell you I didn't miss him NOT playing "Pearly
Queen" at the concert I went to, and I would really rather love to hear him play
"Hidden Treasure", or some stuff from his eponymous or "There's a River"!!!

I'm  very glad you liked old Bo and Bob Fripp.. Wonder about what could it be
HIS rendition of the PQ solo..;-)


From: "Elena Iglio" 
Subject: Rome Concert...
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 18:27:34 +0200

Dear Makiko...

I'm sorry if the Rome concert  scene and Italian fans somewhat disappointed
you... I lived a completely different night and I wished you could be there
with me to realize!!

 I can assure you there are many people appreciating Winwood and Traffic in
Italy....and they're respected and loved by musicians above all.  Traffic were
very big in Italy when England, their country, wasn't rewarding them at all and
they had to tour America 10 times in 3 years to recoup and the tiredness that
followed from such and intense road life was one of the reasons for their

Besides, it is the very first time that I hear someone telling my
countryfellows are nationalists as far as musical tastes are concerned.....

Take care

From: "Elena Iglio" 
Subject: Not Fade Away
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 18:36:47 +0200


I just wondered if you had more information on this: I know for sure Steve
jammed live with Grateful Dead and in particular he sang in Not Fade Away,
and admitted in an article he didn't remember the words of the song,  SW quote
"I leapt onstage... The song they were playing was "Not Fade away" I waded in
but couldn't remember any of the words on the lyric....Luckily the audience
were too out of it to realize what was happening... mind you, so was the

Can you help??


From: LesterJake@aol.com
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 15:43:03 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Warming up SW

It's great to read the exciting reviews of Steve's current concerts, and the
immediacy and continuity make it seem as if we are part of the tour.  Good to
hear too that fall dates are starting to materialize in the U.S.

To the remark in SP89 that Steve seemed a bit slow to warm up in Rome,
perhaps because the crowd was initially unresponsive, an equipment technician
on the '94 Traffic tour told me that the best shows were the ones in which the
audience was highly enthusiastic, especially during the first two numbers.  So
remember everybody: whoop it up!


From: Rick Kilcoyne 
Subject: "Feelin' Good"
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 16:00:04 -0400

I'm listening to a song called Feelin' Good off of a Traffic bootleg from  '67.
Does this song appear on any Traffic albums. I have never listened to this tape
until today. The titles of the songs are on the tape case, but I just realized one
was titled Feelin' Good. I guess when I looked at the tape in the past I thought
it said Feelin' Alright. At any rate, I gave this song a listen, and I really like it.
Just wondering where it appears on an album. Thanks in advance...

~Rick Kilcoyne

Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 17:48:11 -0700 (MST)
From: giese@azstarnet.com (Jeff Giese)
Subject: seating charts

www.webtickets.com has a seating chart for Chastain Park in Atlanta.


peace and love

Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 20:38:50 -0500
From: Keith Olive 
Subject: Concert in Pistoia

I was at the concert at Pistoia (we were vacationing nearby on the coast and my
sister-in-law lives near Viareggio--I'm from MN) but it must not have been the
same one as was reviewed in vol. 89. Even though I could see and hear Steve
better than any other performance (I was only about 20 ft from the stage) and
even  though I enjoyed the concert, I have to say it was a less than inspired
performance (I can compare--since 1971, I've seen  traffic 7 times and now
Steve as solo 3) and one that was not really geared to an Italian audience who
really only wanted to see Zucchero.  After the 4th song, I heard people yelling
basta (stop). Around me, people seemed bored, some were even talking on a
cellular phone!  Again while I enjoyed LSOHHB, this was a really extended
version with a lot of improv thrown in the middle.  From what I saw people
really did not enjoy this.  It was very strange for me seeing Steve in a situation
of really being a warm-up to another band that the crowd wants to see infinitely
more.  Aside from the crowds impatience with the hour delay between Steve
and Zucchero, the crowd was ecstatic when he came on. Steve played for
himself and perhaps the few of us in the crowd that love his music.  He did not
attempt to get the crowd involved. Zucchero (whose music I enjoy, though
would never think to place him in the same context as Steve or Traffic) knew
exactly what the crowd wanted and gave it to them. All said, aside from the
pushing and shoving, I liked the concert. It was great seeing Steve up close and
I'll go again if he comes to MN this fall. But all told for almost all in Pistoia,
it was a night for Zucchero.

While I'm here, my 2c on J7.  My big complaint is with Narada Michael
Walden and in particular all of that drum programming.  What ever happened
to live drumming, wouldn't JC have made the difference on this record?
Though there are some good tracks on J7, I doubt it will be one of my favorites.

Alas, did I read about good news of a future Traffic recording?


From: PBookstein@aol.com
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 15:40:10 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: our man arrived

I finally connected.  Caught our man's 1st interview in NY radio. He played
cant find my way home acoustically, family affair hesitantly because all he had
was a studio's electric piano.  Then played somebody like you which he said
was one of his favorites. Got my CD.  See summer dance hits with '"FUN" and
" LCD".  You could say it is over-produced but this man is such a versatile
musician and can do it all live.  Who cares? Will catch radio interview today at
4 and show tonite and tomorrow. You know you can't fit a Hammond in a radio


From: "BobbieG." 
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 13:27:42 -0700
Subject: Cover versions, Chat room, and Need a volunteer

I added Jan's listing of Cover versions to the "Fans' Site" (which is the new
name for the unofficial site) so check it out, and drop Jan a line to thank him

If you haven't been keeping up with all the changes on the Official Page, well,
you better start!  Scott has added a real-time chat room to the page, which can
be accessed directly at

Anyone wanna set a time to meet there?

If any of you love Winwood (duh!), knows a little about databases, and has
some extra time to spare to work on a project with me, please email me!

One more thing: Posts for the special "J7 reactions SPs are slowing to a trickle,
so I'll only do one more, but I can always put your review into a regular
numbered one, so send 'em in!