VOLUME 89, sent July 14, 1997

Topics in this issue:
  1. Concert review and  some personal report!!
  2. Steve in Rome
  3. Rarities, concert schedule, and Magical Mystery Tour
  4. Ponderings...
  5. Session Corner
  6. First notice of US tour date
  7. SDG's Autumn 66, and Traffic's Mulberry Bush
  8. Eternal classics
  9. Winwood is Everywhere
 10. Need bootlegs

From: "Elena Iglio" 
Subject: Concert review and  some personal report!!
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 1997 19:38:30 +0200

I had read in the  morning papers Jim was straight back from the States and
being Steve's guest at Pistoia and Rome shows... they all crashed out but Steve
and Gary Moore who stood talking music till 3 am!!. Wilson Pickett was
staying there and having a concert on the very day and as it was beginning at
1130 pm, Steve said "Yeah... typical, the Midnight Hour!") and they told Jim
that they'd got a friend who would like to meet them and Jim was incredibly
kind and sweet to agree! Steve's promoter promised  Special guest passes for
me and my friend. And we got them the following day!

We met at 12.00 at my hotel on the concert day. There I met Jim "So how are
you after 23 years?" he said. He is a very educated, intelligent, nice,
unassuming, brilliant man, has a steel memory  - he actually remembered the
Naples concert in 1974 better than me!! - He said how come I didn't see other
concerts and I told him they split shortly after.. He said "You should blame
Steve on that! He's coming down soon to go to the sound-check you tell him
yourself!" I told him about you and SP and Genia supervising Scott's site - he
said "Well she didn't tell ME about this Internet site!" and Dan's project to
recuperate all Traffic rare music that was unreleased and I asked him about the
Cottage Tapes.  Then he said he had "rearranged" Hidden Treasure and that he
had the tape with him!! He happened to have the recording of some of his new
songs, so I begged the hotel manager for a tape recorder. This man happened to
be music crazy, so he took us down to the empty conference hall and Jim played
us this brilliant, Latin-like rearranged "Hidden Treasure" "I hope to put it on
the next Traffic album" he said, and some beautiful new songs. We were
delighted! He also talked about a version of Low Spark a guitarist sent him
with just bass, acoustic guitar and drums instead of keyboards!!! "You'd love
it!!" he said. Then he signed the conference centre wall with a drawing of a
small drummer with "Traffic" written on the bass drum and the manager - bald
- shirt and tie - was delighted!! Then they called us upstairs for lunch and Jim
joined us at our table and actually sat next to me!! It was late and I just caught
a glimpse of Steve - (he looks 30!!) hurrying out of the hotel (coughing a lot) to
the sound-check. Jim didn't need that so he stayed to lunch told us a lot of
jokes, we talked about Groucho Marx, Dylan, his Italian origins, Brazil, Traffic
(of course!!) and the fact that he would love to work in film soundtracks. He
even said I was very nice and had beautiful Greek features! He know lots of
Latin and Greek words and speaks Portuguese. Then he went to see the
Wimbledon final. and we went back to have a rest!! We had a glimpse of His
Majesty Zucchero leaning on his black limousine and chauffeur talking to his
mobile phone with dark glasses on... Humility tells me when somebody is great
and the lack of it when somebody is a JERK...

The concert was The Best In My Life. My friend and me went backstage with
our passes and saw Wilfredo "Wally" Reyes, very nice - quite handsome too;-),
Randall, the backing vocalists the rest of the bad including the INCREDIBLE
blond trumpeter and the charming promoter. Then I went onstage with my
friend while Dr. Faust, the supporting blues band, was playing. I was standing
next to amps and paraphernalia and a red haired guy with a jeans jacket was
staying next to me, giving me his back. My friend whispered in my ear" Look!
Steve Winwood is next to you!" I couldn't believe it, but yes, he turned out and
it was HIM! He was much more handsome and young and unassuming and at a
certain point he realized I was looking at him and not the band and he actually
smiled at me twice !! He must have thought "She must be the only one who
recognized me!!" I was paralyzed -  weak-knees - and stayed where I was. Then
Jim came backstage and waved us hello! Then in was concert time and Steve
went to change his outfit (the same as in Naples show). The Zucchhero security
man  kindly said we had to get offstage and so we went in the throng at the

This is the set he played - without a SINGLE flaw and with a delirious
audience and an even more delirious Ellie!!! -

1. I'm A Man (Incredibly, few people recognized this)
2. Roll With It (Ah, ha.. this brought back home something...)
3. Spy ( the audience seemed to know this, even the youngest ones, they sang
4. Gotta Get Back To My Baby (the whole square dancing and going OH-OH-
5. Can't Find My Way Home (Ellie totally crazed, elbowing her way to the front
and was one of the VERY FEW recognizing it .... Sigh!! Age??)
6. Low Spark (one of the MOST BRILLIANT versions I ever heard - mistaken
verses again, sorry Shannon and Bobbie... A STUNNING piano solo and a
magic trumpet solo Ellie's on the verge of heart attack)
7. Glad (Ellie crying unashamedly!!! Randall was great, I applauded him a lot
and somebody up above must have liked it also...)
8. Steve starts to play some acoustic and Randall grabs the flute and I think
"BARLEYCORN!" That was it!! (Cries of joy!!) Jim comes onstage but Steve
just said before "We have a  special guest..." and some young girl around me
impressed by my behavior asked me " Do you know who he is?" and another
older guy asked "Is that Jim Capaldi??" I could only nod!! (Lump in my
throat!!) Then Jim  was introduced and the crowd went crazy!!
9. Family Affair ( very good choice to release the intimacy and tension
Barleycorn created - the backing Vocalists were BRILLIANT!!) Every body
dancing again !!
10. I Just Wanna Have Some Fun - last number before the encores - GREAT!
He had the crowd totally in his hands and there was a tremendous response, for
every member of the band was introduced by the female - Jacko-like choir!!
Everybody jumping!! Steve Thanked the audience for making this night so
special and magic and thanked Italy for being a wonderful place to play,
but he sounded REALLY moved!!
11. Three encores..... Higher Love!! (I went hoarse singing it!!!) Back In The
High Life and Gimme Some Lovin' (Without ZUCCHERO!!).

Alas, I lost the latter because I rushed backstage and went amidst the two wings
of people who greeted the band as they came offstage and to the dressing
rooms. Steve flashed us his smile while we were greeting him and I was
savoring the moment I could thank him for everything when Zucchero security
men pushed us all (no more than 30/40 people) out of the barriers despite our
passes, saying HIS MAJESTY wanted NO ONE around!! To me, he was
literally wild and green with rage with the incredible success and performance
Steve gave the people and was clearly behaving like a spoilt little kid (Steve's
promoter later told us he expected a "more adult" behavior of him...). We
waited for an hour for him to go onstage and off the B****** ( excuse me
Bobbie but I  think you will understand me!!) so that we could reach the
dressing room.. The audience Booed and Booed...A boy was shouting "WE
LIKE THIS!!" Then the promoter comes along says they had to slip off on the
bus from a smaller door and that this was the most  ridiculous  thing and so we
went away - Zucchero still had to get onstage - , and I lost my opportunity to
talk to Steve because of this git!

Nevertheless, I had so much I could never be thankful enough for it!!!! Excuse
me for being so long.....I know you'll understand!!!!


Date: Tue, 08 Jul 1997 10:32:44 +0200
From: "Taguchi, Makiko (AGPC)" 
Subject: Steve in Rome

Reading all those posts about Steve's live in US and England, I was  feeling
really envious and was longing for him to come to Rome. And  finally, my turn
has come!

Last night when I arrived to the tennis court where he was to play, I was a bit
worried because it was an hour till the starting time and the place was almost
empty. I was afraid it was going to be a very small crowd with no enthusiasm
compared to Pistoia the day before which Ellie reported about. But of course,
Italians tend to come in the last minute so by the time the concert started, the
place was filled (at least I think, I was at front and couldn't see the back).

Steve and the band came out and started with "I'm a man", and the following
songs were the same as someone else reported, but Steve seemed to be a bit
"slow" in getting into it. Not that his play wasn't good, on the contrast it was
fantastic as usual, but the response of the crowd was rather slow so maybe that's
why he was slow as well.  Eventually the crowd "warmed up" and was dancing
to the rhythm. Needless to say, "Gotta get back..." was a blast.  The crowd
responded better to the Traffic numbers and many didn't seem to know his new
ones from J7.  Jim Capaldi played "John Barleycorn..." with him which was
simply GREAT, and Jim came out again on the last "Gimme...". It was a pity
that the sound system wasn't too good and it got shaky in the middle towards
the end.

I was expecting more "foreigners" in the crowd, but surprisingly most people
there were Italians(!!). Somehow I have a difficulty to think that there are
Italian Steve fans (sorry Ellie, I know your the no.1 fan in Italy, but in general
the Italians seem very patriotic when it comes to music...).There was a guy
standing close to me who seemed to be a great Traffic fan, and when the
concert ended he was so emotional he was hugging the guy next to him.  Good
to know that there are Italian Steve/Traffic fans.

All in all, Steve was still my coolest man, his performance was simply amazing
(aughh, that organ and piano solo!!) and the band was great as well. For those
who haven't seen his live yet, be patient and he will indeed meet your
expectations and even more!

Makiko (Probably the only asian in the crowd yesterday)

From: "Elena Iglio" 
Subject: Rarities, concert schedule, and Magical Mystery Tour
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 18:45:11 +0200

I wanted to tell you other two things: 1. for the "rare items-collections" section.
Jim told me that a Brazilian fan sent him a video of a very rare 1967/68 Traffic
Concert in Hyde Park with Dave Mason, it was a documentary recently
transmitted by their network Rede Globo. If you put this into SP maybe there
could be some Brazilian fan or subscriber who can help us finding it ( I didn't
dare asking Jim!!).  2. I read a schedule Jim had and I think Steve will play
Barcelona and Zaragoza before Austria.... Do you think this is correct?


Da: Elena Iglio 
A: Stevsmith1@aol.com
Data: luned́ 7 luglio 1997 18.14

Steve - hi!!

I've got an  old article on that on one of my scrapbooks.... It says the Traffic bit
was filmed but "Edited out" lately from the TV version, in the bit they filmed
they were chasing a giant world globe down a hill. Should you want more
details on the article, I'll send them to you.. (New Musical Express, 9.12.1967)


From: "Jason Nickerson" 
Subject: Ponderings...
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 97 16:46:18 PDT

After listening to "Junction 7" for awhile, I believe that SW still has more
music to create :).  My favourites are "Angel Of Mercy" & "Real Love".  I have
just realized recently (undoubtedly most of you already have) just how one of a
kind, inspirational, multi-dimensional, and high class SW's music is (beyond
due  reverence of course) and I wish him to continue.  Furthermore, has
anybody noticed how many of his songs have the potential to launch into
another dimension (e.g., "My Love's Leavin'", "Don't You Know What the
Night Can Do", "Glad", "In The Light Of Day", "The Morning Side", etc.)?
"Midland Maniac" does this somewhat, but within the song itself.  Does SW
open up these songs into a whole other realm during Live performances?  I'm
sure that he does, just hoping for some feedback.  Maybe this (his?) particular
genre lends itself to this style?   "Junction 7" seems to me a departure from past
groundbreaking work.

From: Stevsmith1@aol.com
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997 01:22:54 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Session Corner

Since Bobbie uploaded my comprehensive listing of Steve Winwood's session
work to her site, more sessions continue to emerge from the shadows of

 Here are a few through the generous assistance of Dan Ropek and Jan Inge

Joe Cocker:  Joe Cocker! (1970) - Steve isn't credited, but in an article in the
6/11/70 issue of Rolling Stone magazine, Joe Cocker referred to Steve playing
bass on "Dear Landlord".  Thanks to Dan Ropek!

The following are from back issues of Coloured Rain, Jan Inge Sommerseth's
European fanzine.  Thanks to Jan for their use here!  Check out his amazing
discography on Bobbie's site.

BB King:  In London (1971) - Steve, credited as The Mystery Shadow,  played
organ on "Blue Shadows" and "We Can't Agree".  An article in the 9/30/71
issue of Rolling Stone magazine referred to Steve playing on this album, and
Steve mentioned the session in a later article.  [The CD has an extra track,
"May I Have A Talk With You", but doesn't include musician credits for it.
 Steve probably played organ on this one, too.]

Vivian Stanshall:  "Lakanga" / "Baba Tunde" (1974) - Steve played organ on
"Lakanga" and maybe piano on "Baba Tunde", a non-album single from the
Men Opening Umbrellas Ahead sessions.  [This single has the honor of being
the first non-album session record in the listing!  For those who care, the
Habits single was a production effort rather than a session, and the Who video
isn't a record!]

Various:  That'll Be The Day (1983) - Steve's not credited, but David Essex
was quoted as saying that he played with Vivian Stanshall and Jim Capaldi on
"Real Leather Jacket".

Check the session page soon for new information from Jan on the previously
listed Leon Russell and Viv Stanshall sessions.

As always, please let me know if you're aware of any sessions I've missed!


From: "BobbieG." 
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 12:40:35 -0700
Subject: First notice of US tour date

Ticketmaster has announced a Winwood concert at the Chastain Park
Amphitheater in Atlanta, Georgia, on September 26.

I've added a link to the Ticketmaster site from the Links page on the Unofficial
site, or go directly there at  http://events.ticketmaster.com/

Whee!  Here we go!

Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 10:02:39 +1200
From: Murray Dreyer 
Subject: SDG's Autumn 66, and Traffic's Mulberry Bush

For those of you compiling Discography's of SW it may be of interest to know
that the SDG's third Album "Autumn 66" was titled "Mean Woman Blues"
when released in New Zealand and Australia.

Have just received my copy of the "Mulberry Bush" Soundtrack CD. It's good to
hear Traffic's "Am I what I was or was I what I am" on clear crisp CD rather
than scratchy old Vinyl.The CD includes an extra 4 tracks over the LP,they are
Alternate takes of LP tracks by the Winwoodless SDG.

Cheers, Murray D

From: ASchulberg@aol.com
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 22:02:24 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Eternal classics

<< And...Am I the only Steve Winwood fan on the planet that is sick  to death
of Gimme Some Loving?? I know it's PEOPLE who want it,  still I really hope
he will forget about that and Pearly Queen also for a while... There is such a
wonderful big repertoire to be exploited and some songs he never really plays!!!

Sorry, Ellie. I love you dearly and you've turned me on to some great music
(Thanks for the Bowie) but you are wrong on this. One of the wonders is that
Gimme Some Lovin' does not and cannot grow old. It's almost band-proof too.
Of course, no one sings it like Steve although I'd like to hear Ray Charles
or Joe Cocker do it.

And Pearly Queen is the brightest gem from the  best Traffic album, IMHO.
Who else could make a great rock and roll song with an Arabic sounding guitar

These are eternal classics.


From: ASchulberg@aol.com
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 22:09:17 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Winwood is Everywhere

Went to a Pittsburgh Pirates game last night, the wonderful no-hitter. Before
the game they paid tribute to Jackie Robinson and, as they showed a video of
highlights from his career the soundtrack was a Steve Winwood song. Trouble
is, I DON'T KNOW WHICH ONE and I couldn't make out anything of the
melody or lyrics.

Anyone have the slightest clue what it could have been? Maybe they've used it
in other Robinson tributes. But just think about it, of all the music in the world
to play to honor this legendary black ballplayer, the choice is ole English
Stevie. Amazing, isn't it?


Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 20:05:38 +0800 (PST)
Subject: Need bootlegs
From: Semig 

I am Miguel, a BIG fan of Steve Winwood's works and I have been reading
all the stuff about bootlegs and concert stuff.  The thing here is that I live in the
Philippines and there is nothing of that kind around, can anyone please help me
get a copy of some? Are there any other members from Asia?  well thanks,
sorry for the trouble.