VOLUME 88, sent July 7, 1997

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  1. RE: BBC radio concerts
  2. Re: steve at glastonbury
  3. 4 CHILDREN????
  4. New subscriber
  5. New Stuff
  6. Winwood in Naples - 7.4.97
  7. Winwood Does Naples!!!
  8. Traffic In Magical Mystery Tour?
  9. Saturday night concert!!!

Date: Wed, 2 Jul 1997 15:32:54 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Jan Inge Sommerseth 
Subject: RE: BBC radio concerts

I've had the NBC LP's from this show for some time now, and it's right what
you say: the Shoot out and Low spark versions here are indeed from On the
road, and the rest of the show is the BBC in concert from London 1970, not
at Hammersmith Odeon as they claim, but PARIS THEATRE, LONDON
30.04.70. I don't remember if it was this show, but one of those also included a
studio LP track. I agree with you the whole show is a letdown. Why can't they
tell the truth?

Jan Inge

From: "Dianne L. Hoogendoorn" 
Subject: Re: steve at glastonbury
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 1997 10:49:55 -0400 (EDT)

No, he didn't make Glastonbury (bastard!).

Seriously though, the announcement at the festival (I was there) was that he has
laryngitis and can't sing. I don't think he's faking it as I can personally vouch
for the fact that there is a particularly ugly strain of the flu doing the rounds of
England at the moment.

I don't know if this is going to affect the rest of the English tour.

Dianne Hoogendoorn

From: "Elena Iglio" 
Subject: 4 CHILDREN????
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 1997 19:07:34 +0200

Where I have been living in the last 5 years???? I knew Steve only had 2
daughters..... Will you please brief me about it, Bobbie??

And...Am I the only Steve Winwood fan on the planet that is sick to death of
Gimme Some Loving?? I know it's PEOPLE who want it, still I really hope he
will forget about that and Pearly Queen also for a while... There is such a
wonderful big repertoire to be exploited and some songs he never really plays!!!

Well I'll report on Monday when I'm back from the concert... Did you know he
decided to play Naples also (after all I spent on trains, hotels and tickets to see
him in Tuscany?)

Yes, it looks like he's part of a big blues "circus" touring Italy most of this and
next week. For the Italian dates see this web site, they're Steve's Italian
promoters:   http://www.dalessandroegalli.com

Thanks to Dan Ropek for his INVALUABLE work. You're wonderful, Dan.


[Yes, Steve and Genia have 4 children.  Mary Clare is 9, Eliza is 7, Stephen
Calhoun ("Cal") is 4, and Lilly will be 2 in September.  And I added the URL
for the promoters to the Links page on the unofficial site.  Thanks, Ellie. --BG]

From: PBurr10505@aol.com
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 1997 00:48:40 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: New subscriber

I started to listening to Steve Winwood only about four years ago, but he is my
favorite by far.  I was a little disappointed in Junction Seven, but then he would
be hard pressed to top "Back In The High Life" or "Roll With It" in my
opinion.  There are some good songs on J7 but I also felt the album was too
much R&B and Des'eree just didn't fit his style.  To show you how much a
novice I am, I didn't know Traffic recorded the "Far From Home" album in
1994 until about a week ago when I saw it in Blockbuster.  I have been
listening to that CD almost exclusively and really like it.  Holy Ground and
Some Kinda Woman are my favorites from that album.

Disappointed to hear about the Glastonbury concert.

Date: Thu, 03 Jul 1997 20:08:05 -0400
From: Ed 
Subject: New Stuff

An old saying comes to mind regarding the new release. If you can't say
anything nice, keep it to yourself! As much as I want to, I can't find much to
like about J7.

Well on a more uplifting note, what an awesome job you've done on the bootleg
(oops) Tapes in circulation section. My mouth is watering! Please how can I get
my hands on these recordings? I've been trying to find live When The Eagle
Flies Material for YEARS. Now to hear of Vulcan and other instrumental stuff
from this period is unbelievable!

I love Hidden Treasure! What a terrific idea, we can only hope some of these
recordings become available. How can bands like King Crimson treat their fans
to such treasures as the newly released 1969 tour tapes, along with BBC
offerings on the 2 CD set entitled "EPITAPH", while TRAFFIC fans remain
neglected? I want to hear these recordings now! LET'S FIND A WAY !


[As far as getting copies of TICs (Tapes In Circulation), I still hope to be
starting a tape-trading club, and have had 2 Subscribers contact me expressing
interest in administering it.  I'll report back as events warrant.  --BG]

Subject: Winwood in Naples - 7.4.97
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 1997 14:15:44 +0200

Steve Winwood has arrived this afternoon in Naples, where he will get a
rehearsal room in the Royal Palace in Plebiscito Square (where the 1994 G7
meeting was hold) and he will perform tonight in the square within a festival.
He will play 1 song from J7 ( the source, "Repubblica", does not specify which)
and will perform Gimme Some Loving in a duet with Italian rocker Zucchero.
The festival will be broadcast  live direct on Italian state channel RAI 1 and on
radio RAI2.

It is indeed ridiculous that Steve is coming  - unexpected - to my home town
and I will see him on TV:-((((, but I amm really happy he will perform just a
couple of numbers, at least that the concert I'm going to the day after tomorrow
in Pistoia will last two hours. I will tape the TV show anyway and let you know
about it. The town is upside down for the event and J7 will get a lot of
promotion from this show!!! Naples Loves Winwood, Italy Loves Winwood.

So Welcome Back to Naples Steve after 23 years!!!!

Ellie Iglio - the Absent # 1 Steve fan in Naples and possibly the Whole Old

From: "Elena Iglio" 
Subject: Winwood Does Naples!!!
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 1997 22:19:43 +0200

I just saw Steve on TV playing live in front of 200,000 people gone wild in the
Plebiscito square of Naples and I was dancing wildly even if in my room as
well!!! He played a brief set of 3 songs: Gimme Some Loving with Zucchero ,
and it was great despite the latter, "Spy" and -  to my absolute delight - "Gotta
get back to my baby" who sent the "Latin" Naples crowd WILD!!!! Steve
looked GREAT, in great shape, with a water green jacket (my favourite
colour!!) on a totally black outfit. Just a bit of silver on the temples and NO,
definitely NO nose job... He had Randall with him and a GREAT trumpeter
who played a fantastic solo in Gotta Get Back to My Baby, two black vocalists a
percussionist and himself played an excellent guitar solo during "Spy", not to
mention the HAMMOND solo on "Gimme"... He was his usual shy self and
only nodded to the wild crowd....He's not much of a crowd arouser as Zucchero.
As I predicted, the Naples acceptance was outstanding!!!

I'm glad I stayed home to tape it for Steve's close ups were MANY and
absolutely WONDERFUL!!! Ah, If this is a sample of the TWO hour concert
I'll see in 48 hours I doubt my poor heart can make it!!

I'm so glad I've got the video... the show is still going on now and there might
even be a chance of an interview....But I couldn't wait, I had to share this with
you!!! I think J7 songs will be remembered as GREAT live renditions!!!!!!

I'm so happy I'm so happy I'm so happy!!!!:-):-) :-)

LOVE FROM A MAD ELLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Stevsmith1@aol.com
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 1997 22:51:06 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Traffic In Magical Mystery Tour?

Some time ago, a subscriber wrote that, according to the book _Encyclopedia
Of Rock Stars_ (by Rees and Crampton, 1996), Traffic was featured in the
Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour film.  The book also said that the film aired
on 12/26/67.

It turns out that Traffic was not in the final film, although Spencer Davis was.
I recently found two references to this appearance in Rolling Stone magazine.
The 12/14/67 issue said that Traffic would be in the film, performing "Here We
Go Round The Mulberry Bush".  The 2/24/68 issue also referred to this
appearance, even well after the airing!

It's not clear whether Traffic's piece was ever filmed, Bonzo Dog Band's
performance may have replaced the Traffic spot.  Perhaps this is another record
company vault denizen yet to be unearthed!


Subj:    Saturday night concert!!!
Date:    97-07-06 20:10:30 EDT
To:       vankirks@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu

Was he on the ABC concert (from Glastonbury)?  If so, did anyone tape it?


From:             "Elena Iglio" 
Date sent:        Mon, 7 Jul 1997 16:34:16 +0200

I just got back and this is only a "hors d'oeuvre" of my Winwood Weekend...I'll
write a complete concert review and more about it later on as soon as I've eaten
something and got a shower!! Just know that:

I spent the entire afternoon at Steve's hotel and had lunch, a long chat with Jim
Capaldi.... I listened to a preview of some new Traffic songs arrangements and
some new stuff; I was given a backstage pass as special guest and saw the
support group onstage next to STEVE (HE'S WONDERFUL!!!  YOUNG AND
played John Barleycorn onstage with Steve and Randall ( I met all the band
also and Wilson Pickett and Gary Moore...) the concert was a HUGE success,
12,000 people crazy and wild and dancing, Steve was moved and talked a lot
on the microphone to thank the Italian public for making it a "magic night" and
"so special"...This triggered Zucchero's revenge and this is the bad part....His
behaviour prevented me from actually talking to Steve after the concert and
meeting him... I'll tell you later.... I'll HATE him for the rest of my life!!!

Steve is LITERALLY Sweeping ITALY.... The Live J7 songs are OUT OF

"I'll never be the same" ELLIE