VOLUME 64, sent April 11, 1997

Topics in this issue:
  1. Lyrics, Let Me Make Something In Your Life
  2. A Little Trivia
  3. Re: club dates, and set-list
  4. SW on CNN
  5. Concert Wish List
  6. VH1 Concert news (If you read nothing else in this issue, READ THIS)
  7. Continuity


Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 09:30:07 +1000
Subject: Lyrics, Let Me Make Something In Your Life

Here are the lyrics to Let Me Make Something in Your Life

Sometimes it's hard to express what you feel
While trying to say the things that are real
I don't what to fight
'Cos fighting just brings pain
Just want to hold you in my loving arms again
Let me see the sunlight shining in your eyes
Touch the wind and feel blue sky
I've had all I can take of your trouble and strife
Let me make something, let me make something in your life

Sometimes I catch myself taking loud
While turning round I get lost in a crowd
Then all my thoughts
Just escape and get lost
'Cos I've paid for my freedom at too great a cost
Let me see the sunlight shining in your eyes
Touch the wind and feel blue sky
I've had all I can take of your trouble and strife
Let me make something, let me make something in your life

I feel so lonely and I feel so blue
But without you there's nothing I can do
Why can't we try and make amends
We used to be good friends why, oh why, not now
I don't want to lose you
We don't have to say goodbye

Repeat last verse


From: "Angie C." 
Subject: A Little Trivia
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 1997 21:50:53 -0400

Answer regarding Paul Carrack: I am not sure what he is doing now, however,
if this is the same Paul Carrack I am thinking of he co-wrote "Love Will Keep
Us Alive" the Eagles'  Hell Freezes Over Album.  This song was written by Pete
Vale/Jim Capaldi/Paul Carrack.  It was a beautiful song.  Hit #1, remember?

Answer regarding Deep Feelin' :  I am looking at an English newspaper which
states that  - the Lakes pub at Warndon was the place to be, because Deep
Feelin' were raising the roof.  Here were the combined talents of Mason and
Capaldi, coupled with other local all-stars Polly Palmer and Gordon Jackson.
Capaldi had come from a very talented musical family in Evesham and seem to
be able to sing as well as play almost anything.  Soul oozed out of everything he
did and he provided the guts to Mason's more refined skills.  The band played
rock and blues and around here were in a league of their own.  But when the
chance to join Steve Winwood came there was no contest. Jim and Dave packed
their bags and went .  The rest is history.


Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 09:31:43 -0700
From: woontner@sirius.com
Subject: Re: club dates, and set-list

I would be ready to travel to LA from San Francisco to see Steve play in a
club. If any other West Coasters feel the same, lets keep our eyes open for
those dates and grab some tickets. It would be wonderful to share this
(probably) once in a life time experience together.

As for a fantasy set list, here is mine, that reflects my interest in
hearing Steve play his more obscure work. I would love to see a Winwood
concert that had two parts: acoustical solo (piano and guitar) and a series
of inventive jams built around some great jamming tunes. Most of these
songs I have never heard live.

The Solo set

1. Back In The High Life Again (love that mandolin)
2. It Hurt Me So ( A beautiful ballad Steve wrote when he was 16)
3. No Time To Live (So much passion in this song)
4. 40, 000 Headman (rambling version a la Canteen)
5. Withering Tree (A beautiful little gem)
6. Cant Find My Way Home (Perhaps my favorite Winwood song)
7. Vacant Chair (this one makes me cry)
8. Dust (falls in the air, like dust)
9. No Face, No Name, No Number (this one has gotten me through some lonely

The Jamming Set

1. Cant Get Enough of It (so much fun)
2. Smiling Phases (dedicated to us)
3. Berkshire Poppies (Steve said it was his favorite Traffic song)
4. Feeling Good (impossible without Chris, but ...)
5. Shanghai Noodle Factory (a wonderful jam piece)
6. Help Me Angel (crowd pleaser)
7. Winner/Loser ( very profound)
8. Luck's In (one of my favorite instrumentals by Steve)
9. Light of Day (I want to see Steve play vibes)


From: "BobbieG." 
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 09:50:26 -0700
Subject: SW on CNN

Steve was on CNN last night, April 9, talking about the upcoming VH1
Honors Concert, and this is what he had to say about _Junction 7_:

"It's a soul album, it's a pop-soul album, it's, uh, it's got a lot of
energy, and it's fun, and I'm very excited about it."

His demeanor was cheerful and outgoing, with lots of eye contact,
smiling and nodding - and his hair's grown out a little more!


(PS - Everyone, send me your birthday greetings!  I've only got one so far!)

From: Shaft51@aol.com
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 14:34:44 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Concert Wish List

In the last SP, I noticed a lot of folks discussing what they'd like to hear Steve
play during his next tour. I'd love to hear "Vacant Chair" and "Arc of a Diver"
live, but I'd really love to re-live one of the coolest things I've ever seen at a live
rock show.

 On the 1994 Traffic tour, they came to Scranton, PA (aka nowhere, USA). It
was an outdoor show, the sun was setting and no real heavy duty lights were on
yet. Without any real announcement or pomp and circumstance, Steve strolls
onto the stage with an acoustic guitar strapped to his chest, not another
soul on stage and starts playing "John Barleycorn."  So typical of Steve --
modest and completely understated, but a powerful entrance all the same.


From: Winwoodie@aol.com
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 04:56:31 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: VH1 Concert news

9 pm tonight Eastern/Pacific time on VH1

SW started the show with (the other SW) Stevie Wonder doing "Till I Reach
the Higher Ground" together.  Then they went right into "Gimme Some Lovin".
They were naturals together.

Fran Dresher MC's introducing Alice Cooper who introduced a film clip.
Sheryl Crow sang "Winding Road" & 2 more including one with EmmyLou
Harris.  The Artist... did a new song.  Celine Dion did something on tape 2
weeks ago which we didn't see much of.  She had a prior engagement.

SW came back with Chaka Khan to sing what else but "Higher Love".  She was
fantastic, adding new lines to the song!

Then the 2 SW's did "Livin for the City" with surprise guest George Michael.

Shawn Penn introduced The Wallflowers who did 3 of their songs including
"Industrial Disease".

SW did two songs off the new CD: "Family Affair" with Narada Michael
Walden, Nile Rodgers, Chaka Khan, James Taylor and Andy Garcia (yes the
movie ANDY GARCIA) on bongos.  Andy was surprisingly good and stayed to
do "Spy in the House of Love".

The 2 SW's did another song together.

SW & James Taylor did "Back in the High Life" with Sheryl Crow on
accordion.  Unfortunately JT didn't deliver his most important line as strongly
as he did on the album & tried to cover by singing it again when he wasn't
supposed to but hey it's live rock n' roll.  The rest of the song was like watching
Bach & Tchaikovsky working together.

Richard Dryfuss did a speech for the Save the Music foundation.  Sheryl Crow
& the Wallflowers did "Not Fade Away".

David Spade introduced Levon Helm, JT, Sheryl Crow, The Wallflowers & SW
doing "The Weight".

Fran Dresher referred to the show as the "Steve Winwood & Friends Show".

The Artist ... did a very short medley of 2 songs.

SW sounded fantastic & looked great even though he had that caught in the
 headlights look.  His hair was medium long which is a good look for him.

If you won't be editing the commercials out get a T-160 VHS tape so you get
the full 2 1/2 hours they have allotted for this show (in the fast speed which I
highly recommend) unless you can edit out the commercials then a regular
T120 might do it.  I was there from 6 pm til 9:45. There was 5 to 10 mins. of
down time between sets then they add commercials so some things may end up
on the cutting room floor unfortunately.



Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 17:19:25 +0300 (EET DST)
From: Berkin Altinok 
Subject: Continuity

Steve has been on the Rock circuit, for more than 30 years now hard to
believe but true, he had his ups & downs, but still remains as one of the
greatest musicians on this planet, he will be 49 this year, my concern is
about the future , what is going to happen in the next decade, we know
that John Lee Hooker, Pop Staples, are over 75 and still making albums.

As far as we can observe, it is taking longer and longer for Steve to
construct an album, we all know that he is a perfectionist, and makes
great albums, (being no skeptical about J.7), but time is passing , and as
time passes, we the new fans want to see maybe more, at the end of the
book with  'Welch' he was not very optimistic about production, or at
least it refered to me like that, so if we think with an optimistic perspective ,
he can still make albums, every 2 years. I mean am I wrong , I think Rod
Stewart is releasing some sort of material every year, so I sometimes get

 So as Elton John says he is still standin,, and with the coming of the
new album , the Q comes to my mind" what could happen next"?, maybe not a
good timing but it does come to my mind, maybe we can come up with new
ideas, who knows?