VOLUME 45, sent December 2, 1996

Topics in this issue:
  1. Another Newbie coming aboard
  2. Winwood and Nile Rodgers
  3. Spencer Davis Group Variations
  4. Dave Mason & Traffic
  5. CD Releases
  6. More thoughts
  7. Traffic texts
  8. Re: CD Releases (Review)
  9. List housekeeping


From: "Fischler, Sol  (NBC)" 
Subject: Another Newbie coming aboard
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 11:38:00 -0500

Hello everyone.
Please allow me to introduce myself...  Oops,  sorry.  This is the
Winwood page,  not the Stones.  I just turned 40,  and the mind is

In any event,  here I am walking the streets of New York thinking
I'm really hot stuff because I have They Call It An Accident, GO,
GO Live,  and Aiye Keta, and one day I'm surfing the net and I find
the Winwood home page,  and you  guys are discussing the nuances
of different versions on different sides etc. etc.,  and I'm left in the
dust.  My hat's off to you all,  and I'm glad to get onboard!  (No,
we're NOT all bozos on this bus...)

It seems the official initiation is the calling of the top 5,  so here
goes,  with no real surprises:
Dear Mr. Fantasy  --  Canteen version
Dear Mr. Fantasy  --  Studio
Low Spark... --  strictly studio
Empty Pages

Actually,  fifth place is a tie,  with too many songs to list...

Okay, then -- a few random thoughts based on past issues of SP.
(And bear in mind,  I've only made it through issues 1-25,  so if
anything sounds painfully obvious,  repetitive,  or stupid,  please
forgive me).

First of all,  "Shouldn't Have Took More Than You Gave" is a
Dave Mason song, appearing on any number of his greatest hits
albums,  but I forget which original album it was on  --  somebody
help me out here.  (But the best version is the "Canteen" version.)

Another cover of "Dear Mr. Fantasy"  appears on "The Live
Adventures of Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper", (the one with the
Norman Rockwell album cover), recorded Sept. 1968.  If memory
serves,  it segues at one point into a short instrumental treatment of
"Hey, Jude" before going back for the last verse.

If anyone else refers to "those cute musical pieces between the
songs" on the American "Mr. Fantasy" album without realizing that
it's pieces of "Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush",  I'll scream.

My daughter,  who is seven,  knows the words to Feelin' Alright,
Can't Find My Way Home,  Dear Mr. Fantasy,  and is particularly
partial to  You Can All Join In.  (My son, three, prefers The Dead.
That's cool).

With respects to Jim Capaldi,  (and a huge old Bronx cheer to
Ginger), the best rock & roll drummer in the business,  bar none,
was Jim Gordon.  There will  be NO  debate on this.  (And believe
me,  I've seen how you guys can butcher a debate -- in  spite of
strong feelings of my own,  I don't dare enter that Phil  Collins/Billy
Joel thing.  At least,  not at this time.  I usually wait until at least
the second date before pissing off 250+ people at once...)

Well,  that's it for now.  My wife is begging me to come to bed,
and she doesn't understand this whole Internet/E-mail thing
anyway.  (But she does love Traffic,  and her birthday is May 13th,
the day after Stevie's.  You just got to love a woman like that...)

-- Sol

Subj:    Winwood and Nile Rodgers
Date:    96-11-10 00:21:27 EST
From:    Stevsmith1@aol.com

I recently heard that Winwood was recording with Nile Rodgers
sometime in the last 2 or 3 months.  Perhaps they decided to work
together after their stint in Japan, especially in light of Bernard
Edwards' passing.  Anyone know more about this?

Subj:    Spencer Davis Group Variations
Date:    96-11-10 00:39:18 EST
From:    Stevsmith1@aol.com

In Volume 39, Javier Garcia asked about differences in Spencer
Davis Group songs on a compilation he'd bought.  These included
two that I hadn't noticed before, so I checked out my SDG material
to see just where they've popped up.  It turns out that the
differences relate to separate releases for the UK and US markets,
which mostly continue up through the currently available
compilations.  Those compilations are Island's _Eight Gigs A
Week_ (1996) in the UK and EMI's _The Best Of The SDG_
(1987) in the US.

The most commonly known variations are the UK and US versions
of "Gimme Some Lovin'".  Producer Jimmy Miller reworked the
track for a bigger, more engaging sound for the US market.  Oddly,
the original UK version is as notable for its haunting starkness as
the US version is for its frenetic don't-stop-me-now / get-down-
and-dirty / let-it-all-hang-out energy.  (Yes - I love that track!)
Most compilations have included the US version, but _Eight Gigs A
Week_ has the UK version.

The variations of "Somebody Help Me" aren't quite as simple.  One
version has backing and solo guitar, while the other uses organ
instead.  Interestingly, the original UA single in the US was the
organ version, while the US and UK studio albums both included
the guitar version.  Most compilations have used tighter guitar
version, which has long been one of my favorite SDG tracks.  The
organ version is currently available on the EMI collection in the

The two other songs mentioned by Javier are "Searchin'" and
"Stevie's Blues", which have added backing organ for the US
versions.  Winwood basically noodles around on these organ tracks,
but it's very effective and adds musically to the song.  The
distinction between the UK and US markets has been maintained
for these two songs from the original studio albums and later
compilations all the way through to the currently available
compilations.  The UK Island collection has both songs without the
organ, and the US EMI disc has them with organ.

The practice of releasing songs in different forms for different
markets seems to have been common in the 1960s.  Three of these
four tracks have the common trait of a bigger sound for the US
market, presumably reflecting record company perceptions about
American taste.  The reason for continued segregation of some of
these tracks across the Atlantic mystifies me.  However, it sounds
like Javier bought the EMI collection in Spain, so it must have been
released there as well.  Does anyone know of other SDG

I noticed two other interesting things while checking on those last
two tracks. First, no Spencer Davis Group (with Winwood) album,
studio or compilation, has been released in both the US and UK!
_Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush_ (1968) was released in
both countries, but it's a "various artists" soundtrack on which
Steve played with Traffic and one song with SDG ("Waltz For
Caroline"). Second, no Spencer Davis Group material has been
released in true stereo!  Even the original studio albums show no
difference between the mono and stereo versions.  Many
compilations have been prominently labeled as stereo, and while the
pressing may actually have been stereo, the source was still mono.
Some used (added?) reverb or something in the left and right
channels for the illusion of stereo.  One German compilation from
1975 was "electronically re-processed" for stereo, although the
cover doesn't admit it, resulting in the sonic equivalent of "SDG
meets Picasso" - musically distorted.  (Oooooo, dig that cheesy '70s
technology!)  The one true stereo track I found was Spencer Davis
Rhythm & Blues Quartet's "Mean Old Frisco" on _History of
British Blues_ (1973).  The track was recorded in 1963 or 1964,
and may have been remixed  from mono specifically for that LP.

Any exceptions to these two observations?  Please let us know!

From: "Stephen MacDougall" (macdouse@flyernet.udayton.edu)
Subject: Dave Mason & Traffic
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 15:07:10 -0500

Hello all,

I was surfing the web, searching for information for my Dave
Mason web page, and found some interesting information on Dave
Mason and Traffic at
http://bspaa.com/artist/DaveMason/Mason1.html  This article was
talking about Dave Mason's upcoming live album, which will have
Dave's version of Dear Mr. Fantasy, and said something quite

"This "live" album is expected to be complete for release in the near
future and word has it, there is even talk of a Traffic Reunion with
Dave. As you may remember during the last Traffic reunion, Dave
was touring with Fleetwood Mac. This "live" concert event may
feature celebrity guest performances by Dave Mason & friends!
Word has it, Dave will be inviting many special artist/friends to take
part in this concert/jam session."

What's everyone's take on this?

Steve MacDougall

From: MHargre586@aol.com
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 08:26:19 -0500
Subject: CD Releases

Yesterday, 14th November 1996, I received my copies of the
following CD reissues :

Jim Capaldi - Oh How We Danced       (Edsel EDCD 502)
Jim Capaldi - Whale Meat Again          (Edsel EDCD 503)
Jim Capaldi - Short Cut Draw Blood    (Edsel EDCD 504)

The CD of Aiye-Keta by "The Third World" (Edsel EDCD 513)
will be released in January 1997.

Now let's all call Trevor Wyatt at Island in London to speed up the
release of GO.

Mike Hargreaves.

From: "Fischler, Sol  (NBC)" 
Subject: More thoughts
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 14:10:00 -0500

Well,  I made it through all the past issues,  so I'm all caught up.
That said,  more random notes.

First of all,  reading about everyone's books,  memorabilia etc. got
me to go through my own vaults,  --  you know,  the boxes I
packed when we moved 6 years ago and marked "open me first",
and haven't seen the light of day since.  That, and I just wasn't
buying the "furry dog" theory on the Mr. Fantasy discussion.  So
I found my copy of "Stevie Winwood & Friends...",  the book
mentioned by  Terry back in April (by the way,  my copy isn't from
Collier Books,  it's from a small publishing company I've never
heard of called Music Sales Corp.,  also 1970).  In it is,  verbatim,
the explanation Dan provided this past August,  from a 69 Rolling
Stone article & interview, regarding Capaldi's drawing and the
scribbled lyrics. In the book, there is a quote that precedes it that
provides a little additional insight:

"It (Mr. Fantasy) was done on impulse with practically nothing
worked out,  because it was almost jammed.  The initial spirit of the
whole thing was captured on record -- which is very rare.  That was
one of the things,  because it is not specifically an outstanding
melody or an outstanding chord sequence or anything.  It's
basically quite simple.  They're very simple lyrics and they're
repeated three times."

So that's the story I'm going with  (but one of these days I WILL
hold a mirror up to the logo... just in case).

Which brings me to an issue of Trouser Press from Jan. 78,  where
Winwood & Traffic were the cover story.  Reading it again,  it
seems a rather full history,  and includes a story behind the logo:

...According to Steve,  it was the creation of a lady called Carol
Ruskin and the band adopted it because they liked it and there was
really nothing more to it than that.  A simple explanation that could
be true,  however a few facts should be pointed out.  Among other
things it's a Celtic representation of the Wheel of Fortune
(something which crops up in several songs including No Time To
Live and Dealer) and it's also connected with the Hindu swastika,
the three legged Isle of Man design and is later to be found on Irish
crosses.  Also Myrrdin,  later to metamorphose into Merlin, the
councilor and magician of medieval Arthurian fantasy claims the
symbol.  So another pattern emerges;  evidence of Traffic's
folkloric passions...

The writer seems to have done his homework;  however,  on the
same page are two pictures with the caption 'Chris Wood then and
now' --  but the second picture clearly is Rick Grech.  Next post
maybe I'll get into my doubts re: the reliability of biographical and
historical articles.

This post comes from a friend of mine for all interested:  In 1974
Muff Winwood Produced "Kimono My House" by Sparks.  Info
can be found at:

One major bummer about going through SP volumes from last year
is that many  E-mail addresses etc. are gone.  (Somebody shoot me
before I get too philosophical...)  I was especially excited to read
about VIDEO CRAZED PEOPLE and their rare videos,  and tried
to contact them,  only to find they were gone.  Anybody know if
they resurfaced,  or of a similar video service?

Went through my archives again and found a Bonnie Bramlett
album on Capricorn from 1978 called Memories. On it is a cover of
Can't Find My Way Home -- and the credit for the song is listed as
STEPHEN WINWOOD.  Is this his real, formal name, or just
another example of stupidity?

And finally,  a question haunting me for 20-odd years now:  In Dear
Mr. Fantasy, what are the words Steve mumbles after the third
verse,  before the last musical break?  Anybody??  (And please,  no
"I bury Paul" theories...)

-- Sol

[I know the answer to at least one of these questions, so will jump
in here, Sol.  SW is indeed Stephen, not Steven.  His middle name
is Lawrence.  --BG]

Date: Fri, 29 Nov 1996 16:21:32 +0100
From: Jan Inge Sommerseth 
Subject: Traffic texts

Greetings from Norway, Attached are the texts for some Traffic
tunes,  I am not capable to finish them. Can any of Smiling Phases
readers fill in the missing words? Maybe I got something wrong
too, please try to help me out.

Capaldi & Mason & Wood

No time to waste when you need such a laugh
Push you in to the good things you got
People keep saying: You look very rough
Means that your clothes just don't look good enough
Tricked by the grannies, when life feels slow   ???
Putting it on, where ever you go
All over town people putting you down
Drive you out of your mind, how could I be so blind
Don't speak to soon if I never come out
Hiding yourself, and your not coming ----- ???
Closing your ears to the whispering sounds
remembering when, you are one of the clowns
Hey, no time to waste when you need such a laugh
Push your way, to the good things in life

Evening Blue --
Sitting all alone by the fireside
Listen to the wind in the chimney top
Haven't slept for days, and I'm still wide eyed
Try not to think, but my mind won't stop
Evening shadows making my heart sing out
With the setting sun, turning leaves to ________ (brown ?)

If I had a lover, who's heart was true
I wouldn't be alone in this evening blue

Everybody's looking for something in life
not everyone's finds what they're looking for
Everybody wants a little happiness in life
But everyone can open the door
Morning wakens, making my heart sing out
Now that summer's here, changing for some _________ (doubt ?)

Roll Right Stones --
Till I find out, where will I go, where will I go
I don't know, I don't know, I don't know where
The spaces between my eyes
Open up the heavenly sky
_______  _______  ________ pearly gate
Those who've been mesmerised
Many years has come and gone

Went to see the standing stone
Summing circle, summer love
Ancient born and weather torn
They kill me too, my very ______
Many a thing could be seen
In quiet places, feel so _______ (green ?)
But the only things that remains are the roll right stones

Space age before my eyes
Opening up the skies
_______  _______  ________ pearly gate
For those who've been mesmerized
Many years has come and gone
But progress marches slowly on
And nature's think she has to stay
Course everybody is going insane
The only, the only thing that will sustain
are the roll right stones

Went to see an ancient man
People buried underground
Long ago, will never know
What it was like to hear their sounds
_______ ______ know you've been here  (back over ?)
You see the sights of yesterday
You still _____ the _____  _____
But the only thing that remains are the roll right stones

Utterly Simple --
Everything really is stupidly simple
And yet all around is utter confusion
Fairy tales written they ________  to see it
Do you understand the _____ _____ __ Alice
We fit our lives into regular patterns
All that we really know is that we're really living

The man who makes the world his wisdom seeks to know his mind
Knowing where his feet should walk and when he should or should
not talk and how a friend to find
Don't look around to find the (sand / soul ?) that is right beneath
your feet
The (harman?)  sits inside his cave, and seeks to know his mind
Staring into empty space and seeing things in peoples faces others
cannot find
Don't look around to find the _____ that is right beneath your

You've nothing to hide so why try to hide it
I know there are someone that's screwed up inside
If you need a reason for all this I'm singing
It's simpleness really that gives it it's meaning

Hope I Never Find Me There --
Seems that I just had to stay
The birds are flown the sky turned gray
The bees are baffled by the flower
Plastic plants who never die
Hope they never find me here

I walked upon synthetic grass
Where metal people _____ ___ ______
About the fields where you once played
Atomic factories have a place there
Hope they never find me here

_________________ (Possar raiders lost a shoe)
_________________ (where the picture bumps are dry)
The car I drive is built of _____
The blacksmiths trade is dying
The mills are _____ of 22 of ______ ______ ______

The hour's come to be as one
The time to _____ has just begun
The world is waiting , it's a fact
To stage this  last and final act
Hope I never find me here

House For Everyone --
My bed is made of candy floss
The house is made of cheese
It's lit by lots of glow worms
If I'm wrong correct me please

The village is a pop up book
The people wouldn't ____  (doze?)
The roads are made from tree cut
Think it's time I moved on

I bought myself a walnut _____ (cheer ?)
The journey will be long
So I filled the whole
With peppermints and creamy things from Mars
I sailed away for 15 days
It never once got dark
And came upon two large houses
set out in a park
On the door on one was truth
On the other door was lies
Which one should I enter through
I really must decide
The door ____ lies had lots of flower
Growing round outside
But looking closer noticed it was crumbling inside
The door ____ truth was very plain
But stood up very strong
And when I entered through it's door
I knew I wasn't wrong

[Don't flame me for including this long post, folks.  It occurs to me
that we should be attempting to decipher, or find the sources, for
more of the Traffic songs, to fill in some rather gaping holes in the
home page, and I'm hoping this will light a fire under someone
here!  --BG]

From:             MHargre586@aol.com
Date sent:        Mon, 2 Dec 1996 12:34:29 -0500
Subject:          Re: CD Releases (Review)

I'm not very (any!) good at reviewing CDs. But anyway :

From 1971 (8 Tracks). Features most of the "ShootOut" cast, plus
Dave Mason & Paul Kossoff on some tracks. Not bad for a debut
solo album. "Eve" is a nice ballad, and my favourite track is the
traffic-like "Open your heart".

From 1974 (7 Tracks). Features not so much Traffic, and no Dave
Mason or Paul Kossoff. A bit low-key really. My favourite track is
"Summer is Fading", from an original idea of Viv Stanshall.

From 1975 ( 9 Tracks). An excellent album from 1 - 9. "Goodbye
Love" has echoes of "It's too late", "Boy With a Problem" seems to
be about Chris Wood, who plays flute (also Winwood guitar) on
the sad closer "Seagull". Rosko Gee and (Oh No!) Reebop turn up
with Hawkins/Hood/Beckett etc. The best of the Bunch.


(PS : A Traffic symbol has been scanned.)


Mike Hargreaves.

From: bobbieg@azstarnet.com
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 1996 08:07:48 -0700
Subject: List housekeeping

I'd like to let everyone know that we got our first Subscriber from
Turkey!  This is our first from any Middle-Eastern country. Also,
not to be disrespectful or anything, but I had to laugh,  because the
letter from him came on Thanksgiving!  

Two more of our Subscribers have home pages now, so I decided
to post the links on the SP web-site.  If you've forgotten where that
is, it's http://www.azstarnet.com/~bobbieg/maillist.htm

More web-site stuff:  the format for past volumes, by volume, has
been changed, not because it's going to be any easier for you to
read, but because it'll be more easily maintained by me. (Lazy
person ...)  And the ever-helpful Steve Smith has completed the
By-Topic section, up to volume 42.  The rest should follow shortly.
This will make it easier for you to look up any questions you have
before you post them to SP.

Feedback on the tee-shirt idea has been 100% favorable.  Design
work on the logo is progressing, and sometime in the next week or
so, I will post them all on the web-site and you can have a chance
to vote for your favorite.  I don't have a firm time-table on this, but
we plan to have the shirts in your hands before the (still-alleged)
concert tour this spring and summer.