VOLUME 35, the last one, sent July 30, 1996

Topics in this issue:
  1. Live Traffic and Blind Faith
  2. Re: Giving To You and Paper Sun
  3. Re: Audience Survey Question
  4. Soundtracks and Race Cars
  5. Connection of SW and Richard Thompson
  6. Arizona trip
  8. Page/Winwood and Clapton's Rainbow Concert
  9. Hendrix and Traffic:  _A Session_

  A letter from Bobbie on the conversion to majordomo.


Date: 10 Jul 96 22:41:07 EDT
From: Thomas Leary (102111.3031@CompuServe.COM)
Subject: Live Traffic and Blind Faith

Could somebody please tell me where to find live Blind Faith and Traffic?
Thanks for your help.


From: BigStar303@aol.com
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996 09:26:49 -0400
Subject: Re: Giving To You and Paper Sun

In Smiling Phases Volume 34, Peter Nuttall writes:

"I remember reading an interview with Steve back in '67 when he said that
Traffic weren't intending to include singles on their albums and certainly in the
beginning he was true to his word, only Giving To You (a different version), B-
side Paper Sun, and Coloured Rain, B-side Mulberry Bush featuring on Mr.
Fantasy, though No Face No Name No Number was later released as a single
(with 40,000 Headmen as B-side)."

A small, typically (on my part) anal-retentive correction: at least here in the
States, "Paper Sun" was very much the A-side and "Giving To You" the B-side.
That's how they're indicated on my promo copy of the single.

By the way, we've talked before of the obvious differences between the two
versions of "Giving To You." But to my ears, "Paper Sun" sounds different, too.
Perhaps not a separate take but a different mix? I haven't got 'round to actually
A/B-ing the album and single versions, but the single strikes me as not quite
the same as the LP version.

From: Operanut@aol.com
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996 23:20:00 -0400
Subject: Re: Audience Survey Question.

Hi gang,  I have a question :

 Does anyone else here dabble in MIDI, or multimedia or related stuff?  Read
"Keyboard" or "Music & Computers" or "Multimedia World" magazines?

If you have a synthesizer, what kind and what do you do with it??  I have a big
Kurzweil that I really love & a separate sequencer.  It does so many things it's
intimidating, and it's not even the top of the line!!!  The choral voices are
especially realistic.

Hope to hear from you folks,
Opera Nut@aol.com

 PS:  Bobbie, I really enjoy the first issue.  I also subscribe to the
Midnight Star fanzine about Weird Al, which is mailed out to people the
escargot cargo way...whatever that means.

Date: Fri, 12 Jul 1996 20:25:29 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Robert W. Hall" (rhall@eecs.umich.edu)
Subject: Soundtracks and Race Cars

I'm interested in compiling a list of all the soundtracks Steve's music
has appeared on.  The ones that I am aware of include 'Gimme Some Lovin' on
the Days of Thunder and Striptease soundtracks; 'Back in the Highlife' on 'Big
Business', and of course the Michelob commercial.

Speaking of Steve, I came across a photo of a rally car in Australia, a
'96 Ford Falcon EF XR6 attributed to being driven by Steve Winwood.  I don't
know if this is a different Steve or if Mr. Fantasy is a racing hobbyist
unbeknownst to us?  (http://www.omen.com.au/~richmond/rally/f96_ph1.html)

Robert Hall (http://www.eecs.umich.edu/~rhall/)

From:     Self (Single-user mode)
To: "Robert W. Hall" (rhall@eecs.umich.edu)

Hey, Robert,

That race car driver is someone else; last thing I heard, the only car SW drives
is a Dino Ferrari.  Actually, the surname 'Winwood' is fairly common.  We
have 2 Subscribers with that name, and there's one listed in the Tucson phone
book, but I've never gotten up the nerve to call!

I can think of several SW songs used in movies, off the top of my head: Roll
With It, used in 'Nuns on the Run', a post-Monty-Python flick from  about 5
years ago; I'm a Man, used in a film with  Richard Gere as either a psychiatrist
or a troubled patient, which flopped a couple years ago,  and the name of which
escapes me; Your Silence Is Your Song and Night Train from 'They Call It an
Accident'; and, of course, Reach for the Light from 'Balto' (although since that
was written for the movie, this may not be what you meant).  Good questions,
though, let's see what other responses we get.

And I put your URL in my list of Subscribers' Home Pages.  Anyone else want
to send me one?


Date: Sun, 14 Jul 1996 23:37:28 +0900
From: hamabe@nifs.ac.jp (Makoto HAMABE)
Subject: Connection of SW and Richard Thompson

In volume 34, John McPharlin commented about connection of SW and
Richard Thompson. I like Richard Thompson, too, and I collect not only SW's
session work but Richard's work. I know another connection of them except
Sandy Denny album. That is Julie Covington's album with same title "Julie
Covington" from Virgin Records. On that album, Richard plays guitar as a
basic member of this recording. SW plays Hammond organ on 3 songs, Sandy
Denny's "By the Time Its Get Dark", Danny Kortchmar's "Sip the Wine"
recorded by Rick Danko, and SW's "Let Me Make Something in Your Life". I
can surely hear Richard's guitar and SW's organ, especially on "Sip the Wine".

This album "Julie Covington" is the second favorite album next to
SW's "Arc of a Diver". That is because many good songs are selected and many
good musicians join it. There are selected Richard and Linda Thompson's "I
Want to See the Bright Light", John Lennon's "How", Kurt Weil's "Barbara's
Song", Andy Fairwether-Low's "Dancing in the Dark", etc. Her back band
consisted of Richard's guitar and Willie Weeks and Andy Newmark's rhythm
section. Guest musicians are SW, Andy Fairweather-Low as the backing
vocalist and the chorus arranger!, John Cale as the Pianist!, John Kirkpatrick
as the Accordion player!, Plus Johnson as a Sax player, and a few musicians
ex.-Fairport Convention. This album is not re-leased but I think this album
must be and is worth to be re-leased as CD by Virgin records.


From: TServo1@aol.com
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 1996 16:54:46 -0400
Subject: Arizona trip

hola everyone, i'm back from the land of the cactus & "dip" road signs :)

Yes, I was doing some presentations in Arizona, and had the fortune to meet
our [currently] vacationing SP administrator & SW goddess. Without a doubt,
the hardest working admin. in cyberspace... Wanted to thank you for all the
work you do in the digests & forthcoming majordomo!

"Ocean Breezes" brought back some great memories of the 88/89/90 (i can
never remember ;)) tour...


[Thanks, Barry.  (blushing modestly)  Gosh, folks, those bribes really pay off,
y'know?  Maybe Madbotyou@aol.com will post about how he took me line-
dancing one Saturday night.]

From: MTL42@aol.com
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 12:51:59 -0400
Subject: ALBUM DUE!

Here's that excerpt from MOJO Magazine (U.K.) July, 1996 issue 32:

page 52 from article "Born under a bad sign"-(about the last time Eric
Clapton played in Hyde Park)-

-On June 29, Eric returns to Hyde Park after a 27-year absence.  Steve
Winwood has a new album scheduled for release early next year. Ginger Baker
lives in Colorado, where he runs his Mile High Polo Club and records
sporadically.  Rick Grech, after working with Traffic, Clapton, The Crickets,
Gram Parsons and KGB, died in March 1990 of drug-related problems.- article
by Johnny Black, with acknowledgments to many authors and reporters that
chronicled Eric Clapton's and  Steve Winwood's careers (like Ray Coleman,
Marc Roberty, Chris Welch, Barbara Charone, Penny Stallings, etc.)...

Looks like we'll have to wait longer than any of us would like...

As for that early Smiling Phases question about what to call ourselves-  How
does "SteveAdores" sound???


Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 11:31:34 EDT
From: "Stephen Smith" (uscgs4ud@ibmmail.com)
Subject: Page/Winwood and Clapton's Rainbow Concert

Came across a couple of interesting boots in a store the other day.

Winwood / Page:

I saw a Led Zeppelin CD called _Olympic Gold_, which seems to be the same
one Dave Davis described in Volume 33.  The track listing credits Steve
Winwood as the organist on two tracks, "Instrumental #1" (2:50) and
"Instrumental #2" (5:05), recorded at Olympic studios (London) in 1968.  I
listened to the CD in the store, and found that these tracks are actually two
takes of the same jam theme.  In an interview with Timothy White,  Winwood
has said that he "played with Jimmy Page for a solo album of his  after he'd left
the Yardbirds", then adds that "the music wasn't heavy like Led Zeppelin ... it
was quite nice" (!) (Timothy White:  _Rock Lives_,  1990).  The organist
doesn't sound like Winwood to me, but actually reminds me of Deep Purple
(Jon Lord?) for some reason.  Neil also described a         Page/Winwood tape in
Volume 26 which some people have said actually has John Paul Jones on
organ.  Anyone have more info or thoughts on these?

Eric Clapton:  _The Rainbow Outtakes_ (1994)
Badge (3:24)
Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out (4:41) (unreleased)
Roll It Over (6:29)
Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad (5:39) (unreleased)
Little Wing (6:12)
Bottle Of Red Wine (4:41)
After Midnight (5:04)
Bell Bottom Blues (5:38)
Pearly Queen (6:46)
Key To The Highway (6:03)
Let It Rain (10:47
Crossroads (4:41)

This CD consists of 12 tracks from the two Rainbow concerts on 1/13/73.  All
but two tracks are the same as those on the Polydor reissue of 1995, except that
most are significantly longer.  The two unreleased tracks are outstanding.  It's
great to hear Winwood doing any Spencer Davis Group tunes live, especially a
relatively obscure one like "Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out".
His vocal is a bit lame in places, but the song works anyway, and Clapton adds
a touching solo.  The frosting on this cake is a smoking rendition of "Why Does
Love Got To Be So Sad", which makes me wonder why Polydor didn't include
it on the reissue.  Sound quality is excellent.
Highly recommended.

Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 05:52:17 EDT
From: "Stephen Smith" (uscgs4ud@ibmmail.com)
Subject: Hendrix and Traffic:  _A Session_

I found some interesting information on this boot in the book _Jimi Hendrix:
Electric Gypsy_ by Harry Shapiro and Caesar Glebbeek (St. Martin's Press,
New York, 1995).

 We previously discussed this CD and related Hendrix/Traffic connections in
Volumes 4, 5, 11, 29, 33 and 34.  The book's  discography section, which seems
to be well researched, describes the disc as follows.  Track times are from the
previous Volumes.

Jimi Hendrix and Traffic:  _A Session_ - CD
Oh Boy 1-9027  Released in late 1990, recorded in 1968 or 1969.

"Jam Thing" (19:39):  Jimi on guitar, Chris Wood on sax, Jim Capaldi on
drums, unknown vocal.

"Guitar Thing" (5:15):  Jimi on guitar, Buddy Miles on drums.  Part of
"Untitled" improvisation which has no Traffic involvement, recorded
11/14/69.  Full track previously released on the boot LP _First Rays of the  New
Rising Sun_ in 1987.  Also later released on a boot CD.

"Session Thing" (35:27):  Jimi on guitar, Chris Wood on flute, Steve Winwood
on piano, Jim Capaldi on drums, unknown on bass, unknown vocal.

What does this tell us?  Well, it tells us when the boot was released!  It
also seems to clear up the mystery for "Guitar Thing", although it's no
surprise that Traffic's not involved.  For "Jam Thing" and "Session Thing", it
provides more support for Traffic's part, but doesn't really tell us  anything
about the date.  As I posted in Volume 29, the date is likely to be  either 5/2/68
or 6/15/70 (from John McDermott's book _Jimi Hendrix: Sessions_, 1995).


Okay, folks, this was the last issue of Smiling Phases (for the time being
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END OF SMILING PHASES, VOL 35 (and the end of an era [sniff])