VOLUME 31, sent May 28, 1996, 1996  (How come no one sent me a smack
upside the head?  Anyway, new computer's here and works great.)

Topics in this issue:
  1. Video Tapes?
  2. Giving to You
  3. Collaborators on new Walsh/Winwood project?
  4. Musical Phases
  5. Re: Giving to You
  6. Wynder K. Frog & Traffic
  7. Vacant Chair Lyrics
  8. Guitar solos vs keyboard solos
  9. Traffic and the Beatles
 10. Traffic reunion
 11. Eight Gigs a Week



From: "Mary Katsikas" (katsikas@Dirac.Uncg.Edu)
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 1996 12:23:46 EST
Subject: Video Tapes?

I am a late bloomer and just found Steve Winwood's music about six
years ago.  It has special significance to me because "Back in the High Life"
and "While There Is A Chance" have helped me through a
difficult transition in my life.  It took me over a year in 1990 to find a copy of
the album "Back in the High Life" in the record stores in my city.  Someone
finally gave me a copy of the tape.

I want to know where I can get video tapes of his concerts. After reading his
interview in "Rolling Stone" back in the eighties,  I was happy to learn that he
is as nice as his music is great, and, not only that, but he is a good family man
with a lovely wife and children.  Of course,  his later recordings reflect all of


Date: Thu, 02 May 1996 10:29:26 +0000
From: Alan Woontner (woontner@sirius.com)
Subject: Giving to You

Is the version of Giving To You in single format include lyrics, or is
it just a different jam? Also is Rock N Roll Stew part 2 a different
jam than on the album?



Date: Fri, 03 May 1996 07:22:56 -0500
From: nmyres@sequencer.wustl.edu (Nancy Myres)
Subject: Collaborators on new Walsh/Winwood project?

From the Best Bets for the week of May 2-8 page of GET OUT The
Entertainment Magazine of St. Louis:

     "Being one of two house bands might not sound that prestigious; being one
of two house bands at B.B. King's club is another story. And that's exactly what
the Famous Unknowns are. This smokin' electric guitar and harmonica team
from Memphis have worked with the likes of Albert King, Earl King, Jerry Lee
Lewis, the Kentucky Headhunters, Joe Walsh and Steve Winwood, just to name
a few. Blues fans shouldn't miss this 9 p.m. show at Off Broadway.

Nancy M.


Date: Fri, 03 May 96 14:07:14 EST
From: "Adrian Vockeroth" (Adrian.Vockeroth@cc2smtp.NRCan.gc.ca)
Subject: Musical Phases

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Peter Nutall's posting in Volume 30 on the
various  phases of Steve's career.  I share all of Peter's views on Steve's music
except I disagree that Go "falls pretty much into the same category as Airforce".
Steve has a much more prominent role in Go than he did in Airforce and the
album is a well-produced, well recorded studio album rather than a bad-
sounding live album.

Speaking of Go, my copy indicates that its by Yamashta (sp?), Winwood and
Shrieve, so I always thought that the band was called Yamashta, Winwood and
Shrieve and that "Go" was merely the name of the album.  I've since learned
otherwise but have always wondered why my album was labeled in that fashion.

Getting back to Peter's posting, I notice that he makes no mention of Last Exit.
Although I believe one listmember indicated that it is her favorite Traffic
album, it is easily my least favorite.  Peter, as you are a big fan of early Traffic,
I'd love to read your views on Last Exit.

One very minor segment of Steve's career that Peter doesn't mention is his stint
with Eric Clapton and the Powerhouse (I've also seen the band referred to
simply as "Powerhouse").  Can anyone on the list fill me in on how this band
came  together and where it fits into Steve's career, I seem to remember that the
band consisted of EC, Steve, Paul Jones (of Manfred Mann and the Blues
Band), Pete  York and I forget the bass player.  Were they simply a pickup band
for one short studio session or did they actually perform live gigs?  Did they
only record the two tracks on the Whats Shaking LP?  I've always wondered
why this "supergroup"  never received any publicity and has been more or less

Lastly, on a different tangent, another musician who I like as much as Steve is
Richard Thompson.  Are any listmembers big RT fans?  I guess his only
connection to SW is that they both played on at least one Sandy Denny album.

Adrian Vockeroth


Date: Fri, 3 May 1996 07:51:07 -0700
From: woontner@sirius.com
Subject: Re: Giving to You

Chris Wood

Besides Steve Winwood's plaintive, soaring vocals, the other sound that
initially drew me to Traffic was Chris Wood's lilting flute which is always
prominent among my favorite early Traffic songs. His contributions to Traffic
besides the woodwinds that he is known for also included excellent backing
vocals and playing organ in concert behind Steve's guitar work. It seems that
Wood's severe drug and alcohol abuse prevented him from realizing his full
potential and robbed him eventually of his life ,,, and us of hearing more of
what he could offer. In this vein, I wonder if anyone knows about Wood's non-
Traffic recording bear any worthy merit. The only ones I am aware of are the
Hendrix jams, his contributions to Capaldi's Oh How We Danced and Airforce.
I also heard that he played with Dr. John in concert, but never recorded with
him. Any other Wood sightings out there?


Date: Thu, 16 May 1996 10:39:42 -0700
From: nick@well.com (Nick Langston)
Subject: Wynder K. Frog & Traffic

Hi Bobbie,
        This is a post that came up on the Hammond Organ mail list recently.
Apparently some Wynder K. Frog recordings have been reissued.  Is Frog a
group or a person?
        Anyway, he/she/it is related to Traffic & Steve in a roundabout way so I
thought I'd send it to the list.  If you don't think it's appropriate
or applies to the interest of the group, I understand.

Take care,


From The GrooveB-3 List (B3@home.dc.LSOFT.COM)

Hey! I would like to get more information about the reissue of the album by the
60s British band WYNDER K. FROG !!! Where has been reissued? Catalog
number? Year? And so on ...

Does anybody if the reissue includes his version of BAD EYE? It is a
ultradanceable soul instrumental with organ ! It's the only theme I know of that
band, but I am very interested in 60s British music.

Details, please !

Hi everyone,
        The only time I've heard this person (group?) mentioned was in the
context of the group Traffic.
        As I understand it, when Steve Winwood left Traffic to form Blind
Faith, the rest of the group joined up with Wynder K. Frog to form
Mason/Capaldi/Wood & Frog. I think they played together for about a year
until Steve started work on a solo album and included Capaldi & Wood.  That
solo album soon became a Traffic album and MCW&F was abandoned.
        There are no known recordings of that group but someone's gotta have a
bootleg somewhere...


Date: Tue, 21 May 1996 09:49:16 -0400
From: Peter Shor (Shor@ix.netcom.com)
Subject: Vacant Chair Lyrics

I think the following line as it appears in the sheet music section of
the home page:

My dearest friend till we meet again and ever, we'll be blowing

should be:
My dearest friend till we meet again an ember will be blowing

At least that's how I always heard it.


From:     Self (Single-user mode)
To: Peter Shor (Shor@ix.netcom.com)
Subject: Re: Vacant Chair Lyrics
Date: Tue, 21 May 1996 07:07:29 +0700

Hey, Peter,

) My dearest friend till we meet again and ever, we'll be blowing
) should be:
) My dearest friend till we meet again an ember will be blowing

I think your version makes a lot more sense, but I got the lyrics
from the 'Chronicles' songbook printed by Warner Bros.  I rechecked
them when I read your note, and sure enough, I typed it right.

However, this would not be the first case where what was printed was
not correct.  I'll put your letter and this response into SP and see
what other people come up with.

(BTW, my favorite 'misheard lyric' was by a friend of mine, who swore
to me that it was the 'Love Stalk of High Heeled Boys'!  LOL!)


From: ASchulberg@aol.com
Date: Tue, 21 May 1996 07:59:18 -0400
Subject: Guitar solos vs keyboard solos

Here's a little stinkbomb for the digest: I've noticed that Winwood's guitar solos
are much better constructed, IMHO, than his piano/organ solos. I don't know
why that is, but a lot of times when I hear his keyboard solos I think he's
"noodling" whereas his guitar work is always well thought out and has a sense
of moving from "here" to "there" and back again. This is particularly evident
on the Traffic '94 boots.

Has anyone else had this impression or am I the lunatic fringe?



Date: Thu, 23 May 1996 17:26:40 -0700
From: woontner@sirius.com
Subject: Traffic and the Beatles

Does anybody out there besides me make a connection between Traffic and the
Beatles? The Beatles were my favorite band prior to Traffic. When I tuned into
Traffic I felt like this was the next wave, taking the Beatles great vocal
harmonies, eclecticism and songwriting one better... and for a  while not too
many people knew about Traffic so I felt really special. However I can't quite
correlate a one to one relationship between Traffic's fab four and the Beatles'
fab four. On one hand, I'd say that John and Steve are counterparts because
their talents dominated, but Steve dominated Traffic much more than John, and
Steve is much closer to the musical talents of Paul, although I would have to
say he is far superior. Perhaps Steve is more like George, the quite loner and
consummate musician, no that's not right either. Then there's Ringo, Jim
Capaldi is much more multi-talented than Ringo. I would have to guess that
Traffic's Ringo equivalent is Dave Mason - both child-like. And Traffic's
George Harrison's equivalent is Chris Wood, the lyrical musician that blended
with everyone. Now that doesn't mean that Jim Capaldi equates lyrically with
John Lennon's talents or that Paul and Steve are the same, but.... its a fun


From: ASchulberg@aol.com
Date: Mon, 20 May 1996 13:48:42 -0400
Subject: Traffic reunion
)hope the Traffic re-union experience didn't bum him out too
)much.  For me, it was a heavenly experience, but otherwise, no
)one showed.  Such a shame.

Anyone know if SW feels this way?


From:     Self (Single-user mode)
Subject: Eight Gigs a Week
Date: Tue, 28 May 1996 07:07:29 +0700

I received the SDG CD from CD-Europe over the weekend, and it looks great.
No time to review it now, but here are the cuts from it:

Disc One: Dimples, I Can't Stand it, Jump Back, Here Right Now, Searchin',
Midnight Train, It's Gonna Work Out Fine, My Babe, Kansas City (prev
unreleased live), Every Little Bit Hurts, Sittin' and Thinkin', I'm Blue (Gong
Gong Song), She Put the Hurt on Me, I'll Drown in My Own Tears, I'm Getting
Better, Goodbye Stevie, Strong Love, Georgia On My Mind, It Hurts Me So,
Oh! Pretty Woman (prev unreleased live), Look Away, This Hammer, Please
Do Something, Keep On Running, Let Me Down Easy.

Disc Two: Somebody Help Me, Watch Your Step, Nobody Knows You When
You're Down and Out, Midnight Special, When I Come Home, High Time
Baby, Hey Darling, I Washed My Hands in Muddy Water, You Must Believe
Me, Trampoline, Since I Met You Baby, Mean Woman Blues, Dust My Blues,
When a Man Loves a Woman, Neighbor Neighbor, On the Green Light,
Stevie's Blues, Take This Hurt Off me, Stevie's Groove, I Can't Get Enough Of
It, Waltz for Lumumba, Together Till the End of Time, Gimme Some Lovin',
Back Into My Life Again, I'm a Man, Blues in F.