VOLUME 24, sent February 29, 1996 (and yes, I did hold off sending this
volume, just to be able to type that date.  Happy Sadie Hawkins Day, everyone!)

Topics in this issue:
  1. What happened to Dave Mason?
  2. EC and SW
  3. Goldmine
  4. Re: Keep On Running
  5. Re: Keep On Running
  6. Re: Keep On Running
  7. Where's Kathology?
  8. Re: Keep On Running
  9. Opening Act?
 10. Early Winwood experience and influences
 11. Tour Players



From:             bobbieg@azstarnet.com (BobbieG.)
Subject:          What happened to Dave Mason?
Date sent:        Thu, 22 Feb 1996 21:28:59

In alt.rock-n-roll.classic, wotnow@mace.cc.purdue.edu (James
Gardner) wrote:

"As has been posted, he's now part of Fleetwood Mac. (Are they a  lounge act
now, or do they play oldies package tours?) BTW,
Mason is the subject of a lengthy article in the latest issue of _Goldmine_ (the
Brit. pop. issue). He doesn't come across as a particularly nice guy."

Just thought you might all be interested in this!



From:             Burks2000@aol.com
Date sent:       Thu, 22 Feb 1996 19:32:54
Subject:          EC and SW

I saw SW in Dallas in 92 and 94. Great shows. Also did ya know that EC has
opened several of his last 2/3 concerts in Dallas? If it ain't Clapton or the
Traffic gang you can count me out.



Date sent:       Thu, 22 Feb 1996 19:32:00
From:             woontner@sirius.com
Subject:          Goldmine

I have begun my foray into the Traffic/Winwood bootleg world by using
Goldmine. I got a lousy CD that had 5 BBC/Westwood One Traffic Tracks:
Paper Sun, Mr. Fantasy, Feeling Alright,
Mulberry Bush and John Barleycorn. The music was fine but the CD had tones
of DJ filler and commercials. The nerve to sell a 5
song CD. Still it was great to hear Paper Sun live and Feeling Alright with no
saxophone and a funky organ.

I recently read a long interview with Dave Mason in Goldmine.
His side of the story is that he was summarily kicked out of
Traffic without an explanation and not asked to join the reunion
tour. He also said that the work Steve Winwood did on his Two
Hearts album, was totally remote. Steve just recorded the vocals
and organ tracks and mailed them to Dave's producer. There is no doubt that
Dave is not the musician or collaborator that Steve
is, but I think there was potential in the foursome expressed in
the second album that was never realized since then. I really
liked Dave's relationship songs on Traffic and Alone Together
and a few of his other early solo albums. Capaldi and Jenning's
lyrics are more tone stylings, not so direct stories. I wonder
if the lyrics come first or visa versa in Steve's song writing partnership.

 Steve musical talent is enormous in all the ways it expresses
 itself: plaintive cry of his voice, his funky organ, his refined guitar stylings.
His work is  so personal and yet he seems so limited in his verbal expression.
As a writer this is hard for me to
relate to. Perhaps the true musicians among you can explain it
to me.

By the way, I think Reach for the Light is absolutely inspiring.
It's my current theme song. "Come out of the darkness and find
out who you are." It demonstrates how  Steve puts his soul into
something and makes it entirely his own. He owns a song in a
very deep way. If someone else sang those words they might seem pedestrian
and trite. Steve sings them as if his life depends
on it and I receive them in the same way. He makes me want to
come out of my own personal darkness and find the beauty that he expresses so
clearly.  It must be how he shares his private soul
with the world. God bless him.



From:             J.Kielema@bw.kun.nl
Date sent:       Fri, 23 Feb 1996 11:45:45
Subject:          Re:  Keep on Running

I am for 99% sure that "Keep on running" is a compilation CD. It
is a retrospective of Steve's career and features songs from
SDG, Traffic and solo material. I do not see the value of this
CD: there are good best of from SDG, from Traffic and from his
solo work (Chronicles). Maybe this CD was only released in
Europe. It is 2 or 3 years old. By way it's great to hear that
all the SDG material will be re-released. Keith Richards once
said (about 1973) that Steve Winwood should never have left the
Spencer Davis Group, because that period was according to him
his best period. Keith Richards said that when somebody asked
him why the Stones still existed.

Joop Kielema

From:              BobbieG@AzStarNet.com
To:                  J.Kielema@bw.kun.nl
Date sent:        Fri, 23 Feb 1996 09:15:45

Hey, Joop,

I had heard that SW was friends with the Stones, more so than with the Beatles,
and I know that SDG opened for the Stones a lot, before SDG had any hits and
started headlining the tours
themselves.  So this all makes sense.


Date sent:        Fri, 23 Feb 96 09:04:41
From:             Anthony Gabb 
Subject:          Re: Keep on Running

I picked up "Keep on Running", credited to SW, about 2 or 3
years ago in Australia.  It was released by Island Records.  I
don't know whether this is the same one being slated for release
in the states but it is a compilation of SW's contribution to
music from SDG to solo stuff.

It contains 5 SDG songs (Keep on Running, Gimme Some Lovin, Somebody
Help Me, I'm a Man, and Every Little Bit Hurts), 8 Traffic songs (Paper Sun,
Smiling Phases, Heaven is in Your Mind, Round the Mulberry Bush, No Face
No Name No Number, Empty Pages, John Barleycorn, Something New), 1
Blind Faith song (Well Alright), Happy Vibes, and a couple of tracks of SW's
self titled solo album (Time is Running Out and Hold on to Me).  It is a great
one album career retrospective.  If the one you mentioned is the same as this, its
well worth a listen.



From:              Cecilia 
Date sent:        Mon, 26 Feb 1996 19:14:55
Subject:           Re: Keep On Running

It sounds as if this CD is the same as I have. It is a
compilation that was issued by Island in 1991. I bought it here
in Sweden. It starts with some tracks by the Spencer Davis
Group, then goes on to the main feature, Traffic, and finishes
with a couple of Steve Winwood solo songs. There is also a track
by Blind Faith, and another by Kebaka, Amao, Winwood, in total 17 songs.

The complete listing is as follows:
SDG: Keep On Running; Gimme Some Lovin'; Somebody Help Me; I'm A
Man; Every Little Bit Hurts.

 Traffic: Paper Sun; Smiling Phases; Heaven Is In Your Mind; Here We Go
Round The Mulberry Bush; No Face, No Name, No Number;  Empty Pages;
John Barleycorn; Something New.

 Blind Faith: Well Alright.
K/A/W: Happy Vibes.
SW: Time Is Running Out; Hold On.

This is an ordinary compilation, no alternative takes (as far as
I can judge), or live recordings. I would say that it is an
introduction to Steve Winwood's music, something for the "new"



From:             Bobbie G >
Date sent:       Tue, 27 Feb 1996 08:45:44
Subject:          Where's Kathology?

Several people have written privately to me, to tell me that
they tried to respond to Kathology@aol.com regarding her flames (if you could
dignify something so mindless, IMHO,  as a flame) but their mail did not go
through.  I had the same problem when I tried to send Volume 23;  AOL gave
me a 'no such user' message.  Kathology is either off AOL or has changed her
screen name.

Side note:  I included her posts in the Digest just to let everyone know that I am
not censoring anything (besides cleaning up the spelling and taking out the
personal comments).  What you send I will put in.  Bobbie-robot.



From:             Bussola 
Subject:          Re: Keep on running
Date sent:       Tue, 27 Feb 1996 13:36:28

Here in Italy is sold an Island CD named "Keep on Running" by
Stevie ... it' a retrospective of his career, with Keep on Running, Somebody
Help Me, I'm a Man, Every Little Bit Hurts, Paper Sun, some Traffic song,
Well All Right, John Barleycorn, and other solo things... maybe it's the same (it
may be an Euro CD that's gonna be released in USA too - sure it's not just
Italian 'cause the text in the booklet was in English, it began with "Here we are
to celebrate the voice").  It has a cover with a recent SW photo in violet colour.
It is the ONLY record easily available in Italy that carries SDG songs and the
only imported version of "Paper Sun" (no way of hearing "Hole in My Shoe" for
us, without searching it in UK or USA)...

Let me know.


From:              TServo1@aol.com
Date sent:        Tue, 27 Feb 1996 13:18:51
Subject:          Opening Act?

Does anyone remember who opened for Steve for the "Roll With It" tour?
Specifically, the Chicago/Poplar Creek concert.



Date sent:        Wed, 28 Feb 1996 17:05:32
From:             David McCleary 
Subject:          Early Winwood experience and influences

I have always been a fairly big Winwood Fan.  I have seen him twice once in
1966 when Spencer Davis toured Canada, believe it or not they played a small
town of about 50,000 people outside of Toronto called Burlington, Ontario.

I saw him again when he played with Blind Faith in 1968, I
think, at the one date that they played in Toronto.  In University, I took an
urban design course and we played two tapes incessantly John Barleycorn and
Elton John 11-17-70.

I have Traffic Smiling Phases, Blind Faith and The Best of Spencer Davis on
CD.  What is interesting is that during the 1960's there were two fairly
successful Toronto based bands that
were influenced by Spencer Davis and had "regional" hits with their songs.
First was a band called The British Modbeats, who
did a great version of Somebody Help Me, and Grant Smith and the Power who
did a great version (and I think better than Spencer Davis) of Keep on Running.
Both of these songs are on a CD series here in Canada called Made In Canada.

Cheers and best of Luck

[Scott - Grab these 2 versions for the 'Covers' page in the Home Page!  And
thanks, Dave.   -BG]


From:             Scott Tribble 
Date sent:        Thu, 29 Feb 1996 01:08:48
Subject:           Tour Players

Check out the new Tour Players section of my page. Is this the
info you were looking for before? I got it from Coloured Rain.

[Yes, this was the information I asked for several issues ago.  And Scott tells
me that 'Coloured Rain' is the SW fan magazine published in Europe.
Remember, for the US newsletter, 'Chronicles', e-mail Madbotyou@aol.com;
the second issue was sent yesterday.  -BG]