VOLUME 22, sent Feb 10, 1996

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  1. Re: EC's "Can't Find My Way Home" Duet
  2. Re: EC's "Can't Find My Way Home" Duet
  3. A couple questions from a newbie
  4. Re:  Steve's contemporaries
  5. Re: EC's "Can't Find My Way Home" Duet
  6. Flaming
  7. Needs for High Life WWW Page
  8. New album and promo appearances
  9. Re: Chat rooms
 10. Chronicles (the newsletter)
 11. Lyricists?
 12. Re: Steve's Contemporaries
 13. Need a picture, and a note
14. Send me your city and state!



Date sent:        Fri, 26 Jan 1996 15:05:37
From:             Rabbit Chaser 
Subject:          EC's "Can't Find My Way Home" Duet

Robert asked who the lady was in a duet with EC on "Can't Find My Way
Home".  He's probably referring to Yvonne Elliman who toured with Eric in
late 70s / early 80's.  BTW, she's also the voice behind "I Don't Know How To
Love Him" from Jesus Christ Superstar.  And, you're right - great voice. She
sang backup for Clapton on several albums and tours.  And also has a couple of
solo albums that are nice.

So, when's SW coming back to Houston?  He's the second-best concert I've ever
seen (summer of '91 at the Woodlands Pavilion).  The concert that edges him
out is the 6-7 Clapton concerts I've seen.

Enjoy the group!


Date sent:        Fri, 26 Jan 1996 15:58:02
From:             vankirks@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu (Shannon)
Subject:          POST:  EC's "Can't Find My Way. . ."

The EC version of CFMWH is on one of the "Timepieces" compilations (one is
live; one studio.  You want the live one for this song).  The woman singing
with him is Yvonne Elliman, I think (don't have the CD here at work with me).
She's identified on the CD notes, anyway.  It is still available at your local
"record" store.  It has a lot of other good live performances on
it, too.



From:             JohnnyWhit@aol.com
Date sent:        Sat, 27 Jan 1996 00:51:38 -0500
Subject:          Winwood mailing list

I would like to subscribe to your Steve Winwood mailing list.  I'm interested in
any info you would have on his latest album (tour?).

Also, if you could give me any info on how to obtain some of the bootleg
albums (particularly the 1987 concert at Blossom Music Center in Cleveland), I
would greatly appreciate it.  I am a native Clevelander and have seen two
Winwood concerts at Blossom.  They were probably the two best rock concerts
I've seen.

Speaking of Cleveland, do you have any information regarding Steve and the
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (like why he hasn't been inducted).

Thanks for any information,


[I've been wondering about the Hall of Fame myself!  Anyone know?   -BG]


From:              THEMIX945@aol.com
Date sent:        Sat, 27 Jan 1996 01:35:34
Subject:          Re: Steve's contemporaries

In a message dated 96-01-26 14:49:28 EST, MattGrey wrote:

"Now this is obviously my own opinion but it is vital for my own self-esteem to
defend my musical idol from these sorts of unjust comparisons.  So I repeat:
anyone who compares Steve Winwood to one of the many pop-fluff  stars like
Phil Collins or Billy Joel is doing him a grave disservice."

Get off your soap box - PLEASE!



From:             Madbotyou@aol.com
Date sent:       Sat, 27 Jan 1996 02:03:08
Subject:          Re: EC's "Can't Find My Way Home" Duet

In response to Jambalaya (Robert).

I believe the version you are looking for is on the Eric Clapton album entitled
"EC". It's Yvonne Elliman. The same YE that later scored a number one with
the Bee Gees written song "If I Can't Have You".

Hope that helps you.

Ken aka Sting


From:             KATHOLOGY@aol.com
Date sent:       Sun, 28 Jan 1996 18:22:57
Subject:          Flaming

What's it take to put fire under these people's asses...LOL... I've tried to piss
them off, but they just won't take the bait, LOL... are all Steve Winwood fans
this sober? LOL...

I'll try harder next time.


Date sent:        Mon, 29 Jan 1996 18:59:29
From:             Scott Tribble 
Subject:          POST: Needs for High Life WWW Page

There are several features that I would like to add to the Page. Anybody that
would like to contribute, please do so.

1) Chronology: a time line of album releases, major events and concerts, and
session work
2) Biography: a brief history of Steve's life, focusing primarily on his childhood
and musical training
3) Pictures: especially SDG, BF, and old Traffic pics; anybody that can scan
them in, please do and send them to me
4) Lyrics: SDG albums, Mr. Fantasy, Shootout, Steve Winwood, Last Exit
5) Guitar and Piano Music

I'd appreciate help on any of these projects. Thanks.



From:             J.Kielema@bw.kun.nl
Date sent:       Wed, 31 Jan 1996 11:47:48
Subject:          New album and promo appearances

I read that Steve Winwood is about to release a new album and that he will
promote his new album in various shows. The first and last time I saw him live
was in 1984. As far as I know he never did any touring through Europe (at least
not here) after that. The last time I saw him live on TV was at Woodstock 2. So
I am very pleased to read that he will promote his album in the David
Letterman Show. This show is also broadcast in The Netherlands, unfortunately
it is round midnight. I do not watch it very often, the main reason is that the
show is not my piece of cake, only the music is OK (John Hiatt, Joe Ely).
Maybe someone can tell me when he is in Letterman. The show is a few days
later broadcast here. For instance last Sunday (28th Jan) he mentioned that
Clinton spoke the State of the Union. I don't know exactly at what day that
speech was. But if you can tell me I know how much days after the American
broadcast it will be here.

Thanks a lot already,

Joop Kielema

[Joop - I think it was me that mentioned we all ought to start monitoring the
talk shows to see when he would be on.  I said that because last time he
appeared on both Letterman and the Tonight Show, but I don't have any info
yet on this tour's promo appearances.  If anyone hears anything, let me know
ASAP, and I'll send out a special edition.   -BG]


From:             AtomicGreg@aol.com
Date sent:       Thu, 1 Feb 1996 23:12:58
Subject:          Re: Chat rooms

Do an IRC, you now have @azstarnet.com, Arizona Service Provider.......

You and ANY other Steve Winwood Fans have access to the NET capabilities,
direct VIA PPP or SLIP, don't deal with a SHELL Account on AOL. True Steve
Fans can get Connected on the NET VIA IRC..........

Forget AOL, Compuserve and all the Shell want to be's. Get A PPP account, (or
SLIP), Do the Internet Relay Chat (Live). Soon, real time (not only audio),
BUT VIDEO CONFERENCING (Real Time) is soon to be the must. Need the
hardware (Intel) and the software (Windows95).  Look to UNIX from SunSoft
with the BEST 32-Bit UNIX Software environment for RISC (SPARC) and
CISC (x86/Pentium) platforms.........................

Hey, like I said, Dave Matthews (and JOE JACKSON) remind ME of

LYNK (UUCP), OK e-mail for Further. Interaction, YES......................
Can give you an overview......... Thanks



From:             ASchulberg@aol.com
Date sent:        Fri, 2 Feb 1996 19:44:03
Subject:           Chronicles (the newsletter)

Congratulations to Ken, Bobbie and Shannon for the paper newsletter,
Chronicles. The layout looks good as does the plan for different subjects to be
covered by the newsletter. C'mon, folks, let's support this great effort

Arnie Schulberg


From:             J.Kielema@bw.kun.nl
Date sent:       Mon, 05 Feb 1996 10:56:12
Subject:          Lyricists?

As far as I know Steve officially has written the lyrics for 4 songs: three of
them are on the Blind Faith album and the fourth one is Winner/Loser for the
Go project from Stomu Yamashta. But on several occasions he has said that he
needs someone to write the lyrics. So I don't think that he wrote the lyrics for
these songs. My guess is that they were written by Jim Capaldi, but that for
some reason his name is not mentioned. Is there anyone who knows something
more about this somewhat strange fact?

Joop Kielema


Date sent:        Tue, 06 Feb 96 15:41:06
From:             "Adrian" 
Subject:          Re: Steve's Contemporaries

Hi everyone.  I've been lurking the list for a few weeks and have finally been
prompted to post my views on something written by Matt Grey.

Matt wrote "anyone who compares Steve Winwood to one of the many pop-fluff
stars like Phil Collins or Billy Joel is doing him a grave disservice."

Although I'm not crazy about everything Phil Collins does, I like some of his
material and its not all "pop fluff".  According to Matt, Eric Clapton's music is
on the same "timeless" pedestal as that of Steve's.  Yet EC had Phil Collins
produce one of his albums and the whole album had a Phil Collins sound to it.

As for Billy Joel, I strongly disagree with characterizing his music as "pop
fluff".  Don't get me wrong.  I'm a big SW fan, having bought his Spencer
Davis Group albums when they first came out and just about everything SW
has done since.  However, I nonetheless consider Billy Joel to be a very
versatile artist doing excellent versions of many forms of music from rock to
soft ballads to doo-wop.  He is a consummate performer and I doubt that
anyone would leave a Billy Joel concert disappointed.  Sure he does lots of
commercial pop but what's wrong with that?  So did the Beatles and I certainly
hope that Matt would consider their music as timeless.

Anyway, although I have trouble making a direct comparison between the
music of Steve Winwood and Billy Joel, I do not think that any such
comparison renders Steve Winwood a grave disservice.

What do the rest of you think about this?

Adrian Vockeroth
Gatineau (Québec)


Date sent:        Tue, 06 Feb 96 17:23:37
From:             Paolo aka Bussola 
Subject:          Need a picture, and a note

Can you (or anyone) please send me a big sized picture of "Traffic" album
cover?      thanks a lot in advance...

Here in Italy when I say "Traffic" everyone says me: "yes... big
traffic today... 't'was impossible drive in Milano today..."...

if there are Stevie/Traffic in Italy (subscribed to the list) let me


[As far as I know, you're our first Subscriber from Italy; tell your friends about
the list, and let's get some more!   -BG]


From:             Bobbie G.
Date sent:       Sat, 10 Feb 1996 10:15:24
Subject:          Send me your city and state!

I know of at least 3 other Subscribers who live in Tucson, and I
plan on contacting them when SW's next tour is announced; maybe we can all
carpool up and party near Desert Sky Pavilion.

So I have 2 questions. The first is, are there any other Subscribers from Arizona
that would like to be in on this? Anyone from Flagstaff or Globe or Yuma or
that huge smog- and traffic-infested, water-guzzling city north of here, the
name of which slips my mind?  (Never can resist a poke at them.  :-)   )  Let me
know, and we'll get organized.  Our area usually has one of the early concerts,
he likes to play here before it gets too hot.

The 2nd question is - Would anyone else like me to organize you?  I can't tell
where most of you are from, particularly you AOLers, so if everyone who's
interested would send me your city and state, I'll start lists and shoot them out
to you periodically.  I'll send e-mail addresses and cities only, you guys can
decide if you want to share real names and phone numbers.