VOLUME 21, sent Jan 26, 1996

Topics in this issue:
  1. Re:  Steve's contemporaries  (MattGrey@aol.com)
  2. Notes from an 'insider'   ('Mr.Underhill'@aol.com)
  3. Re:  Wedding Song  (THEMIX945@aol.com)
  4. Re:  Tour?  (Oregonbd@aol.com / bobbieg@azstarnet.com)
  5. Re:  '1970, Fillmore West'  (pjrosano@ix.netcom.com)
  6. Re: Who do you influence?  (pjrosano@ix.netcom.com)
  7. Re: American 'Mr Fantasy'  (pjrosano@ix.netcom.com)
  8. 'Can't Find' / Re: Wedding Song  (Jambalya@aol.com)
  9. I'm Back in the High Life  (Robert.S.Marcolini@Hitchcock.ORG)
 10. Rare live performance  (stribble@husc.harvard.edu)
 11. New High Life Design  (stribble@husc.harvard.edu)
 12. Snail-mail newsletter  (Madbotyou@aol.com)
 13. Bass line in 'Low Spark'  (kengay@azstarnet.com)
 14. Traffic symbol (Traffic signal?)  (Aschulberg@aol.com)



From:             MATTGREY@aol.com
Date sent:      Wed, 17 Jan 1996 01:51:22
Subject:          Re:  Steve's contemporaries

Two items to point out:
1)  Bob Dole  has been using 'Higher Love' as one of his campaign theme
songs.  This is not necessarily a good thing.
2)  In response to the Phil Collins and Billy Joel Fans in the group, I'm not
really interested in how many millions of copies their last albums have sold.
They are merely pop artists who have a knack for turning in nice little pop
songs that drip out of our radio every year or so.  The music of Steve Winwood,
on the other hand, much like his true contemporary Eric Clapton, is timeless
(and I might add innovative in stark contrast to a song like 'Sussudio'). It may
not be appreciated upon first listening but their music never gets old.  Now this
is obviously my own opinion but it is vital for my own self-esteem to defend my
musical idol from these sorts of unjust comparisons.  So I repeat: anyone who
compares Steve Winwood to one of the many pop-fluff stars like Phil Collins or
Billy Joel is doing him a grave disservice.



From:             'Mr.Underhill'@aol.com
Date sent:      Wed, 17 Jan 1996 15:31:09
Subject:          Notes from an 'insider'

My work takes me in and out of Nashville a lot.  I know some of the studio folk
there as well as Paul Pesco in NY.  I'll check with them about SW stuff and the
foreign/alien versions and I'll get back at you if they know anything.

I go back to the UK in April. If I get to Birmingham (over there they
say "Birmingum")...no ham....  I'll take pictures/video of any historic
sights ...least I can do in return if you want em.

Have you heard the "Roll With It" disc that has "Steve Testifies"?  If not I'll be
happy to burn you a copy.

By the way, a friend of mine in Seven Oaks told me that in West London there
is an annual ritual among the locals -wherein similar to New Orleans Mardi
Gras, a Pearly King and Queen are all decked on in tacky regalia. Thought
you'd like to know.

I read the back issues during my bout with the flu and it was way past
chicken noodle soup!  Thanks again and don't quit,

from deepest Tennessee,
nowhere doing nothing
nowhere doing nothing

[The Moderator notes:  'Mr.Underhill' is a pseudonym for a Subscriber who
wishes to remain anonymous.  I would be more than happy to do this for
anyone else, of course.  And I have a copy of the 'Steve Testifies' dub of 'Roll
With It' and it is WELL worth seeking out; very gospel-y feel to it.   -BG]


From:             THEMIX945@aol.com
Date sent:       Wed, 17 Jan 1996 23:59:52
Subject:          Re: Wedding Song

In a message dated 96-01-16 23:15:58 EST, Madbotyou wrote:
>Your Winwood wedding song, if you could chose only one, what
>would it be, or what was it?   :)

Uh .... "My Love is Leavin'" .... please!!



From:             Oregonbd@aol.com
Date sent:       Thu, 18 Jan 1996 00:25:10
Subject:          Re: Tour?

Do you know if he ever plans on going on tour again ? I keep watching for him
to come to our area.

From:                bobbieg@azstarnet.com
Date sent:        Thu, 18 Jan 1996 18:09:42

Well, you know as much about a tour as we do, since you read the
Digest!  But my understanding is that he will tour this spring and
summer, as soon as the new album is out.  And we should all be
checking the Today show and Tonight show and Letterman, too, because he'll
be making those rounds as well.

I'll put your question and my answer in the Digest, and maybe some
tour manager will see it!



Date sent:       Fri, 19 Jan 1996 13:37:55
From:             pjrosano@ix.netcom.com (Paul Rosano)
Subject:          Re: '1970, Fillmore West'

On Jan. 15, 1996, Terry wrote
> I am interested in obtaining a
>good quality recording of the group at or about the time of the
>JBMD album release.  Steve mentioned a bootleg called "1970,
>Fillmore West".  Do you know where I can get a copy?  Is this
>the same concert that is the second side of Last Exit

        The boot in question was also released as "Soul Of The Road" on the
Aulica label (Italian) and appears to be quite available. I do not believe it's from
the same concert as the "Last Exit" tracks, but I'm not positive. The sound is
very good and the track listing is the same as given in a review on Scott
Tribble's WWW page as the title "Fillmore West." The recording date is listed
as July 1, 1972, but this is still just the trio playing songs mostly from "John
Barleycorn" and "Traffic," so I suspect the true date is actually in 1970. Look in
the collector's magazines for sources. Also, there are two from the same time
period one legit, one boot from a BBC concert in London in 1970. The boot is
also Italian and titled "That's Live." A less complete, but far superior sounding
version of it, is available as a Westwood One Concert disc. The radio disc is
quite available from many dealers who advertise in collector's magazines such
as "Goldmine."  The Winwood and Traffic titles are quite reasonable. Even on
vinyl, the sound and pressings are excellent. I recently wrote a review of the
Westwood One disc for Scott on his WWW page. These are two of the very best
Traffic concerts I've heard.



Date sent:       Fri, 19 Jan 1996 13:37:55
From:             pjrosano@ix.netcom.com (Paul Rosano)
Subject:          Re: Who do you influence?

On Jan. 13, Bobbie wrote:

>Is there anyone in your circle of friends or family, _in another
>generation_, that now listens to SDG / BF / Traffic / solo SW
>because of your influence?

        Lynne turned our son Will, 8, on to "Gimme Some Lovin'" and "I'm A
Man" when he was about 4. He loves those and is a big Winwood fan. Others
he likes are "Glad" and "Forty Thousand Headmen."
        He never really cared for other things we listened to until he was
about 6 1/2 or 7, then starting getting heavily into more Winwood and Cream.
Two of his favorite cuts besides the Winwood tracks above are "I Feel Free" and
"N.S.U."  Eight years old and he digs "I Feel Free" and "N.S.U." I love that kid.



Date sent:       Fri, 19 Jan 1996 13:37:55
From:             pjrosano@ix.netcom.com (Paul Rosano)
Subject:          Re: American 'Mr Fantasy'

Way back on Aug.1, BigStar303 wrote:

"Am I the only one in the world who actually thinks that the American release
of the "Mr. Fantasy" album, despite having nothing to do with the band's actual
wishes, stands head and shoulders above the official British release? Am I the
only one who yearns for a CD reissue of this LP in its American form?  Am I
the only one who actually plunked down $26 for the first edition of the Original
Master Recording CD reissue of the "Mr. Fantasy" album because the
cardboard overlay actually had the American sequencing listed -- only to find
out that someone had screwed up and the CD in fact contained the British

        You are so right. The American version of the first album is so much
better despite it not being the original conception. If you haven't found this out
yet, let me tell you the album is available with the American tracks on a U.K.
import on what appears to be a specialty label, like Mobile Fidelity, called 3D
Island. It was mastered using a technique they call B.A.S.E. (Bedini Audio
Spatial Environment), which is supposed to improve the depth and spatial
qualities of the recording. Whatever, the disc sounds  fine and definitely
superior to the American release. I've never heard the Mobile release but they
definitely missed the boat on this one. The one thing the U.K. disc does not
have, however, is those little low-volume snippets of a jam(?) between tracks. It
does have "Paper Sun" intact though instead of the broken up tracking with the
fade at the end of the record. I got this a couple of years ago through a legit
importer, NoDomestix CD Importers, P.O. Box 399, River Edge, N.J. 07661
(201-599-1952). I'm not sure if they are still there, but it's worth a shot.



From:             Jambalya@aol.com (Robert)
Date sent:       Sat, 20 Jan 1996 11:24:57
Subject:          'Can't Find' duet question and Re: Wedding Song

Hi all!,

I have a couple of notes---the first is very important:

1)  Thanks, Bobbie (and others), for your work in keeping us exploring  that
which has marked a part of our life for too long now!!

2)  For years I've been looking for the very seldom heard by my ears "Can't
Find My Way Home"  done by EC and an unidentified woman.  It's awesome;
I'd love to have a copy.   Can y'all help?---and who is the woman dueting with

3)  Ken aka Sting:  What a wild question about ones favorite Winwood
wedding song.  Cool whimsy!   My choice?:  Well, I think that the lyrics work
and the music (major ivory and organ) would resonate with majestic splendor
in any cathedral-------"When the Eagle Flies" off the namesake album.

For now--------------Robert


Date sent:       23 Jan 96 18:45:52
From:             Robert.S.Marcolini@Hitchcock.ORG
Subject:          I'm Back In the High Life (er.. email)

       I just wanted to drop my new address so that I can get all the "smiling
phases" stuff and get back in the fold.  I've started my clinical internship and
I'm also trying to convert some folks to SW as well.  I found the Blind Faith
album the other day and, like Bobbie's G-ma, the drums blow me away too!
     I have to say though, that I have fallen in the bad habit of listening to "Can't
find my way home" before I begin my 10 hr day at the med ctr!  Oh well.



Date sent:       Thu, 25 Jan 1996 14:02:42
From:             Scott Tribble 
Subject:          Rare live performance

Hi everybody-

Recently, I found out that Steve joined the reunited Band on-stage at the Lone
Star Cafe in New York in 1986, singing with Richard Manuel and Levon Helm
on "Willie and the Hand Jive" in one of Richard's last performances before he
killed himself. I am also a huge Band fan, so this is a dream performance for
me. I'll let you all know how it is when I get it.



Date sent:       Thu, 25 Jan 1996 14:05:25
From:             Scott Tribble 
Subject:          New High Life Design

Hi everybody-

I was hoping you all could give me some input on the Web page, since I am
between semesters right now and have more time to fix it. Is the layout easy to
follow and eye-pleasing? Is there information you believe should be on the
page, but is not presently there? I may be removing the poll because it's not
getting a lot of responses, which may be in part because I'm not coming up with
very creative questions. I'd really appreciate any input you all might have.



Date:	96-01-25 23:22:21 EST
From:	Madbotyou@aol.com
Subject:   Snail-mail newsletter

I have just completed my first newsletter.  (A real live one, designed by me with
input from two Winwood fans, Bobbie and Shannon.)  It will have nice
legitimate features, pictures, album reviews, info on rare singles and more.  The
first issue will be ready to be mailed out Monday afternoon.  If anyone is
interested in joining my mailing list, please email me an address to send it to.
For now it's free. But that may change depending on the number of subscribers
I eventually get. Email address: Madbotyou@aol.com.


[The Moderator notes:  I have also heard of a snail-mail newsletter published
by someone in the UK.  I have not checked this out yet, but will let you all
know when I do.  Email me if you'd like the address.  -BG]


From:             "Ken Gay" 
Date sent:       Fri, 26 Jan 1996 10:20:39
Subject:          Bass line in 'Low Spark'

Has anyone else noticed that in the first two songs on the album "Low
Spark" ('Hidden Treasure' and 'Low Spark' itself), the bass is tuned high?  It's
at least a quarter-step too high.

I was wondering why this might be.  Either a) they were all too stoned to
notice; or they did notice but b) were too lazy too fix it, c) thought it was cool,
or d) thought that it added to the musical tension (which it certainly does).  The
most noticeable place is the 2 notes at the end of the phrase, where the piano is
at its highest.  They may have thought it was too interesting to 'fix'.

Any ideas?

Ken Gay


From:             ASchulberg@aol.com
Date sent:       Fri, 26 Jan 1996 11:52:09
Subject:          Traffic symbol (Traffic signal?)

To jazz up my cassette covers, I'm wondering if anyone has the Traffic symbol
(you know, the roundabout thing with arrows on all the Traffic album covers)
available as a .gif, .bmp or .jpg file. If you have it available and would be
willing to share it, please let me know. We could then try to figure out how to
e-mail it.

Any help?

Arnie Schulberg