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Re:  Tour Musicians
  1. vankirks@ctrvax.vanderbilt.edu (Shannon)

Re:  Bootlegs ("roio's")
  2. TServo1@aol.com (Barry)
  3. TServo1@aol.com (Barry)
  4. Egantm@avb.slu.edu (Terry)
  5. RRopek@aol.com (Dan) - 'Morgan' review pt 2

Re:  Reach for the Light
  6. THEMIX945@aol.com (Chris)

Electric version of "Can't Find My Way Home"
  7. ebrown@uoknor.edu (Eric)

Re: A Newbie Notes
  8. KATHOLOGY@aol.com

Three quick posts from bobbieg@azstarnet.com (Bobbie)
  9. Happy Anniversary!
 10. Non-English covers
 11. Who do you influence?

Your choice for a wedding song?
 12. Madbotyou@aol.com (Ken)



From:             vankirks@ctrvax.vanderbilt.edu
Date sent:        Wed, 10 Jan 1996 19:08:46

1986, Back In The High Life:
Donny Wynn - Drums
Carl James - Bass, vocals
Paul Pesco - Guitar, keyboards, vocals
Carol Steele - Percussion, vocals
James Hooker - Keyboards, vocals
Danny Wilensky - Horns, keyboards
Mark Ledford - Horns
Dolette McDonald - Vocals

1988, Roll With It:
Randall Bramblett - Sax, keyboards
Anthony Crawford - Guitar, fiddle
Hollie Farris - Trumpet
Russ Kunkel - Drums
Mike Lawler - Keyboards
Michael Rhodes - Bass
Leann Phelan - Vocals
not in the tour book, but played some dates, e.g. Albert Hall in London:
Bashiri Johnson - Percussion



From:             TServo1@aol.com
Date sent:        Wed, 10 Jan 1996 19:08:46


Maybe i've been reading the pink floyd list serv too long, but they frequent the
term "roio" - recordings of illegitimate origin (or indeterminate origin), and
hence the bastardization of roio into "oreo" and then "cookie".  Dunno if they
are the only ones to use it (or its their paranoia) but they shy away from bootleg

anyway, is this on CD? please let me know, i'd love to buy one if it is. thanks!!

Also, I'll see if I can dig up my old Winwood concert tickets, they might have
listed the opening act.

[Sorry, I didn't make it clear in my post from Vol 19, but yes, I did find it on
CD.   -BG]


From:             TServo1@aol.com
Date sent:        Fri, 12 Jan 1996 10:03:34

I think because there is such a large number of bootleg floyd cd's out there, and
they are the topic of many conversations on the list serv, they feel safer that way
(addressing as roios or cookies)... in fact, in the "Echoes" guidelines/FAQ they
are VERY specific on how to address these conversations.  I guess there are
perceived fears that if the list serv was swept for keywords such as "boot" it
could get someone in trouble. But with yours being a more personal list, i doubt
there would be a problem. i guess they've just conditioned me to respond that
way ;)

i've noticed a few of the larger record stores in the area are carrying more
'alternate'/'live'/'roio' style records. its great, but i haven't seen too many that i
like.  There is a pretty good boot place north of chicago, but they tend to lean
towards heavy metal/hard rock/pink floyd. its been a few months since i've been
there, but last time i was there, they didn't have any Winwood.

of course, i think boots are some of the best recordings out there... when i saw
the "roll with it" tour, i was mesmerized by "Glad", and had to rush out and get
any traffic CD with it. And while I really like them, they never had the impact
that Glad did in concert.

and, obviously, i'm a newer Winwood fan as well. i didn't know too much about
him until "back in the high life" came out, then dated someone who worshipped
him, and, naturally, i got into it as well.  I recently picked up "the finer things"
and going into more of his older stuff. wow! :)


ps - last night i checked to see if i had my ticket stub from 89/90, but no luck :(


Date sent:        Mon, 15 Jan 1996 12:18:12 -0500
From:             Egantm@avb.slu.edu (Terrance M. Egan)

I'm really more of a Traffic fan than a SW fan.  My interest started with the
"Traffic" album, continued through JBMD and ended with "Last Exit".
Anyway, I am interested in obtaining a good quality recording of the group at
or about the time of the JBMD album release.  Steve mentioned a bootleg called
"1970, Fillmore West".  Do you know where I can get a copy?  Is this
the same concert that is the second side of Last Exit (I am the only person I
know that likes this side of music by the band - I think it is among their best!).

Terry Egan


From:             RRopek@aol.com
Date sent:        Mon, 15 Jan 1996 18:09:24

                                                    DISC TWO


1.  "Well All Right", tk. 2 (00:60) - An incomplete reprise fragment.

2.      "     "     "     , tk. 3 (1:30) - Intro practice.

3.      "     "     "     , tk. 4 (1:40) - Practice of intro, transition to
main riff.

4.      "     "     "     , tk. 5 (3:00) - A neat/solid version lacking the
last guitar solo.

5.      "     "     "     , tk. 6 (3:30) - After a false start, another good
version until the normal breakdown point in the song. Here, Clapton stumbles,
and from this point on seems to completely lose his timing in relation to this

6.      "     "     "     , tk. 7 (2:44) - E.C. stumbles on the intro, then
follows with a ragged run-through of the body of the song.

7.  "Hey Joe" tk.1 (1:40) - Note: The sound quality wavers a bit on this song.
With Winwood on unobtrusive piano, this is a laid back version, similar but
slower than the Hendrix version of the song.  Obviously feeling their way, the
tune meanders nicely until the tempo shift near the end, where Clapton can't
find the notes and stops to practice.

8.  "Hey Joe" tk. 2 (6:37) - More keyboard fills from Winwood, Clapton plays
even slower, yet loses it at the same spot as before.  More practice, then
another, even slower attempt - Oh well !

9.  "Piano Blues Tune" (8:40) - Perhaps to get things back on track, this tune
takes a "back to basics" approach.  E.C. weaves fills around S.W.'s chords, then
the two switch places, with drums entering at ~ 2:40.  With sympathetic
interplay between Winwood and Clapton, the tune rolls with a wave -like
quality, great stuff.  The Leslie treated guitar tone adds a sense of depth.

10. "Well All Right" tk. 8 (2:12) - Slower tempo, with a seemingly greater
emphasis placed on "precise" playing,  the bass (presumably Winwood's)
"jumps" and peps the tune.  Alas, again, a snag kills the song about halfway

11.  "Well All Right" tk. 9 (6:30) - A final, somewhat desperate stab - Five
intro breakdown's prompt Clapton to count out the rhythm, and still the
drums/guitar don't  mesh into sync.  Clapton seems to compound the problem
by randomly missing notes,  further throwing things off.  Baker finally ends
things with a frustrated flourish across his drums - no pulling this one from the

12.- 16.  "Instrumental Song #2 (5:50, 5:08, 5:03, 6:14)) - A highly structured
"song" that may have been intended to have vocals.  With S.W. on organ, and
E.C. on a non-Leslie treated guitar, it is interesting, but not of the quality of
anything on the lp.  Obviously, the group thought it had potential, due to the
number of nearly identical takes.  Take 16 is the best, a little more relaxed, but
still clearly an "outtake".

17.- 18. "Freight Loader and "West Coast Idea" - Now to the "outtfakes" !
These songs do feature Eric Clapton, but were recorded circa 1965-66 with
various people, including Jimmy Page, Mick Jagger and Ian Stewart.  They are
available in better quality on a legitimate Japanese release, if you are really

I'm not sure of the availability of this set these days, I got mine a few years ago.
This material is quite commonly available on tape however, in the trading
circuit.  You may want to start there, since trading is generally cheap, then
search for the discs if you really enjoy it.  The main reason for purchasing the
bootleg is sound quality, the material seems to have been recorded from
something reasonably close to the master tapes.



From:             THEMIX945@aol.com
Date sent:        Thu, 11 Jan 1996 00:45:05

In a message dated 96-01-10 00:16:29 EST, Matt wrote:

>Anybody that defends Winwood's "Reach for the Light" by
>noting that Phil Collins, Billy Joel and Randy Newman have
>recorded similar tracks or have made similar career moves is
>doing Mr. Winwood a huge disservice.

Hey Matt - I'm sorry but what planet are you from anyway??!!  Not only has he
worked with ALL of these artists on their own albums - here's a quick reality
check for you...most fans of any of these guys are generally a fan of his too!
What do you compare "High Life" to?  If you can't find a common thread
between these guys then you've got to get your ears checked?!!

I was just saying that LIKE these artists he perhaps did a soundtrack song to
keep his name out there in between albums!  Billy, Phil and Randy have put
soundtrack material out in between major projects, like them or not.  Phil
Collins is successful with ballads - so what Phil can still rock out like anyone -
and does - funny thing too is that his last CD was far from commercial too!
Randy Newman is one of the most sought after musicians of our time too, check
out the line-up on his new one "Faust"!  And Billy Joel - yeah your right, he
must be washed up too, just look at his last 2 album sales and tour numbers!

Some people like to instigate - whatever - but you cannot argue this one - no
way!  Maybe you don't like these guys - but like it or not - Steve is a
contemporary to them.



From:             Your Pal Totoro 
Date sent:        Thu, 11 Jan 96 09:21:46

        Recently, I was in Music(Over-priced-rip-off)Land, and on some $3
compilation CD (The title had something to do with water) of songs of the past
year, I they actually had the electric version of "Can't Find My Way Home" on
        For something made for Musicland, I was impressed.  I didn't think
anyone in charge there had good taste.

                                See Ya'll


From:             KATHOLOGY@aol.com
Date sent:        Thu, 11 Jan 1996 21:00:41

Well maybe there is something to this Steve Winwood person after all :).  In
Volume 19, you wrote a few lines of a song that really hit me.  Especially this
one..... ' Come out of the darkness and find out who you are'.   Maybe I can just
find the lyrics to all his songs and read them instead of having to listen to him.
LOL   Just kidding, he has a passable singing voice and passable  talent with
his instrument, LOL.... :)



From:             "BobbieG." 
Date sent:        Thu, 11 Jan 1996 22:39:08

Steve and Eugenia Winwood will be celebrating 9 years of marriage on
Thursday, Jan 18.

Happy Anniversary!


From:             "BobbieG." 
Date sent:        Sat, 13 Jan 1996 09:42:07

Some of you know that besides being the Moderator of this Digest and the
Goddess of SW Fans (tm), I'm an at-home mom - I don't work outside the
home.  But at the beginning of every semester, I work a temporary job at the
college bookstore, helping the students buying textbooks.  I am working that job
during the month of January.

Well, yesterday I was back in the work-room, and one of the guys had turned
the radio on to one of the Spanish stations (this is Tucson, remember), and I'm
_positive_ I heard someone singing 'Higher Love' in Spanish!  By the time I
had finished what I was doing and moved closer to the radio, the song was
over, and I never heard it properly.

But it raises a question - has anyone ever heard a cover of an SDG / BF /
Traffic / solo song in a language other than the original English?  Let us know!
'While You See a Chance' in German?  'Dear Mr Fantasy' in Japanese?  This
could be cool.



From:             "BobbieG." 
Date sent:        Sat, 13 Jan 1996 09:48:44

Is there anyone in your circle of friends or family, _in another
generation_, that now listens to SDG / BF / Traffic / solo SW because of your

My mom, who is 65, loves to listen to Blind Faith because she loves the drum
solos.  When she told me that, I was absolutely blown away!

And my kids are growing up listening to Steve.  When Chris was about 3 he
asked me in a very worried voice, 'Mommy, did that guy ever find his way
home?'  And even before Jon could talk, he sang along with 'Glad' - da, da, da,
da, DA-A-A-A (shaking his head to get the vibrato).

I'd love to hear more stories.  If you're one of our teenaged
Subscribers, was it your parents who turned _you_ on to SW?


From:             Madbotyou@aol.com
Date sent:        Sun, 7 Jan 1996 03:00:22

Your Winwood wedding song, if you could chose only one, what would it be, or
what was it?   :)

Ken aka Sting