VOLUME 14, sent Nov 10, 1995

Topics in this issue:
  1. Blind Faith Bootleg / Grovel
  2. Re: Unrecorded songs
  4. Traffic Formation
  5. Blind Faith bootleg
  6. another cover
  7. Blind Faith - vinyl vs CD



Date sent:      Thu, 26 Oct 1995 12:07:04
From:             nick@well.com (Nick Langston)
Subject:          Blind Faith Bootleg / Grovel

Hey There, Steveheads,
        Someone referred to a Blind Faith Bootleg LP- I believe I have a
tape of that show (It's the only Blind Faith boot I've ever seen) and it was
recorded at UCLA in August of 1969.  It is kind of a funky show- sound quality
is so-so, but I always enjoy hearing the electric version of "Can't Find My Way

 Uh Oh...       TIME FOR A GROVEL!!!!

        Now look here, I've been a Traffic fan for a loooong time, and many times
have tried to arrange trades for that Hendrix/Traffic tape but they've always
fallen through (One guy left the country, another got arrested, another believed
he was the anti-christ...).
                         Please, Somebody Help Me!!!!!
        I have 4 or 5 Traffic shows dating back to '69 & a lot of other
good, organ based jam bands.  Most notably Zero, a *great* Bay Area group.
Anyone interested?



Date sent:        Thu, 26 Oct 1995 12:59:38
From:             woontner@sirius.com
Subject:          Re: Unrecorded songs

Here Right Now is a Spencer Davis Band song, very bluesy.

"Im here right now
 Nothing on my worried, worried mind
 Im here right now
 Nothing on my worried, worried mind
 You best get used to me woman,
 I just aint used to your kind"

And about Zing, I think it may come from the
Round The Mulberry Bush soundtrack album. This had 4-5 Traffic songs on it
including the title cut which is on Smiling Phases. I think another song on that
album is Utterly Simple and Zing could be another one. It also has a great
Winwood Spencer Davis instrumental called Waltz for Lumumba.



Okay, Subscribers, here's the scoop:  A new single, called 'Reach for the Light',
was released on October 31, on MCA Records.  It will be the theme song for a
new children's movie, 'Balto.'  I researched this name at the library and found
that Balto was a sled dog, who, in 1925, saved the town of Nome, Alaska, by
delivering diptheria medicine through a raging snowstorm, a true story.

The single is available on CD or cassette and contains 2 versions of the song,
one at 4:21, one at 5:21 which contains an extra chorus but does not appear to
be different in any other way.  SW produced the song, but did not write it; there
are no liner notes, so no indication if he even played any instrument, and no
other names of musicians.

MCA Records, when contacted, replied that since SW is not on their label, only
loaned, they have no idea if the single will appear on any of his upcoming
albums.  (This seems strange, since it's their song, after all.)  The web page is
at http://www.mca.com/mca_records/   They suggest keeping an eye on the
Flicks section.

I have made a small .wav file of the first chorus.  If you have a soundcard and
are interested in hearing it, please email me, and I'll shoot one out to you.

Here are some of the comments I have received:

Date sent:        Wed, 01 Nov 1995 08:22:12
From:             vankirks@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu (Shannon Van Kirk)

Picked up Steve's new single last night on the way home.  It is very
nice--one of the "inspirational"-type songs that shows off his voice so well  He
did not write the song, but he produced it.

Date sent:        Wed, 1 Nov 1995 08:47:11
From:             woontner@sirius.com

Exciting news, huh?!! I checked Virgin's Home Page, The Raft, and nothing
about Winwood was posted there. Virgin also has a college representative on
the net whose home page didnt mention Winwood. So, I couldnt dig anything
up right away.

From:             THEMIX945@aol.com (Chris)
Date sent:        Thu, 2 Nov 1995 00:49:47 -0500

Ah, I was gonna email you this last night.  I have it actually, It's a single only.
It is called "REACH FOR THE LIGHT".  It is on MCA - it is a theme to
BALTO - a cartoon about a dog actually.

It was added at at least 2 NY radio stations already one being WMXV (Mix
105).  I believe it is the only thing on the soundtrack from him, in fact he didn't
write it, but he produced it.

It is an uplifting ballad with a fat chorus - and then towards the end where it
builds - he adds a childrens choir.  It is awsome to hear something new from
Steve on the air!!!!

Date sent:        Thu, 02 Nov 95 13:25:42 EST
From:             "gregg"

Tower Records have no listing of an album for Steve. They do not have any
specifics about the sound track. So we don't know if he is even on it.

From:             "Robert W. Hall" 
Date sent:        Mon, 6 Nov 1995 13:17:40 -0500 (EST)

I just got the new single today from CD-Now!  'Reach for the Light' is
from the Universal Pictures Christmas-release animated feature 'Balto' (about a
Siberian husky).

The single has two mixes of the song, a short and extended-length version. The
song is very good--rather 'light' for my tastes, not written by Steve, and features
a chorus in the background.

Could 'Balto' the movie be Steve's 'Lion King'? ;-)


Date sent:        Wed, 1 Nov 1995 08:47:11
From:             woontner@sirius.com
Subject:          post:Traffic Formation

The link between Steve Winwood and the other original members of Traffic
seems to be his connection to Jim Capaldi. Jim and Steve's fathers played
together in dance bands in Birmingham in the post-war years. Jim contributed
a drum track to the original version of Spencer Davis Group which really
propelled the recording to a more exciting level. Jim and Dave Mason did some
duties as Spencer Davis roadies as well. Jim, Dave and Chris Wood were all
members of Deep Feeling, a very popular experimental (vibes and flute were
prominently featured) rock group in Birmingham, England. My impression is
that Dave was the nominal, if tempermental, leader of that group. I do not think
Deep Feeling ever recorded an album. However, Steve spent a fair amount of
time jamming with Deep Feeling, inspiring the formation of a new group that
would always be moving in new musical directions, ergo the name Traffic.

I ordered a copy of Round the Mulberry Bush from a used LP dealer. I'll report
back on how the earliest Traffic recordings hold up.


Date sent:        Thu, 2 Nov 1995 16:07:22
From:             Björn   Sandström  
Subject:          Blind Faith bootleg

Shannon wrote on: Tue, 17 Oct 1995 15:34:35

>I listened to the Blind Faith bootleg LP this morning.  Quite
>undistinguished and no clues as to where/when it was recorded.  Steve
>introduces a few of the songs.  There are only six on the record:
>Crossroads, Presence of the Lord, Means to an End (!), Well Alright,
>Can't Find My Way Home, Had To Cry Today.

Hi Shannon!

It seems your bootleg is the same as the one I bought in 1971 or '72. Mine's
called U.S. Tour and is on the TAKRL label. Hot Wacks indicates the source as
Winterland, Santa Barbara, 1969. And in the Eric Clapton Visual Documentary
I found that the one and only Blind Faith U.S. Tour hit Santa Barbara on Aug.
16, 1969.



From:             "BobbieG." 
Date sent:       Sat, 4 Nov 1995 10:17:17
Subject:          another cover

I was catching up on my reading, and found an ad in the Aug issue of
Spin magazine for a group called Big Sugar and their new album called
'500 Pounds'  (or it could be a group called 500 Pounds and their new
album, 'Big Sugar'; hard to tell from the ad, and I've never heard of
them myself.)  Anyway, the ad says the album features a single and
video - 'Dear Mr Fantasy'.  Have you heard this?  Did we start a list
of covers yet?  This one would be pretty obscure!



From:             "BobbieG." 
Subject:          POST:  Blind Faith - vinyl vs CD
Date sent:       Tue, 07 Nov 1995 16:00:12

I have heard in many places that when the Blind Faith album was first
issued on CD, they added a couple tracks.  But I've never seen a CD
with any extra tracks.  Does anyone have the longer version, or know
which tracks were added?