VOLUME 13, sent Oct 26, 1995

Topics in this issue:
  1. Newsletter
  2. babies, bootlegs, and unrecorded songs
  3. Various replies & a new subject - where would they be now?
  4. Back-handed compliment in the New Yorker
  5. Hendrix tape and Belew
  6. Steve on tour? question
  7. A subscriber's Home Page
  8. Fleetwood Mac/Traffic anecdote
  9. '60's chronology



From:             Madbotyou@aol.com (Ken)
Date sent:      Tue, 17 Oct 1995 01:30:22
Subject:          Newsletter

I am looking for contributors to my new newsletter on Steve Winwood. I need
people who know how to write for a newsletter, not like it's fluff, and who know
Winwood and his music.  I want to make this a quality piece of work and
maybe get it beyond its tentative bi-monthly schedule.

Please email me if you are interested. If you want to know how it looks so far,
BobbieG has a copy of the flag. She can detail that. Thanks in advance.

Ken aka Sting


Date sent:       Tue, 17 Oct 1995 15:34:35
From:             vankirks@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu (Shannon)
Subject:          babies and bootlegs

I remember that Claire was born in May, 1987, just a week after Steve's
birthday.  I didn't see an announcement about Eliza; but I remember a reference
in an interview of a very pregnant Genia during the summer of 1988, and then
another reference later to the European tour being shortened somewhat so they
could return here to have the baby.  That would make it November or early
December 1988.

Blind Faith Bootleg:
I listened to the Blind Faith bootleg LP this morning.  Quite
undistinguished and no clues as to where/when it was recorded.  Steve
introduces a few of the songs.  There are only six on the record:
Crossroads, Presence of the Lord, Means to an End (!), Well Alright, Can't
Find My Way Home, Had To Cry Today.

Unrecorded songs:
A couple of days ago I saw a copy of the song titles registered for
royalties in Steve's name.  There are a number of them that have not been
released on any of his albums (NOTE:  my memory is always subject to
correction--please don't hesitate), including a few intriguing titles written with
the late Viv Stanshall:  "Dumb Supper," "Footsteps," "Lace Curtain," and "If
That Gun's For Real."  Of course some of these could be on some of the albums
SW recorded with the Bonzo Dog Band; but they don't ring a bell right off.  A
couple of solo efforts--no co-writer--have interesting titles, too:  "Here Right
Now," and "New Orleans Egg Dance." And then there's "Zing," written by all
four original members of Traffic.

Anybody ever heard these songs anywhere?


Date sent:       Wed, 18 Oct 1995 13:59:07
From:             vankirks@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu (Shannon)
Subject:          Oops!

I knew it--my mind is going.  I just knew I would mess up somewhere on that
list of Steve's songs.  "Here Right Now" is from an SDG album.  Some days are
better than others.


From:             woontner@beta.SIRIUS.COM (Alan)
Date sent:       Tue, 17 Oct 1995 12:53:39
Subject:          POSTS: VARIOUS REPLYS

>Subject:          POST: Can't Get Enough of It"

This is a rollicking fun song, one of the best ever done by the Spencer
Davis Group. Im not aware of it being released on any CD.

>Subject:          POST: vocalists in Traffic

Capaldi sings some lead on Dealer, though Steve sings the chorus. Steve and
Jim seem to sing co-lead on Heaven Is In Your Mind. He sings lead on Rock N
Roll Stew and Light Up, but then you knew that already. Dave sings lead on all
the songs he wrote for Traffic. Steve sings the chorus vocals on Dave's Dont Be
Sad and shares lead on Dave's Crying To Be Heard. Dave sings co-lead with
Capaldi on Vagabond Virgin. Vagabond Virgin has at times been attributed to
Capaldi-Mason and at other times to Mason-Wood. I don't think Chris sang
lead vocals for Traffic. But he contributed many backup vocals on the first
album. He played the organ quite a bit too in the early concerts whenever Steve
played guitar, especially fine work on Mr. Fantasy. I think Chris was a real
important contributer to the fabric of Traffic.

New Subject: Where would they be without Steve.

Three 'stars': Dave Mason, Spencer Davis and Jim Capaldi's careers were built
based on their association with Steve Winwood. I bear no grudge against any of
them. In fact, I think  that Dave's solo career was a waste of great potential that
would have been better harnessed if he stayed with Traffic. But I dont think
they would ever had reached the public's attention without Steve standing


Date sent:        Sun, 22 Oct 95 04:06:15
From:             Alan Woontner 
Subject:          Back-handed compliment in the New Yorker

In reporting on an upcoming Elton John concert, the October 23rd New Yorker
says "After Elton ditched the rhinestone goggles and the feather boa, he
contracted what might be called the Steve Winwood syndrome, mellowing into
a tasteful yuppie icon." What a back-handed compliment!


From:             ASchulberg@aol.com (Arnie)
Date sent:       Mon, 23 Oct 1995 20:49:11
Subject:          Hendrix tape and Belew

I was pleased to get a response to my request for a tape of the '94 concert tour
(Thanks, Nick) and have also recently acquired the Hendrix/Traffic jam (no
pun intended) tape, though I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. Glad to see
that there were recently some comments and history concerning that tape in
Smiling Phases.

If it's true that Winwood now lives in Nashville (or is it Memphis?), I have a
fantasy that involves one of my other favorite groups, King Crimson. Adrian
Belew, the fabulous guitarist for KC, now lives in Nashville with his new wife.
I'd love it if he and SW got together and jammed or, better yet, played a local
club. And, of course, someone just happened to have a good quality tape deck

Well, I can dream.

Arnie Schulberg


Date sent:        Tue, 24 Oct 1995 08:36:44
From:             Lori Salter 
Subject:          Steve Winwood


I'm trying to find out some information about the tour Steve is on right
now.  Is there a way I can get more information, that you know of?  Is
there a list somewhere of the people that are on tour with him?  Thanks
in advance for any answers or ideas you may have.

Lori Deana Salter

From:           BobbieG 
To:               Lori Salter 
Subject:        Re: Steve Winwood
Date sent:     Tue, 24 Oct 1995 07:35:29

Hey, Lori,

> I'm trying to find out some information about the tour Steve is on >right now.
Is there a way I can get more information, that you know >of?

As far as I know, he is not on tour.  His wife just had a new baby on
Sep 25 and he's in Nashville finishing up the mixing of a new album
that will be out in time for Christmas.  That's not to say that he's not playing a
few dates with friends in the area, or jamming spontaneously.  The rumor is
that he will do another stadium-tour in the last winter or early spring.

I will post your question to 'Smiling Phases' to see what kind of
response we get, but I really think I would have heard if he was on
tour.  We have almost 150 people on the list, from around the world,
and a couple live in Nashville.


Well, folks, did I answer her correctly?  Does anyone have any more
information to share?


Date sent:     Wed, 25 Oct 95 13:16:35
From:            eric brown 
Subject:         Home Page

I just made myself a home page and included a link to the Steve Winwood
home page on there.  The address of my page is :


                            Yours Truly
                               Eric Brown

(Compiler's note:  if any others of you have a Home Page, please send the URL
and I'll post it here.  The only others I know of are Brett's at
http://www.epix.net/~brett/ (check out the Yaz page!) and one that Alan has in
development.  -BG)


Date sent:       Wed, 25 Oct 95 19:46:57 0800
From:             Alan Woontner 
Subject:          Fleetwood Mac/Traffic anecdote

In trying to find out what Dave Mason is doing with Fleetwood Mac I
found reviews of the Pat Benetar/Fleetwood Mac tour. One reviewer
comments " As you've probably heard FM was a big disappointment. The
highlights of their segment were some old Traffic tunes." Hummm, let me
guess, I bet he played "Feeling Alright" and "Pearly Queen".


From:             "BobbieG." 
Date sent:       Thu, 26 Oct 1995 09:25:19
Subject:          '60's Chronology

In Volume 12, David Gignilliat asked:

>I have some questions about Blind Faith and when it started. It was
>after Clapton was in Cream and Winwood was in Traffic and the
>Spencer Davis Group, wasn't it?

The short answer is yes, it was after EC was in Cream, and yes, it was after SW
was in Spencer Davis, but no, the history of Traffic is a little more complicated.
SDG was a singles band, Traffic was an album band; so those are what I will
track here.  If anyone wants more details, e-mail me.

1963  Aug -  Spencer Davis Group forms
1964  Aug -  signed by Chris Blackwell to Island Records
1966  Jan  -  first UK #1 single - Keep On Running
         Nov  -  Gimme Some Lovin' hits UK #2
1967  Feb   -  GSL hits US #7, highest charter for the group
                  -  I'm a Man hits UK #9
         Apr   -  Steve and his brother Muff leave the band
                  -  SW forms Traffic with Chris Wood, Jim Capaldi,
                          and Dave Mason
         May  -  I'm a Man hits US #10
         Dec  -  Mason leaves, is not replaced, & Traffic is a trio
1968  Jan  -  Mr Fantasy hits UK #8
         May  -  Mason rejoins
         Jun  -  Mr Fantasy reaches US #88
         Oct   -  Mason quits again
         Nov  -  'Traffic' album reaches UK #9
1969  Jan  -  Traffic dissolves as SW joins EC in Blind Faith
                -  'Traffic' album reaches US #17
         Jun  -  BF's Hyde Park concert
         Jul   -  Last Exit reaches US #19, didn't chart in UK
         Aug  -  'Blind Faith' album hits #1 in both UK and US
         Sep  -  BF dissolves
1970   Jan  -  SW records solo album, Wood and Capaldi join in, it
                         becomes John Barleycorn

If anyone is interested, I will continue the chronology into the  '70s-'90s in
upcoming volumes; but really, the 60s is the complicated  stuff, the rest is
pretty straightforward.

Fan of MontyPython and TwinPeaks - able to perform the
fish-slapping dance while drinking damn good coffee