VOLUME 12, sent Oct 16, 1995

Topics in this issue:
  1. '66 Winwood ref. in Eat the Document
  2. Some clarifications
  3. Re: bootlegs
  4. Can't Get Enough
  5. New baby
  6. more session work
  7. vocalists in Traffic
  8. Berkshire cottage
  9. Req: '94 radio interview
 10. Traffic folder in AOL
 11. Blind faith questions



From:    STUART_TROUTMAN@HP-Chelmsford om1.om.hp.com
Date:    Wed, 11 Oct 95 11:30:59
Subject:  '66 Winwood ref. in Eat the Document

Just a tiny historical note of minor interest to Winwood fans who aren't already
aware of this:

If you ever get a chance to see the 1966 documentary film "Eat the Document"
(a view of Bob Dylan and the pre-Band on tour in the UK & Europe), there's a
scene at a concert site somewhere on the tour where the camera catches Dylan
meeting Spencer Davis, obviously after a performance by The Spencer Davis
Group, and Dylan is clearly enthused over the band's young lead singer,
complimenting Davis and asking: "How'd he learn to sing like that?!" Davis
doesn't really know how to answer, simply offering: "Well, since the day we
found him... ummm, well...he's a great fan of Ray Charles...." (I didn't notice
any shot that actually includes Winwood though.)



From:            woontner@beta.SIRIUS.COM (Alan)
Date sent:      Wed, 11 Oct 1995 08:06:37
Subject:         Some clarifications

Feeling Alright was written by Dave Mason, and originally performed by
Traffic.  Well Alright was originally performed by Buddy Holly, but also
performed by Blind Faith as well as many others. I also heard a Santana
version of the song, which reminded me some of the Blind Faith version.

Also, in my list of songs on Traffic Woodstock 94 I omitted Mozambique,
which includes a nice flute solo not on Far From Home.

Also, CD-Now has a couple of new Traffic imports which I have backordered. I
will let you know more if and when I receive them.


Date sent:       Wed, 11 Oct 1995 11:19:08
From:             vankirks@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu (Shannon)
Subject:          Re: bootlegs

I got a new (old) bootleg the other day of Blind Faith.  It came in a
hand-lettered sleeve (plain white labels on the disc itself) and has the
name "Well, All Reet."  I'll listen to it and see what it is; but unless an
announcement about time and/or place is actually on the disc, I won't be able to
attribute it.

A record dealer friend of mine from the west coast is leaving tomorrow for
Italy, Spain and England on a record-buying trip.  He knows what I
want--keep your fingers crossed.



From:             Kako007@aol.com (Bill)
Date sent:       Wed, 11 Oct 1995 14:20:49
Subject:          Can't Get Enough

Steve recorded a song called "Can't Get Enough of It" when he was with the
Spencer Davis Group.  I was wondering if that song has made the transfer to
CD?  It was on the "Winwood" double LP set of the early/mid 70s but didn't
show up on the box set.

Bill K


Date sent:      Wed, 11 Oct 1995 15:24:36
From:             vankirks@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu (Shannon)
Subject:          New baby

On September 25, the Winwoods welcomed their fourth baby into the world.
She is a girl, Lillian Eugenia, called "Lilly."


(Compiler's note:  The Winwoods also have Mary Clare, born in June '87;
Elizabeth Dawn, born in July '88; and Steven Calhoun ('Cal'), born in February
'93.   -BG)


From:            THEMIX945@aol.com
Date sent:      Wed, 11 Oct 1995 23:22:29
Subject:          more session work

In replying to someones post about whether Steve was on Phil Collins' But
Seriously -   Yes it is him on "FIND A WAY" - but NO their is no photo in the

And I don't know if it was mentioned in the past, but my 2 personal favorite
Steve CD cameos are....

"My Baracuda" from Jimmy Buffett ( Hammond and Backing Vocals)
"Getting Closer" from Billy Joel ( Hammond B-3)


From:             bobbieg@azstarnet.com (Bobb - oh, you all know)
Date sent:       Fri, 13 Oct 1995 09:29:37
Subject:          POST: vocalists in Traffic

Here's a question that came up in the chat room - on which songs did
Dave Mason sing lead vocals?  On which songs did Jim Capaldi sing
lead vocals?  Did Chris Wood ever sing lead vocals?  Did any of the
more minor members ever sing lead vocals?

Let's get a list going.



From:             RRopek@aol.com (Dan)
Date sent:       Fri, 13 Oct 1995 19:39:27
Subject:          Post: Berkshire cottage

I recently ran across a couple of brief Winwood interview pieces that
directly address the mysterious 1967 "country cottage" phase of Traffic's
history.  As time goes by, this brief period has taken on an almost Camelot-like
quality.  However, based on what the taciturn Mr. Winwood has to say, the
ultimate value of the rural setting to the band was more practical than

The first interview is transcribed from a tape of Traffic BBC studio
performances from 1967-68.  The famous host of "Top Gear", Brain Matthews,
interviewed Stevie, just after the release of Traffic's second single (Fall ? 1967)

B.M.: Those of us who kind of follow these things in the papers, understand
that you've been preparing yourselves for both recording and appearances by
hiding away in a cottage in the depths of the country.

S.W.: Umm um.

B.M.:  Have you found this a cogenial atmosphere to work, away from

S.W.:  Um, well - it all relates back to this thing - making sounds, where people
can't complain, can't annoy you.  We weren't actually hidden away, we used to
come out quite often - you know what I mean?

B.M.:  (laughing)  Yes, sure.   So you've enjoyed it, it's been right for you?

S.W.:  (emphatically) Yeah !  Oh yes, certainly.

B.M.:  Well, you must be right, it's produced a couple of hit records hasn'tit?
Can we hear now live, the latest success, "Hole in My Shoe"?

S.W.:  Of course, yeah.

B.M.: Lets hear it. (plays H.I.M.S.)

It's interesting how, even in mid 1967, the cottage experience was a source of
speculation and mystery to many.  Also notable is how consistantly Steve
described the period ten years later.  The following quote is from an interview
with Penny Valentine, published in Creem magazine, Nov. 1977 -

(Winwood) : "Funny that - it only happened because we couldn't find anywhere
in London to rehearse without the neighbors complaining - not a "lets go
organic" thing at all.  It was because, for the grand total of 50 pounds a year,
we could have the cottage".

Although it seems logical that the "organic" environment was influential in the
development of Traffic's sound, perhaps this was more journalistic invention
than anything else - a "good story".  I vaguely remember reading a writers
description of arriving at the cottage one summer night, and it certainly
sounded magical - the sudden appearance of colored lights, moving shadows,
and swirling, ethereal music.  Perhaps mentioning the muck and mire would
have dulled the story.

The Creem interview touched on a number of interesting topics, including the
genesis (and ultimate demise) of the group, I'll exerpt more in future posts.

- Dan

(Compiler's note:  Since they haven't lived there in 20 years, I suppose it's all
right now to reveal exactly where the cottage is.  It's in the village of Aston
Tirrold.  If you have a fairly detailed map of England, follow the 329 north-
west out of Reading, change to the 417 at Strently, and you will see the village
about half-way along before you get to the junction with 34.   -BG)


From:             JGGiano@aol.com (Jim)
Date sent:       Sat, 14 Oct 1995 17:50:47
Subject:          Req: '94 radio interview

Does anybody have a copy of the "Off-the-Record" radio interview with Steve
Winwood? (1994)

     Jim G.

(Compiler's note:  Yes, I have the tape, recorded April 26, '94, from KEKO
(The Echo) here in Tucson.  But I can't really go tape-to-tape, so that doesn't
help you!  All the other interviews that I own are on LP, bought at a local used-
record store; apparently the radio stations make a few bucks selling them there;
they still have even the commercials on them, which are a hoot!  Check your
area's used-record store for a while, or call the radio station, they may be able to
help.   -BG)


From:             LibbyAAA@aol.com (Libby)
Date sent:       Sun, 15 Oct 1995 01:47:49
Subject:          Traffic folder in AOL

Just in case ya didn't know, there's  a new traffic folder under classic



From:             David 
Date sent:       Sun, 15 Oct 95 23:31:25
Subject:          Blind faith questions

I have some questions about Blind Faith and when it started. It was after
Clapton was in Cream and Winwood was in Traffic and the Spencer Davis
Group, wasn't it?

Are there any bootlegs or BF recorded material besides their one great album?


David K. Gignilliat
University of Virginia