VOLUME 10, sent Sept 26, 1995

Topics in this issue:
  1. Winwood Folder
  2. AOL chat room snippets - Steve was seen!
  3. Re: Covers
  4. Re: Spencer Davis group song ID
  5. Re: Traffic/Winwood covers
  6.  Vacant Chair and other songs
  7. Tapes from last summer's tour
  8. If Winwood went country ...
  9. Nickname
 10. FAQ questions



Subj:	Winwood Folder
Date:	95-09-21
From:	HildreLind

I started a Winwood folder this morning in Classic Rock at the Music Message
Center.  Do your best to tell people about it, won't you?

take a walk down by
take a walk down by
the river

Linda H.


Snippets from the September 21 America On-Line chat room:

OnlineHost:	Suzanne751 has entered the room.
BobbieG101:	Hello, Suzanne, are you a fan?
Suzanne751:	Well, sorta.
Madbotyou:	Bobbie - you've never gifed?  I never knew.
BobbieG101:	Never gifed, nope.
Suzanne751:	I am in Nashville and I actually SAW him earlier
BobbieG101:	You're kidding!  Where!
Madbotyou:	Suzanne - which part of Nashville? I grew up there.
Suzanne751:	Not kidding. My husband went to a sport's bar and he
	came in.
BobbieG101:	Rumor is, he's working on a new album, due out
	before Christmas.
Suzanne751:	Didn't stay long...left with another guy.
BobbieG101:	Came in?  Like for a beer?
BobbieG101:	Wife has family there.
Suzanne751:	He lives here about half the year. I have seen him 3
	times in all over the past few years.
BobbieG101:	He comes to Tucson a lot too, but I never see him.
DREEMWYVR:	Wow, that must be exciting!
Suzanne751:	The bar is in Hillsboro Village.
BobbieG101:	This is so cool, thanks for sharing!
BobbieG101:	I'll put it in the digest, if you don't mind, okay?
BobbieG101:	Suppose he likes football?
DREEMWYVR:	I need to sign off for about five minutes...see you all
DREEMWYVR:	...dinner just out of the oven
Suzanne751:	Being British, he's probably more into soccer or
	rugby?  :)
OnlineHost:	DREEMWYVR has left the room.
BobbieG101:	That's what I would've thought, but maybe he likes
	American football.
LibbyAAA:	Maybe he'll make the olympic soccer next year in
BobbieG101:	Is that where it is?
Suzanne751:	I have to go...just saw this room and thought it was
	ironic. Will let you know if see more.
BobbieG101:	Suzanne, thanks, I'll email you
LibbyAAA:	Some are being played here...some will be in Miami
	and Atlanta and Wash DC
LibbyAAA:	Bye Suzanne:)
BobbieG101:	If you see him, tell him about us!!
BobbieG101:	I've been wanting to get SW on-line
OnlineHost:	Suzanne751 has left the room.


Date: 	Tue, 19 Sep 1995
From: 	stribble@husc.harvard.edu (Scott Tribble)
Subject: 	Re: Covers

Reply to: woontner@SIRIUS.COM

More covers:
1. Talking Back to the Night: Joe Cocker
2. Can't Find My Way Home: Joe Cocker, House of Lords
3. Feelin' Alright: Michael Jackson, Jamie Walters (from The Heights)
4. Gimmie Some Lovin': The Dead
5. I'm a Man: The Dead

Scott Tribble


Date: 	Tue, 19 Sep 1995
From: 	stribble@husc.harvard.edu (Scott Tribble)
Subject: 	Re: Spencer Davis group song ID

Reply to:  s9517208@tiger.vut.edu.au (Peter Katic (scm2804))

There's a Rolling Stones song called "I Wanna Be Your Man" that was written
by Lennon/McCartney. Are you familiar with the SDG song "I'm a Man"?
Perhaps you heard that.

Scott Tribble


Date: 	Wed, 20 Sep 1995
From: 	bobbieg@azstarnet.com (BobbieGay)
Subject:	 Re: Traffic/Winwood covers

  In issue 9 Alan (woontner@SIRIUS.COM) said:

>I'd be interested in building a list of artists that have covered
>Traffic/Winwood tunes.

  Let's not forget 'Mr Fantasy' by Crosby Stills and Nash; it's on the boxed set.
  And I have a version of "Gimme Some Lovin'" done by Richard Simmons'
"band" on Sweatin' to the Oldies 3 that really rocks.  ;-)



Date: 	Wed, 20 Sep 1995
 From: 	MATTGREY@aol.com
Subject:	 Vacant Chair

"Vacant Chair" stands alone:

   I love good basic rock from the Stones to the Stone Temple Pilots but
sometimes you hear songs and you hear musicians that go to other places that
you have never known existed.  Vacant Chair is a great example of this in that
it is a truly beautiful song that can not be classified.  It's not rock, folk, jazz, or
your standard Gabriel and Sting bore.  Whether you know every lyric or think
the song is about an understaffed university, you can't help but be touched and
inspired by each line, note and chorus.  I like it when music amplifies and
clarifies my mood and this song does just that.

 Other songs in this category include the wonderfully unique and
underdiscussed My Love's Leaving, along with Dust,. Presence of the Lord, Let
Me Make Something In Your Life,  and State of Grace.



From: 	ASchulberg@aol.com
Date: 	Sat, 23 Sep 1995
Subject: 	Tapes from last summer's tour

Do you know where I can find tapes of the Traffic tour last summer? I have
some tradeables, though nothing Traffic/Winwood related.

Arnie Schulberg


From: 	MATTGREY@aol.com
Date: 	Mon, 25 Sep 1995
Subject: 	If Winwood went country ...

  Interestingly enough I actually live in Nashville, the sometimes home of Mr.
Winwood, and I often wonder if the country music scene has influenced him.
What would happen if he did go country?

Roll With It              becomes      More Rolls With It
My Love's Leaving                     My Love I'm Leaving
Vacant Chair                              Vacant Bar Stool
Back in the High Life                  Bring Me Some High Life
Riding High                                 Ropin' High

And if he veered away from country into protest folk then we'd have Talking
Back to the Right.



From: 	J.Kielema@bw.kun.nl
Date: 	Mon, 25 Sep 1995
Subject: 	Nickname

  A dutch reporter gave Steve the nick name 'Steve "I guess I suppose
you're right" Winwood', because of the fact that he is not very good in
talking about his music (he's just talking back to the night).



From: 	bobbieg@azstarnet.com (Bobbie Gay)
Date: 	Mon, 25 Sep 1995
Subject: 	FAQ questions

Hey, Subscribers,
  Please send me any questions that you think should go into the FAQ.  The
most frequently-asked-question that I actually receive is, 'What is Steve up to
these days?' and of course that's the one question that I can't answer with any
degree of accuracy or certainty.
  I'd really appreciate some help with this!


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