VOLUME 9, sent Sept 19, 1995

Topics in this issue:
  1. Least favorites
  2. Traffic/Winwood covers
  3. I'm A Man lyrics
  4. Re: Concert set-lists
  5. Steve Winwood newsgroup
  6. Five favorites
  7. SDG ID question, and Box Set question
  8. Hendrix/Traffic jams

Date: Thu, 7 Sep 1995
From: Scott Tribble 
Subject: POST: Least favorites

This is an intriguing topic. Note that I call them "least favorites."
Even Steve's biggest misses (for me) still say a lot more to me than a
lot of other artists' works. Some of those that never touched me that much:

Evening Blue
Hold On (from first album)
Spanish Dancer
Help Me Angel
Shining Song
Every Day (Oh Lord)

I think probably the worst for me is Every Day, just because, by this
point, I thought he had left behind the one-note keyboard solos and I
found the melody uninspiring, the lyrics so-so. One of my pet peeves is a chorus
that repeats itself over and over again--it didn't bug me on This Train Won't
Stop or Every Night Every Day, but it bugged me on this one. Or should I say:
it was less appreciated? :)

Scott Tribble

Date: Fri, 8 Sep 1995
From: woontner@SIRIUS.COM (Alan Woontner)
Subject: Traffic/Winwood covers

I'd be interested in building a list of artists that have covered
Traffic/Winwood tunes.

Here is my list:

1. Smiling Phases - Blood, Sweat and Tears.On their 2nd album. BS&T made a
big hit out of this. It's dramatically different than the Traffic version, which I
prefer, but the BS&T version is energetic. The BS&T version was used on a
United Airline commerical in  the 70s. Hope Steve and Jim got some royalties
from it.

2. , 40,000 Headmen -  Blood, Sweat and Tears - On their 3rd album. Not

3. No Face, No Name, No Number - Hugh Masakela- This is a beautiful
instrumental. Found on the album "Promise of the Future" which also has the
classic "Grazing in the Grass"

4. Feeling Alright - Joe Cocker. Leave it to Joe to dramatically improve a
Traffic tune.

5. Mr. Fantasy - Grateful Dead. Performed at many of their live shows.

  I have heard Mr.Fantasy and Hole in My Shoe performed by modern bands on
the radio in the last year or two. I haven't caught the name of these bands.

Any more?

Favorite Winwood/Traffic slow tempo:
1. Dust
2. Slowdown, Sundown
3. No Face, No Name, No Number
4. Hidden Treasure
5. Vacant Chair
6. Back In the Highlife
7. Silence is Your Song
8. Withering Tree
9. No Time To Live
10. Slowdown, Sundown

   (Alan - I forgot to mention it in the last volume, but thanks for coming up
with the new name!   -BG)

Date: Tue, 12 Sep 1995
From: vankirks@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu (Shannon Van Kirk)
Subject: I'm A Man lyrics

I checked "Stevie Winwood and Friends" songbook (1970), and the 1988 "Roll
With It' concert video tape from the Royal Albert Hall so I could lipread his
lyrics.  This is what he sang:

First verse:
Well, my pad is very messy, and there's whiskers on my chin
And I'm all hung up on music, and I always play to win.
I ain't got no time for lovin' 'cause my time is all used up
Just a-sittin' 'round creating all that groovy kinda stuff.

Second verse:
If I had my choice of matter, I would rather be with cats
All engrossed in mental chatter showin' where our minds are at,
And relating to each other just how strong our will can be,
In resisting all involvement with each groovy chick we see.

Third verse:
So I got to keep my image while suspended on a throne
That looks out on a kingdom filled with people all unknown,
Who imagine I'm not human, and my heart is made of stone,
And I never have no problems, and my toilet's trimmed with chrome.


From: RRopek@aol.com
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 1995
Subject: Re: Concert set-lists

  Bobbie's questioned the constancy of Traffic/Winwood set lists a couple of
issues back. From my admittedly limited research, I can add some information.
  Traffic do not appear to have ever been one of the great "set mixing" bands
(ala Grateful Dead) on any given tour.  In fact, if you compare the two shows
below, you can see that even a 23 year span of time didn't see too much change

Boston Music Hall (10/14/71)                        R.F.K. Stadium,  Wash.,
					  D.C. (7/16/94)

Medicated Goo                                             Pearly Queen
Light up or...                                                 Medicated Goo
Glad/Freedom Rider...                                   Glad/Freedom Rider
Hidden Treasure                                            Rock n' Roll Stew
John Barlycorn...                                           Rainmaker
Rock 'n Roll Stew                                          Mozambique
Many a Mile to Freedom                                 Low Spark...
Low Spark...                                                  Dear Mr.
Gimme Some Lovin'                                        Gimme Some Lovin'

  Actually, this is a bit disingenuous, since the '94 Traffic tour was more like
two distinct tours.  On some dates they opened for the Grateful Dead (as on
7/16/94), and on others they headlined.

  The time allotted Traffic during the Dead shows was strictly limited, and they
appear to have gone into a "greatest hits" mode for these shows.  Why?  Did
they see the "deadheads" as a nostalgia oriented audience ?  This might be a
good point to debate.  One perspective is, that since that audience isn't there
primarily too see you, it would be a good opportunity to present the new
product, i.e., "Far From Home".  However, they made little effort to do this.

  In the headlining Traffic shows a greater emphasis was placed on the new
album.   Again, we could debate if it was given enough exposure.  In my non-
scientific poll of concert tapes :), by the end of the '94 tour (England 9/94 ?),
they had played , at one time or another, all of the songs from the new album
except "Far From Home", State of Grace" and "This Train Wont Stop".
  Any  missing?  The number of new songs played at any given concert varied
from four to a pitiful two !

   "Pearly Queen" seems to have opened every show , followed by "Medicated
Goo".  The other older songs played consistantly include: "Rock n' Roll Stew",
"Empty Pages", "40,000 Headmen", "Glad/Freedom Rider", Low Spark...,
"Light Up...", Dear Mr. Fantasy", "John Barlycorn..." and "Gimme Some
Lovin'" (roughly in that order).  The songs that seem to have been dropped in
and out of the set include "Walking in the Wind", "Rainmaker" and

  The biggest suprise?  The tail end of the tour inclusion of "Holy Ground" -
played at only two shows in England, Birmingham (9/26) and Manchester
(and a soundcheck).  The Birmingham performance is every bit as good as the
album version - just beautiful, in fact.  Yes, the Uilleann pipes were included,
but I'm not sure who played it.  Why they didn't pull this one out earlier in the
tour is beyond me.


Date: Sun, 17 Sep 1995
From: bobbieg@azstarnet.com (Bobbie Gay)
Subject: Steve Winwood newsgroup

I received the following in reply to a request for information on forming an
alt.fan.steve_winwood newsgroup.

>From: Brian Edmonds 
 (... much snippage ...)

>  Well, with the numbers you've got now, you could make a good case >on
alt.config for an alt group.  .....
>  A better approach, though it involves more work, is to continue with >the
mailing list, but advertise it well.  You can do this by getting >entries in the
lists I mentioned above, as well as creating a FAQ and >submitting it to
rec.music.info (and the news.answers team if you >really want to make it
"official").  This will get your list noticed by a >lot of people, and once you
succeed in attracting a few hundred >subscribers (assuming they're all willing
to vote yes), you're almost >guaranteed to pass a rec newsgroup.
> The advantage in taking the time to create the group in rec is that you
>will get almost instant propagation.  Most sites accept groups created
>under the Big-8 process immediately, while alt groups are accepted >only on
the request of users, if at all.

  I have 2 questions for the group in regards to this:

1)  Have any of you successfully passed a 'rec' newsgroup, and can you pass
along to me any hints or tips on making the process a little easier?

2)  More importantly, it looks like I'm about to write a FAQ.  And I need some
Q's!  Would you please send me some questions that you think are deserving of
inclusion in a FAQ?  Especially you newbies out there, or those of you who
have only recently come to appreciate the work of this talented musician.  I
would really appreciate it.  I'm willing to look up and write all the answers, but
I don't think I can ask all the questions, too!

  BTW, if you're wondering about the 'numbers' he refers to, it's the number of
subscribers to this list.  There are currently 120 of you out there; he thinks we
need more like 300 to pass the rec group.  So tell your friends!  As
Dreemwyver@aol.com once told me, "Friends don't let friends dislike SW."

PS  My trip to Colorado was wonderful, and thanks for all the have-a-safe-trip
and welcome-home messages.  :-)

Subj:	Five favorites
Date:	95-09-06 20:37:04 EDT
From:	s9517208@tiger.vut.edu.au (Peter Katic (scm2804))

Hello my new found friends!
   Fans of Steve Winwood on the net.....what a gift.  I'm getting
a tingly feeling all over.

   ANYWAY, Let me introduce myself.  My name is Peter Katic.  Im
20 years old and I'm doing an exchange program in AUSTRALIA.  Hence my
"au" extension.  I am originally form New Jersey.  And well, here goes
initiation time....5 favorite Winwood/Traffic songs :

5.  Roll Right Stones (great jam)
4.  Uninspired (live)  - (steve kicks some seriuos ass  with the guitar here)
3.  Higher Love - (nostalgic from childhood)
2.  Cant find my way home - (and on the 8th day, God created Steve winwood's
voice and it was freakin incredible)
1.  Empty Pages!! - (funky, cooking, slamming E. PIANO!!!!)

   Well there they are.  BUT, Mr. Fantasy is in a class by itself.  When
I was a young boy of about 10 (nostalgic music playing in background
to reflect a gentler more innocent era..)  just kidding...
   ANYWAY, my uncle gave me this tape about 10 years ago, and well this
song was like the first rock n roll song i knew after "I cant get no
satisfaction" , and the rest is history.

   Is "shouldnt have took more than you gave" a TRAFFIC song?

   Who here thinks winwoods style of guitar kicks!

   Anyway, I'm a musician myself and would certainly appreciate if
someone could post tab or chords to "higher love", "while you see a chance"
"valerie", or "finer things".

		sayonara amigos!

				peter katic

Subj:	SDG ID question, and Box Set question
Date:	95-09-11 23:23:21 EDT
From:	s9517208@tiger.vut.edu.au (Peter Katic (scm2804))

hello again,
   I heard a song on the radio yesterday here in Melbourne.  The
lyrics went something like "I wanna be your man" with some chunky
distorted electric guitar in the begginning.  Was this the Spencer
Davis Group?  The voice sounded like a young Steve Winwwod.  It was a reall
great song.  It's a shame I'm not familiar with more Spencer
Davis material.

   question #2 - who here has acquired the Steve winwood Box Set?  and is it
worth getting if you have all traffic material blind faith , and winwoods greatest

Subj:	Hendrix/Traffic jams
Date:	95-09-12 23:25:24 EDT
From:	s9517208@tiger.vut.edu.au (Peter Katic (scm2804))

hello again,
   I am curious about these Traffic/Hendrix jams.  What songs do they
play?  Its funny thats its not on Winwoods box set.

*******END OF SMILING PHASES, VOL 9 **********