DIGEST 1, VOLUME 8, sent Sep 6, 1995

Topics in this issue:
  1. A minor eagle/winwood connection
  2. five favorite
  3. a whole bunch of things
  4. current / future TOUR information?
  5. Favorite 10 Tunes
  6. Next solo album ?
  7. new suggestions

From:      Madbotyou@aol.com
Date:      Sat, 2 Sep 1995
Subject:  A minor eagle/winwood connection

I found an intersting tidbit of info.  :) .It seems that one of the Eagles' new
songs "Love Will Keep Us Alive" has three co-authors. And one of them is
named Jim Capaldi.  I don't know of too many Capaldi's in the business so I am
pretty sure it's him.  What do you think?  And I saw a shot of Winwood on tv
tonight.  The HBO Hall of Fame show
replayed a few moments from the first jam in '86 and Winwood was on lead
vox singing Gimmie Some Lovin.  (I bet you knew that but I had to relay it.)

Ken  aka Sting

From:      MATTGREY@aol.com
Date:      Tue, 5 Sep 1995 01:46:04 -0400
Subject:   five favorite

If anyone's looking for the perfect complement to Steve Winwood try
listening to Sara McLachlan.  Her "Fumbling towards Ecstacy" album reminds
me a lot of  "Arc of a Diver";  and here are my five favorite slow tempo
Winwood solo songs:

5.  "And I Go"
4.  "Dust"
3.  "You'll Keep on Searching"
2   "Back in the High Life"
1.  "Slow Down Sundown"

From:      MATTGREY@aol.com
Date:      Tue, 5 Sep 1995 02:03:08 -0400
Subject:   a whole bunch of things

The three worst Winwood/Traffic songs as proof every pioneer mis steps along
the way:

3.  "Come Out and Dance"  painfully simple lyrics with no real hook
2   "Rainmaker" Where does this song go.  It makes me nauseous.
1.  The live version from "On the Road" of"Low Spark of High Healed Boys"
There are five minute stretches in which nothing is going on.  Are they tuning
their instruments or making plans for later that nite? Were their egos that
  But let me end this message on a positive note by announcing to the world
that "Vacant Chair"   is the best song ever.

Subj:	current / future TOUR information?
Date:	95-09-03 23:56:17 EDT
From:	RabChaser@megaweb.com (Rabbit Chaser)

Also, do you have any current / future TOUR information?

(What about it, guys?  I haven't heard back from Virgin yet.  Any more rumors?

Subj:	POST:  Favorite 10 Tunes
Date:	95-09-04 21:44:36 EDT
From:	HildreLind

Might as well add mine to the list, in no particular order:

>> Vacant Chair (Who doesn't?)
>> When the Eagle Flies
>> Walking in the Wind
>> My Love's Leavin
>> Hidden Treasure
>> Low Spark
>> John Barleycorn
>> Night Train
>> In the Light of Day
>> And everything he did on GO

Subj:	POST: Next solo album ?
Date:	95-09-05 18:03:19 EDT
From:	F.Vergeer@cc.ruu.nl (Frank Vergeer)

  I read in a booklet of Jim Capaldi's Prince Of Darkness the
following : "And in 1992 started working together in preperation for
Stevie Winwood's next solo album, to be released in 1993".
  I never found that album, the last solo album was Refugees Of The
Heart. Who can tell me ?

Greetings Frank.

("Far From Home" came out in May 1994; but it was released as Traffic, not
SW.  Maybe they changed their minds about attribution.  Is this what you
meant?   -BG)

From:      MATTGREY@aol.com
Date:      Wed, 6 Sep 1995 02:21:12 -0400
Subject:   new suggestions

Other suggestions for the new name:
full pages
empty pages
sparks and shootouts
 my love is leaving (oh I'm sorry  that's my own personal newsletter)
Something new
one hand free

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