DIGEST 1, VOLUME 7, sent Sep 2, 1995

Topics in this issue:
  1. Lyrics to Can't Find My Way Home
  2. Req for Hendrix jams, and 5 Favorite Songs
  3. Scott's Announcement
  4. Grateful Dead/Traffic
  5. DigWinwood name change
  6. Chat Room log and "I'm a Man" chord
  7. Re: DigWinwood changes
  8. Re: DigWinwood changes
  9. Names and other stuff
 10. Re: Spencer Davis Group "I'm a Man"


Subj:	Lyrics to Can't Find My Way Home
Date:	95-08-27 20:55:50 EDT
From:	rfrankli@charweb.org (Randy Franklin)

Hey, man.  Would you happen to have the lyrics to "Can't find my way home"?
I need to play it soon but don't have the words. Peace.

BG replies - I know, I know, I shouldn't reply, but I am anyway.  If you need
lyrics, always check the Home Page first.  BTW, these are the words SW
actually sings.  In the written lyrics, the first line of the second 'verse' is -
"Come down on your own and leave your money at home".

Come down off your throne and leave your body alone
Somebody must change
You are the reason I've been waiting so long
Somebody holds the key
Well, I'm near the end and I just ain't got the time
And I'm wasted and I can't find my way home

Come down on your own and leave your body alone
Somebody must change
You are the reason I've been waiting all these years
Somebody holds the key
Well, I'm near the end and I just ain't got the time
And I'm wasted and I can't find my way home

From:      Madbotyou@aol.com
Date:      Tue, 29 Aug 1995
Subject:   Req for Hendrix jams, and 5 Favorite Songs

I just wanted to add a comment or two for the next digest.

1.)  Does anyone have a copy of the hendrix/traffic jams? I am willing to pay
and I need a copy very badly.

2.) Ok, I'll follow the crowd and list my five favorite Winwood/Traffic songs:

5.)     Feelin' Alright- It's Trafiic, it's popish, it's just plain good for
4.)     Roll With It- If you ever doubted that Winwood has soul, just 	check
out this track
3.)     Dear Mr. Fantasy- the beginning of something magical. Brilliant
2.)     Low Spark- I first heard this song on his 91 tour in Nashviille, 	TN.  It
has since become a staple on my cd player.
1.)     Split Decision- Winwood rocks, Walsh rocks. two styles merge 	into one
artwork. I can only hope there is more to come form 	these two collaborating.

Ken aka Sting

Subj:	POST: Scott's Announcement
Date:	95-08-28 13:00:26 EDT
From:	stribble@husc.harvard.edu (Scott Tribble)

  No I am not pregnant, but nonetheless it is an important announcement. :)   I
am heading back to school in less than 2 weeks so stay tuned for big changes to
the Web page. My roommate, God love him, is a computer geek, so expect
sound files, many more graphics (send 'em if you want them included) (mail
them to my address--you can find it on my HomePage).
  Also the page will soon be rated by the McKinley Group, which you can read
about in newsgroups. I'd like to add more stuff to Bootleg section and was
hoping someone would send a review of the Rainbow Concert reissue. I  am
always looking for contributions or ideas! Thanks again.

Scott Tribble

Subj:	POST: Grateful Dead/Traffic
Date:	95-08-29 14:40:38 EDT
From:	RRopek
To:	DigWinwood

Here's another interesting collaborative effort, combined with a major tease.
Winwood (and possibly Capaldi) joined the Grateful Dead onstage at the
Anderson theater in New York City on Nov. 23rd, 1970.

On the tape I have, Winwood's performance apparently begins during the song
"Hard to Handle" (Pigpen vocals), where he plays some nice hammond organ.
This is followed by "Railroad Blues" (Jerry Garcia vocals), then a medley of
"Not Fade Away" > "Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad" > "Not Fade Away".
Steve takes (or rather, attempts) the lead vocal on the first "Not Fade Away".
Apparently, he only knows part of the first verse and chorus, which he mangles
in a couple of trys.  He seems embarrassed, and sings in an odd, low register.
Finally, he speaks: "O.K. - fade away, I sang something" and drops
out vocally for the rest of the song.  You kind of pity the guy - he pays the price
for jamming with the Dead!  Of course, he makes up for it in his playing,
which is supportive, and fits nicely into the Dead's sound.  As the jam returns
to N.F.A., Bob Weir handles the lead vocals for the rest of the song, with Steve
adding some backing.

I thought that this was the extent of the Winwood aspect of the tape, until
earlier this year, when I finally listened to the whole thing.  Thats where the
tease comes in.  In about the last three minutes of the tape, Bill Graham comes
on and introduces Traffic - who proceed to kick into an excellent version of
"Medicated Goo", which is unmercifully cut before it concludes.  I have since
learned that in addition to taping all of their own shows, the Dead also taped all
supporting acts - such as Cream and Traffic.  Thus, sitting in the Grateful Dead
tape vault is: Traffic, Anderson theater 11/23/70 - only a couple of minutes of
which we may ever hear.

I appreciate your continuing efforts to keep this thing together. I know
it's a labor of love, but it also takes work - Thanks.


(Dan, like Arlo says, I'm not proud.  Or tired.  -BG)

From:      Stuart_Troutman@HP-Chelmsford-om1.om.hp.com
Date:      Wed, 30 Aug 95 14:06:52
Subject:   Re: DigWinwood name change

        Yeah, I was about to say that I really dislike "DigWinwood" as a
name for this forum/list. Here are my votes for a new name:

        1. MrFantasy (should be the obvious choice)
        2. 40kHeadMen (or maybe HeadMan)
        3. ArcDiver
        4. VacantChair
        5. LowSpark
        6. RainMaker
        7. Glad
        8. FreedomRider (maybe a bit too pompous)


AOL Chat-room Log of Aug 31, 1995, snipped top and bottom:

Madbotyou:	Hey Bobbie, I found a tidbit of useless Winwood
DREEMWYVR:	No Winwood info is useless
BobbieG101:	Cool, what is it?
BobbieG101:	Good for you, Dreem, I bow to you
Madbotyou:	On Win95 the Microsoft plus program....
DREEMWYVR:	<-----many people bow to me
Madbotyou:	... the screen saver program for psychedelic 60's
	ends the screen with a note from "I'm A Man"
BobbieG101:	You're kidding!!
DREEMWYVR:	No kidding!
BobbieG101:	Post it to the Digest!! Post it to the Digest!!
DREEMWYVR:	I haven't committed to Windows '95 yet.....waiting
	to see
Madbotyou:	I can tell it's the note, it's IAM
Madbotyou:	Bobbie, can you post it for me?
BobbieG101:	Okay, i'll cut&paste out of this log

  The chord we were talking about is the only guitar chord in the intro; all the
rest is bass line.  Those of you who have Windows '95, do you agree with this?
  FYI, the chord is an E-minor-7th, probably played like this: (play only the top
3 strings)


   It's pretty obvious that SW hit it pretty hard; that causes the distortion in the
lower, heavier string that makes it sound even brighter.  You could also play it
on the top 4 strings on the 12th fret (don't play the bottom 2 strings) but you'll
need to goof around with the equalization to get the brightness; and SW doesn't
usually use the straight-across chords.   -BG & KG

From:      BriCraig@aol.com
Date:      Wed, 30 Aug 1995 18:05:44
Subject:   Re: DigWinwood changes

Suggestion's for a title: Gimme Some Readin'
		       You Can All Join In
                                  Write Up Or Read Me Alone

Date:      Thu, 31 Aug 1995 13:00:50
From:      vankirks@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu (Shannon Van Kirk)
Subject:   Re: DigWinwood changes

How about "Diverse Arcana" as a new name?  It's my husband's contribution;
he came up with it since so many people seem to choose Arc of a Diver as their
favorite SW track.

arc:  a luminous discharch of electric current across a gap
arcana:  things mysterious
diver:  one who falls sharply, rushes headlong, or plunges, as into an activity
divers:  various, several
diverse:  distinct, varied, having diversity in form


Date:      Thu, 31 Aug 1995 18:19:43
From:      woontner@SIRIUS.COM (Alan Woontner)
Subject:   Names and other stuff

  I think the name should be someting positive, to reflect the Winwood
attitude.  I like Smiling Phases since Steve's career has had a lot of
wonderful phases and being an old fan, I think we need to refer to his
entire career.

  I tried the exercise of the 5 best Winwood  or Traffic tunes. Impossible!  The
only thing I could come up with is the 5 worst Winwood or Traffic tunes, but I
don't want to publish those!

Here's a real esoteric fact. Take the Traffic symbol and put a mirror
perpendicular to the middle of it.  In the reflection you will see a smiling furry
face... Mr. Fantasy!  (I no longer remember how I found out about that one.)


From:      bobbieg@azstarnet.com (Bobbie G.)
Subject:   Re: Spencer Davis Group "I'm a Man"
Date:      Thu, 31 Aug 1995

Found this in alt.music.lyrics:

>From: Vito Aiello 
>Subject: Re: Spencer Davis Group "I'm a Man"
>These lyrics are from a CHICAGO book...they covered the Steve Winwood /
Jimmy Miller tune in the 70's

>Well, my pad is very messy, got the whiskers on my chin,
>Never had no problems 'cause I always pay the rent
>I've got no time for lovin',  Cause my time is all used up
>I stand outside creating all the groovy kind of love

>I'm a Man, yes I am, but I can't help but love you so
>I'm a Man, yes I am, but I can't help but love you so

>Well, if I had my choice of matter I would rather be with cats,
>All engrossed in mental chatter showin' where our minds are at,
>And relating to each other just how strong the will can be
>In resisting all involvments with each groovy chick we see

>So, I've got to keep my image while suspended on a throne
>That looks out upon a kingdom filled with people all unknown
>Who imagine I'm not human and my heart is made of stone,
>And I never had no problems and my body's made of stone

   Actually, now that I look at them, I think they're wrong.  Or at least not what
our Steve was singing.  Here are my changes in caps (sorry for shouting at

Well, my pad is very messy AND THERE'S whiskers on my chin
I ain't got no time for lovin' 'cause my time is all used up
Refrain - Well, I'm a man, yes I am, AND I can't help but love you so
              Well, I'm a man, yes I am, ANDI can't help but love you so

(his second verse is all right)

I've got to keep my image while suspended on a throne
That looks out upon a kingdom filled with people all unknown
Who INVENT THAT I'm not human and my heart is made of stone
And I've never had no problems and my POT IS FILLED WITH 	GOLD

Anyone disagree?



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