DIGEST 1, VOLUME 6, sent Aug 28, 1995

Topics in this issue:
  1. winwood/palmer-top 5
  2. 5 favorite solo songs (and lyrics to Vacant Chair)
  3. Winwood newsletter
  4. (Fwd) rock videos
  5. Video compilations
  6. Re: Winwood Digest
  7. Dance references in Steve's lyrics
  8. Winwoodian facts and rumours
  9. Concert set-lists
10. High Life thoughts


Subj:	winwood/palmer-top 5
Date:	95-08-22 21:15:46 EDT
From:	price@jove.acs.unt.edu (Price Charles)

  First of all, I'm a newbie to this list. How long have I been missing out
on this!!?
  A Winwood/Palmer tour!?!? AWESOME! I'll be there in a
heartbeat...add Peter Gabriel and it'd be my dream session..:)

My top 5 solo songs:
1. Valerie   -my first concert of all time(i'm only 20) was Winwood and
              I won't forget the blinding lights during that song.
2. Don't You Know What the Night Can Do -another memory thing
3. Roll With It -blast them horns...
4. While You See A Chance - so so so true...
5. Here Comes A Man - someone else had a new traffic song, why cant I! :)

Aaron Price                                http://www.unt.edu/~price/

Subj:	POST 5 favorite solo songs
Date:	95-08-22 23:22:39 EDT
From:	ahoflund@mailer.fsu.edu (A. Bryce Hoflund)

These are the top five Winwood (excluding Traffic - another top 5 list)
songs that I would take with me if I was stranded on a desert island and
HAD :) to choose:

1.  While You See A Chance - I look to this song for inspiration when
life gets tough.
2.  Vacant Chair - Very melodic (does anyone have the lyrics?)
3.  Still In The Game
4.  In The Light Of Day
5.  Spanish Dancer

BTW, does anyone know if there is a story behind Arc Of A Diver?


COMPILER'S NOTE:  I know I'm not supposed to respond to posts before I
'officially' receive them, but I can't resist.  This is from the 'Chronicles' sheet
music, published by Warner Bros in 1988:

Vacant Chair
When a western man loses his best friend many days are spent in years
And without belief he knows his empty grief is a name for his own fears
Oh, the eyes are still.  Oh, but even sleeping

My dearest friend till we meet again and ever, we'll be blowing
Maybe weep awhile for those below; until then I'll keep on going
But oh, the heart, the hurt keeps on keepin' on, on and on

Let them alone for those down there speak our sorrow
While we can't share the joke together, yeah, we keep on going
My dearest friend till we meet again, O-ku Nsu-kun No-ko
The dead are weeping for the dead

Subj:	Winwood newsletter
Date:	95-08-22 19:07:10 EDT
From:	woontner@SIRIUS.COM (Alan Woontner)

  Thanks for providing this wonderful service. I have been a Winwood fan since
I started listening to FM music in 1967. All of a sudden this strange group was
being played that generated a sense of ecstacy, wonder, joy and deep
contemplation that dovetailed with my interest in spirituality..it was Traffic of
course.  And although the sense of wonder is not always present in Winwood's
music, there is always something genuine, heartfelt and precious....even in
some of the more predictable recordings.
  Please subscribe me to the newsletter.  Also let me know how I can obtain
some of the bootlegs discussed on the Winwood Homepage.
  I really enjoyed the GO album and I still have the vinyl, though I haven't
played it in years. Winner/Loser (Steve's sole writing contribution) is a hell of a
profound song. Even though he doesn't
write too many lyrics, he sure seems to have a feel for meaning.
  I have almost all of Steve's post Spencer Davis Group recorded music except
*  All Around The Mullberry Bush soundtrack (I heard it in the 60s and wasn't
*  The Pentultimate Zone
*  2 Way Street
*  Aiye Keta.

Do you know where I can get them?  I have some Winwood video footage to


From:          brett@epix.net
Date:          Thu, 24 Aug 1995 08:41:58
Subject:      (Fwd) rock videos

Thought you might find this interesting.  Are there any Traffic
videos that you don't have?  Might be worth posting to
digest (with caveat that we haven't ordered anything from them yet)
Looks like an interesting service.


------- Forwarded Message Follows -------
From:          Emily  Kail 
Date:          Thu, 24 Aug 1995 05:09:36 -0400
Subject:       rock videos

  Thank you for inquiring about our video. Below you will find the listings you
  We acquire new footage daily, so keep in touch. The quality of our video
ranges from A+ to B-,  and many come from the master source. We custom
make all of our tapes so you can  compile any 2 hours of your choice. A  2 hour
tape is $40 including postage.  A one hour tape is $20 (the minimum order
  All videos are made on Maxell Gold tapes. You can get your new video by
making your  check or money order (US funds only, please) payable to VIDEO
CRAZED, and mailing  it along with your order to the address below. All tapes
will be sent out within  2-7 days of receiving your order, depending on the
volume of business.  (The number at the far right of the listing is the approx.
number of minutes
long.) You can email us if you have any further questions -
kail@pipeline.com - Thank you for your business,

             The VIDEO CRAZED people

317 Sylvia Way
San Rafael, CA 94903

     Hole in my Shoe (67) Promo   4
     Beat Club (68) Here we Go Round the Mullberry Bush  4
     Christmas On Earth Concert (67) clips  1
     Beat Club (69) 40,000 Headmen   4
     Live at the Santa Monica Civic (72)  70
     Musik Laden (73) Evening Blue  5
     Midnight Special (75) Profile  12
     Woodstock 94  85
     Glastonbury Fayre (71)  12
     Midsummer Rock (Live 70)  15
     Tonight Show (94)  6
     Live House of Blues "News Footage" (94) 2
     Paper Sun (68) Promo  3

From:      ahill@ccs.carleton.ca
Subject:  Video compilations
Date:      Thu, 24 Aug 95 12:50:12 EDT

Anyone know if Steve has any compilations of all of his music
videos?.. what about live performances.


Date:        Thu, 24 Aug 1995 18:59:07
From:       woontner@SIRIUS.COM (Alan Woontner)
Subject:   Re: Winwood Digest

Thanks so much for the digests. Its very interesting to get all
of the different perspectives, myths, rumours and opinions of Winwood
fans that I have never met. All my friends know I'm a bit fan-atical
about Winwood and Traffic, and although they indulge me, I can't quite
share my love for the music with them. It's not their thing.

I got out my vinyl copy of GO and put it on my turntable. Alas, my turntable no
longer plays at 33 1/3. It warbles. So I'll have to borrow someone else's.  In fact,
even though I have all of the Traffic albums except When The Eagle Flies and
Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory on CD, most of the Winwood stuff pre-High
Life, is not on CD. Hummm.... time for new purchases!!

Anyway, I found it very interesting that Steven Stills says that the term
'painfully shy' was invented for Steve Winwood. I think his very
introversion and unpretentiousness allows him to access really deep feelings in
his musical expression.  Since I'm somewhat introverted or at least think about
internal stuff a lot, I have gravitated towards musicians that explore the same
realms. However, Steve's exploration are particularly soulful.


Subj:	Dance references in Steve's lyrics
Date:	95-08-25 20:34:46 EDT
From:	bobbieg@azstarnet.com (Bobbie Gay)

   For a man who has no rhythm (just watch him try to move with the music in
any concert footage), SW certainly has lots of dance references in his music:

     You Can All Join In - 'Here's a little dance you can all join in with'
     Pearly Queen - 'She had some gypsies' blood running through her

GO:  Time Is Here - 'The dance that moves us all'

Arc of a Diver:  Spanish Dancer

Back in the High Life:
     Take It As It Comes - 'Ask me to dance, I will dance for you'
     Back In the High Life Again - 'And I'll drink and dance with one
	hand free, let the world back into me'
            	 'We'll have ourselves a time, and we'll dance 'til morning sun'
     The Finer Things - 'The finer things I feel in me, the golden dance
		life could be'
         	   'Won't you come out and dance with me?'

Roll With it:
      Roll With it - 'You'll hear the music play, you'll dance, baby'
      The Morning Side - 'To earn one more second chance, you learn the
     Put On Your Dancing Shoes

Refugess of the Heart:
     One & Only Man - 'And we'll keep on dancing 'til the morning light'
     Come Out and Dance

Far From Home:
      Some Kinda Woman - 'And then you start to shake the place, and
	then you lock on tight to the groove'

  I'm sure there's more I haven't listed.

  The other references that come up that IMHO are fascinating, are the
juxtaposition of 'saints' and 'clowns'.  It comes up in You'll Keep on
Searching from Refugees - 'Laughed with saints and cried with clowns'; and
also in Put On Your Dancing Shoes from Roll With it - 'And who's the saint?
And where's the clown?'  I keep hearing it in my head from something Traffic-y
as well, but I can't yet place it.

  One more reference that I've found amusing, is the self-referential lyric
'while you see a chance'.  From Come Out and Dance from Refugees - 'Baby,
this is true romance / Take it while you see a chance'; and then from Hearts on
Fire from Roll With It - 'Went up and asked her, do you mind if I sit?  / She
said, No, but while you see a chance you better take it.'  LOL, poor Stevie,
wonder how many times women have used that line on him?


Date:        Fri, 25 Aug 1995 20:29:05 -0800
From:       woontner@SIRIUS.COM (Alan Woontner)
Subject:   Winwoodian facts and rumours

Here are various facts that I didn't see in the Homepage.

* Steve was called Stevie D'Angelo on the Eric Clapton's Powerhouse album

* Prior to Mr. Fantasy, Traffic recorded a number of cuts, including the
title track, for a film called Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush. This title
cut is on the Smiling Phases CD. I remember the rest of the tracks as being
pretty simplistic.

* I don't think that Steve appeared on Dave Mason's Alone Together. He did
appear on another Dave Mason album: Two Hearts. Not very worthwhile

* I would categorize Aiye Keta as a side project. Steve was given full
credit on the album cover with the two other musicians. Some very nice
jams. I have two on a cassette. I wish I still had the album.

* CD Now, the CD store on the Internet has numerous import Traffic and Steve
Winwood albums not mentioned in the discographies. I ordered Traffic's set
from Woodstock 94. It just didn't have the magic of the show I saw at Shoreline
(Mountain View, CA)  at which I was just enthralled by the pure musicianship.
I guess you had to be there. I'm ordering another one titled "Traffic: Live
1970". Its on backorder.

* Eric Clapton didn't talk to Steve for a few years, after Steve called
Blind Faith "the best backup group I ever had". A very uncharacteristic
Winwood quote. Perhaps not true.

* Jim Capaldi was a tax exile in Brazil for many years. At the Traffic
shows, Jim introduced Steve as his best friend for 30 years and one of the
greatest musicains on the planet.


Subj:	POST: Concert set-lists
Date:	95-08-26 13:04:12 EDT
From:	bobbieg@azstarnet.com (Bobbie Gay)

   In 1991, I saw Steve Winwood live twice.  The first time, May 8, was at
Desert Sky Pavilion in Phoenix - new shed, fabulous acoustics, I recommend
seeing anyone there.  The second time was June 4 at Peoria Civic Center in
Illinois.  I can't recommend that place, but I did have 11th row seats, and this is
where I met both Randall Bramblett, the saxaphonist, and Steve-his-own-self,
and I have the autographs to prove it!  The story of the meeting will (probably)
be the subject of another post.

  Anyway the set list in Phoenix was this:  I'm a Man, While You See a
Chance, Hearts on Fire, Another Deal Goes Down, One & Only Man, In the
Light of Day, Valerie, Low Spark, Glad/Freedom Rider, Feelin Alright,
Medicated Goo, Split Decision, Finer Things, and Roll With It.  The encores
were Back in the High Life (Steve, mandolin, alone in the spot-light, aaah!)
and Gimme Some Lovin.  The set list in Peoria was almost the same, except
they added Higher Love, with a loooong drum solo intro; and I can't remember
which song it replaced.

  In 1994 I saw Traffic only once, again at Desert Sky.  (Plans for me to go to
Indianapolis for a second show fell thru.)  The set list at this concert was:
Pearly Queen (unexpected, but a great intro), Medicated Goo, Some Kinda
Woman, Every Night Every Day, Walking in the Wind, Rock 'n' Roll Stew,
Uninspired, Forty Thousand Headmen, Empty Pages, Low Spark,
Glad/Freedom Rider, and Light Up or Leave Me Alone (used to intro the band).
The encores were Dear Mr Fantasy, John Barleycorn, and Gimme Some Lovin.

   Does anyone have entirely different set-lists for these shows?  Does Steve play
pretty much the same things on any given tour?

  Steve shows up here in Tucson at least once a year; apparently he has
friends who live here.  One of those friends is Sam Taylor, an old bluesman
who used to play every Saturday night at the Chicago Bar.  Steve used to sit in
with the band about twice a year, but NEVER when I was there!  I would
always hear about it, along about Tuesday.  Grrrr!  Sam Taylor had a bad heart
attack 2 years ago, and doesn't play so much anymore, although his health is
tremendously improved.


Date:        Sun, 27 Aug 1995 22:16:41 -0400 (EDT)
From:       Scott Tribble 
Subject:   High Life thoughts

--listened to High Life today for the first time in a while. That one
really does get better with age. I might rate that as his best solo
stuff, along with the debut album. I really think Steve's post-Talking
Back solo career would have been much more satisfying musically if he
stayed in the Freedom Overspill/Split Decision mode than the single note
keyboard lines of Finer Things and Every Day (great songs, but I don't see him
working up much of a sweat on those).