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Topics in this issue:
  1. Five favourite solo songs
  2. Dave Mason
  3. C.S.N.(Y.)/Winwood/Mason
  4. Where's Steve Now?
  5. Re: Hendrix/Traffic Jams
  6. Steve's guest appearances
  7. Traffic Sound
  8. Top 5 Solo Songs
  9. Re: Jimi Hendrix and Traffic - boot from late '60's
10. Re: Jimi Hendrix and Traffic - boot from late '60's
11. More Traffic URLs
12. Winwood tour


Subj:	POST: Five favourite solo songs
Date:	95-08-14 12:41:41 EDT
From:	rhall@eecs.umich.edu (Robert W. Hall)

My favourite five solo songs:

* Holy Ground - (officially Traffic, though) from Far From Home
 Inspirational.  Absolutely inspirational.   I can relate to Bobbie's post last issue
about driving and listening to this song-- I had a similar experience when I first
got Far From Home.  I was driving, alone, in the rolling hills of southeast Ohio
on one fine late fall morning.  The trees were in full colour, the roads narrow
and winding, rising up to ride along the ridges and then dropping sharply into
valleys with streams running along the road with aging, faded barns nestled
amongst the hills..  I felt truly at one with my environment-- the music, the car
(my Mustang GT), the roads.., the pastoral beauty of the land..ahhh.. :-)

* One More Morning from Roll With It

* While You See a Chance from Arc of A Diver

* I Will Be Here from Refugees.. this song (and In The Light of Day) affect me
in a similar way to Holy Ground-- both very moving and profound.

* Higher Love from BITH.

That's actually six.. ;-)

Two songs I want to mention that I feel have Winwood-esqe qualities, to me at
least, are by a two of my other favourite musicians-- Joe Cocker and Peter
Gabriel.  Peter Gabriel's 'Don't Give Up' and Joe Cocker's 'Take Me Home' --
both songs that make the hair stand up on my neck ;-)  Of course, I could go on
forever about the music of PG and JC-- two other favourite musicians of mine--
but I'll save that for other mailing lists..


Subj:	Dave Mason
Date:	95-08-15 11:22:09 EDT
From:	tpreston@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca (Trev Preston)

    While on the subject of Mason-what do listmembers think of his
contribution to Traffic? Was he a second, equal creative force to Steve?
Or did his silly pop songs (Hole in my Shoe etc...) ruin what Traffic was
trying to accomplish? Don't rip me up but I tend to think the latter......


Subj:	C.S.N.(Y.)/Winwood/Mason
Date:	95-08-15 11:37:52 EDT
From:	RRopek

A couple of pieces to add to Bobbie's contribution on the C.S.N. connection to

Unless you own the Crosby/Stills/Nash boxed retrospective, you may be
unaware that Still/Nash recorded a (mediocre) version of 'Dear Mr. Fantasy' in
More interesting perhaps are Stills' comments in the liner notes -

" Stevie Winwood was always my favorite singer, that blue-eyed soul sound.  It
had been our ambition from the start to convince him to join Crosby, Stills and
Nash - I wanted an organ player who could sing the blues. He was
exceptionally kind to me, but everytime I trudged across the moors to see him,
he was always occupied.  I didn't think ther was anyone more shy than me - the
phrase painfully shy was invented for this  man.  We recorded "Dear Mr.
Fantasy" a number of times, beginning in 1970.  It was intended as a homage.
Hats off, Stevie."

On another related tangent, Stills interrupted C.S.N.Y.'s concert at the Big Sur
folk festival (9/13/69) to allow Dave Mason to sing two songs - 'World of
Changes' and 'Only You Know and I Know", with the band.


Subj:	Where's Steve Now?
Date:	95-08-16 15:06:54 EDT
From:	cakkelle@tenet.edu

I have searched the net and all libraries and periodical within a 150-mile
radius but I can't find out what Steve is doing now.  Where is he and what is he

Subj:	Re: Hendrix/Traffic Jams
Date:	95-08-16 22:42:03 EDT
From:	brett@epix.net (Brett Freedman)

>From:	RRopek
>The Traffic/Hendrix studio session has to be one of the most >intriguing
unreleased pieces.

WOW - No doubt!
Okay, how do I get of hold of this stuff?  This sounds like the
equivalent of a Traffic Holy Grail -  Please  Please Please let me
drink from the cup!

They seem to be gradually releasing everything they can find by
Hendrix.  Is this a possibility for the Traffic/Hendrix jams?
And where did you hear it?


Subj:	POST: Steve's guest appearances
Date:	95-08-17 14:03:29 EDT
From:	Cecilia.Svensson@tvrl.lth.se (Cecilia Svensson)

Anyone who enjoyed Davy Spillane's Uillean pipes on the Far From Home
album, may want to know that Steve sings on one of Davy's solo
albums, A Place Among the Stones (1994). The song featuring Steve
is called Forever Frozen. Davy has his roots in Irish folk music, and
apart from the pipes, he also plays low whistle and acoustic guitar.
Especially listening to the whistle is a real treat, and there is
quite a lot of it on this album.There is more info on Davy Spillane
on http://www.sony.com/Music/ArtistInfo/DavySpillane_

From this page I quote "It's (a) hypnotic, emotive, and amazingly
soothing album that is a testimony not just to great talent but
also...", and I can only agree. Unfortunetely, I don't think it is
released anywhere but in France and the UK, but I'm not sure. This
means expensive, but it is worth it!

Regarding the dabate on which Traffic is best, I must admit that
Traffic without Chris Wood ... lacks something.


Subj:	POST: Traffic Sound
Date:	95-08-18 00:53:10 EDT
From:	stribble@husc.harvard.edu (Scott Tribble)

Reply to Matt Gray:

   I was just curious about your reference to Sarah MacLachlan as a
carrier of the Traffic sound. I'm a big fan of  hers too, and I was just wondering
what in particular reminds you of  Traffic?

Scott Tribble

Subj:	POST: Top 5 Solo Songs
Date:	95-08-18 01:02:14 EDT
From:	stribble@husc.harvard.edu (Scott Tribble)

5. Still in the Game
--Great mix of synths, piano, and guitar. The vocals are just full of
energy and give a rush to the uplifting lyrics.

4. Freedom Overspill
--Rockin' tune, with great slide guitar from Joe Walsh (please contribute
more!). Good offbeat lyrics too.

3. Talking Back to the Night (remix)
--Gives the song much more atmosphere than the original. Nice to actually hear
that saxophone, plus that funky bass brought to the front.

2. Hearts on Fire
--Sure, the lyrics are sappy, but you know they're from the heart. This
is just such a happy song, and he's singing his heart out (Love came to
me....). The horns add some nice flavor too.

1. Vacant Chair
--This song just symbolizes everything perfect about Steve
and how good his solo work can be. Nice use of guitar, the synth solo
works in context (unlike some of these other one-note solos), and I
really like John Susswell on drums. The lyrics are powerful, and the
chanting ghostly and entrancing.

Scott Tribble

COMPILER'S NOTES:  Steve is singing 'from the heart' on Hearts On Fire
because it is a strictly true account of his first meeting with his wife, Eugenia.
And I have seen speculation on this, but I have on good authority that the song
Vacant Chair was written after Graham Bond killed himself in 1974.  He had
formed the Graham Bond Organization with Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker
(pre-Cream) and later worked with SW in Ginger Baker's Airforce.  The
chanting is Swahili for 'the dead are weeping for the dead', which SW sings in
English later in the song.

Subj:	Re: Jimi Hendrix and Traffic - boot from late '60's
Date:	95-08-21 10:26:18 EDT
From:	bobbieg@azstarnet.com (Bobbie Gay)

  Last week I forwarded RRopek@aol.com's post (with his name deleted) about
Hendrix/Traffic jams to the alt.rock-n-roll.classic newsgroup, and this is a reply
I received, used with the author's permission:

>Date: Fri, 18 Aug 1995 13:56:00 -0400
>From: "Mr. Scott Hannon" 
>The existance of jams featuring *all* these players is uncertain...there
>are jams where *some* members are known to be playing, and others >where
some members *might* be playing, but none where it is certain >all members
are playing. I vaguely recall reading Jimi & Traffic >jammed once after a
concert (Zurich, May 30 '68 maybe?), but no >tapes are known to exist.
>The boot CD called _Jimi Henrix & Traffic: A Session_ is 60 minutes >long
and consists of 3 jams (with fake titles):
>"Session Thing": 35min. Personnel (besides Jimi) unknown, but it may
>include some (perhaps even all) Traffic members. There is some flute >and
piano (as well as bass & drums). Rather uneventful. Most likely >recorded in
NYC in early-mid 1968.
>"Guitar Thing": 5min. Jimi only....and quite nice.
>"Jam Thing": 20min. Chris Wood on sax, but other personnel >unknown. It
may include Winwood. Jimi does snippets of a few of the >songs he was
working on around this time, but mostly its just >jamming. Again, rather
uneventful. Recorded June 15 1970 in NYC.
>There are other known instances of Jimi working with Wood and >Winwood.
In terms of officially released material, both played (but >not on the same song)
on the Electric Ladyland album, and Wood >played flute on Room Full of
Mirrors at the live RAH Feb 24 '69 >concert.
>Winwood hung out with Hendrix quite a bit in '68-69, and he is known
>to play on a number of unreleased outtake/demos/jams, but it's often
>uncertain exactly which ones.
The Log Lady was right.

Subj:	Re: Jimi Hendrix and Traffic - boot from late '60's
Date:	95-08-22 01:19:11 EDT
From:	Joe Mayes 

Here's the Hey-Joe info; it's where all us Hendrix heads hang out.
Please feel free to post away.

The administrative request address (add/remove/status change
requests) for this list is:  hey-joe-request@ms.uky.edu
The address to send postings to this list is:  hey-joe@ms.uky.edu
The mailing list's home page is:  http://www.ms.uky.edu/hey-joe.html

Here's the info on the disc I have:
"Jimi Hendrix & Traffic - A Session" [Oh Boy, 1-9027, Luxembourg]
1 CD, 3 tracks, excellent quality studio recordings
The date/location information is rather cryptic: "This session was
recorded at an unknown place in the late 60's"
Jimi Hendrix	guitar
Chris Wood	flute, saxophone
Jim Capaldi	drums
Steve Winwood	organ
1.   Jam Thing	19:39	(Hendrix, Wood, Capaldi, Winwood)
2.  Guitar Thing	 5:15	(Hendrix)
3.  Session Thing	35:27	(Hendrix, Wood, Capaldi, Winwood)

Oh Boy also lists another Traffic title: "Live in London 1973".
Unfortunately, I do not have this disc.
If you need any additional info, please let me know.

Best Regards,
Joe Mayes

Subj:	More Traffic URLs
Date:	95-08-21 19:21:49 EDT
From:	bobbieg@azstarnet.com (Bobbie Gay)

  I would like the Subscribers to go to these locations and add their own
comments and ratings.,_Steve


Subj:	Winwood tour (fwd)
Date:	95-08-22 12:39:51 EDT
From:	stribble@husc.harvard.edu (Scott Tribble)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 09:22:36 -0500 (CDT)
From: Shannon Van Kirk 

  I want to thank you again for the Web page you put together for Stevie.  I'm
enjoying it, and when I get some time (maybe not this century), I have some
interesting stuff to contribute (I've been collecting since the SDG days).
  Anyway, a guy I know who manages some groups that tour nationwide says
that the talk is that Steve will have a solo studio album ready for December
release and will tour in December-January-February, probably a co-headliner
tour with Robert Palmer.  What do the folks at Virgin have to say?  (Didn't you
say you were in touch with someone from Steve's label?)
  Let me know what you hear and I'll keep my ear to the ground here in
Nashville, since Steve and Jim are both spending the summer here by the looks
of it.


Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 16:27:10 -0500 (CDT)
From: vankirks@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu (Shannon Van Kirk)
Subject: Re: Winwood tour

  My friend who told me about this says that it's the info going around in
management circles  (He just came in off the road with a couple of the groups
he manages).  The tour would not be Stevie and Jim Capaldi, according to his
info.  It is rumored that it will be a co-headliner tour (like the recent Elton
John/Billy Joel tour) with Steve and Robert Palmer.  He says also that Steve
should be coming out with a solo studio album by December.
  I don't mind if you post it for the other Winwood fans on DigWinwood; just be
sure that you emphasize that it's not from any official source--after all, my
friend could be wrong.


COMPILER'S NOTE:  I e-mailed Virgin Records today, and asked them to
confirm or deny.  If/when I get a reply, I'll post it here.   Stay tuned!