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  1.  Spencer Davis Group CD  - a duet
  2.  Top Five Traffic
  3.  Spencer Davis Group vinyl
  4.  New bands that carry on the Traffic sound
  5.  More SDG .gifs
  6.  Bad News for Those with a Lot of CDS????
  7.  Book chapter on the Spencer Davis Group
  8.  5 Favorite Traffic Songs
  9.  Winwood/Band fans
10.  Traffic, Sept. 12, 1967 and more
11.  Re: Far From Home
12.  Correction "They Call It an Accident"
13.  Sidework
14.  Off-Topic but Important!  Windows 95 (fwd)
15.  Poll (fwd)



Subj:	Spencer Davis Group CD
Date:	95-08-01 15:30:55 EDT
From:	scottp@moondog.usask.ca (Peter Scott)

I have a CD called "The Best of the Spencer Davis Group", released by EMI
America (CDP-546598, undated). It contains all the early SDG stuff, featuring
Steve Winwood on vocals i.e. Searchin'; I can't stand it, etc. However, the cover
contains no picture of Steve. Look for yourself at:

To:          scottp@moondog.usask.ca (Peter Scott)
From:	BobbieG101@aol.com (Bobbie Gay)
  I also have the CD numbered CDP-546598 issued by EMI-America.  It does
have the date, 1987, in very faint letters below those numbers, and the picture
on the front is, left to right, Pete York, Steve, Spencer, and Muff, Steve's
brother.  I don't have a gif-viewer so I can't check out your file.  Can you
describe what IS on the front of your CD?

From:	scottp@moondog.usask.ca (Peter Scott)
To:         BobbieG101@aol.com (Bobbie Gay)
Well, Spencer, Pete York, Muff are on the cover....but that other person
ain't Steve! The other picture is correct, outside the Albert Hall.

To:          scottp@moondog.usask.ca (Peter Scott)
From:	BobbieG101@aol.com (Bobbie Gay)
  If that person, second from the left, isn't Steve, WHO IS IT?  I agree,
it's not a good portrait, but I do detect a likeness!  The eyes are right,
and the left hand is self-consciously hiding the scar on his left cheek.

From:	scottp@moondog.usask.ca (Peter Scott)
To:         BobbieG101@aol.com (Bobbie Gay)
I'll have to check into this further! A lot of compilation albums of UK
bands of the 1960's have incorrect personnel pictures i.e. Animals
without Alan Price, Yardbirds without Clapton, etc. This may be another!

From:	bobbieg@azstarnet.com (Bobbie Gay)
To:	scottp@moondog.usask.ca
  Using my other service, I can look at your gif file, and yes, that's
exactly the one I mean.  Don't you think that's Steve?


Subj:	POST: Top Five Traffic
Date:	95-08-01 18:33:30 EDT
From:	Jamesinny

For what its worth, here's my top five Traffic tunes:
#5- Empty Pages
#4- Light Up or Leave Me Alone
#3- Glad
#2- Every Mother's Son
#1- The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys


Subj:	Spencer Davis Group vinyl
Date:	95-08-01 19:50:54 EDT
From:	scottp@moondog.usask.ca (Peter Scott)

Further to my earlier posting. I also have the following albums:

"Best of the Spencer Davis Group" Rhino Records RNLP117. Wonderful color
picture of the group. Steve is wearing a tweed jacket, while the other guys wear

"Best of the Spencer Davis Group" Island Stereo ILPS 9070

I will scan the pictures and put them up on my web server.


Subj:	New bands that carry on the Traffic sound
Date:	95-08-02 14:45:15 EDT
From:	brett@epix.net (Brett Freedman)

Since there is a finite supply of Traffic music around and it doesn't
look very promising right now for any more,  I am always on the
lookout for new music which carries on the "Traffic sound".  Not
necessarily an exact copy - altho that would be fine with me - but
something that has that loose Traffic blues/rock/jazz/folk thing going
for it.  Its surprisingly difficult to find this sound anymore.

One new CD which I think is somewhat in this vein is Natalie Merchant's
recent release.  The single "Carnival" has a great feel to it and the rest of the
CD is also very good.   Can anyone else see a comparison here? ( or I am way

And can anyone suggest any bands that are playing "Traffic-style" music today?

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Subj:	More SDG .gifs
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 1995 13:09:22 -0600 (CST)
From: Peter Scott 

More SDG .gifs:

From:	bobbieg@azstarnet.com (Bobbie Gay)
To:	scottp@moondog.usask.ca (Peter Scott)
  Where did you get this picture?  I think it's the only one I haven't seen

From:      Peter Scott 
To:          Bobbie Gay 
All from the Rhino "Best of...."


Subj:	Bad News for Those with a Lot of CDS????
Date:	95-08-02 17:58:18 EDT
From:	bobbieg@azstarnet.com (Bobbie Gay)

  I found the following in alt.rock-n-roll.classic and thought the group would be

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Date: Tue, 25 Jul 1995 10:10:03 -0500 (CDT)
From: Ritik Satish Chandra 

Your comment that CD's make mastering easier and longer lasting was only
true in part.  I recently spoke with Steve Albini on the subject, and he informed
me on the subject.  The reason that DAT and CD mastering have become the
norm in most studios is not because they last longer or are more reliable, but
rather because it is easier to master a digital recording passably well.  Needless
to say, Albini said that he prefers analog mastering.  But the greatest flaw in
your argument was that CD's do NOT last longer.  The average life of a CD is
between 5 and 10 years-- a little fact that major labels who sell almost
exclusively on CD are trying their hardest to bury.  After this time period, the
plastic begins to chip off, and the aluminum begins to oxidize, making the CD
unlistenable.  The greatest travesty here is that the original masters of  most of
today's music will be lost.  You can leave a record (or analog master) on a shelf
for 100 years, and it will still sound the same, assuming there hasn't been a fire.
But a CD (or digital master) will slowly lose its clarity, and it will eventually
become unlistenable.

                                        - Ritik Chandra


Subj:	Book chapter on the Spencer Davis Group
Date:	95-08-02 21:19:51 EDT
From:	scottp@moondog.usask.ca (Peter Scott)

For those who don't know....there is a chapter about the SDG in the book
"Blues: the British Connection", by Bob Brunning (of Fleetwood Mac, Savoy
Brown). Blandford Press, 1986.


Subj:	POST: 5 Favorite Traffic Songs
Date:	95-08-02 22:41:27 EDT
From:	stribble@husc.harvard.edu (Scott Tribble)

1. Every Mother's Son
2. Walking in the Wind
3. Smiling Phases
4. Pearly Queen
5. Stranger to Himself

Scott Tribble


Subj:	POST: Winwood/Band fans
Date:	95-08-02 22:44:08 EDT
From:	stribble@husc.harvard.edu (Scott Tribble)

Just thought you all might find this funny. I am also a huge fan of the
Band, and a book documenting Dylan's 1974 tour referred to Robbie
Robertson (Band guitarist) as looking like a "better-fed Stevie Winwood."

Scott Tribble


Subj:	Traffic, Sept. 12, 1967 and more
Date:	95-08-03 06:14:10 EDT
From:	sandstrom@ume.foa.se (Bjvrn Sandstrvm)

I got the second Winwood Digest yesterday and I have a couple of comments
and questions. It's probably too long for anyone having the time to read it all!

Session work by Steve: Steve played on "Step on by" by Paul Young and it's to
be found on Paul's album Other Voices. My files tell me that Steve also played
on the James Brown "Gravity" album. Correct? For the record, he did a little
more than session work for the soundtrack of They Call It an Accident. There
are four tracks from him: Your Silence Is Your Song (on both sides of the LP,
is it available on CD?), Main Theme, and Night Train from "Arc of a Diver".

Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory was one of the few Traffic albums that I
bought (probably because of the good reviews the album got at the time). I liked
it a lot and was quite disappointed with the following "On the Road", which I
also bought, but to me was nothing but an uninspired "Let's-put-out-a-live"

On great Steve (not just Traffic) favorites: I feel Steve has never since
equalled the energy and frenzy of the 1966 single version of "Gimme Some
Lovin'". Other personal favorites include: Can't Find My Way Home & 40,000
Headmen. I totally agree with MATTGREY that Tallking Back to the Night is
th best Winwood solo album and I think that here in Sweden it's also the most
well-known of his albums. For about two years after its release it got a lot of air
play here.

I think last year's Far From Home is best described as a Winwood album, not a
Traffic album. It was probably a compromise with Jim Capaldi to dig up the old
Traffic name. (What does Virgin Records say?) I liked and played it a lot last
summer. At the time (and today after giving it a new listening), I thought it was
one of the best albums of 1994.

Finally, a couple of questions: Has "What's Shakin'" been released on CD? I
haven't yet had the money to buy "The Finer Things", so can someone inform
me if it contains anything by the Powerhouse. Traffic played at Konserthuset in
Stockholm on Sept. 12, 1967. Swedish Radio recorded it and I have got a tape
with this set: Giving to You/Smiling Phases/Coloured Rain/Hole in my
Shoe/New Dawn, New Day, New Life/Paper Sun/Dear. Mr Fantasy. Does
anyone know if this recording has been put out on a boot?

Bye for now, Bjoern


Subj:	POST  Re: Far From Home
Date:	95-08-03 16:05:56 EDT
From:	BobbieG101

In Volume 2 of the Digest, rhall@eecs.umich.edu (Robert W. Hall) says:

> I have particular favorite solo efforts of his, incl. I Will Be Here (it
>touches me similiarly  to Holy Ground, very profound and moving)

Robert, this is also one of my very favorites, GMTA.

> Anyone like Jim Capaldi's 'Some Came Running' album from '88?

Definitely, this is worth seeking out if you're a Traffic fan.

> I found a copy of Chris Welch's Winwood Biography  'Roll With It' >this
morning at a used bookstore!

A true fan will want to read this, but be warned - Steve is listed as
co-author, and the book was obviously edited by him and Eugenia.  Nothing
scandalous, nothing even halfway juicy, and nothing in any way negative about
Steve or his work.  I think you could call it a 'puff piece'.  It's the truth, just not
the WHOLE truth.



Subj:	POST: Correction "They Call It an Accident"
Date:	95-08-04 03:26:46 EDT
From:	sandstrom@ume.foa.se (Bjvrn Sandstrvm)

This one is just to get the record straight. Listening to the above
soundtrack yesterday evening, I found that it contains the instrumental
version of "Night Train" and not the one from Arc of a Diver. This one is some
30 s shorter than the one that is on the flip side of the 12"-"Back in the High
Life Again"- single. Also the two vocal versions of "Your Silence Is Your
Song" on TCIaA differ somewhat in length.
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Subj:	Sidework
Date:	95-08-04 16:14:34 EDT
From:	vankirks@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu (Shannon Van Kirk)

A few more "guest" spots, just off the top of my head (I've just got to get my
collection cataloged!):

Etta James
        The Right Time (duet on one song)

Rodney Crowell
        Life Is Messy (back-up singing on a couple of tracks)

Christine McVie
        Christine McVie (a couple of _wonderful_  duets)

I'll post more as I think of them.



Subj:	Fwd: Windows 95 (fwd)
Date:	95-08-08 11:01:06 EDT
From:	BobbieG101
Forwarded Message:
From:	bbrown!hpx400!GAY_KEN/III_01@globe.indirect.com

 For you Windows users ....

 Believe it or not, this is not Net humor but serious.  It would otherwise be
outstanding satire!

 Microsoft officials confirm that beta versions of Windows 95 include a small
viral routine called Registration Wizard.  It interrogates every system on a
network gathering intelligence on what software is being run on which
machine.  It then creates a complete listing of both Microsoft's and competitors'
products by machine, which it reports to Microsoft when customers sign up for
Microsoft's Network Services, due for launch later this year.
  (from "In Short" column, page 88, _Information Week_ magazine, May

  The implications of this action, and the attitude of Microsoft to plan  such
action, beggars the imagination.

  An update on this. A friend of mine got hold of the beta test CD of Win95,
and set up a packet sniffer between his serial port and the modem. When you
try out the free demo time on The Microsoft Network, it transmits your entire
directory structure in background.

  This means that they have a list of every directory (and, potentially every file)
on your machine. It would not be difficult to have something like a FileRequest
from your system to theirs, without you knowing about it. This way they could
get ahold of any juicy routines you've written yourself and claim them as their
own if you don't have them copyrighted.
 Needless to say, I'm rather annoyed about this.  So spread the word as far and
wide as possible: Steer clear of Windows 95.
  There's nothing to say that this "feature" will be removed in the final release.


Subj:	Poll (fwd)
Date:	95-08-07 22:59:26 EDT
From:	stribble@husc.harvard.edu (Scott Tribble)

     Is this Uninspired? I can hear him singing it, but I can't totally
place it.

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Date: Fri, 4 Aug 1995 17:40:21 -0400
From: David Kleinman 

Sometimes I feel like my head is spinning
Hunger and Pain is all I see
I don't Know who's Losing
And I don't Care who's Winning
Hardship and Troubles are following Me

To:	stribble@husc.harvard.edu (Scott Tribble)
From:      BobbieG101@aol.com  (Bobbie Gay)

Hey, Scott!
  Correct!  The song is '(Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired' from the Shoot Out
at the Fantasy Factory album, altho at first I thought it sounded like
'Winner/Loser' from Go.
  I gotta get those lyrics entered.  Maybe I could just skip the song
'Shootout' since it's such a bear, and do all the rest.