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Date:    Tues, 25 july 1995, 14:54:13 -0400
From:    Scott Tribble 
Subject: Shootout at the Fantasy Factory Poll

To get the ball rolling, I was curious as to what people think about this album. I
have mixed feelings toward it myself, -- it's not one of my favorites, but of
course, considering the source, it can't be bad  :)  My gut reaction is that it
could have been stronger -- I think Evening Blue is a big misfire and that there
are no real standout tracks, though the title track and Roll Right Stones are
close.  I'd be curious what others think of the album and if anyone had the
lyrics for the mysterious title song, I'd be much obliged.  Thanks!
that there are no real standout tracks, though the title track and Roll


Date: Tue, 25 Jul 1995 08:52:10 -0700
From: Bobbie Gay 
Subject: Far From Home Review

I found this review in theTower Records area of AOL and thoughteverybody
would be interested.

Virgin 39490   Compact Disc   62 minutes
Studio / Stereo
Released: 05/03/94

Recorded at Woodstock, Kilcoole, Ireland.
All songs written or co-written by Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi.
   The fervent, aching timbre of Steve Winwood's voice is one of the enduring
sound signatures in contemporary pop.  In reviving his career with such hit
albums as ARC OF A DIVER, a new Steve Winwood emerged from the ashes
of the old -- a smooth R&B crooner and song stylist.  And as good as all the
subsequent albums have been, something in Winwood yearned for the freedom
of his youth.  Not as an exercise in nostalgia or as a rejection of his current
directions, but to pick up the loose threads of stylistic milestones such as MR.
   FAR FROM HOME finds Winwood going back home with longtime
collaborator Jim Capaldi, to the countryside of Southern Ireland, to recapture
some of the spontaneous, improvisatory spirit of the early Traffic records.  With
Capaldi providing lyrics plus drums and percussion, Winwood's talents as a
vocalist and instrumentalist are center stage.  On arrangements such as the title
tune and "Nowhere Is There Freedom," Winwood's richly voiced Hammond
organ provides a pulsating carpet of sound for his keening voice, and a
launching pad for his emotive (and underrated) electric guitar work. Modern
sampling technology even allows him to re-capture the breathy elegance of the
late Chris Wood's flute counterpoint.
   The songs benefit from Winwood's renewed enthusiasm for traditional
forms,such as gospel and blues, and Afro-Cuban music.  "State Of Grace" in
particular addresses the demons which afflicted Winwood for many years,
recounting his sense of loss while counting the blessings that afforded him a
second chance.  "This Train Won't Stop" finds Winwood returning to his
youth,as he reflects on the bitter grind of everday life and again calls for the
healing of the spirit.  Reading almost like a get well letter to himself, FAR
FROM HOME reconciles Winwood's deep spiritual yearnings and jazzy
instrumental skills with the feel-good craftmanship of his pop ascendancy.

Rolling Stone (6/16/94, p.108) - 3 Stars - Good -
   "...Apart from state-of-the-art synths, most of what you hear in FAR FROM
HOME would have easily suited the soulful spirit and jazzy groove of MR.
wonderful sense of cohesion to the
instrumental work on `Mozambique," while...the achingly lyrical `Holy
Ground' may be the best ballad Winwood has had a hand in since `Can't Find
My Way Home.'..."

Musician (5/94, p.71) -
  "...consider how easy it is for Winwood...to dive headfirst back into the
looseness of his JOHN BARLEYCORN MUST DIE mode, and do it
successfully....Winwood's remarkable voice has always unfairly overshadowed
his abilities as a guitarist and, especially, organist.  He remains one of the most
underrated and melodic soloists in pop..."

And I thought I'd ask everybody, which do YOU like better?  Old Traffic or
Current Traffic?


Date: Tue, 25 Jul 1995 08:52:10 -0700
From: Bobbie Gay 
Subject: Interesting News

I just received this from Adam at The Raft, the Virgin Records Home Page, that
I also thought would be interesting for everyone:

>Date: Thu, 20 Jul 95 10:05:00 GMT +1
>From: adam 
>Subject: Re: WWW comments (Forms submission)

>I checked out Scott's pages on our Mr Winwood! Very cool. Loads of info.
We're getting a links page together in the very near future. So that will appear
with the other stuff we've located.

>Island doesn't have a homepage at all! Boooo HISSSS.  Which reminds me!
Have you heard that John Martyn album 'One World'? The last track  'Waking
Hours' features Steve Winwood, and it's very good indeed!

>Lyrics for Traffic we don't have. I reckon you're going to have to sit down
with a pen and paper and CD player with a pause button. More fun that way!

>Another album?  Maybe!  Probably not as Traffic but as Steve Winwood!  Not


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