Volume 188, sent Aug 11, 2000:
1. Unsubbing
2. Higher Love in NY
3. VS: SCOOP - More Blind Faith To Be Released
4. Roger Chapman
5. eBay item
6. Details of upcoming US Traffic releases

From: "BobbieG"
Date sent: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 08:30:22 -0700
Subject: Unsubbing

I've just sent SP, and it's happened again. I got 7 bounces. The bad part of this is that for 3 of them, I can't even tell who they're for.

It works like this: Sometimes people have their email forwarded to another address, and then leave that address. Suppose i have an address for higherlove@backinthehighlife.com, but that person got a new one, hiddentreasure@lowspark.com, and had all his/her email forwarded to that one. And then suppose that he/she deleted the lowspark.com account. What happens when I send SP to that person? I get a "bounce" from lowspark.com, with no idea that it really means higherlove@backinthehighlife.com!

So anyway, if you are about to abandon an email address for any reason, please remember to drop me a line first. It'll save me a bit of grief. :-)


From: LJACOBSO@allstate.com
Subject: Higher Love in NY
Date sent: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 12:46:38 -0500

Imagine my surprise, attending a '50s doo-wop/R&B concert July 21 in Long Island, when Little Anthony & the Imperials performed Higher Love. And did a great job too! I highly recommend the group if it's playing near anyone on this list.

Les Jacobson

From: sohi@aabc.dk
Subject: VS: SCOOP - More Blind Faith To Be Released
Date sent: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 14:56:18 +0200

This is from the Slowhand Digest - thought you might be interested.

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> Emne: SCOOP - More Blind Faith To Be Released

> > The following is excerpted from an article about Traffic, which
> appeared in the August issue of ICE magazine.

> > "Levenson has also been working a long time on The Blind Faith Sessions, > an expanded reissue of one of rock's first supergroup albums, > tentatively slated for November 21 on Polydor. "We have 50 to 60 reels > of Blind Faith tape from those sessions in February through June of > 1969," he reveals. Details in ICE as they solidify."

From: mndreyer@xtra.co.nz
Subject: Roger Chapman
Date sent: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 18:21:30 +1200

As well as being a Winwood maniac I also am a great fan of Roger Chapman.

Late last year the UK label See for Miles released the first two Family Albums Music in a Doll's House and Family Entertainment in a remastered Collectors Limited Edition double CD in a Booklet cover. Catalogue number SFM1968.

What is of interest here is that it includes as bonus tracks the very hard to get first Family single tracks "Scene through the Eye of a Lens" and "Gypsy Woman".

Most SP'ers would know from Steve Smith's Sessions pages that Traffic were the backing band to Roger Chapman's vocals on "Scene through...".

So if you want to hear a bit of good old 1960's English psychedelia and a rare Traffic contribution to boot get yourself a copy. You might surprise yourself and even appreciate and enjoy the other tracks from the Albums that are held in high regard in UK rock history as progressive, original and imaginative.

Murray D.

Date sent: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 21:21:47 -0500
Subject: eBay item
From: seim3@juno.com

For sale on e-Bay: a sealed CD copy of "The Steampacket & The First R&B Festival" on Repertoire Records. For those unfamiliar with this CD, the "First R&B Festival" (in the Birmingham, England Town Hall in Feb. 1964) is the concert the tracks on the Springboard "Winwood & Friends" LP were taken from. The familiar "Winwood & Friends" songs, "Dimples" and "Night Time is the Right Time," were actually done by the then "Spencer Davis Rhythm & Blues Quartet." The announcer introducing the group notes that this is their last performance before turning pro. The auction ends on Saturday, August 12. For more info. or to view the auction, visit


Steve Seim

From: wboz69@primus.com.au
Subject: Details of upcoming US Traffic releases
Date sent: Tue, 8 Aug 2000 13:41:36 +1000

Here are the details of the Traffic releases for the US, according to ICE (August 2000).

The new US versions of the first album will be available on August 15th, and will be called "Heaven Is In Your Mind" and "Mr. Fantasy". (I've checked amazon.com and they are listed now).

"Heaven..." will be a remastered version of the original US LP, with all tracks in stereo and the following bonus tracks: Utterly Simple, Hope I Never Find Me There, Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush and Am I What I Was or Am I What I Am. The first two are from the UK Mr. Fantasy album, the last two from the "Mulberry" soundtrack.

"Mr. Fantasy" will be a remastered version of the UK LP, with all tracks in mono and the following bonus tracks: Paper Sun, Giving To You, Hole In My Shoe, Smiling Phases and Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush.

The claim is that these new CDs provide all available masters, and mixes, recorded by Traffic between May and November 1967. I haven't checked closely, but it appears that anyone having the first 2 UK remasters (Mr. Fantasy and Traffic) would have all of this material.

Finally, Bill Levenson is also quoted on the "Blind Faith Sessions" project. There is a tentative release date of November 21st and Levenson states that he has "50 to 60 reels of Blind Faith tape from those sessions in February through June of 1969".

Hope this is useful to the members of the list.

Warren Brown

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