Volume 184, sent May 12, 2000:
1. Traffic
2. Re: Low Spark boot
4. Feeling Alright
5. Birthday Greetings

From: "Tony Dennison"
Subject: Traffic
Date sent: Sun, 30 Apr 2000 03:29:24 PDT

Are there any significant differences in the mix of the mono & stereo versions of the their 2nd album "Traffic"? (as there are with "Mr Fantasy") I've got both versions of "Mr Fantasy" but only managed to get hold of the stereo one of "Traffic".

I was very pleased that the first 3 albums were recently reissued on CD BTW :-)

Tony Dennison.

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From: "r"
Subject: Re: Low Spark boot
Date sent: Sat, 6 May 2000 17:05:04 -0400

I'd like to add to Andreas excellent Review of this boot which I bought too last month.

I found a new Traffic CD on E-bay and I thought I'd give you a little review for the newsletter and again try to barter for some live Traffic tapes. Still looking for a good live recording of Traffic, either the trio or the Low Spark Band or anything in between. Studio version of "Blind Man" too. Anyway.

"The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys Sessions" - OMS Reel Recordings, Mexico. This is billed as out takes from the Low Spark studio sessions, thought it seems to have other stuff as well. The sound quality is excellent except for the alternate mix "Rock & Roll Stew" extended version which is curiously distorted. 12 tracks pretty much suitable for die hard fans only:

7 & 8) Jam #2 & 3 w/Muscle Shoals Horns. Not sure who's playing what beyond the obvious. The rhythm section certainly seems to be the Alabamy boys and I'd bet on Winwood on guitar and maybe organ. Shoot Out meets a horn section.

Well I acually know what these items are!!! They are perhaps the best cuts from to the best of my knowledge Bobby Keys only solo album! 1972 Bobby Keys (Same) Warner Brother UK K46141 Cuts are "Steal From a King" credited to Mason/Capaldi/(Jim)Price and "Key West" Price/(Leslie) West/Pappalardi The album was recorded at Command/Island Olympic and in France It is produced by Jim Gordon Bobby Keys and Andy Johns. It is all horn driven instrumentals.

Even the obsessively anal Rock Record by Terry Hounsome (I love this book) lists but Mr. Keys on sax. This is not customary for this book. The key to this album can only come on the writer credits. Side one includes authoring by Mason, Gordon, Price, (Hoyt) Axton, (Duck) Dunn,(Al) Jackson,(Issac) Hayes and a great ballad by (Felix) Pappalardi. I am not familiar with these cuts to catagorize them as covers so it is my assumption that Mr. Keys made this album with these people.

Side 2 moves on to include Price, (Leslie) West, Papalardi and additional Mason, Gordon and Price numbers. Jim Price is a long time Keys collaborator who interestingly made a self named solo album as well which suffers from his doggedly choice to sing on similar self penned tunes. These are all powerful instrumentals which are similar to work Mr. Keys did with the Stones or better. Typically one (instrumental) song like any of these could reside on some album like say Dave Masons first solo and certainly add to the quality of the whole.

Generally other than "Alter Rock" the brillant Felix Papallardi ballad featuring piano on lead the bulk of this album features solos and dominant ensemble playing of Keys and Price with occasional short rhythmy blasts of guitar I feel comfortable in crediting to Dave Mason and Leslie West. It is my opinion that the "Traffic" Involvement on these cuts stems from the Bonnie and Delany on Tour and Accept no Substitutes Sessions where the named artists seem to converge -sort of. Sadly I find it unlikly that this album will ever find its way to cd. But at least we have 2- of it cuts. rick hoffman

9 & 10) "It's So Hard" Capaldi & Gordon. Capaldi & (Gordon) playing acoustic guitar, fleshing out the song. For die hard fans only.

11 & 12) "Easter Weekend" Same as above. ps.. these Gordon/Capaldi home recordings are very grim r

From: Thesonics352@cs.com
Date sent: Sat, 6 May 2000 19:28:32 EDT

http://cgi.ebay.com/awcgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=32632686 1

Title of item: DAVE MASON RARE 4 SONG UK 12" PS EP!

Thxs J

From: "Murray Dreyer"
Subject: Feeling Alright
Date sent: Wed, 10 May 2000 16:54:09 +1200

I was listening to my newly arrived copy of "Feeling Alright" - The very best of Traffic the other day and the following occurred to me.

When I saw SW in Sydney in 1991 during the "Refugees" tour of Australia he sang Dave Mason's "Feeling Alright".

Is or was this a normal occurrence in Concert or was I lucky to experience something unusual & special?

It probably is the former but I'd be interested to find out.

Murray D

From: "BobbieG"
Date sent: Fri, 12 May 2000 16:59:07 -0700
Subject: Birthday Greetings

As you probably all know, today is Steve's birthday! I plan to print out and send the greetings on Monday (as someone said recently, if I =ever= send them on time to him, he would fall over in a faint, and we don't want to mess with the man's health, now do we?), so if you would like to send your birthday wishes to Steve, please email them to me soon. :-)



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