Volume 182, sent Apr 24, 2000:
2. book
3. Gimme Some Lovin' versions
4. SDG compilation
6. What else do we listen to?
7. "Steve/Peter"
9. Interesting Rumour
10. Birthday Greetings

From: Thesonics352@cs.com
Date sent: Tue, 21 Mar 2000 12:39:09 EST
Subject: SW ON THE ROAD amp

I believe SW was using a Fender Twin if I'm not mistaken. I could be wrong but that's what I heard, plus it don't sound like a marshall. J

Date sent: Tue, 21 Mar 2000 10:54:35 -0700
From: Melle Starsen
Subject: book

One of my books is being published (hurray hurray!), and I want to let the list know, particularly in light of the fact that the dedication page will include thanks to Steve Winwood for his music and the positive and somewhat measurable effect it had on me. The book will be coming out in 6-9 months and is titled "I Want to Marry Godzilla and Have His Children." One of the elements of the book, which might interest Smiling Phases members, is how the main character stores her emotions away in films, TV and music, only to retrieve them decades later. Also, the publisher wants a list of websites and chat lists who will receive advance notice of the book with an offer to purchase it at a discount -- so I will include Smiling Phases on that list.


From: Jan Inge Sommerseth
Subject: Gimme Some Lovin' versions
Date sent: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 14:15:03 +0100

There are 3 quite different versions of Gimme Some Lovin' (plus mono / stereo versions).

1. the UK original single is the shortest.

2. the US single is longer, it has an extra 30 - 60 seconds (don't remember the length). The easiest way to recognize this version is the female choir.

3. the "Gimme Some Lovin' 1976" (name printed on single) version, only found on the B-side of the 1976 UK reissue single. If I don't remember wrong this has the same length as the US single, but no female choir, but a long guitar solo.

Of course there is also the live versions of both Traffic and Steve Winwood solo, but I think you easily should spot them.

Hope this helps.

Jan Inge Sommerseth

From: OffContact@aol.com
Date sent: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 20:57:48 EST
Subject: SDG compilation

Oh Boy mailing list!!!!!! I just got an English Spencer Davis compilation that has all their recorded material and a couple of live tunes. I haven't listened to it all yet but it's been great compared to my scratchy old records. I suppose it's no news to most of you fanatics, but hearing "Gimme Some Lovin" without the background vocals apparently added to the US release was odd. I'm not saying bad necessarily, just odd after all these years.

Can someone please help a bootleg-less fan? I've got nothing to trade except the horrible sound quality "Mark of Quality" Traffic concert. I would gladly supply blank cassettes or CDs to anyone willing to help out a fan in desperate need. Here's what I'd love to have:

1) Rock & Roll Stew extended English 45 version.

2) Any decent recording of a good gig with the Low Spark band (Gordon & Grech [whatever happened to Rick anyway]) Heck, you can through Dave Mason in there too if you must. I've certainly heard "Welcome to the Canteen" and wasn't overly impressed. Too much of a jammy free for all, no offence to Dave.

3) Any decent recording of a good gig with Traffic before the Low Spark Band. Traffic at the Fillmore West 1970 or In Concert (Westwood One) 1970 or "Woodwind" Anderson Theatre sound great by description.

Please, I must know if my long time band could really pull it off live or if they were only a studio band. The only live thing I've heard them do that I really liked was the B side of Last Exit. Next to Bobby Bland himself, that's the best version of "Blind Man" I know. Maybe even better.

Father Gino

From: Thesonics352@cs.com
Date sent: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 11:22:05 EST

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From: OffContact@aol.com
Date sent: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 08:04:56 EST
Subject: What else do we listen to?

What else do I listen to?

It's pretty eclectic.

Anything from the classic Stax era (Hey if Neil Young can do it, why doesn't Mr. Winwood do a record with Booker T, Cropper & Dunn - and The Memphis Horns again too). Albert King, Freddy King, Bobby Bland, O. V. Wright, Otis Clay, Electric Miles, Non Electric Miles, Hank Williams (not jr.), Luther Allison, Jimmy Smith, Otis Rush, Credence, Taj Mahal among others.

Father Gino

Date sent: Sat, 1 Apr 2000 22:38:51 -0500
From: Dawn
Subject: "Steve/Peter"

I finally have it... absolute, incontrovertible proof that Steve Winwood and Peter Gabriel are one and the same person! Oh, I see the look on your face, you doubt me. Well, read the following evidence, and judge for yourselves...

First of all, if you listen VERY closely to some of "their" songs, you can hear a small but telling similarity in their voices. But this Steve/Peter person is very clever, and has worked hard on differentiating the style and tone of his vocals to make them SEEM like two different people. And if you'll notice, they are never seen together, just like Superman and Clark Kent. And...they are both English!

These things alone would be damning evidence enough. But just to taunt those of us who are onto Steve/Peter and his little game, he has planted evidence throughout his artistic work and lifestyle which shows the correlation between the two. (Even the most clever thieves look to get caught, you know.) Just look at the evidence below:

Both of them have worked with African musicians!

The first "Peter Gabriel" album shows "Peter" in a sports car, and the "Freedom Overspill" video shows "Steve" in, you guessed it, a sports car!

"Stevie" sang "The Hammer Song" with the Spencer Davis Group, and then his alter-ego "Peter"taunted us with "Sledgehammer" in the eighties. As if we wouldn't notice!

"Peter" contributed a song to the "Babe the Pig" movie, titled "That'll Do", and "Steve" continued the animal movie soundtrack theme by contributing "Reach for the Light" for "Balto" (the dog)!

Now, I know you are saying that they look completely dissimilar, and this all sounds unlikely, but I swear to you that this is true. I need your help in finding the absolute truth about this controversy. So, any of you who have any other damning evidence about the Steve/Peter conspiracy, please please please email me at the following address:


Just thought I'd better mention that April Fool's posts are a tradition at Smiling Phases - just so you newbies don't think I've "lost it" for real! ;-) Dawn

From: Thesonics352@cs.com
Date sent: Sat, 8 Apr 2000 02:20:37 EDT

Title: STEVE WINWOOD BACK IN THE HIGH LIFE OOP MFSL 24K GOLD CD. NEW! traffic/cream Auction ID: 0407W139735 THXS JAY

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Date sent: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 16:16:00 -0600
From: Daniel Griffith
Subject: Interesting Rumour

I've been getting caught up reading the messages on one list. I noticed you guys were talking about Steve and Jim, so I thought I'd send you this rumor I found on a Steely Dan message board a few weeks ago. I didn't know whether I should post it or not, since it might be top-secret. I thought you might know if there's any truth to this


I found out last night what Becker & Fagen's [Steely Dan] next project is after the Two Against Nature world tour is over.

This is a mindblower!!!!!!!

They are going to form the first Supergroup of the millennium.

In November they are going into the studio with Steve Winwood, Thomas Dolby and Jim Capaldi!!!!!

I guess they're all going to co-write songs and do a Traveling Wilburys kind of thing...

Winwood = Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Dolby = Keyboards
Capaldi= Drums (of course)
Becker= Bass, Guitar
Fagen= Keyboards, Vocals

From: "BobbieG"
Date sent: Mon, 24 Apr 2000 09:19:20 -0700
Subject: Birthday Greetings

Birthday Greetings are due! Steve's birthday is May 12th, and as usual, please email me any greetings or message you'd like to send him for the occasion. I will put them on the web-site and will print them out and snail-mail them to him. I have heard that he and his wife read and enjoy them very much, so there's a motivation for you!

If you want ideas, you can look at last year's Greetings on the web-site. From the main page, click on The Mailing List and then click on The 1999 Birthday Greetings, or just go straight to http://www.azstarnet.com/~bobbieg/birthday99.htm

Please keep your messages short and sweet. :-) Send them to me (just reply to this email) and if possible, put "Birthday Greetings" in the subject line so I know what it is.



End Smiling Phases volume 182