Volume 176, sent December 23, 1999:
Happy Holidays to all SPers!
1. More Winwood's
2. Concert memories & question
3. JC & SW LP on eBay
4. Stevie at shepherds bush empire
5. Shepherds Bush
6. VH1's "The List"
7. Mr. Fantasy (Remastered) - follow-up
8. CD on eBay
9. RE: re-masters

From: "Millwood"
Subject: More Winwood's
Date sent: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 21:45:07 -0000

The surname Winwood is a place name from the Wyre Forest area of Mercia and translates to "one who comes from, or one who lives near Wine's wood." The actual place no longer exists, a lot of these villages disappeared during the Middle ages either due to the Black Death or land enclosures.The earliest record of it in use is of a baptism of an Agnes Winwood at Aston Botterel in Shropshire in 1570. The earliest emigrant to the U S A to Virginia was a Mary Winwood in 1730. The Birmingham census of 1818 lists just one family of Winwood's, a J. Winwood who lived in Cheapside near the city centre' he was a chair and cabinet maker. During the Victorian era a lot of Winwood families moved into the West Midlands from Shropshire and Worcestershire probably in search of work. By the 1900's their were several large families containing up to 20 children per family in some cases. There were 25 Winwoods killed in action during WW1 and 3 in WW2. Their details can be found on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission webb site. The musical connection started with these families playing to amuse themselves My great-grandfather Albert Winwood 1844-1929 is said to have been able to play every instrument in the band; his sons played in regimental bands during WW1 and at least one of his grandchildren went on to be a music teacher. There are about 20 families of Winwoods still living in the West Midlands today,most of them are related to each other.

Best regards
Keith Winwood

From: "Ian Johnson"
Subject: Concert memories & question
Date sent: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 16:09:14 -0000

I saw Steve in 1983 at the Oxford UK gig and Hammersmith Odeon gig. I remember the Oxford gig being the first on the tour, a few days before the Hammersmith gig, it was a mid week evening. I also saw him at the Albert Hall in September '83 but not at the gigs you list. It was a Prince's Trust (Prince Charles charity) concert and I remember it being the next day, before or after, to the ARMS concert. This is possibly the same concert as your Night of the Kings?? as the line up was similar if no exactly the same. I have a video of the ARMS concert and the lineup and tracks are similar to your list. I also saw Steve last Monday at the Shepherds Bush Empire, London and thought it was a very good event, although he relied heavily on old Traffic stuff the audience loved it.

Regards Ian Johnson

Date sent: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 21:13:14 -0800 (PST)
From: thesonics@earthlink.net (Jay Siekierski)
Subject: JC & SW LP on Ebay


LP Minimum bid: $5.00


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Subject: Stevie at shepherds bush empire
From: Paul Minkkinen
Date sent: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 11:57:53 +0000

6th December Shepherds Bush Empire

This is becoming a habit, 3 years on the bounce that Stevie has now played my favourite london venue (last year we had latin crossings). No sold out signs were displayed but to my eyes the venue was full. There were no surprises in the set if you'd been keeping an eye on the Summer 99 USA gig write-ups on SP. Those who hadn't were of course treated to a hefty Traffic section .

SET LIST and mindless waffle comments : I'M A MAN with that now customary instrumental intro which you almost wish would go on for even longer, the band really do get into a groove on this one ! ROLL WITH IT and FREEDOM OVERSPILL both dispatched with much fire and energy with Steve attentive with occasional smiles from behind the trusty Hammond . Next up is ARC OF A DIVER which I end up hearing from the very front of stage in the photography pit (photography pass rules 1st 3 numbers, no flash, and out !) to hearing it through the walls on the outside of the building, back through the front entrance, hand in the camera and back in to the back of the hall which was jam packed, so my comments on this number are somewhat limited, from hi-fi quality, well the sound was very good anyway !, to what sounded like a microphone inside a bucket of concrete , to somewhere in between, does not put me in a position to comment on how good this number really was, but my friend Robin dancing like a man possessed throughout at the back of the hall gave it the thumbs up. Maybe it was the heat of the film lights, a down in one pint of Red Stripe and a burst of cold Shepherds Bush air, but I was convinced at this stage of the proceedings that there was a Guinness dispenser on the mixing desk and between songs I expressed my positive comments to Robin on this very point, it was only some time later we realised that there was a bar in the middle of the floor, funny place to put a bar, but then the air in Shepherds Bush can be answerable to a lot of things.

Anyway I digress WHILE You See A CHANCE is delivered in great style followed by a brace of Junction 7 songs, LET YOUR LOVE COME DOWN with some great stevie guitar full of bite, suggesting Stevie has been digging out the soul records, and positive evidence that 2 years on the road with virtually the same band is now reaping dividends is conveyed on BACK TO MY BABY sounding less cluttered than on previous occasions. The next segment of the set centred on 1967-72 on what was billed as a 'greatest hits' concert. CAN"T FIND MY WAY HOME was the only Blind Faith song performed and it was marvelous with Steve taking 2 guitar solo's ably abetted by TIm Cansfield on acoustic guitar and severely cropped hair. Next up was DEAR MR FANTASY which received rapturous applause with it's slow burn intro. and steaming guitar solo.LOW SPARK and GLAD were exceedingly fine withe customary Winwood piano solo's Kevin Robinsons superb trumpet work and the bloke who looked like David Beckham the England footballer playing flute on the latin section of GLAD,I think his real name Chris Baldry or maybe it really was Beckham !!! EMPTY PAGES was just grand, there always seems an element of pomposity at the way this one sounds, I first heard it live in 1974 again in 1994 and it always hits the spot ! 40000 Headmen was next up and I remember people who had seen it performed in the USA giving it a minor thumbs down, I loved it with it's jangly guitar intro.fine flute and warm Hammond tones as the band slipped into a soft groove with Scott Firth and walfredo reyes always keeping things tight, and Stevie really pushing his vocals on this one, a right little gem!

One of the best responses from the audience was for the FINER THINGS with a nice sax intro and Kevin Robinson playing a strange single note piano motif throughout, and the audience not only singing the chorus but joining in on the verses as well. Now every gig has highs and lows and for me this only had one JUST WANNA HAVE SOME FUN is for me probably the worst song Steve has ever put his name to, like everything else music is all about opinion and i would rather have heard something else from Junction 7 such as Spy....., Lord Of The Street, Plenty Lovin' or Family affair. The number served as a vehicle for the band intro's before kicking into the familiar tones of HIGHER LOVE.

The encores were the traditional.... HIGH LIFE and GIMME SOME LOVIN both delivered superbly, Steves mandolin solo on the first was stunning and the latter was likewise, stripped of the long percussion solo's featured in 97 it was business as usual with the audience a sea of movement.


A highly enjoyable gig which was filmed for future TV broadcast so if you missed it you'll still get to see it, if you see what I mean.

Paul Minkkinen editor Coloured Rain fanzine.

From: "christopher moyler"
Subject: Shepherds Bush
Date sent: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 17:56:32 -0000

Went to the gig at Shepherds Bush Empire last Monday and took the attached picture. [This is now on the web-site. --BG] Thought you might like to see it. This was during a fantastic version of Dear Mr. Fantasy.

A great concert(over 2 hours). Hope the recording was good and look forward to seeing it. Hopefully a Video and Live Album?

Best moment was While You See A Chance. I have never heard Steve sing as well as this or with more feeling. Almost the biggest ovation of the night.

I thought I was getting bored with Gimme Some Loving recently but even I was on my feet dancing during this which was the final number as usual. A brilliant show and look forward to the next time.


Date sent: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 20:34:00 -0500
From: Dawn
Subject: VH1's "The List"

VH-1 has a new show called "The List", which the ladies trying out the "onelist" version of Smiling Phases have been discussing recently. If you are unfamiliar with the show, its premise is as follows: A category such as "Most Underrated Band" is proposed to the four guest panelists in advance, and then the four musicians and actors offer up their top three choices for the category. Then they debate back and forth the merits of the choices, and begin to take turns removing names from the list. The audience then chooses the top three from the short list left.

It's a pretty interesting show, particularly watching well-known musicians discuss other musicians and songs. And it can be pretty amusing, too! (One example - Nile Rogers, who you Winwoodheads will remember worked with Steve on "Back in the High Life", was teased mercilessly by the other panelists, all in good fun, for his suggestion of Neneh Cherry as an underrated musician. It seems that the other males on the panel suspected that he chose her more for her value as, ahem, eye-candy. ;-) He seemed suitably amused AND embarrassed, and it was very funny!)

I was disappointed that Traffic wasn't mentioned on the Underrated list. And I will be absolutely mortified if Steve isn't mentioned if they have a show about best vocalist or best keyboard player. And boy am I sorry I missed the show the ladies on "onelist" are talking about, where Steve was described by Kate McPhierson of the B-52's as a "hottie"!! But more than hearing him mentioned on the show, wouldn't it be interesting to see Steve as a panelist on "The List"? Not only to hear his choices, but to hear his views on the other peoples' choices as well?

The only possible drawback I foresee might be SW's tendency to be a gentleman about his opinions on other musicians, since part of the fun of the show is the debate amongst the panelists. Not that they are usually nasty with each other, or about the artists discussed, but I can imagine his discomfort at having to "go on record" as thinking this one is better than that one, and so forth. And I can picture him agonizing over the portion of the show when each guest has to pick one group/musician off of the list. I'm sure he occasionally talks about these things with his friends, and oh, to be a fly on the wall! :-)

Take care,

Date sent: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 10:03:45 -0500
Subject: Mr. Fantasy (Remastered) - follow-up (mono vs. stereo GTY)
From: Trafficologist (Ted G.) - ftg3plus4@cs.com

For the sake of accuracy I'd like to modify my comments (from the previous SP) on the mono vs. stereo "Giving To You". As I said, it does have a slightly different mix which includes a flute riff near the beginning that was mixed out of the stereo version, but after some more listening I realized the flute choruses are not different like I thought they were. Frankly, I think some of these mono versions played tricks on my ears -- I heard "differences" on several tracks that weren't really there. (P.S. - For what it's worth, the stereo GTY is 4:16 while the mono is 4:05.)

Date sent: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 20:11:37 -0600
From: Steven Robert Seim
Subject: CD on eBay

I'm currently selling a copy of the Westwood One 2CD "Timothy White's Rock Stars" SW special (that includes several live, unplugged songs) on e-bay. The auction ends this Sunday (12-26) at 6:30 PST. Bidding starts at $15. Use the following link:


Steve Seim

From: "Christie, Paul (DASC)"
Subject: RE: re-masters
Date sent: Thu, 23 Dec 1999 11:44:59 +1030

I recently picked up the remastered versions of "Traffic" and "John Barleycorn Must Die" - I'm waiting on a copy of "Mr Fantasy". As a bit of an audiophile, I am impressed with the sound of these reissues. I have the Mobile Fidelity version of "Mr Fantasy", which sounds lovely. I'm interested to compare it with the new remaster, when I get it.

I've only recently discovered much of the early Traffic stuff, although I've had some of their later albums and much of Steve Winwood's solo albums for many years. So the new remasters are a great introduction - I think the extra tracks are a good bonus, particularly the tracks which were only originally released as singles. And the two live tracks are pretty good.

I have been quite amazed at how well much of the early material has aged - with the exception of the first album, many of the early songs do not sound dated at all.

I've heard that a remastered version of "Last Exit" will be released in Japan next year, with extra tracks - does anyone have any idea what the extra tracks might be?

Paul Christie

End of Smiling Phases, vol 176