Volume 172, sent November 5, 1999:
1. Cassette of Far From Home?
2. Yamaha S80 keyboard
3. Wally needs videos
4. tour, clegg, etc.
5. Re: We Just Disagree cover
6. Re: Traffic Remasters
7. Re: South African jazz fusion group
8. Re-masters
9. While You See A Chance
10. Re: Traffic Remasters
11. New Releases
12. Time-of-day
13. Urgent Press Release
14. Mike McEvoy chat

From: RKrell1021@aol.com
Date sent: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 12:44:40 EDT
Subject: Cassette of Far From Home?

I just bought the Aiye-Keta Cd (Third World with Steve). I received the cd the other day and I love it.

My question I would like to purchase a cassette of Far From Home and no one seems to have it in cassette form. I was only able to get the cd. I loved the tape so much I wore it out that's why I want to get another cassette tape for my car.


From: "Wagner, Jim"
Subject: Yamaha S80 keyboard
Date sent: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 11:36:29 -0400

Steve demonstrated the new Yamaha S80 keyboard at the Summer, 1999 NAMM show. For a photo (what's with the specs?) and more info go directly to (do not pass go or collect $200) to:



[The address may "wrap" in your email editor; make sure you get everything from the "http:" to the "htm" in the address window in your browser in order to see the site. --BG]

Date sent: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 11:49:04 -0700
Subject: Wally needs videos
From: "Walfredo Reyes jr."

I am searching for some videos that i am on & i lost them on tour. One is a VH1 mini concert from London's VH1 studios. Is the best sound of all recent tapes, the other is GQ award '97 & live in Naple i've never seen it. If they are good quality can you hook me up? You can't imagine how hard is to get stuff that you played on. I am playing on the last Joe Sample album /w Lalah Hathaway & the Record Com. did not send me a CD! Anyway, I would appreciate your help. I am revising my web /w new pictures and anecdotes frm the last tour,did you catch any of the concerts? See ya soon Wally

[If anyone has the videos Walfredo wants, please email me privately and I'll forward the email on to him. Thanks! --BG]

From: DG0715@aol.com
Date sent: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 22:58:34 EDT
Subject: tour, clegg, etc.

I was planning on going to Steve's concert in Aspen on Labor Day, but the festival's web site said he was only going to play for 1 hour, so I spaced it out. Then I tried to watch his live concert on the web, and the video and audio kept going out, so I finally had to give up on trying to watch that :-( Then I read on SP that not only did he perform a full show in Aspen, it was considered "one of the best concerts of the year" :-( I did find some good news, though. I visited Walfredo's website (www.walfredoreyesjr.com). It's a great site, and on it they confirm that Steve was both filming and recording the tour :-) . I like the teasers on the official website talking about the "suprising and exciting" things Steve is working on. It sounds like SW will be very active in 2000.

BTW: I think the South African band you're referring to is Johnny Clegg and Savuka. They were opening for Steve when I went to see him on the Roll With It tour. I used to have one of their discs, and it was excellent. I can't remember the name of it, it had that song ' Take My Heart Away ' on it. I think he also had a band called Jaluka.

Dan Griffith

From: BigStar303@aol.com
Date sent: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 23:58:48 EDT
Subject: Re: We Just Disagree cover


Do you know if anyone has ever covered "We Just Disagree"?? One of my roommates thinks she heard a country version of it.

Yes. Billy Dean had a #9 country hit in 1994 with his version of "We Just Disagree."

From: MHargre586@aol.com
Date sent: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 10:53:03 EDT
Subject: Re: Traffic Remasters

Island never rang back.
I'll ring them now!
They rang back - the CDs are out !!
I confirmed this by ordering them from a mail dealer - I will get them tomorrow ! Stay Tuned!


Date sent: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 09:59:02 -0500
From: Nancy Myers
Subject: Re: South African jazz fusion group

The name of the South African jazz fusion group that toured with Steve is Johnny Clegg & Suvuka.


From: Paul Minkkinen
Date sent: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 20:25:05 +0100
Subject: Re-masters

The live tracks are from the lost 1970 live album, unfortunately the remaining tracks from that release are presumed missing in the Island vaults somewhere. Sittin Here Thinkin Of My Love was more than likely from what was to be the Winwood solo album MAD SHADOWS and was produced by Guy Stvens. I Just want You To Know is a short 1.5 minute coda appended onto EMPTY PAGES. The additional tracks on TRAFFIC are I am afraid not live tracks. Hope that clears up some of your queries .

Paul Minkkinen

From: "Hisao Chida"
Subject: While You See A Chance
Date sent: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 14:44:53 +0900

Here is my two cents on one of my most favorite SW's tunes:

"While You See A Chance" is one of my most favorite pop songs and should be counted among the greatest pop songs ever written.

Structurally, this song comprises these eleven parts:

1. Intro (number of bars: 16) (instrumental)
2. Chorus 1 (time: 0:29-)(b 14) (instrumental)
3. Verse 1 (0:56-) (b 8) ("Stand up in a clear..")
4. Interlude 1 (1:11-) (b 13) (Instrumental)
5. Chorus 2 (1:36-) (b 14) ("When some cold...While you see...")
6. Bridge (2:01-) (b 10) ("Don't you know by now...")
7. Interlude 2 (2:20-) (b 13) (Instrumental with "Oh your way")
8. Chorus 3 (2:44- ) (b 14) ("When there's no one...While you see ...")
9. Verse 2 (3:10-) (b 8) ("Stand up in a clear...")
10. Interlude 3 (3:35-) (b 13) (Synth solo)
11. Chorus 4 (3:50-) (b 12) ("And that old grey...While you see a...")
12. Coda (4:12-5:11) (b 31) (Synth solo with "While you see...")

The number of bars is in 4/4 time and 129 tempo. The tonality is D major and only the Bridge part is in B-flat major. From the instrumental viewpoint, no electric or acoustic guitar is played on this song. The instruments are drums, percussions, synth bass (Moog), Hammond-organ, acoustic piano, synth strings, and synth solo sound (mini-Moog).

This complex structure is quite unusual as a pop song. But our genius in songwriting, singing and instrumentation never makes us feel unusual at all. If it is arranged as below, it completely looks like classical Rondo from:

|| Intro | A || B | T | A || C | T | A || B | T | A ||Coda||
A: Chorus (Pre-chorus + Actual-chorus)
B: Verse
T: Interlude
C: Bridge

In the Intro a warm string-pad sound fades in, followed by the mini- Moog solo - best known as SW's original sound - and organ. The synth sound is used on many SW songs -Valerie, Finer Things, etc. This atmospheric intro reminds me of the Beethoven's Fourth and Seventh Symphonies for example, and at the same time it sounds solemn like church music because of the pipe organ sound. But the presence of the synth solo itself makes it very pop. It is very rare to hear this type of unique intro these days.

The Chorus 1 starts with drums, piano and bass in tempo. This part may be counted as a part of the intro because of the lack of vocal, but musically it's already in the vocal part. This part is discussed later.

The Verse part is very usual - typical 8 bar structure, ordinary chord progression. The descending bass line seems one of the main attractions: ||:D A/C# |Bm7 D/F# |Em7 |A :|| The syncopated vocal/melody lines always make this harder for me to play. And it is definitely one of the most important features of this song. The only unusual thing about this part is that the lyrics do not change in the second time.

The following Interlude modulates from the tonic D major to the subdominant G major by way of an unusual chord sequence. This part functions as a transition between the primary and secondary themes in classical Sonata form. The acoustic piano plays the very active leading role and the syncopated rhythm helps it sound vivid again. Though the first and second times only feature the acoustic piano, the third time has a real synth solo. While the synth plays only the vocal line in the Intro and Chorus 1 part, it has the perfect freedom in the Interlude 3 with the best use of bending and volume control.

The Chorus part can be divided into Pre-chorus (6 bars) and Actual- chorus (8 bars). The Pre-chorus has three different lyrics while the Actual-chorus repeats the main lyrics "While you see a chance...because it's all on you" just like a typical chorus part of "Higher Love," "Roll With It", for example.

The Pre-chorus is extremely unusual. 1) Firstly, In a pop song, four or eight bar structure is an ordinary form. Thus, this six bar structure sounds unstable and it has a strong tendency to move to the more stable Actual- chorus part. 2) Secondly, the chord sequence of the first four bars comprises the tonic major 9th (Gmaj9), subdominant (D), and VI7(Em7). None of these sounds stable. The tonality itself is not clear - G major or D major. By way of the tonic (G) in the fifth bar, the E/G# chord in the next 6th bar paves the way to modulate to the original key D major over the ascending bass line G - G# - A. 3) More importantly, these musical unstableness perfectly fits the lyrics that represents unstable feelings - cold tomorrow, sad old dream, endless road, no one left, don't quite believe you, old grey wind, nothing left worth knowing. 4) Finally, as is mentioned below, the lyrics change only in this part.

The Actual-chorus part proves SW's musical genius.The bass line keeps climbing up:
(E/G#)|| D/A |F#/A# | Bm | D/C |.
An amazing contract to the Verse part. And again, it perfectly fits the positive lyrics (sing it !). Finally, stability is established by the cadence from the fifth to eighth bars:
| G/B |Asus4 A | D | ||.
As always, the syncopated rhythm always gives it life. What a wonderful song !

But this is not the end. We have still more. The bright Bridge part starts with a very different key B-flat major. Theoretically, these two keys - D major and B-flat major - are not too far from each other and the modulation in this degree happens very often. The acoustic piano plays only three chords T, S, D, but the syncopated rhythm acts even more freely and strongly over the tonic pedal point. From the seventh bar, the tonality shifts to A major and the original tonic D major.

The Coda repeats the four bar cadence eight times to fade:
||:D | |G/D | :||
It features the lyrics "While you see a chance, take it, find romance..." and a quite improvised synth solo.

Among other things, our beloved hero's amazing vocal makes this song special enough.

This analysis let me realize how delicately and elaborately the music was composed to the lyrics. And there is much more to say about this master-piece. Only my English and musical knowledge is not good enough to appreciate it...

For all the chord sequences of this song, please see Bobbie's site.


From: MHargre586@aol.com
Date sent: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 05:50:29 EST
Subject: Re: Traffic Remasters

I've listened to all 3 of the Remasters now.

The sound quality is excellent throughout. Packaging is very good, but not enough track information is given, and lyrics are supplied only on "Traffic".

Mr Fantasy: It's interesting to hear the mono alternatives, especially the vocal "Giving to you" and "Heaven is in your mind". The only quibble is no stereo versions of "Paper sun" (this is split also), "Hole in my shoe" and "Smiling phases"

Traffic: "Mulberry bush" is in true stereo (first time on CD?), but there is no "Something's got a hold of my toe" from "Last exit" (Nor "Just for you" - Mason). One error - the start of "No time to live" is wrongly indexed (maybe 13 seconds in).

Barleycorn: I think the very short track "I just want you to know" (1'30") is excellent (Great guitar!) and it follows "Empty pages". "Sitting here thinking..." is OK , but sounds a bit like a vocal demo, and it follows "Every mother's son" which now sounds fabulous. The last 2 tracks "Who knows what tomorrow may bring" and "Glad" are actually the entire side 1 of "Traffic Live November'70" - and the original LP never had "Freedom rider" either (I have a copy of the original LP sleeve and the timings are identical).

Go out and get them!

From: "Murray Dreyer"
Subject: New Releases
Date sent: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 09:06:31 +1300

Hi from good old New Zealand.

I'm please to say that yesterday my copies of the Remastered Traffic CDs Mr Fantasy and Traffic (II) arrived along with the Best of Steve Winwood -the Millennium Series.

After the first listening my thoughts are as follows.

Nothing new on the "Best of" as you will be aware except a great photo of the long haired Steve on the back cover!

Nice mix of songs though. Why stop at "Low Spark"?

"Mr Fantasy" is interesting especially a couple of the Mono tracks from the US Mr Fantasy LP.

"Dealer" is a sightly different version (both Vocals and mix) from the original.

"Heaven is in your mind" has the different Guitar solo at the end and some different backing vocals.

"Giving to you" has the vocal verse intro and a different ending.

I have heard all of these before probably on long lost singles or whatever way back in the sixties, it's good to have them in the collection again.

"Traffic (II)" has nothing new unless you haven't had the "Mulberry" stuff and the other rarer bonus track before.

However they are all well worth the wait and the money and it's good to have some remastered stuff that you can turn up loud!

Can't wait for "Barleycorn", it's apparently in transit to me now. Wow, some new tracks coming and I'm already excited!

Murray D

From: "Gregory, Tony, 225CCS, LGM"
Subject: Time-of-day
Date sent: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 16:04:30 -0600


Date sent: Wed, 03 Nov 1999 15:42:59 +0000
From: Fair Warning-Wasted Talent
Subject: Urgent Press Release

An Evening of Greatest Hits with STEVE WINWOOD and his Band.

Steve Winwood will appear at The Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, UK on Monday 6th December.

This will be Steve's ONLY UK live show this year, and is to be filmed for future broadcast as a TV special.

Ticket price: 17-50 (subject to booking fee - no booking fee for personal callers paying by cash or cheque at the venue box office.) The show goes on sale TOMORROW, Thursday 4th November 1999.

Tickets are available from:

Ticketweb 0171 771 2000 www.ticketweb.co.uk
Way Ahead 0171 403 3331 www.tickets-online.co.uk
Ticketmaster 0171 344 4040 www.ticketmaster.co.uk
First Call 0171 420 1000 www.firstcalltickets.com
0870 840 111
Capital Gold Hotline 0171 420 1010
and selected HMV, Tower Records and Virgin, Piccadilly.

Doors 7-30pm.
Fair Warning-Wasted Talent
Tel: +44 (0)171 376 8501

From: "BobbieG."
Date sent: Fri, 5 Nov 1999 08:42:52 -0700
Subject: Mike McEvoy chat

Last night, Mike was able to join us in the AOL chatroom that we have every Thursday. This morning I uploaded a log of that chat to the web- site.

I did not make a general announcement about it here or on the web-site, because it was the first time ever that Mike had "chatted" and he didn't want to be overwhelmed. ;-) But a good time was had by all, and next time he participates, I =will= make an announcement so anyone who wants to can join.


End of Smiling Phases, volume 172