Volume 170, sent Oct 18, 1999:
1. Thank you
2. Some other issues
3. Some final thoughts
4. Jimmy Hendrix
5. CD Bargains
6. Traffic Remasters : Tracks
7. Winwoods win UK gold badges
8. U2 Radio - Winwood Track
9. LA Gathering

From: "ROLI-VED"
Subject: Thank you
Date sent: Sun, 18 Oct 1998 14:46:29 +0200

I would like to thank everybody who have/not e-mailed me and to all who have prayed for me and my family. We are allright. The earthquake is long gone but the mental impact has been huge on the Turkish people. I did feel the big shake in my house in Ankara, but it was insignificant enough not to destroy anything. SInce then i was busy starting my PH.D on Political Scince In Istanbul and visiting my soulmate in Lithuania.

My first post is about the "babyJ7" concerts. I am sure the concerts were great (naturally) . However my concern about the setlist came true. The only change that made me happy was the inclusion of "Arc". Thats great. However, no more surprises. I was thinking the other day, that I think Steve enjoys it this way, these are his popular songs that cheer everybody up, so he prefers playing these. He must be enjoing them as well.

What we need is something unique , something only for us, like a VH-1 storryteller. We are not the populace, the concerts although being great do not satisfy our expectations musically in "Winwoodian" terms. This is my impression about the set list. And i am very glad that John met him and that Steve wants to come up with new material.

We have discussed about Steve's next move, I certainly have to disagree with the "Christian music" tendencies. Although i have the utmost respect for that kind of music, Steve is a global legend, and there are Winwoodians who do not listen to that kind of music.

As far as "Latin" goes, The J7 tack was good, but was not rocking Latin, I mean no guitars and stuff. If he does something with a lot of guitars and horns, that would be great.

I am also glad that the "unplugged" issue is back. He certainly should do that, it would be awesome.


From: "ROLI-VED"
Subject: Some other issues
Date sent: Sun, 18 Oct 1998 14:48:07 +0200

Someone mentioned that Steve should play more keyboard solos. I agree, However, he has not played that much of guitar in his recordings. I mean how many guitar solos are there in every album. Even In "FFH" , there were 3 tracks that had significantly guitar solos in them. I mean think about "RWI", or "ROTH". I personally love every chord Steve plays on Guitar, and frankly thirsty for more.

Maybe its not right to do a quantitative anaysis like "How many solos" and stuff, but you guys know i am biased anyway..Sorry..

And Yes it is true, Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac has covered "There is a River" in their new album. The Q magazine called the Track, the standout cut of the production. I think this is great news as well.

One final thing, Winwood can never be and should never be on "Behind the Music", thats a show for the loosers or for people who chose a reclusive lifestyle or for who were drawn in the waters of Kurt Cobain and his alternative followers. How many times do i have to say this, we are in a different class. The Legends show, of course, VH-1 actually did that back in 1990 when Steve was "the" star for them. However, i think they should do a huge program on Steve, I mean its the best story (biassss) Isn't It??

I am giving the finger (sorry Bobbie) to VH-1 and to Virgin for that matter (like "we" have done before) for not doing their job.

And yes, I think that Refugees is a great album, the best one after the first album. Especially "Running On", one of my favourites. There is always a song like that isn't there, on every album. Like, Lord, Split Decision, Shining Song. But i think that "Running on" especially have been neglected by us..


From: "ROLI-VED"
Subject: Some final thoughts
Date sent: Sun, 18 Oct 1998 15:07:36 +0200

The "sharp-eyed" SPer that I am, I have almost forgotten about that thing. The singles issue...

I will have to bring this up again. Now, the "Here comes a a man" single is clear that the Live track is from The "Refugees" Tour, simply because of the Louis Conte connection. However, when it comes to "Some Kinda Woman", we gotto take it a little slow there, I mean I do not hear any "Larry Byroms running around or Michael Rhodes" for that matter. This single was released very late, so it is expected that the live tracks are actually Traffic recordings. Especially, 40.000 Headmen, was done live but it sounds as if it was done in a studio, one cut, like a practise session for Traffic. Since 40.000 was not included in the Refugees tour, this evidence supports the idea that it is actually Traffic, plus the drumming sounds like "Father Jim". As for the Low Spark, i initially thought that it was Traffic for sure due to the tightness of the track, However, my comparisons show me that it could be from Refugees. But I am not sure.

If there is another "sharp-eyed" SPer out there to clarify this, please do so.. Thank you.

The other thing is very important, and Dawn was brave enough to bring this on. It is very hard to understand Steve when he is singing. If U do not know the lyrics, it is sometimes very hard to come up with them. I always beilived that Steve actually uses his voice like an instrument, and thats one of the reasons why, we can not understand them. His voice can be as sharp as a rocking guitar solo often. This is incredible. And since Steve confirms this, this is a great humble person making masterpieces with his voice.

And did you people read that new "Bio" on Steve, he performed with Jose Neto Band,(When ,Where??) Can any of our South American friends fill us on this.. We know him from only one track, How come we have not heard of this.

One final thing to Steve Smith, How many George Harrison albums had Steve played on? I know one. Is there another one maybe,,"Cloud 9"..

From: "Hisao Chida"
Subject: Jimmy Hendrix
Date sent: Fri, 8 Oct 1999 11:41:43 +0900

So nice to read these very positive comments on SW's latest gigs!

I just remembered that a couple years ago I saw a TV documentary about the recording of Jimmy Hendrix's "Electric Ladyland." SW was one of the interviewees. Did I tell you that I was most impressed by the fact that JH hesitated to call SW because JH was afraid that SW would not say OK to join the recording. They say JH respected SW so much that JH did not think that SW would play with him.

A good story, isn't it?


From: Terenceaw@aol.com
Date sent: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 12:34:45 EDT
Subject: CD Bargains

800.com has CD at good prices and free shipping and no tax.


From: MHargre586@aol.com
Date sent: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 11:31:09 EDT
Subject: Traffic Remasters : Tracks

Here are the track listings:

1 Heaven is in your mind
2 Berkshire poppies
3 House for everyone
4 No face no name no number
5 Dear Mr Fantasy
6 Dealer
7 Utterly simple
8 Coloured rain
9 Hope I never find me there
10 Giving to you
11 Paper sun
12 Hole in my shoe
13 Smiling phases
14 We're a fade you missed this

1 You can all join in
2 Pearly Queen
3 Don't be sad
4 Who knows what tomorrow may bring
5 Feelin' alright
6 Vagabond virgin
7 Roamin' thru the Gloamin' with 40 000 headmen
8 Crying to be heard
9 No time to live
10 Means to an end
11 Here we go round the mulberry bush
12 Am I what was of am I what I am
13 Withering tree
14 Medicated goo
15 Shanghai noodle factory

1 Glad
2 Freedom rider
3 Empty pages
4 I just want you to know
5 Stranger to himself
6 John Barleycorn
7 Every mother's son
8 Sittin' here thinkin' of my love
9 Backstage and introduction
10 Who knows what tomorrow may bring
11 Glad (2)

Interesting ?


From: Martine Pugh
Subject: Winwoods win UK gold badges
Date sent: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 09:51:11 +0100

Just thought you'd like to know that brothers Muff and Steve Winwood were among recipients of the Gold Badge of Merit from the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters (BASCA) at a ceremony yesterday at the Savoy Hotel in London. This honour recognises long term service to the music industry. About time too! Kindest regards, Martine

Date sent: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 15:14:30 -0700 (PDT)
From: Scott Tribble
Subject: U2 Radio - Winwood Track

If you check out http://www.interference.com/u2radio/index.html, they have a "weekly" Real Audio radio show of U2 stuff. They haven't updated it in a while (since 9-19), but there's a chance they will soon and will erase the current playlist, which includes Steve's live performance of I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For with Seal at Wembley from a few years back. The feed isn't great, but it's a fascinating performance worth the download.

Scott Tribble
webmaster, stevewinwood.com

Date sent: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 01:20:22 -0400
From: Dawn
Subject: LA Gathering

Hi everyone,

I have been meaning to write a post about the Second Gathering in Los Angeles .... but I caught a mean, evil, take-no-prisoners sort of cold on the plane home. (Couldn't have been all the partying that week - nah! It was that nasty recycled airplane air, yeah, that's it.) After dragging my sick carcass around work for a week, I had the good fortune to recooperate from the trip...by taking another trip! :-) And then had to catch up at work again.... oh, you see the point.

So, for your approval, the belated Gathering Report....

The Los Angeles gathering was held at B.B. King's restaurant, which is inside a mall, and is nice and dark, with blues and jazz musicians' pictures around. The stage is in the center of the bottom floor, and the second floor is all just a semi-circle balcony, looking down on the stage. If you couldn't see the stage directly, there are two video monitors on the walls as well, which was helpful.

We got a table on the second floor, next to the balcony rail, where we ate and drank (and drank) and caught up. Everyone there knew each other from the AOL chatroom except Jeannie (sp?), but I recognized her from the picture on Bobbie's website of "Subscribers with Steve" backstage at the Roxy a few years ago. It was a small but very happy, enthusiastic group. The only disappointment was the number of SPers who said they'd come, but never showed. :-(

Craig generously "raffled" off a bunch of door prizes, including some albums donated by Steve Smith, and some beautiful coasters and a stained glass "Roll With It"-style "SW", made by Gunnar, the same talented fellow who designed the logo on the SP website. We created quite a stir with the surrounding tables during the "raffle", but they were all very good natured, and when Craig shared the Mardi Gras style plastic beads we were all wearing with the neighbors, the wait staff, and some obviously thrilled little girls, everyone took our high spirits with good humor.

We were initially hoping to see Spencer Davis, who is playing with "The World Class Rockers" these days. This is a group of musicians that you might not necessarily know their names as individuals, but you sure know the groups they were with and their big hits. With the exceptions of Spencer, and Denny Laine (who Alicia was thrilled to meet), everyone else was formerly unknown to me. Unfortunately, shortly before the gathering we'd learned that Spencer was playing elsewhere that night, but it sounded like a great place anyway. It was, and the band played a long, hit-filled fun show. Hits by the Eagles, Steppenwolf, Toto, Moody Blues, Wings, Janis Joplin, etc. We sang along and danced like lunatics, made fun of the guy dressed like a cowboy pimp and his underdressed, underaged girlfriend with the light-up high heels (you just HAD to see these two), and generally had a great time.

I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to spend time with my "Winwood" friends. I think that the cold was well worth it all! :-)

To respond to my fellow LA gatherer Shawn's last post, Yes, YES, YES, I agree with you, it's *past* high time that Steve was profiled on VH-1 or MTV, rather than the sad parade of formerly drug-addicted ex-stars we've been force-fed. Milli Vanilli, indeed! But you know, those networks must feel that Christian family men with positive messages in their music and no detox centers in their past are inherently boring. It's not good copy to have someone behaving decently, didn't you know that, Shawn? ;-) "Get the dirt! Find out something ugly! Spread more hate! Family man??? Harumph! Where's the angle in that?"

Hey, if the only way Steve can be profiled on VH-1 or MTV is to suffer misfortune, misbehave, and have to humble himself before the jury of the media, I'd rather never see him on tv again.

Stumbling off of the soapbox,

End of Smiling Phases, volume 170