Volume 164, sent Sept 3, 1999:
  1. SDG & "Mulberry"
  2. RE: Refugees
  3. Sept. 4 th concert in Ft. Lauderdale paper
  4. Setlist
  5. question about previous AC
  6. Las Vegas and souvenirs
  7. New compilation album
  8. Session Work
  9. RE: Setlist
  10. Gathering
  11. Live web-cast

Date sent: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 13:09:01 -0400
From: Trafficologist (Ted G.) ftg3plus4@cs.com
Subject: SDG & "Mulberry"

John L.'s comments on Spencer Davis ("Spence's vocals... were enough to make me forget that other guy who used to handle those chores in his band!") brought to mind something I've wondered but never asked. As an SDG ignoramus, I'd like to ask those who aren't.

My main acquaintance with SDG is from their tracks on "Here We Go 'Round The Mulberry Bush", which of course I have mainly for the Traffic tracks. I realize that, with the exception of "Waltz For Caroline" (aka Waltz For Lumumba), the SDG songs on HWGRTMB are post-Winwood. But just who was in the band at this point? One person was Eddie Hardin, right?

Is that him singing most of the songs (in a voice I'd describe as strong but not very tuneful)? And then who sings "Taking Out Time" and "Just Like Me"? Does Spencer sing one of these? Both? This info isn't in the HWGRTMB CD credits, and I haven't found it anywhere else. Speaking of HWGRTMB -- If you've ever wondered who Andy Ellison ("It's Been A Long Time") was, read All-Music Guide's bio of John's Children (Andy's former group). Kind of an amusing band history.


From: "Gabb, Anthony A"
Subject: RE: Refugees
Date sent: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 10:44:06 +1000

In regard to Ted G.'s question as to what Refugees.... is like, it is one of my favourite Winwood solo albums. It has a much more laid back and relaxed feel to Roll With It which was the previous album with only a couple of tracks cranking up the tempo a bit. One of these is "One and Only Man" which to me is a song which is totally out of place on the album given the decidedly blues and gospel themes which carry on throughout the album (it is not a bad song in itself though). There is some strong drumming and percussion work including some by Jim Capaldi and also some great slide guitar on "Another Deal Goes Down". The stand out track for me is the last track - "In the Light of Day" - which is a work of art lyrically and musically. In short it is definitely worth having in the collection.


ps. as an interesting piece of trivia there is another Steve Winwood on the planet, racing rally cars around Australia of all things - I believe he is leading one of the classes of racing - weird!

From: "lani arthur"
Subject: Sept. 4 th concert in Ft. Lauderdale paper
Date sent: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 06:46:07 PDT

To my surprise as I was looking at the travel section of our Sun. morn. paper I spy a photo of Steve! This part of the travel section tells about special 'things' going on all over the place, everywhere from Hawaii to Rome. Under the heading, "Seattle Celebrates Arts" is the following: "Bumbershoot, the 29th annual Seattle Arts Festival on Labor Day weekend, Sept. 3-6, assembles 2,000 artists, actors and musicians from around the world to perform at two dozen locations in Seattle. Musicians include Indigo Girls, Mickey Hart's Planet Drum, Jimmy Cliff, the Pharaoh Sanders Quartet and Steve Winwood". The article then tells about all the ticket info and gives the phone #'s. What a surprise to see this in the Ft. Lauderdale newspaper!

And to Ted....my John Barleycorn CD has no "!" . I was in a record/CD store yesterday that sells a lot of used stuff. And the three John Barleycorn record albums I saw in there didn't have your missing "!" either. This guy has a nice selection of Traffic albums...but I think his prices are a little high, $5.99 and up. In Tallahassee last year I got a new...never been opened still in plastic wrapper, RWI at a used record store for 99 cents! I will be going up there after my concert Sept 12....hope to get more 'goodies'!


From: Jmadshadow@aol.com
Date sent: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 16:56:40 EDT
Subject: Setlist

I noticed the set-list is EXACTLY the same as his last tour, except no Spy In The House..., and Dear Mr. Fantasy is new. I thought Spy was the strongest new song at his last shows. What gives?


PS- Think the compilation in Oct. will have anything new?

[John, see below. :-) --BG]

From: Rumcoke72@aol.com
Date sent: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 18:08:18 EDT
Subject: question about previous AC

hi, i was wondering if you had a setlist from the last time steve was in Atlantic City. the show doesn't start til 10 pm, and I would like to find out if last time was a 2 hour show. or if it was shorter than the normal shows of the tour. casinos request a shorter show sometimes so people will gamble more and go broke!

From: "Burrows, Phil"
Subject: Las Vegas and souvenirs
Date sent: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 12:47:30 -0500

They were not selling any souvenirs at all Friday nite in Las Vegas so I was not able to pick up.

We both enjoyed the concert Friday nite but I was somewhat disappointed that the setlist deviated very little from the one last year. Empty Pages was the only new song and he really did a good job on it as he does on everything. The songs were:

  1. I'm A Man
  2. Roll With It
  3. Freedom Overspill (a slower version than the recorded one)
  4. While You See A Chance (first standing ovation)
  5. Empty Pages
  6. Let Your Love Come Down
  7. Gotta Get Back To My Baby
  8. Can't Find My Way Home (this time the electric version)
  9. Dear Mr. Fantasy (really good!)
  10. Low Spark (15 minutes)
  11. Glad (lyrics at the end, always thought this was just instrumental only)
  12. The Finer Things
  13. Family Affair
  14. Just Wanna Have Some Fun
  15. Higher Love


  1. Back In The High Life Again
  2. Gimme Some Lovin'

All in all, a very good concert. This was only my 3rd time to hear SW but this was better than the 2 previous concerts. The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel is an excellent place to have a concert at a smaller venue. The crowd really got into the concert the more he played. It was either SW or the booze because both were really going strong! I thought Steve really played some really inspired guitar on several of the songs at the beginning of the concert, especially on While You See A Chance and Dear Mr. Fantasy. I guess my favorites were Dear Mr. Fantasy and Gotta Get Back To My Baby (I was not that wild about this song when I first heard J7). Several Latin concert goers really danced a jig when he played this song and Just Wanna Have Some Fun. His band included:

Mike McEvoy (electric piano or some kind of keyboard instrument and organ); Tim Cansfield, guitar; Scott Firth, bass; Walfredo Reyes, drums; Richie Sanchez, percussion; Emma Whittle and Valerie Chambers, backing vocals; Alex Norris, trumpet; Randall Bramlett, sax, flute, clarinet and organ (really good).

About the song "Glad", the lyrics could have been from Freedom Rider and I sort of expected Glad to segue into Freedom Rider, but the lyrics that I remember had "glad" in them and it didn't sound like Freedom Rider at all. There was not many lyrics at all and I just thought it was unusual the way it was worked into the song. Who knows.


From: "BobbieG."
Date sent: Wed, 1 Sep 1999 12:38:27 -0700
Subject: New compilation album

On October 19, 1999, Universal will release The Best of Steve Winwood - 20th Century Masters / The Millennium Collection. This collection brings together in one package, the finest moments from Steve's early years with The Spencer Davis Group, Traffic and Blind Faith. The package was prepared from the original master tapes for optimal sound.

Track Listing: Gimme Some Lovin', I'm A Man, Paper Sun, Dear Mr. Fantasy, Pearly Queen, Forty Thousand Headmen, Had To Cry Today, Can't Find My Way Home, John Barleycorn, Empty Pages, Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys.

Now that I think about this, it's kind of snide, isn't it? A "Best of SW" compilation that includes NO solo songs? Hmph. I think I'll pass.


From: Stephen Smith
Subject: Session Work - Julie Covington / Richard Thompson
Date sent: Wed, 1 Sep 1999 20:15:25 -0400

I've just updated the Collaborations & Session Work listings on the Smiling Phases site for two curious tidbits. They both relate to Julie Covington's self-titled 1978 album, on which Steve played.

First, I found an interview that Richard Thompson did years ago with someone named John C. Falstaff. In the interview, he said that Julie's album and his own album First Light were actually recorded at the same time, using the same band! Hmmm... Does this mean that Steve have played on First Light, too? I put the question in to the Richard Thompson mailing list, but there were no responses. I know we have some RT fans here in SP - anyone have thoughts on this?

Second, I was finally able to check out something I read a while ago in Alan Clayson's biography of Winwood. Clayson said that Steve played on Julie's hit single "Only Women Bleed". This turns out to be incorrect, though. The single was recorded separately and released a year earlier. More to the point, though, the record sleeve has full credits that don't include Steve!

A zillion kudos and thanks to DeltaNick for finding out about the unreleased Powerhouse track! Let's hope we see a rarities collection (for either Steve or Eric) with this track. I've added this to the Collaborations & Session Work listing.


[Alan Clayson wrong, just imagine! (That was heavy sarcasm, folks.) --BG]

From: Stephen Smith
Subject: RE: Setlist
Date sent: Wed, 1 Sep 1999 22:54:45 -0400

I can understand people's disappointment in the setlist, and I'm sorry to hear there's so little new material in the set. But people, IT'S STILL A WINWOOD SHOW!!! Actually, the J7-II (Wrath of J7?) label seems right on the mark. You can just color me happy!


From: Winwoodie@aol.com
Date sent: Fri, 3 Sep 1999 01:58:12 EDT
Subject: Gathering

The second Smiling Phases Gathering of Winwood and Traffic fans will take place in Los Angeles, California, on Friday, September 17, through Sunday, September 19.

The venue for Saturday evening, September 18, has changed!

Spencer Davis is playing the night of our gathering with the World Class Rockers only a couple miles from Burbank so we decided to move our gathering. We'll make the meeting time 6:30 pm. This is early enough to not pay a cover charge and should give us plenty of time to talk, eat, drink and be merry and raffle off the door prizes before the show.

As you probably know, besides Spencer Davis the World Class Rockers include: Denny Laine from Wings and The Moody Blues, Randy Meisner from The Eagles, Fergie Frederiksen from Toto, Nick St. Nicholas, Michael Monarch from Steppenwolf, Ron Wikso from Foreigner and Rosilee a tribute to Janis Joplin. Normally, I wouldn't move a venue for a gathering but this show is going to be great! Spencer did invite us thru the mailing list!

Also with no cover and no minimums, this is a better deal. As you remember, the other place was requiring us to eat and spend lots of money and this place doesn't care. It has authentic southern food if you want it. Hope you can join us. Let's have some fun!

September 18 at 6:30 pm!

Craig Loudon

Date sent: Fri, 03 Sep 1999 07:56:56 -0400
From: "stevewinwood.com"
Subject: Live web-cast

RealNetworks, the company responsible for the RealPlayer and the RealJukebox, is webcasting Steve's performance at the Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle.

The performance will take place on Sept 4th at 9:30pm PST.

For more information, go to the Real Bumbershoot page
or the direct stream (http://ramhurl.real.com/smildemohurl.ram?file=bumbershoot99/bumberstream-1/b umberstream-1.smi).

[This URL may "wrap" in your email software as it did in mine, so make sure you get the whole thing if you want to access the site. --BG]

End of Smiling Phases, volume 164