Volume 160, sent Aug 10, 1999:
1. Valerie Solo
2. Concert?
3. Capaldi question
4. Walking In The Wind
5. Stevie's Blues
6. Clearing up an R.R.S. goof
7. Long Night
8. New live Mason and Capaldi
9. Newbie ramblings
10. Chicago date!
11. SW Session

Date sent: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 08:11:08 +0200
From: Oliver Bruder
Subject: Valerie Solo

What does Steve use for the Solo Sound? Is it a Mini- or a Multimoog?


From: RKrell1021@aol.com
Date sent: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 23:57:47 EDT
Subject: Concert?

Is anyone going to the September 10th concert in New Jersey?


Date sent: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 21:24:47 -0500
From: Steven Robert Seim
Subject: Capaldi question

I'm trying to find the track listing for Jim Capaldi's "Prince of Darkness" compilation. Do you happen to have it or know someone who does? I can't find it on any of the usual internet sites. Thanks.

Steve Seim

Date sent: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 12:49:36 -0400
From: Trafficologist (Ted G.) ftg3plus4@cs.com
Subject: Walking In The Wind

Regarding the Traffic discography item (7" single) "Walking in the wind / Walking... (Instr.)": Does anyone know just what the instrumental B-side version consists of? Is it an edit, an alternate recording, a remix without vocals, or what?


From: "ralph nixon"
Subject: Stevie's Blues
Date sent: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 09:26:37 PDT

I wonder if you could help me on a question I have been pondering the last 35 years or so.

It concerns the B-side to "Somebody help me" by The Spencer Davis group - that is "Stevie's Blues".

How did he get that guitar sound? I have never heard anything like it since. I am speculating on a Strat or Tele guitar using neck pick-up for starters. Maybe there was some kind of fuzz unit used.

Somebody help me!

Ralph Nixon

[Ralph requests that replies be sent directly to him, rather than to SP. Thanks. --BG]

Date sent: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 14:22:46 -0400
From: Trafficologist (Ted G.) ftg3plus4@cs.com
Subject: Clearing up an R.R.S. goof

I'd like to clear up some wrong information I gave out in SP nearly a year ago.

In 139-04, I wrote: "The only US release [of SHOOT OUT AT THE FANTASY FACTORY] to have the full version of 'Roll Right Stones' is the original Island 'sunray' label LP pressing* Apparently some non-US CDs have the full version, though."

Responding in 141-09, Stephen Smith wrote: "Anyone know what current non-US CDs have the full version?"

Responding to Stephen in 142-02, I wrote: "Regarding non-US CDs of SHOOT OUT with the full Roll Right Stones: I saw a reference in an earlier SP to a non-US CD with a "longer" RRS. Unfortunately I have been unable to relocate that particular SP edition."

I have finally stumbled once again upon the SP entry that referred to the non-US release of SHOOT OUT with the "longer RRS". What was not clear to me in my original rushed reading (I was trying to get through all 130+ SPs in a very short time) was that they were referring to the original UK vinyl release, not a recent CD one. So... sorry about any confusion. Guess those old vinyl SHOOT OUTs with the longer RRS are still something special! (I don't know how SP 143-11 -- where Peter's UK SHOOT OUT, bought on the very day of release, even has the short RRS -- figures into all this.)

From: "Murray Dreyer"
Subject: Long Night
Date sent: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 09:50:16 +1200

For those collectors who may not know, you can get hold of the Steve Anglo & John Mayall track "Long Night" on the recently released (UK) CD "The Blues Scene" Deram 844 801-2. It also features Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Graham Bond and Rod Stewart amongst others.

Murray D

From: Stephen Smith
Subject: New live Mason and Capaldi
Date sent: Thu, 5 Aug 1999 21:43:42 -0400

Here's the scoop on this brand new CD, which I picked it up while traveling in Europe last week.

Dave Mason and Jim Capaldi: Live - The 40,000 Headmen Tour
Receiver Records RRCD 270
Released in UK, 1999.

Tracks: Pearly Queen, World In Changes, 40,000 Headmen, Love Will Keep Us Alive, Sad & Deep, Shouldn't Have Took More Than You Gave, The Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys, We Just Disagree, Only You Know And I Know, Feelin' Alright?, All Along The Watchtower, Dear Mr. Fantasy.

Receiver is part of the Trojan Records stable. Their site:

To find this title, go to the site, click on Receiver, go to catalog by artist, click on "D" (for Dave), then pick from the list. They follow the first name convention.

Jim wrote the liner notes, where he credits Steve Thoma on keyboards and backing vocals, and Alex Drizos on bass guitar and backing vocals. He also notes that the recordings were made during the US tour from February through April 1998, mixed to a portable DAT with no overdubs.

After listening to this set twice, I'm starting to enjoy it. Some parts are very strong, evoking the power of these incredible songs, and are just plain fun. These two guys are exceptionally talented and work well together here. Like the live Chic CD released earlier this year, the recording here is fairly raw and I like it that way. I feel that the intimacy and atmosphere of these performances is better preserved, and I'm willing to overlook problems like the nearly unintelligible boom of Jim or Dave introducing the songs! Overall, I like the album so far.

Still, the performances lack the musical focus of a cohesive project or other vision. Most of these songs are over 25 years old, and Dave's were all done to perfection on his Certified Live album. This is basically a cash flow release targeted to those of us who already know these guys. Even the album graphics are very low budget, unflattering, and seemingly designed to look like a bootleg. I'm glad to hear from these two, though, and look forward to new material that might find new fans for them.

From SP 159:

- Ted: Thanks for the info on the live tracks from the Traffic singles!

- Craig: I'm looking forward to seeing The Ghost Goes Gear. Please do keep us posted on the video release! Should be a hoot... Is Pop Gear also to be released?

Hasta luego,

From: Card53@aol.com
Date sent: Sat, 7 Aug 1999 05:30:06 EDT
Subject: Newbie ramblings

Greetings to all from another old geezer (44) who's been a diehard SW fan for nearly 30 years. After spending the last week devouring every last morsel of the website and reading every post in the archive (yep, every one of 'em!), I feel I've completed the rites of passage necessary to offer my first post. It seems to be the custom for newbies to offer their top 5 song picks and relate their personal tales of discovering Steve, I'll not break with tradition (well, not much anyway...).

For me, it began in 1970. I knew a few kids at school who were into Traffic, but my tastes at the time were pretty much limited to Beatles, Stones and Credence. I was in the record department at E.J. Korvette's (remember?) with money to burn (maybe all of six bucks) and figured it was time to expand my interests. Two albums that day caught my attention, though I wasn't familiar with a single song from either. First was John Barleycorn Must Die, complete with the "Traffic is back!" sticker on the front cover. The other was Dave Mason's "Alone Together," which the store had displayed to show off the psychedelic vinyl. Colored vinyl and a promotional sticker being sufficient criteria for me, I bought both, completely unaware of the Traffic-Mason connection! I must admit it took me some time to get into this strange new music, but within a few months, I was hopelessly and forever hooked. In the years since, Steve Winwood has been one of the few artists for whom I am a diehard completist. If they released an album with nothing but SW sneezing for an hour, I'd spend good money on it. I know it'd be the most soulful sneezing I'd ever heard.

As for my top five picks, my choices are not that unique (Low Spark, Can't Find My Way Home, and the entirety of JBMD), so I thought I'd offer my choices for 5 underrated and/or neglected tunes. All are well-known but don't usually seem to make top five lists. In no particular order:

1. Sea of Joy. I know it's made a couple of compilation albums (Winwood, History of Eric Clapton), but it seems to have been overlooked in recent years in favor of most every other tune on the Blind Faith album. They don't write great guitar riffs like this any more. And with Rick G.'s violin solo and SW's B-3 glissandos -- ach, it's a be-yootiful t'ing.

2. No Time to Live. One of Traffic's more complex melodies, riveting and haunting. My dog used to go nuts at the sound of Chris Wood's soprano sax intro. (Can you please help my dog?)

3. (Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired; live version. Has ever a song been so vastly improved from the studio to the stage? I can't even remember the last time I listened to the "Shootout at the Fantasy Factory" version -- the "On the Road" performance is the "official" one for me. Barry Beckett's piano works wonders to improve the arrangement, while SW turns in one of his all-time great guitar solos.

4. Coloured Rain. Once again, Steve proves himself god of the B-3. Love those droning foot pedals in lieu of bass guitar, though I'm glad they didn't overuse this approach in the studio. And if anyone ever dares question Jim's chops on the drums, play this track and shut 'em up forever.

5. Nobody Loves You When You're Down and Out. Why this track doesn't earn a spot on every SDG compilation album, I'll never know. I was fortunate enough to study for many years with jazz pianist Art Hodes, regarded by many as the greatest white blues pianist of all time. I played this track for him once and he was blown away by Steve's solo. When I told him Steve was only 16 when he recorded it, he didn't recover for months.

Finally, may I say how pleased I am to join this group of fine folks and astute fans. Sorry for such a lengthy first offering, but when it comes to Steve, you can't shut me up. I'm also a fan of old-time film comedy, so pardon the plug for my Laurel & Hardy website (http://members.aol.com/lhcentral) which I run with my pal John Brennan. You'll even find my picture there but, trust me, that's no reason to visit.

Keep on running,
John Larrabee

From: LesterJake@aol.com
Date sent: Sun, 8 Aug 1999 11:35:44 EDT
Subject: Chicago date!

I got a ticket for 9/8 at the House of Blues in Chicago, which was just announced this week (tickets went on sale yesterday). If memory serves, that's very early in the tour, so I'll try to send a review to SP 9/9.


From: "Murray Dreyer"
Subject: SW Session
Date sent: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 08:55:55 +1200

My fantastic CD shop in Scotland has just advised via it's usual monthly update of a new (actually mor of an old) SW session now available on CD.

John Marytn "Another World" (Bonus Disc with first 1000 copies)

Nine tracks from the 1977 recording sessions of "One World". The bonus disc features different versions of six of the tracks from the main disc. Guest Musicans featured include our man Mr Steve Winwood.

I assume two things, it is a UK only release and that it is different tracks than made "One World".

I've ordered my copy.

Murray D
New Zealand

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