Volume 154, sent May 18, 1999:
1. "What's Shakin'"
2. Traffic Compendium - Lead Vocal Roles
3. What's Shakin' - followup
4. Traffic re-masters
5. Clayson book
6. SW on the radio
7. Sessions - Eddie Harris, Robert Palmer
8. music book
9. Birthday Greetings

From: "Aleshin, Nicholas, Mr., ODCSINT"
Subject: "What's Shakin'"
Date sent: Mon, 3 May 1999 16:45:11 -0400

The "What's Shakin"" CD is available from Elektra. I bought mine from CDnow. It's the same as the LP, except that the cover has changed (I have the LP too, bought it in 1967 or 1968).

Winwood sang on both "I Want To Know" and "Crossroads," (and clapped his hands on "Crossroads") but did not play a musical instrument. He's not on "Steppin' Out," a guitar-based instrumental. This explains why "Steppin ..." wasn't included on "The Finer Things."

Some sources say that Winwood played piano or organ on the three Eric Clapton & The Powerhouse songs, but that's not true. Clapton buddy Ben Palmer played the piano and there is no organ. Winwood's role was singing and clapping his hands.

Here's the band lineup:
Eric Clapton: guitar
Steve Winwood: vocals
Ben Palmer: piano
Paul Jones: harmonica and backing vocal on "I Want To Know"
Jack Bruce: bass
Pete York: drums


Date sent: Tue, 04 May 1999 08:20:12 -0400
From: Trafficologist (Ted G. - ftg3plus4@cs.com)
Subject: Traffic Compendium - Lead Vocal Roles

Regarding the Lead Vocal Roles section of the "Traffic Compendium" in the Archives (original writer - Alan W. in SP 13), which reads in part: "Capaldi sang lead on 'Rock And Roll Stew' and 'Light Up Or Leave Me Alone', co-lead with Winwood on 'Heaven Is In Your Mind', and some lead on 'Dealer', though Winwood sang the chorus for that song. Mason sang lead on all songs he wrote for Traffic, including co-lead with Winwood on 'Crying To Be Heard' and with Capaldi on 'Vagabond Virgin'. Steve sings the chorus vocals on Dave's 'Don't Be Sad'."

Some thoughts / comments / misc. nitpickiness:

(1) "Dealer" -- Actually, I think Capaldi sings the whole lead. Winwood's harmony throughout the song (except on the bridge) is pretty prominent, but Capaldi carries the whole melody.

(2) Also, Capaldi carries the melody on the 2nd half of "John Barleycorn", although Winwood's harmony is (again) so prominent that you're more aware of him than Jim.

(3) "Don't Be Sad'" -- The credits on the album say it's just Dave singing lead, and as far as I know that's true. I don't know which part of the song Alan has in mind when he says "Steve sings the chorus vocals". But I'll admit there's a lot of "Steve-ness" in the way the two bridge parts (verses?) are belted out. (Does Dave ever sing like that anywhere else? Solo albums, perhaps?)

(4) "Vagabond Virgin" -- The credits on the album say both Dave and Jim are singing lead, but Dave clearly carries the melody all the way through. I hear both Steve and Jim on harmonies but mostly Steve. What part of this song is considered Jim's "co-lead"?


Date sent: Tue, 04 May 1999 08:59:22 -0400
From: Trafficologist (Ted G. - ftg3plus4@cs.com)
Subject: What's Shakin' - followup

I received a response to my earlier post from someone who had clearly done their homework (sorry, don't have the name handy). They pointed out that "Steppin' Out" is an instrumental that does not actually feature Mr. Winwood. Therefore, it looks like it should actually be taken back OUT of the Song Encyclopedia (or at least notated appropriately). Oh well...

Also, I had asked if anyone might be interested in my LP copy, but I didn't know the album was out on CD. (But, hey, what isn't these days? Still too many things, I'm sure.) So I guess all the real SW fans already have that, or at least have covered its SW ground by getting The Finer Things, so... never mind. (A footnote: I picked up the LP at a rummage sale for a quarter, but later I saw a copy just like mine -- in slightly better condition but missing the notes insert -- at a local used-record shop priced at $30! What's wrong with THIS picture?)


From: Andrew_Easdale@biscuits.com
Date sent: Tue, 4 May 1999 15:05:17 +0100
Subject: Traffic re-masters

The Traffic releases have indeed been delayed but the good quality mail order store I spoke to five minutes ago (up to date info!!) said that the CDs have been printed and whilst they have been delayed for a second time they should be out by the end of May. I will keep you informed .

Do you know who has a copy of the Reading Festival 1974 by any chance ? And thank you for enabling me to ask all the Traffic fans for tapes via the Wish List. So far I seem to be sending out more Traffic tapes but I receive of tapes of other bands so the collection is staying static but can't complain. I have now got a real copy of Anaheim 1971 with Dave Mason on the last 2 songs , so far every version I have received is Boston mislabelled. This is now hogging the tape deck in pride of place even if the sound quality is nothing to write home about.

I had better get back to work !! Bye for now


[I hear from other sources that the re-master has been delayed yet again. Mid-June is the earliest date mentioned. --BG]

Date sent: Wed, 05 May 1999 19:25:25 -0700
From: Carol Stewart
Subject: Clayson book

I have been reading about the biography, "Back in the High Life" and would like to have a copy of my own. I know it is out of print but does anyone have a copy for sale ?

Let me know, Carol

Subject: SW on the radio
Date sent: Wed, 12 May 1999 15:52:49 -0400 (EDT)

There was a nice surprise on the morning radio show I listen to and bug all the time to play more Winwood. Today, they announced his birthday and played a very short excerpt from an interview SW did. I called to ask where I could get a copy, but the producer of the show said that it was on some type of promo tape that he had gotten with interviews with other people. Yesterday, I had mentioned to the Bill Flynn, the morning show, that today was SW's birthday and would he say something about it. I was happy to hear that he did. Take care.


[See that, folks? We =can= make a difference! Let's start heating up those phone lines! :-) --BG]

From: Stephen Smith
Subject: Sessions - Eddie Harris, Robert Palmer
Date sent: Wed, 12 May 1999 16:21:27 -0400

I noticed today that Eddie Harris' album EH In The UK (1974) was finally released on CD last month. Steve played on several tracks of that album. The CD includes most of another album, and seems to be readily available in the US.

Also, I've added Robert Palmer to the Rumored Sessions page based on Berkin's info. We hope to have more specifics on this in the near future.


Date sent: Wed May 05 09:57:54 EDT 1999
Subject: music book
From: rpawlys@thestar.ca

For any budding musicians out there, there's a new book/CD package available from Alfred Publishing called Learn From the Legends: Rock Keyboard. It has musical example of the keyboard styles of five giants, including Steve Winwood (the others are Bruce Hornsby, Michael McDonald, Billy Joel, and Felix Cavaliere). In the case of Winwood, the book deals with only his organ style, and includes an arrangement of his ``favourite hymn.'' There's also an interview/profile of each musician, various tips from them, plus some general stuff on chords. While I haven't actually worked with the book yet, it looks potentially quite useful.


From: Bobbie G (bobbieg@azstarnet.com
Date: May 18, 1999
Subject: Birthday Greetings

Yes, I'm late sending the greetings this year, but this will be the 4th year in a row that I'm late, so it's sort of a tradition now. :-) Anyway, if you would still like to email me greetings for Steve on the occasion of his 51st birthday, do so asap! I'm putting what I have on the web-site today, but will not print and send until tomorrow (Wednesday) or Thursday, so you still have time.


End of Smiling Phases, volume 154