Volume 151, sent March 25, 1999:
1. Session Work - Michael Gregory
2. Harmonica & little girl
3. RE: Song variations (2 posts)
4. Fandango
5. "Hole In My Shoe" young girl
6. tape request
7. Re: Smiling Phases, vol 150 - responses
8. Capaldi/Mason compilations, Deep Feeling, & London 73
9. CFMWH cover (2 posts)
10. SP 150 replies
11. Birthday greetings


From:           	Stephen Smith 
Subject:        	Session Work - Michael Gregory
Date sent:      	Wed, 17 Mar 1999 13:24:56 -0500

An unnamed contributor has alerted us to another Winwood
session. This one is an album by Michael Gregory called
Situation X (1983). Steve played keyboards and sang backing
vocals on one track, "No Ordinary Romance". From what I can
find, Michael Gregory was involved in the 1970s fusion scene.
Formerly Michael Gregory Jackson, he dropped the last name for
obvious reasons. Situation X is straight 80s pop.

Interestingly, Nile Rodgers produced the album, and both he and
Bernard Edwards play on several tracks. Is it a coincidence that
this session is coming to light right after release of the new
Chic live set? Hmmm...

This session is now on the Collaborations & Sessions pages. A
cover image will be added sometime in the near future.


Date sent:      	Thu, 18 Mar 1999 08:24:26 -0500
From: Ted G.
Subject:  Harmonica & little girl

(1) Berkin wrote: "Well, you know what, people?  We are missing
on something for over 30 years now, correct me if I am wrong...
No Harmonica,, since 67,, Come to think about ,,it would be
great if he plays it again.."

Did Steve play harmonica with SDG?  And who plays it on "Mr.
Fantasy" anyway?  I always thought it was Dave 'cause he plays
it on "Pearly Queen".

(2) Berkin also wrote: "Ohh, yea, the little girl on "Hole in my
Shoe",, now Ted, I do not have the courage to call my self a
Trafficologist, but I got to tell you, If you have the 1969
"Best of Traffic" album, you know with the blue cover..You can
easily see the name of the girl and her age in the inside

Thanks for the sharp eyes there.  I've never had a good look at
the blue-cover BEST OF TRAFFIC.  And I use "Trafficologist" to
indicate an area of interest, not necessarily expertise!


From:           	"Aleshin, Nicholas, Mr., ODCSINT"

Subject:        	RE: Song variations
Date sent:      	Thu, 18 Mar 1999 11:28:26 -0500

I didn't know until recently, but "Gimme Some Lovin'" had
separate UK and US versions too. I found the UK version on the
"Eight Gigs A Week" box set, which I purchased here in the US as
an import just 10 days ago.

What's the difference? The three other members of Traffic
(Capaldi, Mason, and Wood) are added in an overdub. They play
percussion and provide what I will term "nightclub background
ambience vocals" as they do on "I'm A Man." They also provide
the chorus "Gimme, Gimme Some Lovin'," which is not on the UK
version. They sing this part right after Winwood's refrain,
"Gimme Some Lovin'."

I'll guess that our UK subscribers are familiar with the US
version. However, as an American, I never heard the UK version
until 10 days ago (and I remember hearing "GSL" in 1966 before
it was an American hit). I had the SDG American albums, and saw
Traffic in 1968.


DeltaNick emailed both SP and Steve Smith, and Steve replied:

From:           	Stephen Smith 
To:             	"'Aleshin, Nicholas, Mr., ODCSINT'"

Date sent:      	Thu, 18 Mar 1999 15:00:51 -0500

DeltaNick -

Thanks for writing!

Yes, there are actually several variations. Some are well known
but others aren't, and there may be more we don't know about!
Below is the info that's been posted in Smiling Phases about
these. This is a small piece of a larger project that may be
added to the SP site in the near future. Coincidentally, I wrote
most or all of the original posts for this section (I think!).

Happy listening...

Best wishes,

Song variations

Several Spencer Davis Group tracks were released in two
versions. Differences between the versions relate to separate
releases for the UK and US markets, which mostly continue up
through the currently available CD compilations. Those
compilations are Island's Eight Gigs A Week (1996) in the UK and
EMI's The Best Of The Spencer Davis Group (1987) in the US.
Known tracks with more than one version are "Gimme Some Lovin'",
"Somebody Help Me", "Searchin'", "Stevie's Blues", and "Every
Little Bit Hurts". The practice of releasing songs in different
forms for different markets seems to have been common in the
1960s. Four of these five tracks have the common trait of a
bigger sound for the US market, presumably reflecting record
company perceptions about American taste.

"Gimme Some Lovin'": The most commonly known variations are the
UK and US versions of this song. Producer Jimmy Miller reworked
the track for a bigger, more engaging sound for the US market.
Oddly, the original UK version is as notable for its haunting
starkness as the US version is for its frenetic energy. Most
compilations have included the US version, but Eight Gigs A Week
(1996) has the UK version, marking its first appearance on CD.

"Somebody Help Me": One version has backing and solo guitar,
while the other uses organ instead. Interestingly, the original
United Artists single in the US was the organ version, while the
US and UK studio albums both included the guitar version. Most
compilations have used the tighter guitar version. The organ
version is currently available on the EMI collection in the US.

"Searchin'" and "Stevie's Blues": Backing organ was added for
the US versions of these songs. Winwood basically noodles around
on these organ tracks, but it's very effective and adds
musically to the song. The distinction between the UK and US
markets has been maintained for these two songs from the
original studio albums and later compilations all the way
through to the currently available CD compilations. The UK
Island collection has both songs without the organ, and the US
EMI disc has them with organ.

"Every Little Bit Hurts": This song exists both with and without
backing strings. Like the other variations, this one more or
less follows the line of separate UK and US releases. The
version without strings was originally released on Their First
LP, and is currently available on Eight Gigs A Week. The version
with strings, added for the US market, was originally released
on I'm A Man, and is currently available on the EMI collection
and on Steve's box set The Finer Things.

See SP 28-12, SP 45-03, SP 150-02.

From:           	Shawn Walsh 
Subject:        	Fandango
Date sent:      	Thu, 18 Mar 1999 08:54:53 -0800

A question: 'Berkin' makes a statement that 'the version on the
"Finer Things' box set is different from the album version.'
What tune is he referring to? The mix on 'Pearly Queen' sounds
different to me, not radically just different, but I don't think
that's it.

Fandago' is a personal favorite movie, not just for the use of
'Can't Find My Way Home' but the story and characters. It's
worth a rental for the sky-diving sequence alone. But the ending
is solid. If I remember correctly, Kevin Costner is standing in
shadow, his back to the camera, lifts a bottle of champage in a
toast (finding the bottle is a major plot point) and 'Can't Find
My Way Home' plays. The screen fades to black and the movie ends
with the song continuing. What makes it right is the song is and
expression of finding direction in one's life and this is a
reflection of the core characters to the story and Costner
specifically. The movie takes place during the Vietnam war and
he is on his way to Mexico to avoid the draft. At the end he has
made it yet this is not the best solution for his character. The
song reflects his own confusion. With the toast he is saying
goodbye to his previous life, by being in shadow he is going to
the unknown. Will be find his way home again? Who knows, the
story was about getting to just this point and telling it well
which is what the director did. And it's not just picking any
old baby-boomer tune, it's picking the song which helps to
express something beyond merely telling the facts of a story.
Getting the viewer to think well after seeing the movie is a
mark of good film-making and boy did these guys do that. Like I
said, it's also worth the sky-diving sequence (if I describe it
that'll ruin it, just go to Blockbuster).


[I believe Berkin was referring to the song "The Finer Things". -

Date sent:      	Sat, 20 Mar 1999 07:16:54 -0500
From:           	Ian Taylor 
Subject:        	"Hole In My Shoe" young girl

The original UK issue of "Best Of Traffic" came without a
booklet. It would be great if you or anyone else can relay to
the rest of us who the young "Hole In My Shoe" girl was. From
memory, I think it was said at the time that it was the daughter
of Jimmy Miller (HIMS's producer) but as the girl speaks with a
marked Southern English accent and Jimmy hailed from the USA, I
doubt this.


Date sent:      	Sat, 20 Mar 1999 22:28:29 -0500
From:           	Robert Curtis 
Subject:        	tapes

Does anyone out there have the Minneapolis Traffic Reunion
Concert tapes to share? If so, please contact me at
rcurtis@esper .com. Thanks.


p.s. complications everywhere "makes my kind of people scared?"

From:           	TGH2Moose@aol.com
Date sent:      	Tue, 23 Mar 1999 18:36:32 EST
Subject:        	Re: Smiling Phases, vol 150 - responses

Hey, everyone.  I've got a few responses I'm going to group
together here. I'm a bit new here, so if any of this is covering
old ground for you, I apologize.

There's two different versions of Roll Right Stones.  Well, to
be more specific, I have an older pressing on vinyl that
continues for another 13 seconds or so where my reissue (on
vinyl, I don't have the cd) fades out. It was pretty satisfying
to hear that.  Anyone know why that was, or if there are other
examples of this out there?

I had wanted to see Capaldi & Mason in Atlanta earlier in March
but did not get a chance.  Does anyone know whether that was
before or after Capaldi left the tour, and how the show was,
etc.?  And is Capaldi ok?

I manage a small independent cd store, and we got Chic the day
it came out. It's an unfortunate state of affairs that small
stores just can't afford to stock everything while the big boys
have endless lines of credit.  So naturally, when there's a new
release like this, that's where you have to go, too often!  Let
me encourage you to support your local independent record store!
 These are the ones that are more often passionate about the
music and make or break developing artists....

In regard to the takeover of A&M and Island, well, here's
basically what happened.  There were six major record
distribution companies ("major labels"), all of which were
equally (more or less) huge.  Seagram, which owns Universal
Music (Interscope, GRP, MCA, etc etc) bought Polygram, which
distributed A&M, Island, Phillips, Verve, etc etc.  Unigram,
which is how it is colloquially known now following the merger
of the two distribution companies, decided to close down several
of the labels, A&M being the prime example.  The dust has yet to
settle, but tons of people lost their jobs, many of whom were
sales reps and promotion people with a lot of experience and
"seniority" - that's probably the worst thing about all of this.
 Although I loved Polygram, I don't feel too bad about labels
changing hands.  After all, Island went from WEA
(Warner/Elektra/Atlantic) to Polygram ten years ago or so.
They're all conglomerates; this stuff happens.  Support
independent music, whether it be stores or labels! There are a
lot of great indie labels out there deserving of attention.


Date sent:      	Tue, 23 Mar 1999 22:02:10 -0600
From:           	OLIVE@mnhep1.hep.umn.edu
Subject: Capaldi/Mason compilations, Deep Feeling, & London 73

I've trying to find some of the compilations of the early
Capaldi/Mason/ songs.  For anyone that is interested.  There are
NO Hellion tracks on the 2CD set the Piccadilly Story.  I found
out the hard way. After many attempts at ordering this it
finally came.  But to my surprise there are no tracks with JC or
DM.  I also managed to get Brum Beat Midland Beat groups of the
60's.  This CD does have 2 tracks on it of interest.  It has
Daydreaming of you by the Hellions and Hallelujah by Revolution.
So for anyone interested get the latter (it is on Sequel 251).
The only real curiosity on the Pic. Story set is a track by
Freddie Lennon (John's father).

I also did some search for the series of compliation called Rock
Generation. I found them reissued in France on CD. But the one
that is supposed to have the mason/capaldi group Deep Feeling,
does not. I think the confusion arose due to some ambiguities in
the listing in AMG (all music guide). If you search for deep
feeling, it points you to this compilation. But if you search
for the compilation, that volume has no Deep Feeling. Anyway, I
saw a copy and there indeed was no Deep Feeling. There is a
volume with SW in Spencer Davis.  But these are the same exact
tracks that are much easier to get on the Springboard Winwood
and Friends.

I've got more orders out for these compilations but it requires
a lot of patience to get them.

I noticed a question on the review to the Traffic CD London
1973. I have this, and I nearly positive that the first 5 tracks
not from 1970 (oops I meant not 1973 -- I can't back up with
this editor, sorry) not from 1973, but rather from the Westwood
show (BBC) recorded in 1970. Of course the next 2 (shoot out and
LSHHB)  are later but I don't know from where. The remaining 4 I
am guessing are also from the 1970 show, but I did not compare
them closely yet.


From:           	Dialectic1@aol.com
Date sent:      	Wed, 24 Mar 1999 21:47:43 EST
Subject:        	CFMWH cover

I woke up this morning to a version of "Can't Find My Way Home"
being played on the radio.  The DJ said it was by Alana Davis
and was included on the new Mod Squad movie soundtrack.  It was
pretty faithful to the original... complete with those airy
vocals.   An interesting way to wake up, to say the least.

By the way, my SW lithograph hangs in my the study.  What a
great piece... Thanks!


Date sent:      	Thu, 25 Mar 1999 06:54:17 -0500
From:           	Dawn 
Subject:        	Mod Squad

Rolling Stone says that the compilation album from the movie the
"Mod Squad" includes Alana Davis doing an "improbably soulful
version of Blind Faith's stoner anthem 'Can't Find My Way



From:           	Dawn 
Subject:        	SP 150 replies
Date sent:      	Thu, 25 Mar 1999 08:42:37 -0500

 Hey kids,

Spring is finally here!  The birds are back, the flowers are
coming up, and with any luck, Steve will come out of the studio
with something tucked under his arm. But what if he comes out of
the studio, sees his shadow, and there isn't another one for...
oh dear, that's the groundhog, isn't it?  :-) And a tour?  Could
it be?  Well, we can hope, can't we?

Just to respond quickly to a couple of items from the last SP:

To John- I haven't heard the Chic album yet, but I plan to get
it, now that I've heard raves from both you and Steve Smith,
whose opinions I value on all things Winwood. :-)   Most of all,
I agree with you, I would sure like to see Steve incorporate a
little more "edge" to some future tracks.  A harder sound
occasionally, more guitar, less synth, would be nice. Listening
to Blind Faith some more recently, and just focusing on his
guitar playing on tracks in general, I would sure like to hear
more of that. But the keyboard playing on Voodoo Chile tore the
hinges off the doors, so it doesn't have to be guitar.

To Berkin- yeah, we know that Steve uses lyricists, but as
another SPer once said (maybe it was Kat? or Dawn S?),  if SW
sang the phone book, it would sound great.  Someone can sing,
for example, "I want you", and it can sound just about as
exciting as, "Please pass the salt." And another person can
sing, "Please pass the salt", and leave the ladies fanning
themselves in the aisles.   If you will all please excuse me for
using another sexual analogy:  See, it's not only the size of
the (lyrical) boat, it's the motion of his (musical & vocal)
ocean too.  :-)

Happy Passover and Happy Easter to all SPers!

From:           	BobbieG 
Subject:        	Birthday Greetings
Date sent:      	Thu, 25 Mar 1999 08:11:37 -0700

In the last SP, I asked for your Birthday Greetings for Steve,
and so far I have received .... exactly none!  LOL!   Please,
everyone, let's not all wait until the last minute and then
swamp the poor administrator (moi).  Email me the sentiments
you'd like sent to Steve Winwood for his 51st birthday; I will
print them all out to snail-mail to him, and will put them on
the web-site for all to see. If you need inspiration, there's a
link from the Mailing List page on the Fans' Website.


End of Smiling Phases, Volume 151