Volume 149, sent February 26, 1999:
1. Re: Valentine's Day
2. Rolling Stone/Finer Things promo
3. Traffic re-releases
4. Rolling Stone
5. Re: Junction 7 and Traffic's last date
6. Session Work - Remi Kabaka and Sting
7. Session Work - Alan Merrill
8. Chic
9. Lithos


From:           	KristinArt@aol.com
Date sent:      	Tue, 9 Feb 1999 16:16:43 EST
Subject:        	Re: Valentine's Day

TerriEngr--Or Theresa--She hit the mark exactly about out
favorite song..Everday! That song is sooooooo much apart of
me!!!!!!!---GO WINWOOD!!!!!! And Dawn--I always picked up on
those sexy lines--Your right!!!!!!!! They are subtle--But---in a
very LOUD way!!!!!!! I HEAR HIM!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOO! also--The
night and day--mornings being hope..the river...the wind in
Valerie's arms....He has such a beautiful...poetic...'nature'-
type-connection to love and life! You can really feel how deeply
he was feeling when he must of wrote those songs! The best kind
of lover and man--totally in love with his woman----and loving
deeply always----YES!     O.K.--Time to go pop in a Winwood
CD!!!!!!!! Bye for now!


P.S.--I'm 8 months pregnant (a girl, my third!))--so--you can
see why this topic got me all carried away----It's been along
time since I knew what the night can do!!!!! Course  there are
ways!!!!! HA!  Hey--We tossed around the name Valerie...whatcha

From:           	SayOnceMor@aol.com
Date sent:      	Tue, 9 Feb 1999 18:17:38 EST
Subject:        	Rolling Stone/Finer Things promo

I don't know if this has been mentioned or not...I was flipping
through Rolling Stone the other day (I think Lauren Hill was on
the cover) and there's an article on Chris Blackwell, which
includes a nice picture of Steve.  I didn't read the whole
article--just scanned, looking for anything Steve related, but
it seemed to be a fairly nice article.

Also...I was listening to the promo to "The Finer Things" the
other day, but the box I had didn't have a track listing...does
anyone have one??  I'm just kind of curious...I remember some of
the songs, but not all.


From:           	peter.blazsicsch@creditanstalt.co.at
Subject:        	Traffic re-releases
Date sent:      	Wed, 10 Feb 1999 12:33:26 +0100

Hello, I have the following question to you: I have read that
the Traffic albums "MR. FANTASY" and "TRAFFIC" were remastered
re-released now and with bonus-tracks. Please tell me the names
of the bonus tracks! Many thanks beforehand for your answer and
nice greetings from Vienna/Austria!


From:           	Jmadshadow@aol.com
Date sent:      	Thu, 11 Feb 1999 16:30:51 EST
Subject:        	Rolling Stone

Hi Bobbie, Wanted to let you know that there is a lengthy
article in Rolling Stone #806 (Lauren Hill cover) about Chris
Blackwell. Winwood is mention several times and pictured.

Stay Well,

Subject:        	Re: Junction 7 and Traffic's last date
From:           	Paul Minkkinen 
Date sent:      	Thu, 11 Feb 1999 20:04:55 +0000

Hi there Thought I'd respond to Dan's comments Re: Far From Home
& Junction 7. Could'nt agree  more, Dan!

State Of Grace - lyrically/ musically brilliant, goosebumps
every time when the acoustic guitar comes in, way up there with
Traffic's best (Dream Gerrard, Low Spark, 40000 Headmen)

Far From Home - Love the Hammond and guitar on this one, always
a lover of long tracks, dissapointed that some of this material
was excluded from  the 94 gigs ( I was never one for the
greatest hits at gigs give me new material, different
arrangements, I want to have surprises when I see bands live, I
can listen to the albums at home if thats all I was after)

Holy Ground - you can see the mist coming out the speakers every
time - go on use your imagination!

Nowhere Is Their Freedom - did'nt know about this one at first,
but i love this track now.

Junction 7 is ok but lacks the overall excellence of FF Home.
Only 4 tracks are up to Steve's usual high standards in my
opinion namely : Spy, Plenty Lovin', Lord Of The Street, and
despite being a cover version I love Family Affair.  Just Wanna
Have Some Fun, Back To My Baby, and Fill Me Up are, I reckon,
amongst Steve's worst.

Wish steve would latch on to a good lyricist, someone like Paul
Buchanan of the Blue Nile, my favourite other band, or even Tom
Waits, ooh I do like a good moody songwriter.

Re: Traffi'cs last gig -- My memory keeps telling me they passed
away after doing a free festival in England.  I will endeavour
to pursue this matter further, at the moment though time travel
seems to be the only solution. (My son is building a strange
contraption consisting of washing up liquid bottles, elastic
bands and assorted colored wires, this may turn out to be time
machine construction, if it works I'll be taking bookings for
Traffic 74, followed by Traffic 1970.)

Last but no means least Coloured Rain fanzine is going heavy
duty on Blind Faith for its next issue due in late March (30
years since they did their supergroup bit). If anyone fancies
writing anything for me on the subject or has photos or copies
of tickets, please feel free to e-mail me.

Hippo's Don't Wear Hats, Fritz Bring Your wigwam - Viv
Stanshall, now there was a lyricist and a half, tuned into
Stevie, hmmmm.. the cts just crawled across the keyboard, so all
this could well be more nonsensical than originally intended.

take care
Paul Minkkinen

From:           	Stephen Smith 
Subject:        	Session Work - Remi Kabaka and Sting
Date sent:      	Fri, 12 Feb 1999 15:38:39 -0500

Two more unreleased projects involving Steve have surfaced
thanks to Alan Clayson's Winwood biography called Back In The
High Life (1988), which Bobbie kindly lent me recently.

In 1976, Steve teamed up with Remi Kabaka for a collaborative
effort and recorded at least a few tracks, possibly a whole
album. This would have been their second collaboration,
following Aiye-Keta in 1973. Clayson quotes an article in Melody
Maker (4/28/76) which indicates Steve was happy with the
material, but for whatever reason it hasn't been released to
date. Steve called the music "Afro-cosmic-punk-disco". I have no
idea what that means, but I'd love to hear it! Thanks to Dan
Ropek for confirming this one.

Clayson also describes music recorded by Steve and Vivian
Stanshall for Sting's radio play of the novel Gormenghast. The
two recorded some material for a film soundtrack, expecting to
invest in the project. In a bit of financial intrigue, Sting
eventually bought the property, but he was unable to get backing
for a film, so he completed it as a radio play. Clayson says
that some of Steve's and Vivian's music made it to the final
production, specifically a song called "Boy In Shadow". The BBC
aired the show in 1984 and released it on two cassettes in 1990.
Tapes may circulate among collectors, but the show seems to be
otherwise unavailable.

I was surprised to find that the video of That'll Be The Day is
available at Amazon and elsewhere. The film features Ringo Starr
and David Essex, and is quite bizarre in more ways than one...
For those who've been looking for Fania All Stars' Delicate And
Jumpy on CD, I bought it last month from Dusty Groove
(http://www.dustygroove.com), and they said they could get more
copies. Go figure!


From:           	Stephen Smith 
Subject:        	Session Work - Alan Merrill
Date sent:      	Tue, 16 Feb 1999 19:17:40 -0500

Last year, a few subscribers expressed interest in an upcoming
CD release of Alan Merrill's 1985 solo album, on which Steve
played for one track. The CD, originally due last year, is now
available at the AMAS (Alan Merrill Appreciation Society) site
located in the UK. It's called Never Pet A Burning Dog, oddly,
and priced at UKP #15 or USD $25. If you REALLY need this album,
the site is linked from the Known Sessions page under Alan
Merrill. Please let me know if you have any problems.


From:           	Stephen Smith 
Subject:        	Chic
Date sent:      	Wed, 24 Feb 1999 17:17:54 -0500

The Chic CD was supposedly released yesterday, but no one has
it! It's listed in several online stores without details. Only
Music Boulevard even has a track listing!  Go figure.


From:           	sohi@aabc.dk
Subject:        	Lithos
Date sent:      	Fri, 26 Feb 1999 09:39:37 +0100

Dear fellow SPers,

Exactly one year ago, I had a meeting with Steve's manager, Mick
Newton, in London where we discussed the possibility of Steve
agreeing to a special "celebration" by SP on the occasion of his
50th birthday. Over the next few months we passed photos etc.,
back and forth, and finally in November we were able to send the
lithographs to Steve for his authograph.

Lots of people have written posts in SP about how pleased they
are with the result, and Steve himself liked it so much that he
has distributed a few to his friends. One fan wrote to me to say
that he hoped this was the first of a long series...!!!, and
Bobbie had received many e-mails from people who wanted to buy
one of these, and for that reason we decided to print 200.
However, not everybody who said that he or she wanted one has
taken the step to send a cheque for the litho. The price is 75
us dollars, and no matter where in the world you may be living,
postage and packing are included in the price.

Please, let's have the 200 lithos on the walls of genuine Steve
Winwood fans. I have one in my home and one in my office, and
they look great when they are framed. We would like to get to
the point where we can say "Sorry, all sold out" and get the
proceeds to Steve for the charity of his choice.

So, e-mail Bobbie if you live in the States. Elsewhere, e-mail
me, and we will get the lithos to you pronto.

All the best