Volume 148, sent February 9, 1999:
1. Island Records UK
2. (1) Traffic Question / (2) Pure Opinion!
3. SW/Traffic email crash
4. Go
5. "Still Crazy"
6. Last Traffic date
7. Favorites vote
8. SEX

Date sent:      	Fri, 15 Jan 1999 17:11:14 +0000
From:           	haslams 
Subject:        	Island Records UK

I have just been speaking to someone in the "back-catalogue"
department at Island in London.

First, the Good News: The TRAFFIC back-catalogue is to be re-
mastered (with bonuses if possible!!!) starting in March/April  (1999).
Other classic artists (John Martyn, Free etc) are also  to be done.

Second, the Bad News: Island no longer have the rights to the  original
"GO"  (and don't know who does)  so this will not come  out from

Mike Hargreaves.

Date sent:      	Tue, 26 Jan 1999 14:09:27 -0500
Subject:  (1) Traffic Question / (2) Pure Opinion!
From:  Trafficologist (Ted G.)

(1) Traffic Question

Lanny Morgan wrote: "Whilst driving to work today, I was  listening to
Hole in My Shoe. I have listened to this since I  bought it while I was
yet in high school and ask a real dumb   question....is it Capaldi or
Wood singing the lead? What is this  song about...or is this just a
typical psychedelic song of those  '60's...etc.??"

I'm sure you'll have "forty thousand" other Traffic fans  answering this,
but it's Dave Mason singing lead.  (Winwood &  Capaldi can be easily
picked out on the "letting in water"  part.)  It seems to be about a
psychedelic dream, because at the  end it says "I started to fall, then
suddenly woke".

".... maybe someone can tell me from the vast number of
Winwood/Trafffic fans, who was the little girl who spoke in the  mid
section of Hole in My Shoe?"

I asked this once before and got no answers.  Does anyone know?

(2) Pure Opinion!

I just wanted to express the following miscellaneous opinions  and I
don't really care if anyone agrees or not!

I think...

..."Hole In My Shoe" is not "too commercial" like Capaldi has  said it
was. (At least, it isn't by today's standards.)

...Dave's early Traffic stuff isn't all that much sillier than  some of the
other early Traffic stuff. ("Utterly Simple",  however, is something
worse than just silly.)

...Dave's HEADKEEPER is a pretty decent album, in spite of being
(which I didn't know for a long time) an unauthorized "rip-off".

...HEADKEEPER's live versions of the ALONE TOGETHER songs
are  better than the original versions.

...Capaldi sounds a lot better on "Rock & Roll Stew" than he  does on
his own "Light Up And Leave Me Alone".

..."Light Up" should have been left off of the SMILING PHASES
compilation and "Tragic Magic" used instead.

...Jim Gordon looks awfully disturbed in that LOW SPARK-era  photo
used in the SMILING PHASES compilation.

..."Love" (WHEN THE EAGLE FLIES) is a great little song.

..."Memories Of A Rock'n'Rolla" (ditto) is a pretty good song  (even
though nobody else seems to like it), especially the part  where it
changes tempo.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Date sent:      	Tue, 26 Jan 1999 11:18:18 -0800 (PST)
From:           	thesonics@earthlink.net (Jay  Siekierski)
Subject:        	SW/Traffic email crash

Hi jay here: I had a terrible PC CRASH yesterday. I lost my  items
exchange (i'll have to rebuild it) and all my SW  collectors emails.
These are the folks that like to be notified  when I get new SW mdse in
for sale or auction. Those of you who  are out there can you please send
me your email address so I can  start rebuilding the list to keep you in
informed. New stuff  coming in. Thxs J

Date sent:      	27 Jan 1999 17:10 GMT
From:           	Dennis Rosario

Subject:        	Go

I have always loved the "Go" studio and live albums. Does  anybody
have any interesting background on these albums ? It  seemed to have
been an interesting period for Steve. I wonder  how much influence the
Go experience had on his solo career.

Since I've converted over to CD's, I've been waiting for the CD  version
of these albums. I don't believe the albums are  available in the CD


From:           	LesterJake@aol.com
Date sent:      	Sat, 30 Jan 1999 10:18:19 EST
Subject:        	"Still Crazy"

From a NY Times review of the new movie, "Still Crazy" (about  the
members of a 70s English rock band, Strange Fruit, who  "grudgingly
reunite 20 years after they last dropped acid in a  Druid circle"),
quoting some dialogue: "The house has much  history," the wife
explains. "Queen Elizabeth slept here and so  did Steve Winwood."

The movie is being described as a more thoughtful Spinal Tap, to
mixed reviews, so if anyone sees it maybe they can report back,  and
also describe the context of the SW remark.


From:           	RRopek@aol.com
Date sent:      	Mon, 1 Feb 1999 22:10:17 EST
Subject:        	Last Traffic date

An old issue of Cloured Rain gives the last ever Traffic date  (prior to
the '94 reunion, of course) as being in Chicago on  10/27/74.  The
additional tour dates - (7), were supposed to  wind up in Miami (11/6),
but they never made it that far.  The  premature end was supposedly
due to an illness of Steve. In one  of the last shots of the group that I
have seen Steve did look  bad - almost anorexic, and Chris Wood didn't
look much better.   Definately not a group of 'happy campers', although
it doesn't  seem that the music ever visibly suffered.  From what I have
gleaned, both Jim and Chris were unaware that this was really  'the
end', so it may have been a case of Steve being 'sick of it  all' as much
as a physical thing.

On another note, I'd be interested in hearing how folks have  evaluated,
or reevaluated the status of Steve's last two album  outings.  For me,
"Far From Home" has held its own, or even  grown in stature - almost
everything on it has a sense of  emotional depth (o.k., not 'Some Kinda
Woman') that makes it  worthy of the Traffic label.  In fact "Nowhere Is
Their Freedom"  is pure Traffic - powerful, soaring with a real sense of
longing, it still gives me chills.

On the other hand, "Junction 7" doesn't get played at all in my  house -
not out of any negative vibe, but it never 'asks' to be  played.  The only
thing that I can come up with is that it has a  feeling of 'style' as it's
primary focus - which is not  inherently 'bad', but doesn't lend itself to
longevity. Fairly  or not, I have lumped this in with Eric Clapton's
"Pilgrim",  which has a similar sound, and is equally unpopular in my

Any other reactions?

From:           	TerriEngr@aol.com
Date sent:      	Tue, 2 Feb 1999 00:34:36 EST
Subject:        	Favorites vote

My absolute favorite is Vacant Chair, but the song that makes me  feel
the best is Everyday.  I saw only one vote for this one. To  me, this is
incredible, because I feel that this song summarizes  something
wonderful. There are many references to day and night  in Steve's
music. And it has lightened up over the years,  conveying hope and a
sense of permanence as the music (and  Steve) have matured. Are we
interested in the music, or the  message?

There are times in the music that the break of day can be pretty  sad.
But there has been more consistensy in the later music,   especially
impressive, Shining Song, where the day brings hope  for the future and
gratefulness for the past, and (forgive me) a  proactive attitude.

Steve is a gifted musician. His message is what speaks to me.

So make it 2 votes for Everyday.


From:           	Dawn 
Subject:        	SEX
Date sent:      	Mon, 8 Feb 1999 16:03:07 -0500

Ah, Valentine's Day, the day of love, romance, cards & candy,  hearts
& flowers... Ok, let's just cut to the chase... the true  subject of this post
is SEX.

Now that I have your full attention... :-)

Steve is not exactly the musician that comes to most peoples'  minds
when you mention sex.  I'd wager that the general public  would first
think of, say, Madonna or  Prince (or "the Artist",  WHATEVER).  But
that's because it is not the subject of every  song, and he doesn't always
wack you over the head with the  topic when it IS.  It is usually a few
lines here or there.  However, there are some really sexy songs or parts
of songs in  his repertoire.  So, if you're in the mood, here follows a
little exploration of what I had in mind...

First of all, everyone likes a little sweet talk now and again.   For
example,  in the song "Roll With It",  there are these great  lines: "The
way that you love is good as money, I swear by stars  above, sweet as
honey." Now then, who doesn't want hear their  lover say THAT?  Or
how about "Plenty Lovin'":  "The day's been  so long, the night's still
ahead, come on now, don't  hesitate..."  Come on guys, if your lady
says this to you, are  you waiting around for an engraved invitation?

Maybe you like the songs about dancing?  Someone once said (I've
forgotten the origin of this line) that dancing is merely the  vertical
expression of a horizontal passion. So  I suppose we  can include those
dancing songs, too.  Go ahead, "Put on your  dancing shoes", baby.
You know, the little red ones he  likes....

How about the soft, romantic side of things?  "Shining Song"  contains
the line, "Love the night, 'cause that's when I hold  you, feel the might
of all the things we do, oh the sight when  we're both coming through."
(This is copied from the CD notes,  but I always thought the line was,
"Feel alive in all the things  we do.")  In "Don't You Know What the
Night Can Do, the line is,   "Feel the beat and just hold on to the sweet
midnight flowing,  Feel the music inside you, I'll be there too."  Oh
yeah, I think  we are getting the picture of exactly what the night can
do, but  the night needs a little encouragement, too.  Go on guys,
borrow  these lines for use at home.  I'm sure Steve and Will won't
mind.  And I KNOW your woman won't mind. ;-)

Ok, a little too subtle? Not into the sweet talk?  Let's lay it  on the line,
so to speak.  "Baby, just please me! Who knows what  tomorrow may
bring?"  Come on, let's go, no time like the  present! !  "Just can't wait
any longer..."("Plenty Lovin'").    In "Time is Running Out", the line is
slightly more subtle, but  it's the same message...   "Woman, can you
hear me clear?  I  hope that you can.  Before you go to sleep at night,
take care  of your man."   Whoa, calm down boys, we hear ya!

But if you happened to miss the message, just listen again to  that sexy
call and response growling going on between Steve and  Des'ree on
"Plenty Lovin'"!  Whoo-hoo!  Or how about in  "Valerie":  "Love songs
fill the night, but they don't tell it  all.  Not how lovers cry out, just like
they're dying."  Go  ahead, whoop it up, make some NOISE!

How about the line in "Some Kinda Woman",   "Oh, I want you, I
want to tie you to me." What a  powerful expression of a man  feeling
so passionate about his woman that he wants to keep her  THAT close.
No wonder he's "burning out of control"!  Talk  about "Hearts on

And finally, don't tell me that dancing along with  "Gimme Some
Lovin'" with your sweetie, and catching that little glimmer in  his/her
eye, doesn't do it for you.  All that lust and sweat  packed in to one
pounding little song. Whew!  No wonder he ends  shows with that one
all the time. He has to - after that one,  everyone is outside smoking! ;-)
"Was the concert good for you,  too?"

Happy Valentine's Day Everybody,

End of Smiling Phases, volume 148