Volume 147, sent January 26, 1999:
1. Re: Billy Preston, Night Train
2. RE: Traffic's last show
3. Sessions - Sting, Sandy Denny, Marianne Faithfull
4. Anniversary & Gathering
5. Lithographs
6. CR-R Trading anyone?
7. Traffic questions, and lithograph


From:           	Stephen Smith 
Subject:        	Re: Billy Preston, Night Train
Date sent:      	Fri, 8 Jan 1999 18:17:24 -0500

Last issue, Rochelle asked if Billy Preston ever played with Steve. Well, both 
have played with some of the same people, including Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker, 
George Harrison, and the Rolling Stones. As far as I can recall, though, the only 
recording they've done together was last year's Blues Brothers 2000 soundtrack. 
Billy and Steve were both in the Louisiana Gator Boys band, along with many 
other people.  

Also, Ted asked if the instrumental version of "Night Train" on They Call It An 
Accident is an edit or remix of the original. That's a tough one. This song, from 
Arc Of A Diver, has been released there and on various singles in both remixed 
and instrumental versions. In fact, the earlier instrumental versions sound 
different to me from the later versions! The common element is that they all 
have a synth lead in place of the vocal (but different). The earlier release, such 
as the "Night Train" 12" single b-side (6:30), also has other differences in nearly 
every part. The overall sound is noticeably more tentative than the album 
version, so it could be an early working version with some parts from the final 
version added later. I think the soundtrack version (3:35) is an edit of this. The 
later releases, on singles for "The Finer Things" and "Back In The High Life", 
sound more like the album version to me. Sorting out Steve's many 
instrumentals is a real challenge! Some of these have been discussed in SP 
before. Anyone else have thoughts on this?  

It's been a while since I pulled out They Call It An Accident, too, and was 
surprised to see that Jess Roden contributed two tracks as well.  


From:           	"Steven Tidwell" 
Subject:        	RE: Traffic's last show
Date sent:      	Sat, 9 Jan 1999 01:37:49 -0800

In the last issue of Smiling Phases Shawn Walsh said:

> Being a tape-trader off-and-on for 20 years the "Tapes In
> Circulation" section of the web-site is naturally what I look at
> first.  It has actually brought up a question regarding one of my
> most favorite Traffic shows. I received it years ago as Ft. Worth,
> Texas on 10/12/74. It is the "...Eagle..." line-up with Roscoe Gee
> being introduced as the new bass-player. The material is from the
> last 2 albums almost exclusively.  The site and the 'Smiling Phases'
> booklet maintain the last Traffic show was the Reading Festival from
> that previous summer. Was Reading perhaps the last UK show? Any
> help is appreciated. 

I was at that Ft. Worth show. (Somewhere in the attic in some forgotten box I 
believe I still have the ticket stubs, too--really ought to go find it, someday.)  
Shortly after that I read in Rolling Stone magazine the rest of the tour had been 
canceled due to some illness Steve had.  You're absolutely right, the "Smiling 
Phases" CD booklet was wrong--there definitely was a U.S. tour in late 1974 
after "When The Eagle Flies" was released.  I don't know what was on the tape 
you have but I remember the show contained most of the material from the new 
album.  I don't remember the full set but I do remember a GREAT version of 
"Low Spark" and early songs like "Mr. Fantasy" and a heartbreakingly beautiful 
"John Barleycorn Must Die" as one encore.  I think the show was far superior to 
both "On The Road" and the Santa Monica video.  I had gone to it a bit 
apprehensive they wouldn't be all that good, because the live stuff I'd heard to 
that point just hadn't impressed me but I left completely satisfied.  The sound 
was great, it was a huge (and very stoned and appreciative) audience, and the 
performances were polished. Chris Wood was really on that night, too, all over 
the stage, playing several instruments besides sax and flute, including organ on 
"Mr. Fantasy" (because Steve had to play the guitar) and various percussion 
pieces, like cymbals he dropped on the stage floor, to great comic effect.  
Overall, one of the very best concerts I ever saw (and I've seen a few).  I'd really 
like to get a copy of that tape.  It may not have been Traffic's best performance 
ever but I can honestly say it was a great one.  

Best regards to all,
Steve Tidwell

From:           	Stephen Smith 
Subject:        	Sessions - Sting, Sandy Denny, Marianne Faithfull
Date sent:      	Mon, 11 Jan 1999 16:17:33 -0500


I was recently asked about two connections between Steve and Sting, and would 
greatly appreciate if anyone could help with these:  

In November 1982 Sting joined Paul and Linda McCartney, Roger Waters and 
Steve Winwood at Abbey Road Studios in London to celebrate the publishing of 
"The Guinness Book of 500 British No.1 Hits". Do you know the exact date of 
this event?  

On Janaury 8, 1987 Sting and Steve Winwood attended the show of Eric 
Clapton at the Royal Albert Hall in London and joined him during the two last 
songs of the set (Money For Nothing - Sunshine Of Your Love). Do you have 
this recording?  

Denny / Faithfull

Steve's been in the music business for nearly 35 years, and he's performed on 
others' projects for most of that time. Several of these projects have only 
recently become commonly known through our efforts, and more continues to 
turn up all the time. At this point, it's clear that Steve has probably done more 
work than we'll ever know about! Two recent releases from Sandy Denny and 
Marianne Faithfull illustrate this point.  

Sandy Denny's compilation Attic Tracks 1972-1984 (1995) includes two tracks 
recorded during sessions for the Rendezvous (1977) album, on which Steve 
performed. The two songs are the single b-side "Still Waters Run Deep" and the 
previously unreleased "Easy To Slip". Steve may have played on both, but 
almost certainly on "Easy To Slip" as indicated in the compilation notes.  

Marianne Faithfull's brand new compilation A Perfect Stranger (1998) also 
includes two tracks of interest to Winwood fans. Steve co-wrote the previously 
unreleased song "A Waste Of Time" with Marianne. Steve doesn't play on this 
track, though, which was recorded in 1988. The song may have been intended 
for Marianne's album Dangerous Acquaintances (1981), on which Steve played 
and co-wrote "For Beauty's Sake", or her earlier Broken English (1979), on 
which Steve also played. What an interesting story there must be here! The 
compilation also includes the single b-side "Sister Morphine" (1982), which may 
also include Steve's keyboard work.  

Both of these releases are in the Collaborations & Session Work section of 
Bobbie's Smiling Phases site, under Known Sessions.  


From:           	"BobbieG." 
Date sent:      	Sat, 16 Jan 1999 10:27:49 -0700
Subject:        	Anniversary & Gathering

I'm sure all SPers join me in wishing Steve and Eugenia a happy 12th
anniversary on Sunday, January 17.

The next SP Gathering will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, on February 12 
and/or 13.  This will not be a formal meeting, but another meet-n-greet like the 
New York Gathering held in November.  If there's a chance you can join us, 
please email me or Michael (McLace@aol.com).  

We're trying to determine dates for the Los Angeles Gathering.  Weekends from 
late August through late October have been suggested. Again, if there's a chance 
you can join us, please email me or Craig (Winwoodie@aol.com) and let us 
know which date would be best for you.  
We'd like to accomodate as many people as possible! :-)  This Gathering may be 
a bit more formal - we're hoping to arrange tours of studios or talks with session 
musicians or something like that.  

The London Gathering in 2000 will most likely be held either the first or second 
weekend in August, but more about that later.  


From:           	"BobbieG." 
Date sent:      	Wed, 20 Jan 1999 09:04:07 -0700
Subject:        	Lithographs

We still have lithographs left for sale to SPers!  Remember, you can see them at  

They are autographed above Steve's right shoulder (mid-left of the picture) and 
the number appears at the lower left.  

At the beginning of February, I will be offering them for sale via the web-site 
and eBay.com, possibly at an increased price, but I would like all SPers who 
want one to have one, so even if you can't afford one right now, please email me 
(if you live in North America) this week!  If you live anywhere else, please 
email Soren at sohi@aabc.dk  

As soon as Mr Slow-as-Molasses Winwood  determines a charity 
for the funds, I will let you know, of course.


Date sent:      	Thu, 21 Jan 1999 23:54:20 -0500 (EST)
From:           	pharaoh@digital.net (dave davis)
Subject:        	CR-R Trading anyone?

I just wanted to ask anyone on the list if they'd be interested in trading cd-r's of 
Traffic or Blind Faith material? I know that this stuff is out there, but it's so hard 
to come by.  I have a couple Traffic boots and one Blind Faith to offer in trade, 
and would love to build up my collection.  I know there must be others out there 
who have burners and would be willing to trade.  If you end up posting this, just 
let people know that they can e-mail me if they'd like to get something going. 
Thanks a lot, take care!!  By the way, for a COMLETE list (all artists) of what I 
have to offer in trade, check out the web page listed at the bottom of this e-mail.   

 --dave davis
-- Beatles CD-R Trading Page --http://ddi.digital.net/~pharaoh/beatleg.htm

Date sent:      	Mon, 25 Jan 1999 15:41:37 -0500
From:           	"Morgan, Lanny W" 
Subject:        	Traffic questions, and lithograph

Whilst driving to work today, I was listening to Hole in My Shoe. I have 
listened to this since I bought it while I was yet in high school and ask a real 
dumb  question....is it Capaldi or Wood singing the lead? What is this song 
about...or is this just a typical psychedelic song of those '60's...etc.?? It has 
somewhat of a Beatles influence if you listen closely. The melotron they used 
for the string pad arrgangement is so wonderful.... we cannot produce this type 
of 'timbre' or color these days with the modern electronic keyboards from that 
'old' archaic (sp?) instrument but we can get somewhat close. When we hear old 
tracks from Traffic, Beatles, Bee Gees, Moodie Blues, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, 
and King Crimson to mention a few progressive groups of the late '60's and 
early '70's, they used the melotron because that's all there was available for that 

Anyway, just reaching back a bit to nostalgia and oh yea,.... maybe someone can 
tell me from the vast number of Winwood/Trafffic fans, who was the little girl 
who spoke in the mid section of Hole in My Shoe. Was she a daughter from any 
of Traffic... or producer Jimmy Miller's daughter? Sometimes in those old 
recording days family members or friends dropped by during recording sessions 
and lent a hand in the recording/production of an LP. (The Beatles and Stones 
did this all the time and I would think that Traffic was no different). See if you 
can follow up with some of our 'discriminating' old Traffic fans!   

By the way,the lithograph was excellent!!! It almost is like a work of art and I 
will cherish this for many years...again thanks to you and the team who 
organized this and I am just overjoyed with the outcome. The choice of song, the 
photographs were the ultimate.... being a very 'picky'photographer, the choices 
of Steve's many "faces" was splendid. Top rate... we could maybe do this again 
for another benefit and I would be the first in line. Very pleasing and done with 
a lot of class. Thanks so much! By the way, I may want to purchase one for my 
dear old 50 year 'young' brother, (he really got me going with Traffic). Any left? 
I did not like the 1st LP, Heaven is in Your Mind when he brought it home for 
the first time. I thought why would Winwood go to this ugly extreme and get out 
of the main stream of pop/rock with Specer Davis and produce this mess! 
Wow,it grew on me and I was changed. Saw them in July 1969 at the L.A. 
Shrine auditorium...we sat on the floor near Traffic where they set up....it was so 
different in those days. It was festival seating as I recall.  


End of Smiling Phases, volume 147