Volume 145, sent December 17, 1998:
1. The Birthday Lithograph and Charity
2. SW lithograph
3. (1) OTR Mystery Words / (2) Opinions on CDs
4. Session Work - Writz
5. RE: Charity
6. Steve Winwood's VH1 Top 10 Videos
7. Holiday gifts
8. While you see a chance

From:           	"Eddie" 
Subject:        	The Birthday Lithograph and Charity
Date sent:      	Mon, 16 Nov 1998 22:53:06 -0000

With reference to comments made in SP144, in particular Dawns note re

Firstly I too would like to congratulate Soren and Bobbie for a great
piece of work, not only in it's creation but the pulling together of all
aspects of it's production and plans for distribution.  Well done and yes,
I'll definitely be having one too.

But I would also like to second Dawns comments regarding  the
potential choice of charity to donate the proceeds to.  Like Dawn I
have also shared in the experience of knowing someone who has had
this awful disease.  As a man I couldn't even begin to guess how a
woman must feel to know that she has such a disease together with the
realisation of the treatment of it. The Linda MacCartney connection with
Traffic is very appropriate in providing a link.  But ultimately the
choice of charity is Steves and Eugenia's and I'm sure that whatever they
pick, it will be a most worthy cause.  I read recently that men can also
experience this disease and it seems these days there are so many reported
cases about this or newspaper/magazine articles about it too.

So, a very worthy cause and Brava to Dawn for the suggestion.


From:           	sohi@aabc.dk
Subject:        	SW lithograph
Date sent:      	Tue, 17 Nov 1998 09:30:42 +0100

Thanks to everybody for their kind words about the birthday
lithograph. I am sorry it has taken so long, but working with graphic
artists is not the easiest thing in the world. Their notion of dealines is
very different from how the rest of us see it.

Steve and his manager, Mick Newton, have been very supportive all the way,
and I am sure that they will choose a charity with care. I will put the
suggestion of the breast cancer foundation to them, but will leave it to
Steve and Eugenia to make the final decision.

We are working hard to get the prints signed and distributed well in
advance of Christmas. Thanks again for your support.

best wishes

[At this point, mail being what it is at this time of year, it does
not look like we will have the lithos out in time for Christmas gift-
giving. :-(  But we still have plenty of lithos available, so if you want
one, please email me if you live in North America and Soren (sohi@aabc.dk)
if you live anywhere else.  --BG]

Date sent:      	Tue, 17 Nov 1998 09:56:24 -0500
From:           	"Trafficologist" (Ted G)
Subject:  (1) OTR Mystery Words / (2) Opinions on CDs

(1) OTR Mystery Words

In response to my comments about the mysterious "Swans, swans" on ON THE
ROAD, Scott Tribble wrote:

> I think they're shouting "Spark, Spark" to get the band to play
> "Low Spark".

I thought this was a bit of a stretch until I actually listened to
the album again.  Sure enough, plain as day, I heard (with a German
accent, of course) "Sparks, Sparks, Low Sparks"!

Good catch, Scott!  I consider this a mystery solved!!  How come the rest
of us never figured this out? (Also, Peter Nuttall seems to be right on
with his interpretation of SW's strange lyrical revision on the live
"Freedom Rider":  "See children gathering in the street/While hoping that
they*ll lose something*.)

(2) Opinions on CDs

On another matter entirely... Apparently there are people out there
who don't really care for CDs, but I'm not sure why.  I seem to
remember somebody (in SP?) even calling them an "abomination" or
something like that.

Obviously, CD prices are a factor (especially given the variety of
good used LPs I can find for under $4).  Also, I have yet to be able to
locate ANY out-of-print CD I have sought out.  But I suspect that some
people's anti-CD feelings go deeper than this.

Doe anyone have any CD-related thoughts they'd care to share?  I'd
like to hear them -- you may know something I don't.  Thanks.

Ted G.

From:           	Stephen Smith 
Subject:        	Session Work - Writz
Date sent:      	Mon, 30 Nov 1998 16:27:58 -0500

The self-titled Writz (1979) album is among the most elusive of all
titles purported to include Steve as a session musician, and
information on the group has been nearly non-existent until now. I've
recently been fortunate to come across both the record and a wealth of
information about who the band was, where they came from, and where they
went! English actor Julian Carr was kind enough to provide the background
and resolve specific issues.

Writz emerged as part of the British new wave scene. The original
group (Fish Co.) had a Christian approach which carried through
subsequent projects but was thoroughly disguised by this time. There were
connections between members of Writz and After The Fire, who later had a
major hit with their cover of Falco's "Der Kommissar", and U2. Both the
Writz album and the one single, "Night Nurse", were released by The
Electric Record Company, a subsidiary of Pye Records. Unfortunately, Pye
folded shortly after release of this album, which at least partly explains
its obscurity.

Terry Hounsome's book Rock Record, 3rd edition, lists the group's
members for this album plus Steve Winwood on guitar, keyboard and
vocals. The album's lyric sheet reflects essentially the same credits
except that Winwood is not mentioned at all. In response to my inquiry, a
former Writz member indicated no knowledge of involvement by Steve on the

While this seems to indicate that Winwood was not on the record, I've
found in the past that it's useful to understand the origin of such an
error from an otherwise reliable source before writing it off. An
excellent example is Rock Record's credit for Steve on Jim Capaldi's The
Contender but not on Daughter Of The Night, where the reality is exactly
opposite. These two records were slightly different releases of the same
basic album, so the mistake is easy to understand in hindsight. Let's hope
something similar surfaces for Writz. Meanwhile, I've moved the Writz
entry from "Known Sessions" to "Rumored Sessions" (renamed from "Wannabe
Sessions") on the Collaboration & Session Work pages. Lots more
information is posted there:


From:           	Winwoodie@aol.com
Date sent:      	Wed, 2 Dec 1998 03:23:58 EST
Subject:        	RE: Charity

Here's an answer to Dawn's question in SP # 144 about any one charity that
SW is associated with.  It would be hard to associate SW with only one
charity since he has donated to so many.  Just off the top of my head I
remember both VH1 concerts last year were done for charity.   "The All
Star Garage Band" was done for the City of Hope.  "VH1 Honors" was done
for VH1's Save the Music program.  The song he did on "A Very Special
Christmas # 3" was done for the Special Olympics.  In 1995 he wrote out a
few lines from "While You See A Chance" & autographed it & donated it to
the KLSX Classic Rock Art Show & Auction which benefited the American
Foundation for AIDS research & The Elton John AIDS Foundation.  Those are
just a few of many more over the years.  So any one charity - no.  SW's
very giving of his talent & seems to be quite an equal opportunity
philanthropist.   I agree with you, Dawn, that giving to the proceeds from
the litho to the Breast Cancer Foundation would be the politically correct
thing to do since he knew Linda McCartney.  Chances are he has already
donated something to them that we may never know about.

Craig Loudon

From:           	"Eddie" 
Subject:        	Steve Winwood's VH1 Top 10 Videos
Date sent:      	Thu, 3 Dec 1998 06:22:36 -0000

Seen here in England today on an occassional series shown on VH1
known as 10 of the Best, Steve's Top 10 videos. Some of you may have seen
this before. The TV programme lasts for approximately 1 hour including
commercials and features artists talking about their favorite video
performaces in between each selection that they make and their reasons for
doing so.  In the main Steve was saying that he likes low budget videos
which include preferably a live performance by the artist and most of his
selections seem to fit that.

His choices are:-

Jimi Hendrix                Crosstown Traffic

Robert Palmer            Addicted to Love

Free                           Allright Now

Sam Cooke                What a Wonderful World

Peter Gabriel               Sledgehammer

Rolling Stones            Waiting on a Friend (Prodiced by Jimmy

War                            Cisco Kid

Sheryl Crow                All I Wanna Do

Seal                           Kiss from a Rose

Aretha Franklin             Respect

 Not only is his own music so tasteful, but his choice in others
tasty too. Nice one, Steve!


Date sent:      	Wed, 9 Dec 1998 19:08:46 -0400
From:           	Greg Smith 
Subject:        	Holiday gifts

Greetings!! I hope all is well at the Steve Winwood [Smiling Phases]
mailing list! I am writing to pass on a great holdiay gift for your
readers! For a limited time, all first-time buyers at Music Boulevard that
visit the site via the URL below will receive $10 off their order or a


Have a great holiday season!

Greg Smith

Date sent:      	Fri, 11 Dec 1998 20:41:52 -0800
From:           	mrpussy 
Subject:        	While you see a chance

Did ABC ever use the riff from "While you see a chance" to precede a
commercial break on their morning magazine shows?  In 1980 I had only
afternoon classes at school so I watched a lot of morning TV.

I hope someone does an in-depth analysis of "Paper sun".  Listening
to it this morning, for some reason I was reminded of Monica


End of Volume 145, Smiling Phases