Volume 144, sent November 16, 1998:
1. SP response - Traffic 1994
2. (1) Roll Right Stones /  (2) Blind Faith
3. traffic mention
4. Classical Gases
5. On The Road
6. SDG Concert Update
7. Session Work - Shawn Phillips
8. Session Work - Reg King / Writz
9. SW charity
10. Charity
11. Nobby, Is that YOU?
12. Convention

Date sent:      	Wed, 28 Oct 1998 13:18:40 -0500
From:           	Bob Craig 
Subject:        	SP response - Traffic 1994

This was a fabulous post from the new edition of SP.  Guess I need to
comment and second many opinions here....................

From:                   "Peter Noss (petern)" 

> In response to Q4, vol 142:  Opening Act for Traffic 94 (in Los
> Angeles) was Sonia Dada - a great party band.

For the northeast part of that tour, the Subdues (sic) were the opener. Good band, too acoustic oriented for
the "sheds".  That's another question, why did Traffic play the sheds that year.  The theater, or arena, circuit
seems to be a better fit, in hindsight.

> Are there any plans ever for an official live release from the 94
> tour? This was a great, great tour.  Unfortunately, Traffic
> decided to reform the same year many other reunions made demands
> of people's wallets for far more unfair amounts of money, which
> cost Traffic.

**Huge** second of this on my part.  Every sentence is right on the money.  As someone who saw Traffic
in 1974, and every available Winwood show thereafter, things really came together nicely for the 1994
tour. It was just an awful shame it got lost in the year of the Eagles, Streisand, and many of reunion bands
at the time that were doing it for the cash.  I never got that impression from the Traffic reunion.  It really
did seem like the time was right.  There were many hints to it during the 1991 Winwood tour where SW
finally included a bunch of early Traffic material, Jim came out for many dates in the east and seemed to be
traveling with the tour to get "reacquainted" with Steve.  True? Does anyone have any additional details to
why Jim was out with Steve in 1991, but was not a band member?

> I've seen the Woodstock 94 tape, but it would be great to have
> professional live recordings of John Barleycorn and So Uninspired
> from 94. Those two songs were true emotional highlights of the
> show. There is one  pro-recording - a live, rehearsal version of
> 40K Headmen - awesome, awesome.  Is there anything else out there?

Professionally, not that I am aware of, but I have made it a mission to acquire as many shows on tape as
possible.  "Uninspired" was incredible, but was dropped by the east coast (second half) and was replaced
with "Rainmaker", which was a nice surprise, but I was really jonesin' for "Uninspired".  Luckily, some
great tapes acquired helped that issue. ;-)

Bob Craig

Date sent:      	Wed, 28 Oct 1998 13:33:23 -0500
From:           	Trafficologist (Ted G)
Subject:	(1) Roll Right Stones /  (2) Blind Faith

(1) ROLL RIGHT STONES (Reply to Peter N.)


> Shoot Out: I bought my album copy the day it was released in 1973,
> I timed RRS at approximately 11:40 but, if you turn the volume
> full on it  might get to the 11:47 mentioned on the CD (mine is
> the gold CD) and to me it seems to end at the same point.
> Interestingly, the album is ILPS 9924 (UK release).  As for a
> longer version, that*s news to me.

You mean UK listeners got the short version of RRS right from the beginning??!  Sounds pretty unfair to
me!!  As I've been pointing out, the original US Shoot Out LPs have the full 13:40-ish version of RRS.  At
my local used-record stores, about 1 in 10 copies I've seen of Shoot Out over the years has been one of
these.  I don't know where the longer RRS is available elsewhere, but I consider it worth seeking out for
any Traffic "completist".  11:40 sounds long, but RRS is made to be longer -- it doesn't even get to the
second verse until about 5:15.


Some random thoughts...

Random Thought No. 1:  I'm not sure why, but it seems to me that this band has generally been considered
more "Eric's" than "Steve's" -- Eric is 1st in the credits, stores file the BF album under "Clapton", etc.  With
all justice to Eric's contribution & talents, I think the BF album has more to do with Steve than Eric -- Steve
sings all the leads, writes 3 songs to Eric's 1, etc.  Was Eric just more famous/popular at the time or what?

Random Thought No. 2:  Ever wonder who all those names are in the songwriting credit (sometimes
written incorrectly) for "Well All Right"? If you have (like I did), they are:  Buddy Holly (easy enough to
figure out), Joe B. Mauldin, Jerry "JJ" Allison (B.H.'s Crickets), and Norman Petty (B.H. & Crickets'

Random Thought No. 3:  Anyone who disagrees with me on this one is entitled to call me whatever names
you deem appropriate (or, you can just politely tell me your own opinion on the matter and leave it at that):
Without knocking the classic BF cover design (I agree that it's a great one) or its history, I personally
always thought the "alternate" (original US) cover design (the 4 guys) actually "looks" more like the album
"sounds".  Anyone know what I mean??

Ted G.

From:           	SayOnceMor@aol.com
Date sent:      	Sat, 31 Oct 1998 17:54:03 EST
Subject:        	traffic mention

I opened up a semi-recent (don't have an exact date) newspaper (the Kansas City Star) and there was an
article on Marilyn Manson....the headline?? "Marilyn Manson...The Low Spark of a High Heeled Boy." I
thought i was going to have to cry. :-)


From:           	LesterJake@aol.com
Date sent:      	Sat, 31 Oct 1998 22:41:19 EST
Subject:        	Classical Gases

I used to have a theory that Steve Winwood's music was SO classical (the hooks, the harmony, the minor
key ambience, the changes) that there had to be a  connection between it (and therefore me) and the ancient

Everything from the earnest expression and reed-thin seriousness of the first two Traffic album covers,
suggesting a young Debussy or Brahms, to United Artists' comparison to Bach, to the six or seven great
albums that he made before he was 25, was pure genius.  I know better now: fame, talent and hype wither.
But even if there's still only a masterpiece a decade (Vacant Chair.  Night Train.  Here Comes a Man  to
pick a few), it's still a thesis in search of a proof, right?  So in the interest of science, I ask you
Winwoodsters, who and what are your original Heavy Metal classical favorites?  Let's see if there's some
consensus.  Here's my set, for starters:

1. Shostakovich (Babi Yar symphony, 2nd piano concerto, 8th quartet)
2. Mahler (Resurrection and 9th symphonies)
3. Brahms (violin concerto)
4. Handel (Messiah)
5. Bach (solo cello suites)
6. Beethoven (symphonies, late sonatas and quartets)
7. Respighi (The Pines of Rome--the Kashmir of its day--see it anywhere!)
8. Multi-syllable Russian Romantics: Rimsky-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky,
Prokofiev, Mussorgsky, Rachmaninov
9. Cole Porter and George Gershwin
10. Benny Goodman (Sing, Sing, Sing) and Miles Davis
11. West Side Story and Rhapsody in Blue
12. Sinatra
13. Beatles and Stones--you used to have to choose!

Les Jacobson

From:           	Stephen Smith 
Subject:        	On The Road
Date sent:      	Mon, 2 Nov 1998 15:16:47 -0500

In response to Ted G a couple issues back, my 2-LP copy of Traffic's On The Road (US, Island ISLD 2)
has two slightly different labels. The labels on sides 1 (LP 1) and 3 (LP 2) are light blue/gray with an
orange sun behind the Island logo, and on sides 2 (LP 1) and 4 (LP 2) are darker blue/gray with a yellow
sun behind the logo.


From:           	subscribe@spencer-davis-group.com
Subject:        	SDG Concert Update
Date sent:      	Mon, 02 Nov 1998 20:06:41 GMT

Hi Cyberfan,

The Spencer Davis Group concert tour schedule has been updated.  We will be playing the songs that you
love -  Gimme Some Loving, When I Come Home, I'm A Man, Keep On Running, Somebody Help Me,
Lots of Blues and MORE!!!!

Our Web site address is:

Take a look on-line!  Come to a concert when we perform
near your town!

Keep on Runnin'

From:           	Stephen Smith 
Subject:        	Session Work - Shawn Phillips
Date sent:      	Tue, 3 Nov 1998 13:08:33 -0500

Shawn Phillips is in the process of reissuing all of his albums on CD. Steve played on Contribution (1970),
Faces (1972), and possibly Second Contribution (1971). Second Contribution has been on CD for some
time, but the others have long been out of print. According to the official Shawn Phillips site, the
Contribution CD was released near the end of October, and is available there or through the Wounded Bird
Records site. A release date for Faces has not yet been announced. The official site:
http://www.shawnphillips.com Wounded Bird is a new reissue label created by the former management of
One Way Records, also a reissue label. WB's first project is the Shawn Phillips catalog reissue, but they are
working on other releases for 1999. Their site: http://www.woundedbird.com/

Also, I've added a new feature on the Session Work pages - a chronological listing for the Known Sessions.
The listing is linked from the index page, and provides a different perspective on the type and frequency of
Steve's sessions through the years.


From:           	Stephen Smith 
Subject:        	Session Work - Reg King / Writz
Date sent:      	Tue, 3 Nov 1998 13:09:43 -0500

Steve played on Reg King's only solo album in 1971. The LP is remarkably difficult to find, but I came
across some information about Reg. He was a member of UK group The Action from about 1963 to 1968,
and was hailed as one of the top UK soul singers of the era, alongside Steve Winwood and Steve Marriott.
The Action was apparently a very popular live band but never translated that into significant record sales
like The Who and other peers did. The Action became Mighty Baby, and albums by both groups are very
scarce now. Most members of these groups played on Reg King's album. I've added this info and some
links to the Session Work page (see Reg King under Known Sessions).

The only remaining session work for which we have virtually no information is the self-titled Writz LP
from 1979. Terry Hounsome's Rock Record (3rd edition) and the All Music Guide site both say that the
personnel were Arry Axell (drums), Nick Battle (bass), Steve Fairnie (vocals), Jules Hardwick (synthesizer,
guitar), Steve Rowles (guitar, vocals), and Steve Winwood (guitar, keyboard, vocals). Rock Record also
lists Bev Sage (vocals). If you have articles, clippings, or any other information about this LP and/or
Steve's role in it, please email me!


From:           	Operanut@aol.com
Date sent:      	Tue, 10 Nov 1998 23:28:18 EST
Subject:        	SW charity

Last night (Nov. 9) I was watching a show about glassblowing on PBS.  An artist named Dale Chihuly was
working with glassblowers in Venice, Monterey, (California) and Waterford, Ireland, to make large outdoor
sculptures he called chandeliers. They were sorta like a big buncha grapes in different colors only shaped
differently.  It was quite interesting.  At the end of the show they ran the names of the people who funded it
and one of them was Ann Richards, ex-governor of Texas, and then there was "Mr. and Mrs. Steve

Also, last night I was watching Jay Leno and Hanson did "Gimme Some Lovin'".  Garage Band Geezer
Rock Lives!! Actually I like Hanson and my kid hates them!

    See ya,

Date sent:      	Wed, 11 Nov 1998 11:24:29 -0500
From:           	Dawn 
Subject:        	Charity

The SW Birthday Litho is great looking! Bravo, Soren and Bobbie, what a cool project!  You bet your butt
I want one!  I love the idea of the "Smiling Phases" sheet music set behind the pictures, putting the
connection between Steve, his music, and the fan site all together!  And they are terrific pictures of Steve.
I'm especially pleased that the proceeds will go to charity; that is a really classy move.

Now, I wonder if Steve has a pet charity?  We've talked about Steve and Genia being at some charity event
in Nashville, but it escapes my mind at the moment what one that was, since the name was unfamiliar to
me. (Shannon will remember, I'm sure!)  But besides that, the ARMS concerts, and perhaps some Christian
charities that they may be involved with through church, I can't think of any particular one that I readily
associate Steve with, can you?

I know that everyone has their own agenda when it comes to charity, and I may be opening a can of worms
with this ("Hey, Steve, pick MY charity! No, choose MINE!"), but I thought that if there is no obvious
choice, maybe they will consider having the money go to breast cancer research?

Of course, breast cancer is all over the media right now, but I was particularly thinking about Linda
McCartney, and how devastated Paul is by her passing.  Especially since fate has been so cruel to him,
having the same disease take his wife *and* his mother.  How frightened he must be for the future of his
daughters now, too. It is heartbreaking.

Since Steve and Linda go way back, Linda being the first photographer to take those great pictures of
Traffic, I thought that it might be a nice gesture in her memory to donate the proceeds from the litho to that
research.  If only men like Paul and Steve, and other friends of Linda, could put their considerable talents
and influence behind the cause, I believe that a cure could be found within the next decade.  (I'd also love to
see a "Concert for the Benefit of..." put together with those two, and their peers.  If all those musicians
could do it for Ronnie Lane...)

I would be dishonest if I didn't admit to you that I have a personal reason for thinking of this, as well.  A
dear friend of mine, 34 years old, is currently undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer.  So, I do have a
personal agenda in offering this suggestion.  However, I still think that the point is this: no one's family, not
even a Beatle's, is immune.  And if a charity has not already been chosen, I figured it couldn't hurt to throw
a hat into the ring...  While You See A Chance, right?


Date sent:      	Sun, 15 Nov 1998 19:06:07 -0500
From:           	Dawn 
Subject:        	Nobby, Is that YOU?

Nobby, is that YOU?

You all may remember Nobby Clarke, sometime engineering assistant to Winwood and a featured photo on
Traffic's "On the Road" album gatefold.  I don't know much about him, and for a lark I looked him up using
Yahoo's search feature.  Well, I got about 10 entries, one being this guy named Nobby Clarke's webpage,
and he claims to have been in the Austrailian airforce for 19 years (probably NOT our man).  Another was
obviously the FAQ page for a Pink Floyd site, and it lists Nobby Clarke as the guitarist for a group called
the Mottoes, in which a young Syd Barrett also played. Anyone know if this is our John "Nobby" Clarke,
F.o.W.?  (Friend of Winwood)

Ok, to further complicate things, yet another link is for a cricket team, the Dodgy Brothers, of which a
"Nobby" Clarke is the manager!  Now, I have to ask you, with all of these various listings for Nobby
Clarkes all over the place, which one do you think is closer to the truth?

1.	All of the entries were about the same guy, and man, does he get

2.	Everyone in England has at least one friend nick-named "Nobby"

3.	John Clarke is really a double-agent with many false identities,
and I am on to his game...

OK, I obviously had too much time on my hands this weekend...  ;-)


From:	BobbieG (bobbieg@azstarnet.com)
Subject:  Convention
Date: 	November 16, 1998, 9:20 am

The First Annual Smiling Phases Convention is almost upon us!  If you think you can join us in New York
City on Friday, November 27, please email me as soon as possible for venue and directions.  We have
about 12 people planning to attend so far!

The Second Annual is tentatively scheduled for early October, 1999, in Los Angeles, and the Third Annual
for mid-August, 2000, in London.