VOLUME 140, sent Sept 11, 1998

Topics in this issue:
  1. Sister Morphine
  2. OTR poll & a "live Traffic" question
  3. Bootleg "Go"
  4. Connect on BF!!!!
  5. trades
  6. Latin Crossings Bill for sale
  7. Billy Joel Storytellers II
  8. Favorite Spencer Davis Group and Traffic songs
  9. Sessions - Anglos / That'll Be The Day / Troccoli
 10. August Stats


Date sent:      	Fri, 21 Aug 1998 08:32:19 -0700 (PDT)
From:           	jfw 
Subject:        	Sister Morphine

In the following excerpt from the latest SP... Another 12"
single I came across recently is Marianne Faithfull's
"Broken English". The song was released on two 12" singles
in a longer version than on the album, and hasn't been re-
issued since. The B-side of one is the previously
unreleased "Sister Morphine", also produced by Mark Miller
Mundy and Steve may have been involved in that song as
well. Is "Sister Morphine" the same song that is on the
Rolling Stones' "Sticky Fingers" album?




Date sent:      	Fri, 21 Aug 1998 12:24:27 -0400
From:           	Ted G
Subject:        	OTR poll & a "live Traffic" question

(1) Back at the very beginning of SP there was a poll to
get everyone's thoughts on the "Shoot Out" album.  Well,
I'd like to get people's thoughts on the "On The Road"
album (2-LP version only, please).  So far it seems to me
that everyone either loves OTR or hates it.  Personally, I
used to hate it & didn't even own it for years.  I've now
decided I mostly like it.  It gets points for being a live
album where the songs aren't carbon copies of the studio
versions, and it loses points for sometimes getting stuck
too long in the same groove (esp. on "Light Up") and for
having David Hood where Rosko Gee would have been
infinitely more appropriate!  (And just to pick on Steve a
little: he doesn't sing even one song's lyrics correctly,
although "Uninspired" comes very close & he corrects his
earlier "similar as this".)  How does everyone else feel
about OTR?

(2) Out of all the songs released on official Traffic
studio recordings (66 by my count), how many are NOT known
to have ever been played in concert?  For example, is
anyone aware of a live performance of "Something's Got A
Hold Of My Toe", "Here We Go 'Round The Mulberry Bush", or
"Am I What I Was Or Was I What I Am"??  (or "Just For You",
which perhaps doesn't really count?)  I really don't expect
an answer to this, but I think it would be interesting to
see what anyone comes up with!

Subject:        	Bootleg "Go"
From:           	Paul Minkkinen 
Date sent:      	Fri, 21 Aug 1998 20:34:20 +0100

Thought SP folks might like to know there is a bootleg CD
in existence which is a different recording to Go Live In
Paris, with Crossing the Line being particularly different
featuring Steve on electic piano rather than the grand
piano on the official release. I did write a lengthy  piece
on Go which I'll send on.

Booking the Millenium Dome for the joint SP / Coloured Rain
Party in 2000 bring a bottle !


Date sent:      	Sat, 22 Aug 1998 07:09:01 -0500
From:           	Bonderud/Parsons 
Subject:        	Connect on BF!!!!

Greetings -

I'm a new digest member, and I'm quite interested in the
legacy of the group Blind Faith.  Any other digest members
that have common interests are encouraged to contact me
directly.  I'm currently doing some research on the Blind
Faith Scandinavian concert tour of June 1969, and anyone
who would like to contribute concert date/venue/review
information to that puzzle is welcome to correspond with
me.  I'm also planning to do a detailed compilation &
review of the BF recordings (official & bootlegg) - Anyone
interested in collaborating?  Perhaps I will be able to
post some of that info on the digest in the future.

I've enjoyed lurking over the SPD archives during the last
month, and I'm pleased to have the opportunity to interact
with others that are high on Steve Winwood and all the
musicians that have collaborated with him during his
career.  I'm looking forward to future contacts with many
of you.  Do what you like................

Kenny Parsons
Madison, WI  USA

From:           	jpereira@correo.recol.es (juan jose
Subject:        	trades
Date sent:      	Sun, 23 Aug 1998 12:13:28 +0200

I have 2 90 tapes to share.  08/01/73 Traffic at
Winterland, San Francisco, CA  90 min.  and Steve Winwood
22/6/97 at Loreley Amphitheater, St. Goarshausen, Germany,
90 min. Interested in a trade please contact me.


From:           	"Eddie" 
Subject:        	Latin Crossings Bill for sale
Date sent:      	Tue, 25 Aug 1998 23:18:35 +0100

Bill sheets for the Latin Crossings gig at Londons
Shepherds Bush Empire on 24th  July  1998.  Featuring Steve
Winwood, Titi Puente and Arturo Sandeval.

I have 55 of these souvenirs which I would be happy to
distribute to fellow SPer's at at a very small outlay which
includes postage.  If you are interested, then email me at
ejg300453@btinternet.com   The price is either English
Pounds 2 or US Dollars $3.  Payment only in these
currencies please.  Coins will not be accepted.

Email me expressing your interest and I will then give you
my postal address and payment instructions.  Upon receipt
of your payment I will forward the gig bill. A scanned
picture of it can be seen on SP under "1998 Appearances" in
the "In Concert" section.

Please note that I am a long standing genuine fan, have
made a number of contributions to SP and am known to a
number of SW fans that access this site.    In other words
I can be vouched for and am not trying to rip anyone off.
Please also note that I will not pass on any personal
postal details to any mailing list concerns or other

By the way.  It was a great gig!

Eddie G

From:           	SayOnceMor@aol.com
Date sent:      	Sun, 30 Aug 1998 23:03:40 EDT
Subject:        	Billy Joel Storytellers II

Ok, now I'm not trying to start up another Billy Joel war
here, I'm just posting what I saw. :-)  I was watching
Billy Joel's Storytellers II today and he spent a few
minutes talking about the Beatles and then he said
something about Spencer Davis and SW and then started
playing "Gimmie Some Lovin'" Afterwards, he talked a little
more about SW and how he was this 15 year old kid who
sounded like Ray Charles...and he made the comment that he
was trying to sing like Steve who sings like Ray Charles
(or something like that.)


From:           	"Eddie" 
Subject:        	Favorite Spencer Davis Group and Traffic
Date sent:      	Wed, 2 Sep 1998 18:56:16 +0100

Here are my personal favorites of SDG and Traffic and the
reasons why.

Keep on Running, Gimme some Lovin', Somebody help me -
Because I heard these for the first time at my cousins
party when I was 13 and they stuck in my mind even though I
couldn't afford to buy them at the time. In effect they
launched my love of the music produced by Steve with SDG,
Traffic and the rest of his career which I've followed
avidly since then. But in effect I came back to these songs
much later in life. Kinda full circle thing.

I'm a man - When I was 15/16 I used to go to a pub
regularly and on the jukebox was this song, but Chicago's
version. Regulars in the pub always played it. I knew who
did the original. I also think that the sound hinted at
what was to follow with Traffic.

Here we go round the Mulbery Bush/Coloured Rain - The first
Traffic single that I ever bought. I liked the "A" side",
but the "B" side was what turned me on completely initially
to Traffic.

Dear Mr Fantasy - It just epitomises the Traffic sound and

Who know what tomorrow may bring/Pearly Queen/ 40000
Headmen - Just typically Traffic. The variety just in those
3 songs demonstrates the depth of their music. In
particular WKWTMB has a groove that I like so much and was
carried into other albums, particularly John Barleycorn and
When the Eagle flies.

You can all join in/ Withering Tree - I got this single on
mail order import from Holland. I think it was before the
2nd album was released and both tracks knocked me out.
Still do, particularly WT. I was disappointed that WT
didn't make the 2nd album. But I played this single to

Shanghai Noodle Factory - I just love this song

Medicated Goo - Should have been a "monster" single. But
the band had split, the record company didn't push it. What
a crying shame!

Stranger to himself - I'd read before hearing this that
Steve played all instruments on this track for his proposed
solo album Mad shadows. Steve the multi instrumentalist.
Knocked Stevie Wonders efforts for six for me.

Empty Pages - Of all the songs and performances by Traffic
this probably for me ranks as the best thing they ever did.
The electric piano solo. Seeing them perform this live in
1970 was one of the highlights of my seeing Traffic or
Steve perform live and anyone else for that matter.

Every mothers son - This one for the playing of Steve and
Jim. In particular the instrumental section which starts
with organ and piano and then Jim comes in on drums. One of
those hair raising moments for me.

John Barleycorn must die - Just demonstrated the variety in
direction that Traffic could take. A typically "English"

Gimme some Lovin'  - (Welcome to the canteen version) This
was played at so many Rock gigs that I went to. It always
livened the crowd up and because of that I like it.

Hidden Treasure - For me it carried on the groove from John

Low spark of high heeled boys - A classic track. I regard
this album not just for it's songs but the musicians
performances as well

Many a mile to freedom / Rainmaker - For the
instrumentation, solos and jams. For me these two tracks
epitomise how the band could move off into a jam, but keep
it together so tastefully. Rainmaker in particular where
near the end of the track the drums just come crashing in.
Another hair raising moment

Shoot out at the fantasy factory - Good song, brilliant wah
wah guitar solo. The first few notes of which just raise
that hair again!

Love - A return to the groove from WKWTMB and Empty Pages

Holy Ground - Just so spiritual. My favorite track on the
Far from Home album


From:           	Stephen Smith 
Subject:        	Sessions - Anglos / That'll Be The Day /
Date sent:      	Wed, 9 Sep 1998 01:24:05 -0400

Perhaps the most enigmatic record in Winwood circles is the
Anglos single "Incense" / "You're Foolin' Me". Jan Inge
Sommerseth and I discussed this single at length, and found
two conflicting stories. Jimmy Miller maintained, until he
passed away, that Steve was not involved with the record.
Muff Winwood, though, seems certain that the vocal on the
record is Steve and Jimmy double-tracked. Listening to the
record only adds to the confusion, since the lead vocal on
"Incense" and backing vocal on "You're Foolin' Me" sound
very similar to Steve, but also somewhat unlike him. I
concluded that Steve's role, if any, was probably limited
to the vocal, which qualifies the record as (potential)
session work. I've put all of the information we pulled
together on the Sessions page (under "Wannabe Sessions").

Jan sent me further information concerning That'll Be The
Day. My previously posted interpretation was misleading and
has been corrected, but we also have much more info now.
Anyone interested in this session should check out the
Sessions page (under "Known Session", various artists).

Finally, the upcoming Kathy Troccoli album, which Steve is
involved with, has been titled Corner Of Eden and is slated
to hit the stores on 10/13/98.


From:           	"BobbieG." 
Date sent:      	Tue, 1 Sep 1998 08:09:56 -0700
Subject:        	August Stats

Number of Subscribers - 335
Unsubscribes during August - 21
Subscribes - 8
Changes of address -  4

Number of volumes sent during August - 3
Average length - 19.7 KB
Total number of posts = 31

I'd like to mention that I went to a gig by one of our
Subscribers, Azi, who plays bass in the band Bass Culture.
It (and he!) were great!  If you live in southwest Arizona,
please email me for their upcoming schedule, and maybe we
can have a mini-convention at Breckinridge Brewery or
something. I bet we could even get Tony, the guitarist and
vocalist, to cover Dear Mr Fantasy for us. :-)