VOLUME 135, sent July 2, 1998; back after the hiatus:

Topics in this issue:
  1. Criticism
  2. Bobby Messano here
  3. covers
  4. Re: Bob Craig's initial offering
  5. Tapes and discs
  6. Latin Jazz
  7. SW Tape "Weed"
  8. Rock & Roll Stew
  9. BB2000 release


Date: Fri, 05 Jun 1998 06:53:52 -0700
From: Ted Knapp 
Subject: Criticism

I enjoyed reading the last issue very much, but I would like to post one comment
in response to the long winded Charlie Dirksen. There is an old proverb that I
would like to share with you and that is this. Those who can, do. Those who
can't, criticize! Steve, Dave and Jim were/are great musicians. They are still
out there working hard, performing for there combined/respective audiences. I am
sure most of the people walked away from that show feeling fulfilled. I have
always lived by the rule of, If you don't have something nice to say about
someone, don't say anything
at all. Mr Dirksen, I am quoting one of the band members that were mentioned,
"you are a Rock & Roll critic with 1000 words, you have analyzed that concert,
til you don't know what you heard."

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From: BobbyM3228@aol.com
Date: Sat, 6 Jun 1998 02:31:09 EDT
Subject: Bobby Messano here

"Dominion Roads" is starting to pick up steam. The reaction has been
amazing...We're on over 30 stations around the country and Music Plus Cable
radio is playing multiple tracks. I'm in Nashville half of the month, but I
haven't run into Steve yet...maybe at the NAMM show in July. Also, did you know
that I put "Keep On Runnin'" on the CD??...anyway...if you couldthrow my Web
Page in Smiling Phases again, I'd appreciate it....Address is:

Check it out too, we've been doing some great shows....(did one with Bonnie
Raitt too...whew that was cool) and there's a listing of all the stations that
I'm on right now.

Oh yeah, check this cool review out....


Date: Sat, 06 Jun 1998 22:16:37 +0200
From: Jan Inge Sommerseth 
Subject: covers

I found a newspaper clipping telling about soundtrack for the film That'll be
the day. Here it was clearly stated that it was a star-studded band playing as
Stormy Tempest & the Machine, including Steve Winwood. I am sorry if my earlier
assumption that Steve played with Viv Stanshall have made any confusion, but
Steve made a lot of recordings with Viv in the early 70's and it was easy to
believe he was with him here also. You see how easy faults are born, and when
others is repeating them then they are almost truths, as in:

Another wrong assumption has made the whole world believe that Steve Winwood was
a part of the studio project The Anglos. The mistake was originally made by
Record Collector in their excellent article on the Spencer Davis Group from
1981. In all the years after I have been searching for all the Anglos singles,
last month I finally found the last of the four, the American single on the
Orbit label. And then I started going through my files for information on the
group trying to write an article for Coloured Rain on the subject. And I found
nothing about who's in the group either in the 2
Winwood books or in any articles. the only thing I found that was interesting
was a review in Melody Maker or NME on the Brit or Fontana single telling it was
an American band. When I first saw this clipping 1 year ago I assumed they were
wrong, but now I really started to think. In one of the last numbers of Coloured
Rain there is a transcription of a radio interview with Jimmy Miller, where he
tells about the single, he unfortunately doesn't tell who's in the band, but he
clearly states that after Chris Blackwell heard the Anglos single(the US Orbit
single that is) Blackwell was so impressed by it that he released it in England
on the Brit label, which is a label he used for US bands. After this Blackwell
brought Miller to England to produce records, and that was in 1966, when he
started out with the Spencer Davis Group. I don't know when the Orbit single was
released in the US, but the Brit single was released in England in May 1965. Way
before Miller sat his foot in England. Another thing that made me sure about
this is the record number of the US single that was repeated in brackets on the
Brit single, a common reference on UK versions of US singles. I can only guess
what caused the mixup. Steve called himself Stevie Anglo on a track he did with
John Mayall for the Raw Blues LP. And Chris Blackwell that was both head of
Island / Brit / Sue Records and Spencer Davis Groups manager reissued the Anglos
single 3 times on Brit, Fontana and Island. And
Miller who has a writing credit on the Incense track later became very attached
to Stevie Winwoods groups both as co-writer and producer. It is very quick to
make the assumption that Stevie is on the single then, but is it right? So when
I finally gets the Anglos single on all four lables I find out that Winwood is
not on it. Life is hard and then you die. The Anglos singles for sale!

By the way issue 25 of Coloured Rain is out now, those who are interested can
contact me on: jan.inge.sommerseth@nrk.no

take care
Jan Inge Sommerseth (Coloured Rain Editor)

From: Fab4fan01@aol.com
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 15:40:52 EDT
Subject: Re: Bob Craig's initial offering being reoffered...

Hiya folks...

A number of weeks ago, Bob Craig made an offer to us referencing a copy of some
old-time SW/Traffic music. His offer was to select a few people from the vast of
thousands of letters [okay, maybe tens of letters LOL] and from that group, he
would make copies for people of that music, etc. Well, now it's time for the 2nd
generation to do the same thing, and I am the next one up. In my possession, I
have one extra tape of this music [being the music addict that I am], and I will
also select one person to receive that tape,
provided that you pay for the tape and the postage.. After I unload that tape, I
will still have another tape which will be my own and I will be more than happy
to copy it for anyone on the list, provided that you send me a blank tape to
copy it on, and cover the costs for postage. Email me if you are interested
privately, and let's continue the game and get this music out to everyone out on
the list.

Dan Watt

P.S. I may consider a freebie copy if someone can get me a bootleg concert of
Traffic where they perform Pearly Queen. :) We can haggle it out later..

Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 13:55:04 -0400
From: Paul Rosano 
Subject: Tapes and discs

    I recently received two concerts from Bob Craig and will make copies of
these for anyone interested. Drop me a private e-mail and I will detail how we
will arrange it.
    The concerts are both quite good, a date from last year's tour in Germany
and a 1973 San Francisco date. Hearing the '97 concert brings back memories of
the night we saw Winwood in October in Wallingford, Connecticut, at the
beautifully remodeled Oakdale Theater. I did not post at the time, so here are a
few words:
    The set list was virtually identical to those posted from other concerts on
that tour; the performance was extraordinary, which is what I've come to expect
of him. The band sounded excellent, all the players first-rate. Winwood's voice
was in excellent form throughout, despite hardly taking a break during the two-
plus hours. He appeared to be enjoying himself so much.
    The "Junction 7" material was great live. It's great on disc as well but
another dimension of  the music opens up in concert. The highlight for me,
though, was when he took the band down to four pieces and with an
electric/acoustic guitar played "Can't Find My Way Home." It was a beautiful
performance of a gem. From there, the band soared on "Low
Spark," during which Winwood took the most jazz-inflected solo on piano I've
heard him play. Those two moments were easily worth going. I'm glad my wife,
Lynne, and my 11-year-old son, Will, were with me.
    I've seen Winwood five times since 1967, three times with Traffic and twice
on solo tours. It's very difficult to rank the appearances, they are all so
close to each other in performance. Each was special in its own way. This one
was certainly close to the solo show we saw in support of  "Refugees Of  The
Heart." That performance, which was the
perfect synthesis of his solo and Traffic material, may have been the best
concert in the 31 years I've seen Winwood play.
    On another note:
    The two Air Force albums are finally going to be released on CD. The disc
will include "Ginger Baker's Air Force"  "Air Force 2," a rather elusive title
on vinyl these days and "Stratavarous." All this according to an ad on the back
of the July ICE newsletter. Chronicles, a PolyGram
company, will be releasing it in July.

All the best,

Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 12:21:47 -0400
From: "Morgan, Lanny W" 
Subject: Latin Jazz

Have not heard much from the web in regards to Steve etc. I guess he is
preparing to go to Europe. Why has he decided to play Latin Jazz etc. all of a
sudden....gee Linda Rhonstadt and a host of others several years ago got into
this Latin or Hispanic music groove. I'm not saying this is bad but why now??? I
guess he has done everything else. I would like to see Steve do a straight
ahead,jazz CD and see how this would allow others to pick up on his career etc.
He is so talented that he could get numerous people to play on this kind of
project. He has the respect of so many people....I remember Jazz organist Brian
Auger(who played on a million sessions in England in the early 60's quoted as
saying on the cover of his "Before" LP they play an old TRAFFIC song and he gave
great praise to Traffic's talent etc. I just think Steve is so much more than
what we hear... or I have always wanted to know... musically speaking: theory
etc. can he score for and orchestra? I have always wanted to know this about
him. Could he write a string quartet? I bet he could write a Bach 4 part
corale(SP???)!!! He would have had to learn this playing in church as a child in
England!!!! Bach's early church music was worshiped in a sense!! So,I am
preaching so I better stop...I would love to be a part of a conversation with
Steve regarding instrumentation,theory etc.I always
wondered how "academic" or musically educated he is in terms of orchestration
etc. Oh well, maybe one day I could pose these questions to him.

Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 13:31:35 -0400
From: Bob Craig 
Subject: SW Tape "Weed"

Hi folks,

First of all, thanks to all those who responded to the Traffic/SW tape offer of
May.  Three of the seven respondents have sent their blanks and received their
finish product back.  Four others (and you know who you are) have not followed
up with me and sent blanks yet.  This is your
official reminder to get it done by July 15th, or the offer is off, and I will
give others who missed the cut the opportunity to replace your spot.  Any
questions or concerns, please contact me privately at rollcstr@tiac.net.
Finally, there is a real good chance that I will have SW's appearance at the
Montreal Jazz Festival as part of the salsa celebration by the 15th.  Shall we
do this again?

Bob Craig

Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 07:45:48 -0400
From: Ted
Subject:  Rock & Roll Stew

(Note:  I haven't made it all the way thru the archives yet, so excuse me if
I've obviously missed something.)

Yesterday I found a copy of the "Rock & Roll Stew Part 1 / Part 2" single. That
may not seem like much to a lot of you, but it's a darn good find where I live!

I notice Part 1 is an edit (a pretty good one, as edits go) -- the guitar solo
is a good bit shorter.  So what we have between Parts 1 & 2 is actually an
"edited extended version"...what a concept.  The label on Part 2 erroneously
says "From the LP..." (I think I'll add "NOT").

Does anyone know for sure who sings this song?  I always thought it was Rick
Grech because he wrote the tune & I think I read somewhere that he sang
(probably the liner notes to his "solo" compilation).  But SP has said several
times that it's Jim Capaldi singing.  I think it sounds KIND
OF like Jim, but not really.  I imagine he'd sing it live after Rick left.  Can
anyone clear this up?  (Did you ever notice that the albums that REALLY need
printed lyrics or lead singing credits don't have them?)

It would be cool if the whole, uncut R&RS (about 7 min., I guess) was on a
Traffic CD retrospective. I'd also want it to include "Am I What I Was..." and
the single version of
"Giving To You".  (I'm dreaming, no doubt.)

From: Winwoodie@aol.com
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 01:45:18 EDT
Subject: BB2000 release

Universal Pictures told me today that they plan to release Blues Brothers 2000
on video on Aug 4th.  I can't wait!   How blue can you get?

Craig Loudon