VOLUME 129, sent April 10, 1998

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  2. Re: Tour Wars
  3. New Eddress / Live Album / The Dark Thread
  4. Re: Laserdiscs
  5. The Name and the Law
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  8. Re: Tour Wars


Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 22:33:14 -0800 (PST)
From: jfw 
Subject: VH-1's Top 100...

Dunno if you've caught the recent programming on VH-1 lately...  I just
happened to surf through, and they were doing this big "count down", so I
checked their site.  Seems that the voting was done by musicians ONLY.
Anyway, looks like Traffic got voted in at No. 98.  :-(  Oh well, here's a
cut and paste job from VH-1's site, so PLEASE don't post this!  Just thought
you might be interested...

#98 Traffic
"The late sixties especially was such a open period of time for music. You
know, and of course the young genius Stevie Winwood. With that voice of his,
man, you know, I mean, up to that point I don't think any young white male
really sang with that kind of soul."  --Richie Sambora

Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 21:24:31 -0500
From: Dawn 
Subject: Re: Tour Wars

Tour Wars, R.I.P.

Let's move on, and hope they do, too.


From: Stephen Smith 
Subject: New Eddress / Live Album / The Dark Thread
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 01:24:15 -0400

New Eddress --
I decided to go with a local ISP rather than continuing with AOL, so please
note the new e-mail address (smith@dol.net).  I'll leave the AOL account up
for a couple more weeks at most.

Live Album --
This forum has reflected a lot of interest in a new live album of Winwood
material.  So I wonder - what form would the ideal live Winwood album take
today?  A career as long and successful as Steve's makes this a crucial question,
since the sheer wealth and volume of potential material means that choices of
style and coverage would create very different results.  Since you can please
some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time, the
choices become a matter of personal preference.

One format possibility would be the standard showcase of current tour
performances of songs from recent albums and two or three old hits.  This type
of live album is useful for boosting the careers of young bands.  In a nutshell, I
feel that this type would be wholly inadequate for Steve's music, since it would
inevitably fail to capture the progression, variety, and spirit of his work due to
the short-term perspective.

Many Smiling Phases subscribers have expressed interest in an "unplugged"
album, based on the MTV series.  The "unplugged" moniker has become
something of a misnomer, but the basic idea of intimate performances has
caught on and often reveals new meanings in songs.  This approach also lends
itself to a broader song selection, including past career highlights.  I agree with
other subscribers that a "Winwood Unplugged" album would be a Good Thing,
but it would also be limited to a new performance at a particular time and

A third format possibility would be a retrospective covering the span of
Steve's career in terms of both song and performance.  An example of this
approach is Bruce Springsteen's _Live / 1975 - 1985_, which covered much of
his airplay material as performed at different points in his career.  Steve
has always been a strong performer, and his performance career rivals the
variety and richness of his studio work.  A true live retrospective would
allow for a broader perspective and selection, resulting in a dramatic
reflection of the various contexts and styles over the years.  I feel that
this would be the only approach that would do justice to the material.  How
long would the ideal live retrospective be?  My vote would be 3 CDs.
 Marketing limitations may limit such a release to 2 CDs, but that would
probably be workable as well.

A live retrospective could easily include "unplugged" material.  In fact,
at the top of my wish list for this album would be the Junction 7 tour
version of "Can't Find My Way Home".

Any reactions?  C'mon - don't be shy!

The Dark Thread --
Smiling Phases has been on fire lately with the Mason / Capaldi thing, and
I'm throwing in my two cents / matches very briefly.

One:  Jim and Steve have issues.  Steve and Dave have issues.  Sooner or
later, Dave and Jim will have issues.  Chris doesn't have issues because
he's gone.  Some baggage must inevitably accumulate after working together
on and off for 30 years, but must we wait until we're gone to let go of it?

Two:  Dave Mason is incredibly talented, but seems to hold himself back at
every turn.  He comes across as blaming Steve for all the problems in his
career, but I don't see the link or the point.  I would rather see Dave
focus on rebuilding his career in a positive and vital way.  _Alone
Together_ was a remarkable piece, among others, and _Certified Live_
remains one of my favorite albums.  It's the music, dummy!  A Mason /
Capaldi album?  I look forward to it - make it a great one!

Take care.

Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 14:34:57 +0900
From: Hisao Chida 
Subject: Re: Laserdiscs

As I wrote before, at a large used CD/LD shops
I found a series of LD called "Beat-Club" which
had 14 volumes in total. Among them, one SDG
and two Traffic songs were found.

Vol. 2 - Keep On Runnin'
Vol. 4 - Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush
Vol. 9 - Evening Blue (in color)

These disc were releaed in 1990 and seems out
of print now. Each volume was 30 minutes long
and costed 4500 Japanese Yen (=US$ 35). The
store sold the used discs at 2500 JPY each.

Last week I had a chance to go there and found
the Vol. 9 and the Best Selection ('60) disc that
contained both Keep On Runnin' and The Mulberry
Bush. The two disc were still sealed and a bit cheaper
than before! I bought the both.

I'm watching the Best Selection and very excited.
The liner says Beat-Club was a TV program aired
by Radio Bremen (E. Germany) from '65 till mid '70s.
Various top UK/US rock bands seem to have
appeared and performed live. This disc includes
studio live performances by SDG,Traffic, Cream,
The Who, The Animals, The Kinks, Jimi Hendix, etc.
The pictures are all in black and white but seem
very clear and fresh! This is the first time I see
SDG and moving! SW sings with Stratcaster.
SD, Muff. W were with him but no drummer can
be seen. The Mulberry Bush was perfomed by SW,
on Hammond, Chris on flute and Dave. Other per-
formances are also very interesting. Chicago per-
forms I'm A Man, The Nice of Keith Emmerson play
the piano. I have heard most of the songs before,
but never seen. Very exciting, soulful, rough, edgy...

Do you remember I once talked about a TV documentery
of Recording of Jimi Hendix's Electric Lady Land?
I forgot to tell that Dave also appeared on it  (not
together with Steve, of course) and played the
Watchtower. And it was also offically released on
VHS/Laserdisc here.

You can imagine how excited I am to see SDG
perform Keep On Runnin', can' you? The "Hey,
hey, hey" chorus is still running in my ears...

Hisao Chida / Tokyo, Japan

From: "Fischler, Sol (NBC)" 
Subject: The Name and the Law
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 09:59:00 -0400

Sound Familiar?
(And familiarity is certainly starting to breed contempt...)

From the NY Daily News Friday April 3:


Call it the Three Dog Fight.

The harmony is over in the band that brought you "Joy to the World".  Three
Dog Night member Chuck Negron sued his fellow Dogs,  Danny Hutton and
Cory Wells in LA last week,  claiming the two are trying to block him from
using the name "Three Dog Night" as he pursues a solo career.

All three agreed in 1989 that Hutton and Wells had exclusive use of the band's
name.  Negron is now performing as "The Voice of Three Dog Night" -- which
his former partners believe is confusing the fans.  The lawsuit comes  after the
trio has been through scores of ups & downs.

"We had 21 top 40 hits,"  Hutton said Wednesday.  "Cory sang lead on 'Mama
Told Me Not to Come'  and 'Eli's Coming',  Chuck sang lead on 'Joy to the
World',  and I sang lead on 'Liar' and 'Black & White' ".

"The group burned out in 76, 77,"  Hutton said.  "We were all fried."

The band reuinited in 1981 and fell apart five years later.  When the band
reunited again,  Negron was in the throes of a heroin habit,  both sides admit.
"We had some good times"  said Hutton.

"They were great songs,  weren't they?" says Negron's lawyer.  "I bet if Danny
and Cory and Chuck sat in a room by themselves,  they could resolve this."

Re:  The above,  Creedence,  Fleetwood Mac,  Traffic,  et al :  Does it  feel to
anyone else like this all started as peace & love & Rock & Roll, and now it's
just all about business?

I could over-think this just a bit more, and be even more naive, (or cynical)  but
it's way too early in the year. And I can't stand the thought that it may finally be
time to put the '60's  behind...

-- Sol

From: "BobbieG." 
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 19:45:16 -0700
Subject: Junk email

If you *ever* get spam, UCE ('unsolicited commercial email') or harrassing
email that you feel is a result of your participation in SP - either this mailing
list or the web-site - please forward it on to me, with its headers if possible.  I
keep records of this sort of thing; an abusive emailer is more likely to be
reprimanded by his service provider if we can show a pattern or a history of
abuse. Never respond to the bogus instructions on "removing" your name - that
only verifies to the abuser that he has indeed found a valid email address,
which he can sell to others. You can also forward the email, again with headers
if possible, to your own service provider so that they can filter out email from
that person at the server level; you would probably forward it to
"security@your.provider" or "postmaster@your.provider".  See your provider's
web-page for specific information. (AOLers: For e-mail-only violations,
forward the e-mail to screen name TOSEMail1. For e-mail with files attached,
forward the mail to screen name TOS Files. For unsolicited, commercial e-
mail, forward the e-mail to screen name TOSspam.)

I do NOT reveal email addresses to ANYONE. The list resides on my hard
drive, backed up onto diskettes, not on the web-site, so none of you are
receiving spam as a result of the mailing list. Even if you post to SP, you will
probably not get junk-email, because your address is uploaded into the Archives
without the [a href="mailto:"] tag that most 'bots search for. If you have
contributed information to the web-site and I have thanked you with a clickable
link, you *may* get junk-email. If you feel that is the case, I will remove the
clickable-ness (is that a word? It should be [grin]) of your name at your request.

It has come to my attention that a former SPer has been emailing nasty-grams
around; if you like, forward those to me so that I can add them to the folder,
much like I did a year ago with that whacko Sheryl Crow fanatic who was
bugging people.


Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 18:52:58 +0900
From: Hisao Chida 
Subject: A Songbook

Today I found this book at http://www.sheet-music.com/

   Price: $ 24.95
   Product Line/Category/Series/Voicing: GUITAR GUITAR PERSONALITY -
   Version/Level: AUTHENTIC GUITAR-TAB???
   Item Number: 0210B

This book seems _very_ interesting, doesn' it?  If anyone of SP has
already got a copy, I like to know what he/she feels about it!

Hisao Chida / Tokyo, Japan

[I think that should be "Gimme Some Lovin", instead of "Good".  --BG]

From: Paul Minkkinen 
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 21:40:41 +0100
Subject: Re: Tour Wars

I really enjoy reading the Smiling Phases stuff and it's been good to read
all the Capaldi / Mason gripes.

When Traffic reformed in 94 the British press condemned the reunion as a
sham in view of the absence of Dave Mason. At the time in my fanzine notes I
commented that Mason was an early 'in and out' member who only made any
serious contribution to 2 albums, Last Exit and Canteen don't in my opinion
really count. From 1970 to the bands demise 1n 74 Winwood / Capaldi/ Wood
recruited various musicians such as Muscle Schoals, Ric Grech , Reebop, Jim
Gordon and last but not least Rosko. On the basis that the final Traffic
line-up was Winwood/Capaldi/Wood and Rosko then Traffic 94 particularly the
touring element could most certainly be construed as Traffic (excluding the
sadly departed Chris Wood ).

The Capaldi / Mason band certainly has Traffic ties but I would argue does not
really have enough links to warrant the bands name. In my opinion Traffic can
be best compared to Steely Dan in terms of their applcation to recording/
touring.Winwood and Capaldi being the Becker and Fagan with Chris Wood
acting almost like a catalyst, with musicians coming in and out of the band in
the same way that people like Steve Gadd, Skunk Baxter etc. served similar
roles in Steely Dan. In my view Dave Mason never really featured within that
inner framework.

I would however summarise by saying that promoting the music of Traffic even
in this diluted form should be received with open arms, as opportunities to hear
it in a live context is surely a wortwhile experience. I do fondly hope that Steve
and Jim do record / play together again (with or without Dave Mason) as for
me Far From Home was a superb album and from a personal viewpoint vastly
superior to Junction 7 which is not to demean the quality of Steve's recent
album, I just feel that the cast of thousands somewhat supressed Steve's musical

Paul (editor of Coloured Rain, the European fanzine)