VOLUME 126, sent March 12, 1998

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  8. Re: Dawns' Wish List

Date: Wed, 04 Mar 1998 00:36:11 +0000
From: ".Patrick Spencer" 
Subject: humor

Just a few lines to say the last three post have been very interesting, to read fans
comments regarding JC, DM and SW.  I have followed Traffic in one form or
another for the last  thirty one years,[SDG before them] I have been lucky
enough  to have seen them in concert in all shapes and sizes. I went  to their
first public concert at the NME awards and again at  Olympia in 1967 where I
even let Steve, Chris and Jimi Hendricks  push in front of me at the bar.[they
were bigger than me then.  Another story, another time.] They were taking the
mick out of  one another on stage. What I am trying to say is, I think Jim is
having a laugh. I am sure there is a lot more to come from Steve and  Jim as
regards writing and performing together. As Traffic?, does it  matter, as long as
the music is there. I would sell my wife to see  Steve, Jim, Luther Grovesenor
and Mike Kelly do a gig. Humor' who  mentioned Humor,[Ellie]I think she has
hit the nail on the head.

Check out ESPRIT MAIL ORDER for a nice 4 track cd single Keep  on
running. http://eil.com   Asking price for a mono version of  Mr Fantasy in the
UK 130+P&P I might not have to sell my wife after all.

           Bye for now

From: BalletStks 
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 19:52:35 EST
Subject: Re: Jim's drums

Dear S. W. fans I am trying to find some info on a set of (possibly) Jim 's
drums. Anyone who has any knowledge of drums, and is on this chat , please
help. Thanks, Bart .Was Jim a Rogers endorsee??

From: Opera nut 
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 23:00:27 EST
Subject: Re: Dawn's Wish list

   RE: Dawn's Wish List:  I agree with all these suggestions. Unplugged sounds
wonderful, without all the "studio glop" (great term)!! The Beatles called
overproduction "Mantovanian rubbish"!!  Although some subscribers are not
old enough to remember the Mantovani sound of "Wall of Strings", it's sorta
like Stone Age Muzak.  Something done as simply as "Can't Find My Way
Home" was done, would be nice.

    As Dawn said, not too many people, white singers, or singers, period, can
hold their own against a gospel choir and Steve has as much soul as any black
singer out there.  Lots of gospel stuff is starting to cross over the charts. The
first gospel crossover I remember was The Edwin Hawkins Singers "O Happy
Day" in 1970, and now we have God's Property.  And there is gospel in movies
like "The Preacher's Wife" with a big name star like Whitney Houston.  Her
mother, Cissy Houston, is a gospel singer.  Besides, soul and rock and R&B
and gospel are all part of the big ball called black peoples' music in America.
Just about everybody who recorded for Motown started out singing gospel, and
some went back and forth between gospel and secular music.

    Going to a black church is like going to what is almost a rock concert on
Sunday morning, or definitely Motown.  There may be 45 minutes of praise
music & praise dance in a 2 hour worship service.  Contemporary gospel is a
very creative art form.  I have even sung in several gospel choirs being the only
white person for miles around so I must have the moves if they let me stay!!! I
am proud of having enough rhythm to keep up.  I think the experience of
singing in a black choir is really an honor. I don't consider myself a great
crusader for integration, but it is time for white and black to "just show up"
and start talking as equals.  White society wants blacks to conform to their
culture instead of being interested in black culture, beyond stealing musical
ideas.  Just showing up at a black church on a regular basis and saying "Hi!"
is a big step and it has changed my life in some deep and very meaningful

    I think it is a real shame that most white people don't seem to dig gospel,
since it is very "alive" and it seems that the music business is more segregated
than it was in the 60s and 70s when Top 40 radio played plenty of Motown hits.
I can't think of a white artist who would sound better with a movin' and
groovin' gospel choir backing him than our Steve.

    End of lecture.  As far as duets, I haven't thought about that much.  The first
horrible example that comes to mind is "Ebony and Ivory".....GAKK!!  Sir Paul
Baby, ya didn't really mean it didja???

Thanks for the soapbox,

Date: Thu, 05 Mar 1998 12:15:37 +0900
From: Hisao Chida 
Subject: Videos

I dropped by some used CD shops yesterday. No SW or Traffic CDs were
found, but three compilation videos/laserdics called "Beat Club" series were
found that include SDG/ Traffic tracks:

Keep On Running,
Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush, and
Evening Blue.

These tracks are included in three videos separately along with tracks of other
contemporary artists like the Animals, Cream, and Roxy Music.

I hesitated to pay about $50 for the three tracks without knowing what the
videos are like. I wonder if someone in SP has seen these?

Hisao Chida / Tokyo, Japan

Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 22:53:49 -0500
From: Dawn 
Subject: Red Lobster

Anyone else hear an AWFUL lot of similarities between "Gimme Some Lovin'"
and the song on the new Red Lobster "Lobsterfest" commercials?  The one I'm
talking about aired on WNBC tv, (Channel 4 in NY), March 5th at about 10:45

Sanctioned use, or rip-off, I wonder?

Better watch out!  "Lobsters shriek if provoked", you know!


[I haven't seen that commercial, but there's a local one here, for a casino on an
Indian reservation, that doesn't just sound like the bass riff from GSL, it IS the
bass riff from GSL. It really bugs me. --BG]

Date: Sat, 7 Mar 1998 00:06:01 -0500
From: Dawn 
Subject: Clarifying things

Well, I promised myself that I wouldn't write about the Tour Wars any more. It
was getting way too touchy, and I really am more "Pollyanna" than
"Pollypossm", truth be told ;-).  However, having a little time to think about it
all, and after reading others' posts, I feel the need to clarify my opinion on the
whole deal.

Since we have already had our share of misunderstandings among ourselves
(besides the misunderstandings going on between the Traffic boys themselves,
sheesh!), please allow me to start off with several "assumptions", and forgive
me if I am repeating certain aspects in the interest of clarity.

1.) Traffic was a GREAT band!!!

2a.) Steve is an absolutely remarkable talent - writing, playing, singing. From
most accounts, he is also a truly nice man, polite and self-effacing.

2b.) Jim is one hell of a drummer/percussionist, and a terrific lyricist to boot.
From most accounts, he is charming, warm and terribly funny.

2c.) Chris was a multi-talented musician, with eclectic interests.  From
accounts I've heard, he was quietly funny and introspective, with a bit of magic
about him.

2d.) Dave is a really good guitarist, and has written some now classic songs.
However, from the lion's share of accounts, he is rather taciturn, and a bit
difficult to get to know.

3.) Gifted musicians such as these have the unique ability to touch people's
emotions, souls, spirits.  As has been noted, we are all HERE in this SP
community because of that emotional attachment to their music.  And these
moments of enjoying their music are indeed "joyous journeys", as someone
quipped so wonderfully in a recent post.

4.) Just because the music touches us on that deep, emotional level does not
mean that we are rendered incapable of logical, independent thought. Being a
"loyal fan" doesn't mean that you can't still be critical of the music, or the

If you agree with the "assumptions" above, the following is what it all boils
down to for me:

It often feels to me that I sort of "know" the musicians whose music I most
love, as much as you can know someone whom you've never met! It feels like
these are my buddies, who have seen me through the good and the bad in my
life, with their songs.  Know what I mean?  As a result, I cannot just hear
stories about them and be completely emotionally detached.  I am happy for
them when things are going well, and worried when they are sick or unhappy.
And I just *hated* seeing a rift between my "buddies"! :-(

In an effort to make sense of this rift, especially when it seemed like they were
acting out of character,  we may have gone overboard in some instances,
reading into events. It still seems to me that somehow, somewhere, a
misunderstanding between Steve and Jim started, and who knows where it
stands now.  I certainly hope that these old friends patch things up.  They are
really good partners musically, and I think that we would all lose out if they
don't work together again in the future.

I honestly enjoyed most of the Dave and Jim show, in no small part because
that is all I was expecting! (I saw them very early in the tour, before the Tour
War had broken out.)  Frankly, if before getting to the venue I had known it
was being called the "Traffic Co-Founders", "Traffic Revisited", Traffic
ANYTHING, I don't know if I would've enjoyed it as much. I would've felt
*horribly* cheated without Steve there.  Seems like a great big bait-and-switch
operation with that title.

As a fan, who is *paying* to see them, I feel totally entitled to complain about
this apparent misrepresentation, no matter who that opinion may anger.  It
doesn't imply that I think that any of them are bad people, or bad musicians, or
that I don't like them anymore. It just means that it doesn't feel at all like
Traffic without Steve there.  And if this tour was really undertaken to gauge
interest in an album as "Traffic" without Steve, well, a major portion of this
"Fan" newsletter is against it. So, legalities aside, go do what you want, Jim
and Dave, but if you *really* are interested in the opinions of your fans, well
boys, you have it!

Ok, you can all stop rolling your eyes. I'm done with this topic for good this
time! ;-)


From: Winwoodie 
Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998 20:22:59 EST
Subject: Confounded co-founders

I'm one of Traffic's biggest fans but this confounded "co-founders" concert
sorely lacked the talents of the other two "co-founders".  Steve Winwood is
the voice of Traffic.  (What a distinctive voice to be missing from any
incarnation of this band).   Dave Mason reproduced many of his solo career
songs well but as good of a singer/guitarist as DM is he will never equal SW
as a singer/guitarist.  The keyboardist at the concert was average but certainly
not a world class keyboardist like SW.  Chris Wood's contributions to the songs
were also ignored since they didn't have a sax/flute player. They did "Pearly
Queen" & "40,000 Headmen" without a flute.  Without the flute & SW's voice
there is not much left to "40,000 Headmen".   Both the 1994 Traffic concert &
this "co-founders" concert started their sets with "Pearly Queen".  The 1994
Traffic did "Pearly Queen" so powerfully.  This "co-founders" version was weak
mainly due to DM's unemotional delivery.  One of the charms of seeing a
Traffic or SW concert is when the musicians get up & change to a completely
different kind of instrument.  I only remember this happening once in this
concert when Jim Capaldi did his acoustic version of "Low Spark".  All night
JC showed why he is still one of the greatest drummer/lyricists of all but if you
close your eyes during his version of "Low Spark" you unmistakably hear Joe
Cocker singing it.  An acoustic version with SW's voice singing "Low Spark"
would have been so much more pleasing to the ear.  I didn't go to this concert
to see Joe Cocker cover versions of every Traffic song they did.  I think most
people go to concerts to see songs performed pretty much the way they were
recorded.  I'm afraid some concert-goers may have actually thought they saw
Traffic when they only saw half of Traffic.  Presenting these great Traffic songs
in a half-baked manner is unfair to this great music.  Obviously I won't be
buying any more "co-founder" tickets or any CDs (if they come out) unless they
feature Steve Winwood.


From: "Mary Katsikas" 
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 16:51:02 EST
Subject: Re: Dawns' Wish List

Dawn gave her opinion on an unplugged album or even concert by the great
SW.  I AGREE TOTALLY.  I, also,  would love to see a concert special with
Ray Charles and SW.  That's my dream.